Lord Ladies Vanity is a Hot Mess. Miami, FL

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So my coordinator at Vanity sounds like today was...

So my coordinator at Vanity sounds like today was here first day at work, and while she is sweet she barely speaks english, she talks to me half english half spanish. She could not understand the word thighs and kept asking me to repeat it.. I dont want to ask for a different coordinator because I dont want to piss any one off and they make it harder for me than it already is. I'm a let me speak to your supervisor kind of girl. It seems from other people's experience that they tell you anything over the phone but nobody really knows the truth. I mean thank god the office staff dont participate in your physical care. I love the work the Docs due but I really am a type A personality and I need folks to be organized. What should I do, if I ask for another SC no guarantee she speaks english well either. HUH and then they wonder why people BP be elevated and they wanna turn them away, it because your office staff are incompetant, disorganized, and will tell you anything on the phone, evrything is "let me talk to my manager", it like a used car dealer. So fustrating, but she can clearly say leave a deposit to lock in your price. Im not buying a honda this is my life lady. Anyway now that I vented I am 5'9 170 Lbs used to have a great azz but since i lost weight and turned 40 my but deflated. Hubby not supportive and his answer to everything is the gym. He dont understand that loose skin needs to be refilled. Hello ladies nice to meet yall diva's hope your journey is less stressful.

greeting DIva's anyone get a BBL with Patrick Z Abuzeni, M.D. at seduction by Jardon smedical center

Says he can guarantee that the fat stays i9n your booty and you can sit in 3 days due to the transfer to plasma along with the fat?


Ladies what you think. Who will give me the booty i want im 5'10 175. Hips. Lost weight and i just want my volume back with a nice shape. So who should i choose based on my body hassan or mcadoo.

labs and ekg

So i went to my pcp and my labs are perfect but my ekg showed something funny. She says its not something that should hold me up from surgery but i have a consultation this tues march. 3rd for a follow up prob for a stress test or echocardiogram. My surgery is scheduled for 18th of march so I need yall to pray my cardiology appt goes well and fast. I know vanity gonna try to make a mess outta this but i refuse to pay my balance till i get the ok from the dr. Worries. Also how many ounces can you bring on the plane. Do lotions counts as a liquid. Thanks dolls.

cardiologist appt

So i went for my cardiologist exam and although my ekg is still abnormal they could not find anything wrong on my echocardiogram or the treadmill stress test. Ladies they made run on that damn treadmill 9 mins. Thought i would die. I been avoiding exercise to hold on to my fat. I sent my results to vanity now its up to the doc to say yay or nay to surgery. I am paid in full so if they say no they better start working on my refund. rapido. Will post the email they sent me.

name change

So i wasn't very nervous about the surgery cause I been following your journeys but the sec I bought my airline tixs i felt panic. Another thing is I feel a UTI brewing so I am doing my very best to chug water. Ugggh. It took so long to get my hubby on board if i come back from miami with my same ole booty he gonna be like told you not to go fool. Then i will have to kill em. How yall ladies holding up.

wish pic

well ladies its monday and my sx is thursday. ooooh boy

Hello pretty ladies hope all yall are having a blessed spring. So update my pcp, cardiologist, and endocrinologist have given their ok for surgery. I have sent vanity everything from my million dollar work up.. I also have packed all that i submitted with me. I have been getting emails from my old and new coordinator and then some random text from someone with no name from vanity asking for my email address. So im flying united airlines and if you check a bag its $25 bucks each way. So i stuffed everything into a carryone suitcase with spnner wheels. Plus a back pack. I will not be able to bring a boppy or foam roll cause there just too big or plane. Idk what im gonna do on way back on plane for sitting 3 hour flight. I did upgrade my seat to a bigger seat,not exactly first class just more leg room. Im gonna try to stand as much as possible. My hubby been acting kinda cold lately which in turn been making me feel some kinda way and i hope he gets his feelings together cause i need his emotional and physical support. He spends 3 hours in the gym like 4x a week sohe one of those do squats pain in the butts. He will never understand buthe knows im gonna do me reguardless so he like whatever. I have not told my son who lives with me or the rest of my family anything. Dont know what the plan is there. Thinking about saying i went to a xpa wellness retreat and possibly mention i got some cellulite treatment or even lipo but thats it. Idk how darmatic the results will be or if i willbe looking like the walking dead for a while. Anyway share your feelings diva. I bought a camerra with a timer so hopefully i cant get good pic since im flying solo.

