McAdoll Coming April 2016!! - Miami, FL

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Hi dolls!! I've been researching on Real Self...

Hi dolls!! I've been researching on Real Self forever and finally just booked my appointment today for April 30th! I'm so excited and can't wait! I was originally going to book with Dr. Fisher but after speaking with the coordinator and seeing pics I decided to go with Dr. McAdoo plus he's $1500 cheaper. If any other dolls are going in for the same date I would love to buddy up and see where you're planning to stay at for your recovery house since I haven't decided on weather or not to stay with them or elsewhere. I would love any recommendations on things I would need to do prior to prepare for it. *5"3 and 130lbs, 33 yo, 3 children* I'll be adding more photos day by day so feel free to follow my Pre & Post-op ????

Wish pics for waist and butt ??

List of items bought! Advice please dolls =)

I can't believe I'll be in Miami a little over 3 weeks! I still haven't even bought the airfare as of yet but will be doing so before the end of the week. I did go out today and bought some items for the trip. Here's what I have so far:

Anti-itch gel creme
Antibacterial body wash
Stool softener
Arnica gel
Iron pills

I haven't been able to locate:
Bromelain pills
Stand up pee
Lipo foam?
Lipo/ab board
Half foam rollers

Unsure about:
Arnica pills since I have the creme?

I would love some advice since I want something to sit on at work since I'm at my office daily. Also something in the car. Plus what are you dolls doing for when you go to bed?

Half foam rollers - do I even need this?
Bobby pillow/BBL pillow- what do you dolls recommend?
I luckily have several boppy pillows laying around the house.

Please feel free to comment or send me a pm with any items I'm possibly missing. Any advice greatly appreciated!

Before Photos & Measurements

Hey dolls!

I've been honestly dreading the moment I post up the before pictures but here goes nothing. I figure no big deal because I'll at least have these to look back on once McAdoo gets done with me! All my weight is upper body only and I have NO hips whatsoever. I haven't really seen any before/after of his work on girls my height/weight so hopefully this helps all future dolls. Only photos I saw were what my coordinator sent me.

Height: 5"3
Current weight: 135lbs
Age: 33
3 children - teen and 2 toddlers
Measurements: bust: 37.5. waist: 36.5. hips: 36

Labs are done!

23 more days!!!

Today I went to get my labs done and also picked up some Arnica pills along with Bromelain. I went to look for the half foam roller with no luck. I saw the full ones and came across 1 half but it was way too big! Any suggestion dolls on where I can look or if I'll even need it?

I'm planning to use boppy pillow in the car and probably. Blow up donut at work if I can't locate it. I've heard mixed reviews on the BBL pillow as well so I haven't ordered it either.

McAdoo sx location?

Hey dolls do any of you know where Dr. McAdoo performs his surgery out of? My coordinator told me Encore and not Vanity which I originally thought it was. Does anyone know? I'm looking around for places to stay and still trying to figure it out.

Thanks in advance!

2 more weeks!!!

Airfare bought, booked hotel and found a overnight nurse! Time is just flying by and all my supplies have been slowly coming in. I can't wait to get snatched!!


1 more week until I fly out to Miami! I spoke with my medical assistant today and confirmed with her that my labs and everything are good to go except that I have a UTI? Last time I spoke with them they said it was all good except for waiting for Doctor to sign off on it. Now I have to go to my doc get some meds and do a urinalysis to show its cleared or do it while I'm there. Wtf?!! I have seen some other dolls have had this issue in the past and everything seemed fine. I'll update all you dolls once I figure this out. Any advice would be lovely!

No UTI....yay!!!

Hey dolls! Just wanted to update you on the status of the UTI that my coordinator and medical assistant claimed I had. I went to my doctor yesterday after work to get a urine analysis done since I had no symptoms whatsoever. Everything came back negative as I thought and my doctors were confused as to why I was even there. I had to explain it to them and they gave me my results and summary stating that it's NEGATIVE! I emailed copies over to the medical assistant and coordinator and got an email from them that they will update the doctor and put it in my file. As of now I'm good to go!!! I have heard of other dolls having this same issue with Vanity and glad I got pass it with no issues. They should've got back to me a lot sooner to let me know about the results instead of me having to call and harass them though...not professional!

Clocks ticking!!

2 more days till I fly out and 4 more days until surgery!! It's all exciting and scary at the same time!!! I didn't order the BBL pillow nor the booty buddy but was just going to use the boppy pillow instead. Not sure how the ride back from the plane will be. Any advice dolls?

Surgery tomorrow & 4:30am!!

Hey dolls! Sorry I haven't really updated anything lately since I was in plane all day yesterday. Before boarding there was no more room for carry-on so sadly with my luck I had to check mine. I landed in Miami around 12:30am and had layover in Texas for almost 3 hours. I was praying my carry-on will be in Miami since everything is in my bag... Once in Miami thank gif my bag was there but then found out that hotel shuttle stopped running at 9pm. Uber it was!

This morning I went into my consultation at Envore and met with Naomi - I think that's her name (blond pretty Hispanic) to fill out all my paperwork. I was going to meet with Dr. McAdoo but he went back for a nose job. I didn't wanna sit around for 2/3 hours and they told me I can just see him tomorrow since my health, labs, weight is good. I took off my acrylics but couldn't help getting gel polish on and nail polish on my She told me it'll be fine since it's short also.

I did get a call from my medical assistant Keyla to let me know they got me in for their 1st appointment at 4:30am so I'm excited!!! I thought I would be more nervous but figured it's gonna happen regardless. Enjoying my day today at Miami beach eating all the good stuff. I will try to check -in with all my out dolls tomorrow before surgery but if not after.m ????

