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Hi guys can't believe I'm finally going to have my...

Hi guys can't believe I'm finally going to have my surgery! So here it goes I was assign to dr.o at vanity surgery but was told there was a problem with his liscence and he won't be back until June smh so I decided mr mcadoo and I was skeptical but after seeing his work I said I would go ahead and book with him! I'm nervous actually but it's almost here!!!

Ive been stalking this website since 2012 now it's in place. So here it goes I'm 5'8 normally weighs about 168 but been able to gain some weight and weigh now 175, which I love! Been keeping this weight like this now for a 6months so I hope I got enough fat to survive when ready to be transfer to my booty!


So tomorrow I'm going to pay off my balance at vanity! And do my labs! It's better I do this now then wait later.. I already put this off for 3years now. My husband has no ideal I'm getting a new booty oh well surprise! Told him a few times but he doesn't feel I need it,just think he's a little insecure so I left the topic die down now it's two years later and here I am..my pictures do no justice I do have some booty just no upper hips and upper booty.. Well my husband works on the rig so he will be gone for 6 weeks So that's gives me some time to heal and say you know my thyroids is always messing with me,cause I gain and lose weight a lot. But now it's under control. So that's my excuse.

So Im frustrated cause who knew a booty would cost you a arm and a leg! Got to buy all these things for my trip. So tomorrow I'm buying stuff. I refuse to let anything stop me, kids going to my moms she lives in Florida. Hard part is deciding if I want to get a room or recovery house. Found a recovery house read some good reviews on her and her massages are 50 so yeah. But then I found a nice little condo/efficiency near vanity so their renting it out for like 75 a night so I'm thinking maybe I will do that and hire a Cna to help me. Wish my sister would come with me but she has to work that week. And my mom wants to come but I need her to not I need this alone time, she will have my two kids and I can't deal with the noise..my son is very attach to me and wouldn't like it if I'm ignoring him. My daughter knows I'm going to see a doctor so she knows she has to stay with her grandma. Anyone know about keyla recovery house. I'm leaning towards her cause well who wants to be alone on surgery day in a room or a unfamiliar neighborhood..at least I will be with other girls like me who just came out of surgery.

Anyways thanks for listening to me rant

Paid vanity today

So today was a busy day! So I paid vanity off completely today! So now I know it's a for sure deal. So I've ordered some supplies for surgery they will be here by Friday. Now I'm debating on my flight right now..I haven't bought that yet simply cause I'm worried if I'm still anemic! I Have a history with it and I pray that I don't still have it, I've research and saw I can't do surgery if it's way too below so at first I put off my labs cause I don't have insurance and didn't want to waste my time on paying twice cause right now I will test positive for uti so I'm on antibiotics and will be cleared by Monday so I didn't want that to show up in vanity but oh well tomorrow I'm going to labcorp and going to get all needed test! Especially since I need to know if I'm good on the anemic part. If not I will have to reschedule but first I need my test results before assuming the worst..I do take my vitamins especially now these past weeks. Last month I was extremely bad but now I'm feeling better but i have to see first before assuming I'm good. But I will keep my faith!!! On the good side I made sure to pay some expenses like my home and car and kids school tuition up front since I don't wanna wait till last min. I might change my mind and stay in Florida longer since my mother lives down there. So I didn't want to jeopardize my responsibilities in Texas. Well I hope my tests are fantastic instead of bad! I'm going to stay positive!

So the hard part is out of the way!!!

So my hemoglobin is perfect! 13.9 I'm suprised to be honest I have a history with being anemic and I'm just happy my iron is actually normal..plus I wasn't taking no iron supplement until last Thursday when I heard how important our iron needs to be, so I guess all the meat I eat paid off!

So my coordinator did say I have a uti, I told her that I'm on medication for that which I finish yesterday so I told her I will go ahead and retake the UA test on Friday! So now since I heard I'm clear for surgery I'm at ease now..so I'm going to stay at my moms house she lives about 1 hour and 45mins away from vanity, she still has my old room waiting for me and my kids will be with my sister in law and brother. My mom is a RN so she will help me,I'm suprised she begged me to just come home so she can help me,she doesn't support the fact I want a new booty cause she's afraid like every parent if I will be okay on the table, But she knows this will make me happy.