on the plane. prayers plz

Please pray for me

made it to vanity today

Ok so i landed in miami about 10:45am. Magdelena was on point scooped me up in her corolla and took me straight to vanity. When i got there it was chaos. People everywhere coming in and out with drains bloody garments. Whew it was a little nerve racking. Saw my girl mamita briefly. I was waiting like 1.5 hours and then my lil ole red head magdelena walked to the back and hollered at someone next thing she was calling "come baby " i filled out a stack of papers big as the bible. And then i saw the mac man. He was super cool laid back . I pulled out my list of questions and mu wish pics pulled up my dress and said what you think. He told me to reschedule for one month and go eat donuts. He said i should gain 20 lbs. I said mac daddy that aint happening so find the fat wherever you can to get me my butt. He said he would have to lipo my arms and thighs to get enough. I also told him get my fat cat... That fat pad my old dr left 15yrs ago u know right above my coocaa. He said i got it. So i shelled out another $1000 bucks for the additional areas of lipo and they said they would call to tell me when to come for surgery tomorrow. Still waiting...Magdelena stayed right by my side the whole 4 hours then when we got home i smelled heaven. Her daughter made steak rice mixed veggies and french fries. She made me eat all...im stuffed. My room is really nice and she is really sweet. Just now i went in kitchen and she hard at work cutting up chicken and veggies for my post op soup. She provided everything i would need. Antibacterial soap. Wipes shampoo . Dvd player yoga mat roll tray table. Mini fridge she put water juice fruit and yogurt. A recliner. She's making me feel like her daughter. Would reccomend her to anyone traveling alone. Ok blah blah will update you later. Bye dolls.

ok vanity

Well divas. Its after 7pm and neither me or mamita got a call telling us what to me to come for surgery. So were just waiting and both gonna be starving ourselves soon hope it ain't all day long wait tomorrow or we will lose the fat we was saving. Hope we get a call soon :( here are pics of magdalena room im staying in

at vanity

So mrs magda woke me up at 430am. She is on it. We got there at 5:15 and they let us in about 5:40. So now I'm just waiting my guts are bubbling though. Will keep you posted.

made it

Will give you guys play by play tomorrow. Im doing ok. My booty dosent look big to me. I didnt have alot of fat to work with. Will post pics tomorrow my garment is a bloody mess dont want to post like this.

don't look if you have a weak stomach.

So i get to vanity by 515am yesterday i get in the door about 540. They give me a urine preg test again put me in a paper gown took a bunch of Pics then i sat cold and Naked till 720. Macadoo comes in we go over all his pics and my pics and comes up with a game plan . He said i shoulda ate nothing but krispy creme and reschedule cause i didnt have enough back or belly fat so I agree to get thighs and arms done. Ladies the thighs was the worst pain. He draws on me for about 15 mins and im praying not to fart in his face. We talked about his new wife and stuff he's very down to earth. I taught him about snapchat. Lol. Then he walks with me into the Operating room plays music and handsome gabriel anesthesiologist starts my iv and then i remember waking up to this nurse trying to get my garment on. I was cold and hurting about 8/10 . Pain scale and i was like wtf did i do. I was put in a wheelchair backwards and magda stuffed my 5'10 body in the back of her corolla on my tummy. She already had my meds and my insurance covered it. I said please gimme the pain pill she said no eat something first. She gave me a little kiddy box juice in the car and something to throw up in but i was fine. I unfolded myself out the car and straight to bed. She gave me a shot glass of chicken broth from her chicken soup from scratch that she prepared all day yesterday. Test run of broth was good she gave me a bowl of the real thing. It was the bomb. I picked the bowl up and drank every drop. My thighs was burning and stinging so bad. She gave me 2 percocet and Phenergan and i knocked out. I got up to pee walk pee drink pineapple juice pee and i was doing really good but this morning i was swollen all over hands legs eyes everywhere and very pale and dizzy. And all my incisions were leaking non stop. Magda said oh baby your legs are too big we go to vanity. So she stuffed me back in the car and we went. I knew mamita was also at vanity so i start yelling her name she looks great and was in great shape. No swelling or oozing. So since we cant sit i was standing in hall and mamita said your bleeding sure enough all over the white tile blood all over from my arm. I was pissed cause the was just looking around stupid and i told them why yall aint put a bandage on my incisions cause i been leaking all night. And the garment they made me buy for my arms wasnt even tight. Nurse kept saying its normal. She took my garment off and i saw my big bruised peach for the first time. Magda was mad because she said they didnt make sure my left cheek was in the comparment of the garment good and so the bottom part of that cheek was hanging and not part of the roundness. She took me to the hood to buy another garment. And i came home. We took garment off she washed it put it outside in the sun and i took a bird bath at the sink. It felt so good. I rubbed my peaches with arnica bruising is really really bad. But its if and round. So here's pics if you dare to see.