Surgery Confirmation Email

I've included this for all you dolls waiting for your upcoming dates. They did give me a call prior to this email as well. Keep in mind that I still have my shellac nails on as well so make sure you check at your consultation prior.

1 Day Post-op

Hey dolls!!! I made it to the other side and all I can say is McAdoo did his thing! He snatched up my waist and gave me the pear/heart shaped booty I wanted. So far from the looks of it I won't be needing a tummy tuck.

I did also get my first lymphatic massage today from my private nurse and it was a bit painful but felt really good. The most painful part is probably taking/putting on the faja. I also took a bath today which helped. I'm slowly walking around now and have been eating since yesterday.

Ladies recovery is really important and it's painful but remember to do what's best for your body...force yourself to eat and walk around if you can. I did meet another doll at the clinic and we woke up together side by side...all I hear is I got an ass!!! Lol here are the post-op photos as promised.

Faja - Diane Poitiere

Hey dolls here is the Faja that I received from Encore for Dr. McAdoo. He doesn't use the Vendette 925 like the other doctors and prefers this one. I paid $125 for it but I'm sure you can get it elsewhere for cheaper. I didn't want to take the chances of it not fitting so just got it from them. Good luck dolls!!

Post-op Appointment w/ the Man himself!

Hey dolls! I went in today to meet with the doc for my post-op. One of the MA's helped me with the shots to not get clots and after about 1 1/2 hours later the doc comes in. I did ask about taking out my drains before flying home on the 5th and he mentioned the only way I'll be able to do that is that I'm draining less than 25ml in 24 hours. The only way I can do that now is with help of my nurse...because I sure as hell ain't trying to remove this drain myself. So I guess I'll stop by to see him the day before flying home. He's such a sweetheart and he sure snatched me up real good! No complaints here! I'll update more photos once I'm ok taking off/putting on my own Faja and when I get home I'll update the measurements for all you dolls.


Hey dolls! Thanks to my RS roomie I was able to use her measuring tape to do a quick update. My measurements as of April 5th were: 37.5 / 36.5 / 36 and my new measurement today with my Faja on...(drumroll) 37 / 31 /41!! I'm so happy and hope this waist is only going to get smaller! I know you lose some of the butt/hips but I'm doing everything I can to maintain it with recovery! I'll update you dolls when I get home with my measurements without clothes. Night dollies!

Drains out! Home Sweet Home!

Hey dolls I got my drains removed yesterday and flew home today. Let's start with the drain removal...went to McAdoo's office with my nurse to show them with her confirmation I haven't been draining as much so they were able to remove it. If not I was going to have to do it from home-not gonna happen lol. The medical assistant then cut the stiches off chatted with me to keep my mind off it and yanked it out!! Shit hurt like hell and thank god it was quick! That thing is about 5-6 inches in your stomach...glad it's over. My nurse dropped me off to airport and my 1st flight was about 2.5 hours to Houston and boy it was painful. I did what I could to not put weight on my booty but it's hard since I only had pillow under thigh and no back pillow. Flight attendants weren't too nice about looking for any. Once in Houston I had layover for 2 hours before my 5 hour flight home. Walking around sucked since it felt like I was pretty stiff and butt muscles were all really sore so I'm sure I was walking like a grandma with a limp. On my flight home I was able to trade in my first class for a whole row to lay on my stomach. Only sat for liftoff/landing & turbulence. Here are some of today's pics. Can't wait for final results!

Nurse Info

All I an say is I'm do not work for any of the recovery homes and this is based on my personal experience! My private nurse I used was Stella and her phone number is (813) 802-5672. Y'all need to definaty call her if you want a great experience! She met me at the clinic the day of my consultation. She picked me up for surgery the day of and picked me up from it. She did stay by my side the whole night at my hotel. She did check my temperature & blood pressure, made sure I ate frackers when feeling woozy, helped me get some rest, woke me up to give me my meds, helped feed me some vegetable soup and rice. My RS buddy flew in the next day and was getting her surgery 2 days after mine. Stella helped me in/out of bed every night and made sure I was covered under the sheets. She also got us some fresh bomb coconut juice to help us recover and get our drains out before either of us flew home. My RS buddy and I did plan to stay at a recover home before but realized we would save so much more money splitting our hotel charges and hiring Stella. We paid about 1/2 of what we would've paid sharing the recovery home with God knows how many other girls? We had her full attention and that's all we cared about. She gave us both some painful but great massages to help drain us. She also washed our Fajas and bathed us...all I can say is it put both of us straight to bed like babies. There wasn't a dull moment with her around...joking around with us to pushing us to walk around the hotel! I will definitely use her again if and when we go back! She even called and texted me today to see if I made it home safe and how it was with the long flights and layover. Feel free to ask any questions =)

17 days post-op

Hi dolls! So I'm about 2 1/2 weeks post-op and back to work. They sent me to Arizona to train this week so I had to sit on a 2 hour flight which I sat on a pillow and everything is still numb and sore. I made it to Arizona safe but having to sit through a training class 8 hours on a pillow is not fun at all! I do try to get up every 1 1/2 to 2 hours to walk to bathroom. But the end of the day I'm super sore and body super bloated from taking the Faja off. It's a struggle to put it back on...I've been massaging myself daily to help out the little lumps here and there on my stomach and back. I did sit all day with the Faja the first day but it left lines all over and it was all uneven so I figured take it off during work and put it right ok after with the foam and an board. Here are some of the photos I just took.
I'll check in again probably around the 1 month mark.
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

Spoke with Yesenia the coordinator after speaking with a few other gals in the past she been the most helpful. She even texted me some before/after photos of Dr. McAdoo's work.

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