Pretty cool app

Trying to visualize my body after surgery. I've read a few post and I am still doing my research. I want to make sure I tell Mr.Mcadoo what I need and want,I just want to be satisfied with my results especially once the swelling is down, so I've been reading projection and shelf booty hmmm so I have some booty which seems to be more on the bottom..I need more upper booty and hips!!! so I'm guessing I'm going for the shelf look but what sucks is I normally have skinny legs. So I'm hoping I don't look like a bad case of butt injections lol

Really wishing for this

it's always something

So I order my drivers liscence like a week ago so it should of been at my moms house,as usual it is not there hmmm anyways I feel like people say they want to help and support your descion but really does not! So that being said..in order for me to be happy I will just do what my heart and gut is saying..I'm not staying with my mother I know her too well! And now she's acting weird cause I owe her like 600 bucks yeah I chose to take care of me for once and take care of my household and she is mad about that? I always put me on hold to help everyone shoot she can wait! Everyone feels it's income tax and you owe them! No I owe myself for once! Really I'm being selfish for once and i don't feel bad! Like I've battled with depression since I was 15 and I finally came out of that dark place at 21 so i learned to be happy but I feel my new look will help me more cause I need my body to match my confidence I have!!! My whole life I was called the black blond just cause the way I act or was shape being d36 boobs that have now deflated and somewhat flat ass no hips and here comes my sister big ass and big hips,my whole family got big hips and ass! But I'm the only one with big breast on my moms side so I guess I got daddy's family side. Not to mention to hear my whole life "your Jamaican you don't have a butt" like okay I get it..anyways my mother keeps acting like she forgot I'm getting cosmetic surgery trying to fish around and ask my brother and sister in law questions, yeah I didn't tell her about my ass again but I've told her I wanted new breast and Lipo about 10 times over the four years so I stopped telling her details cause I don't need to hear you can die on the table blah blah, like come on that is not needed! I don't need this type of drama when I'm already scared enough!

Then on top of that funds!!! They don't tell you that it's an additional grand or more to travel and all these supplies, I didn't go overboard but still. It's hard enough my husband is out of town which I wish he was here! It would save me money if he was here. Cause tickets and money and food and place of stay and etc.. Then of course my daughter has been sick a lot! We were just out of school for two weeks she returns to school Tuesday and now has a fever and ear infection plus an awful cough! All over again so Something is not right at all and we have to have some test cause I don't know if it's allergies or what but it's stressing me out that I don't know what's going on with her or why she gets sick as soon as she walks into school,when she's home she is fine as soon as we walk inside the school she's having these coughing spells, So that alone has kept me out of work cause I am alone in Texas paying for our kids tuition that alone is expensive for each of my kids and one is never there which she is only there like 7days out of the month cause she's sick which I'm in the position finding a new private school, cause it might be the school...being that I'm from Florida i don't have the help i need when my baby gets sick,she was born sick and it's been hard the last four years. So now I'm in the position of having to reschedule my surgery cause I like to make sure my funds will be good! I don't want to be short on anything that has to do with my kids and myself. Emergencies always happens and I hate when things throw me off. I'm now just trying to work and it's hard enough I won't receive my husband check until end of this month so guessi have to wait just sucks when surgery is like 8days away got my hopes up for nothing, anyways my coordinator will be calling me back to tell me which days are available for mcadoo, I already told them don't try and set me up with some Doctor I don't want cause Imma want my money back she stopped in her tracks and said yes ma'am I'm going to see what date I'll call you right back. You better cause I already know half of the good docs left vanity and baby I'll leave too if you play with my money! I will take that 18hour drive and make you cut me a check right then and there and go somewhere else! Anyways thanks dolls for reading my rant! Feel better since I let it all out!