the real deal like walking dead

magdalena info

for you all that have asked here is Magdalena info which is where I have been staying, She has a RH. She charges 250 night of surgery and 120 every night after with meals and transportation. Here number is (786)443-1856. You will have a private room with full size bed and bathroom and she will cook you 3 meals a day plus snacks. today she washed my garment. I posted pics of the room earlier.

recovery is a byatch!

Ok im day 6 post op Bbl mcadoo with back of arms and inner thighs lipoed. My ass is big. Sorry to say and plz dont hate but its bigger than i asked for. Now i know it should shrink but i have lost nothing and its day 6. I say the reason i haven't lost is because my caretaker magdalena feed me ridiculous amounts of food pre and post op. Way to much for someone who had surgery and if i didnt eat every grain of rice she would say aw you dont like, i cook you something else. I mean steak with rice veggie french fries and salad all for lunch. I have gained 10 lbs post op day 6. Wtf!!# i was constipated and full of food so i stopped taking percocet day 3 and stuck to arnica pain pills and tylenol pm. Pain can reach 6/10 and a fee times i teared up. But it's an emotional journey esp when your homesick and solo. When people say your stiff you think all hell i can deal with stiff. Honty when your whole body is soo stiff it is a byatch to even turn to your side. Take the meds. I had to pee every 1-2 hours the first 3 days. Ugh so you dont sleep well. Andvo really did my personal business by myself even though magda tried to help i needed some dignity she kept saying you too strong. Dont misunderstood me she brought me my food water and reminded me about my meds and to walk put on movies and help me get that faja off and on. Ladies magda was all up in my monkey trying to get the faja just right i thought my butt cheeks was gonna knock her out . She get the back i got the front and we pull and tug till we would bust out laughing and sweating magda aint no spring chicken but she strong as hell. Post op at vanity is a complete joke and do not depend on them to take care of you. They don't take vitals post op and they dont look well at all at your incisions cause the dont even know where they are. They don't even know what you had done or the areas of lipo. They take your garment off and say everything is normal. Pull your nasty bloody garment back up and send you on your way. I did not see mcadoo since the morning of my surgery. They will not even address your stitches or know when the come out. Ladies ask the dr about post op instructions and be clear as to what he wants as far as drain removal and stiches. I pulled my own drain out cause i didnt trust the lady there cause she was ready to yank it out. I told her back up i got this and magda had my back. Anyway i went home a day early cause the post op visits are BS and there's no need to stay if you feel well enough to travel. I could go on and on about the lack of good medical care at vanity but my point is plz be proactive in your care ask for them to take your temp ask for a mirror to see your incisions to make sure there not red hot and oozing pus all the signs of infection. I will post more pics tonight when i get naked for shower. Fyi i have been sitting on my ass from time to time and dont see any difference. Just telling you my experience

one week the shrinkage is real.

Hello my pretties. So my butt has reduced a whole lot in the last 2 days. If i stay this size I will be satisfied but if it goes any smaller than I don't think it was worth it sorry. Now for me I just wanted my shape back on my butt so its smaller but perkier but for some of you divas I know you all want that big ole obnoxious azz. So if you had this much shrinkage you may be devestated. I attribute some shrinkage to of course deceased swelling , not eating tons of food like magdalena was feeding me and also sitting on the plane and sitting on my ass from time to time. I sleep on my side and not completely face down cause its just too uncomfortable. Swelling has decreased about 80%. Im still stiff and sore but i am doing my normal routine. Get this vanity called me some chick said were just seeing how your doing and make sure you walk around every hour for 10 mins. I'm like really you check up on me day 7, and do really think I been laying in bed on my face for a whole week. GIRL BYE! I just said yes I'm good. I been grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning since day 5. I get a strange pulling tearing feeling in my flanks if i stretch and I'm still really bruised. Not a lot of fluid pockets. Went for my first lymphatic massage since i been home an honey its was nothing like my massage in miami. This lady was touching me so lightly it was like butterfly wings she say she moving the fluid to drain. In miami i could feel stuff happening when that lady was finished i had a feeling of being beat up and laid out on a soft bed of feathers and marshmallows if you could imagine that. Its a good/bad but good feeling. But today's massage i was just like what the heck was that, damn groupon. I will prob just massage myself. Also I feel like i could go back to work if I wanted to. I do get tired in the middle of the day. Happy one week birthday to my bootay and mamita and tee36.