Indecisive!!! Wanna Switch doctors and CELLULITE

So I woke up and discovered I have cellulite all over my ass,now I've always gain weight and lose and gain but have never seen this much dimples in my ass, I'm weighing 176 right now at 5'8 but people think I'm 5'11-6'0 tall guess the way I'm built I look taller, now besides that where are ALL THE MCADOO GIRLS? I'm following majority of them, but half of the girls who say they got his work don't have pics so I'm a little frustrated cause I need some motivation yes I want big cause I know Imma lose some fat so it's best for the man to go big and make my waist as small as he can! All I see is fisher girls and goodness i should of picked him! I'm about to call vanity and switch to fisher! All in my newsfeed is fisher girls and he did such great work on all his girls,like he turn shapes that look sponge bob square pants into Jessica rabbit,he has sculpture skills. If he's book I'll wait for him No doubt!

Btw if anyone knows who is my wish pic RS username please put her name below I want to follow her,found her like last two weeks and thought I followed her but I didn't :(

Labs questions

So I took my labs on march 28th,since I pushed back my date to May 20th I need to redo them.

My question is vanity is telling me not to redo them,just do the u/a test over since I had a uti around that time. They said to do the labs in their office instead and I won't have to pay again to get them done. Now is this true? I don't want to be hit with hidden fees.

Besides that Ive calmed down I finally saw a lot of beautiful woman with Mcadoo works im satisfied! Every doctor needs a chance to learn to grow and make their masterpiece. So i believe he can give me what I want,just shove all that fat down there cause I want it to last! I've also been toning my core muscles for the last 2 month now, so after a few weeks of surgery it won't be too hard for me to jump back in to tightening my muscles again,I can feel some improvement in my tummy just got this fat layer covering my little muscles lol

Got my new corset in the mail from Amazon ,can't wait to wear it with my new body. Only payed 36bucks so far I love it,it's for short torso girls,which I could never find a decent corset for my short torso

Not getting no sleep.

Now my eyes are really just tired, things you guys did not mention is becoming a stalker! lol now I stalk RS looking for wish pics and ladies with my similar booty and I'm very please,becoming a vitamin junkie, when you hear you need to stop taking vitamins a week before surgery it's like "how will I get my energy" or " I don't want my hemo to drop in one week" lol not to mention all the butt dreams I keep dreaming of butts and waist wrapping and exercise lol guess I'm dreaming my thoughts of what I'm going to do to look right.

Got a good job offer now what too do

Need some advice...well I got a good job offer at a doctor office,and it's funny cause I applied like day before yesterday did interview today and they want to hire me. So I'm thinking about the offer I have not taken it cause my surgery is may 20th,right now I'm working at agency and my patient of 3 years is about to pass away so I went looking for work but didn't think I would get an offer this soon. So guys i really don't want to switch dates, I wish I did keep my April 20th date cause at least I could of lied and said I need two weeks notice for my job. Any advice on what i can say besides getting surgery, I don't want them looking at me all crazy lol i already go to my job with my panty lifter and tights and additional tights underneath plus my unuirform on top of all this layer to give me this more ass plus the extra 15pounds I gained i don't want to hear why are you getting surgery it's already big, if only they know once I take off all this layer of stuff I do to pull this look off lol there ain't much to look at.

This is what you want

Oh my

Work work and more work

Yes I've been so busy with working my new job, I've haven't worked this much since last November! I was granted two weeks off from new job for my bbl, but the bad thing is a lot has been happening, with new job to Houston flooding and more, just waiting for things to get better, I've rescheduled my surgery twice! If I have to reschedule 3rd time then I'm assuming it's not to be! I'm a little stress cause I'm spending money and it's costing me more cause my husband isn't here so the kids have to come to fl then go to grandmas what postpone my date too besides flooding is my sister in law vehicle got totaled and I have to work with my brother work schedule and moms so I'm already annoyed just want my ass and my social life back , ive been hiding from my old colleagues so that's no fun, but besides that I've been training myself as far as getting use to my vedetta surgery garment cause lord knows when I go back to work I better have it on.. I'm hoping I not be in too much pain when back at work cause right now I'm a wreak, on my feets like crazy and I feel I'm losing weight now plus it's turning into muscle it feels, so I'm worried I won't have much fat, but at same time things been tough but lord knows I'm praying to him to take care of me, and help me cause this right here is tough managing a house while my hubby off shore, no family in Texas what's so ever so my kids is all I have, well thanks for reading

anyways happy Mother's Day to you lovely ladies, though Im saying it early since Imma be busy these last two weeks at work! once again have a bless weekend!

May she rest in peace!

Man this is so sad all I can do is send prayers to her family, I'm starting to think About my surgery..yes it's possible to risk it all but i don't know anymore

Garments..what's in your closet

Ok just looking for a few garments suggestion, I bought one and it came in today this is supposed to be my second garment when my waist shrinks after surgery and let's just say I don't like it so..98 bucks gone,feel too tight and I bought two size bigger,and I hate it makes noise when i move, sounds likes sand paper rubbing against wood when walking,I don't want people knowing I'm wearing a garment.

Of course I got so used to wearing my vedetta garment daily at work for two months straight so now I'm looking for that smooth finish touch.

Btw have not had my surgery yet but will in a few weeks from now.

Should I wait for my new measurements or should I go by what I am measured now.

Thanks ladies for any suggestions you may have!

Didn't upload

Anyone with type 1 or 2 diabetes,..

So I decided to take it upon myself and do my labs over again for safe keeping..well my uti is officially gone!!! Thank you goodness!

So after reading my labs I saw I have high sugar basically Doctor is saying pre diabetes if I don't lose some weight and change my life style I will be type two..well I've started yesterday with eating better choices I did gain an extra 10 pounds weighing 180 before my original weight has always been 165 to 170 me being at 5'9. Well I'm afraid mcadoo won't be able to preform my surgery even though all my other stuff are great,kidney is well and liver, just a wake up call I guess..

Anyways my question is there anyone with diabetes 1 or 2 and has had surgery..did you get infection? How was your healing..I'm not getting any answers on IG so I came here hoping someone can shine some hope..


So I've decided I'm getting a refund from vanity. I've done enough research and realize mcadoo can not give me what I'm looking for..he's a very good surgeon but I'm a huge believer that God makes things just happen!

Third time was a charm, I've rescheduled more then 3 times and waisted a good 700 last week on flights massages and labs twice,and things keep coming my way, not to mention I don't like how vanity has not given me a call in a 4days to say yes or no if the man can have surgery on me..they lied saying they got my labs which I know they did cause I viewed them first and called them and said they were in, every time I called "oh doctor hasn't looked at it" I'm not about to fly their and be sent home to rescheduled no mam'e! , so that being said I'm going to exercise and lose some unwanted weight! I'm going to the Dominican Republic, I prayed about this for a month and weighed my options and decided I will be going there, always wanted to since 2012!!!

Thanks dolls for your advice I'm going to disappear for awhile and make these extra coins for my trip! Stay bless and wishing you all a speedy recovery!!!


so effin happy so I'm going back to my original Doctor! He was my first choice and then disappeared so yes I'm officially book with hasan, mcadoo has great work but hasan was my choice first. Not to mention I tried to go to Miami twice but no luck! So my husband is coming with me to Miami..so damn excited!!!

How you going to be mad about someone having doubts

Ok yeah I can't stand how some ladies can be so mean and get mad cause you had doubts about dr. mcadoo duh cause there're really wasn't no updates for 2016 so can you blame a woman for switching up? IG girls are a trip..But anyways on that note I really wish the beefing on America vs Domincan Republic just stop! You all look great and some people looking for extra nothing too basic so idk why this is such a big deal. Anyways on that note wishing all you happy recovery

my date is near and my husband will be back from shore in August and off we go to get my new ass together as it should of been! Never will I try and do this behind his back..he was more excited in hearing about my surgery..few years ago he wasn't but like he said if it makes me happy lets do this as a team.
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