let me share this gem for thigh lipo

I was having a hard time finding a compression garment that didn't leave marks on my thighs from the seams digging in. I bought these capris butt lifters in the mall in miami with Magdalena , they looked tiny but the sales lady insisted i could fit a large. Honey the stretch they lift the booty and they compress my thighs all the way down. I love em. They are made by leonisa and are 25bucks on leonisa website cheaper than amazon with free shipping. They also have the version that comes all the way up to bra line. O ordered that also but don't have it yet. Today i have on my squeem waist trainer and my leggings and I'm feeling good and compressed. Lol

feeling myself today in the house

Cleaning my house in a romper with my Capri and waist trainer.

longer version

butt lifting pants

Anytime if feel ugh about my Results i pull on my leonisa invisible butt lift leggings and bam. Booty popping. I have 2 pairs of pants and the bodysuit. Here's a link for 10% off there website. http://leonisa.refr.cc/L2QX2DR

22 days post op and getting weary.

Hello sweet peas how yall doing? My peaches is still shrinking but its still round and higher than my original butt so yes definitely an improvement but the butt envy is real and I miss my day 2 post op butt alot. The one that made all the girls at vanity say damn! ! I'm having a love hate relationship with my garments cause im sick of squeezing into shit squeezing outta them running to pee. I hate looking like a marshmallows with all the padding and unattractive garments i wear its hard to feel sexy. Last 3 nights been jumping in shower putting on my cute nighty then jumping in bed with hubby and when he's asleep i stuff myself back in my garment cause honey i swell up like a blow fish without it. Its alot of work. Im so fustrated with the swelling and feeling like my skin is being pulled from my bones. Its not pain its just uncomfortable. Im 5 lbs heavier than preop so im like wtf do i slow down my eating should I exercise. Idk what to do at 3 weeks post op. I have my buddy mamita thats been going through this roller coaster with me so that's good. My hubby thinks the butt is nice and i have to keep reminding him not to slap it. Its instinctual. He's a little fustrated too I'm always like be careful, ow don't touch there , watch it. He just trying to spoon like usual so he can sleep poor man. If i could just fast foward 2 months it would be perfect. I been back to work and i work 12h shifts. I get tired i take ibuprofen halfway through to get me through but by the time I get home and in bed im hurting a little like a 3/10 on a pain scale. Sorry to sound blah just keeping it 100. Recovery is annoying. Swelling is annoying and compression garments are the devil but pure hell without em. Here's pics. Wish my butt woulda stayed as high as it was on day 1 cause i see my undercheeks drooping. Thinking some squats will help. Ok tired now ttyl.

exercising theory

Some how i am almost 10 lbz over my pre op weight im not sure if its the swelling the fluid retention im eating too much. Should i diet or exercise to lose 10 pounds or will it shrink my cupcake? I think we should wait till 3 months before we exercise so we know how much fat survived.

2 month update. Mourning the loss of huge judy getting used to natural size Judy

Its been a little over 2 months since my Mcadoo BBL . I am doing all my normal routines for the most part but still swell without compression. My butt has lost alot more volume than I expected and I am missing my huge butt that I was scared off one my first post op day. I was like lord have mercy what did he do. I was huge tight and high and I was freaking out. Now I am mourning the loss of that big ole AZZ. There is definitely a noticeable difference but honestly it could be better for the amount of money aggravation and pain I am a little disappointed. I don't know how many cc he took out or put in and it is impossible to get your medical records from vanity, the more you call the more they will tell you that the person you been trusting to help you is fired, sick , had a baby, suddenly don't speak english or they dont know who your talking about. They have straight up lied to me at least 5 times . THey have been looking for my medical chart for 2 months now. They say they cant find it. The doc could have taken it home, it could be on someones desk, she says you know the office is very big. Finally I told them that my lawyer was gonna call them and they should explain to him how my personal health information is MIA and that there's this thing call HIPAA maybe they should look harder. Anyway thank god I don't live in Miami or vanity would see me first thing every damn morning. So right after my BBL my butt was perfectly round but now as I lost some volume I have my old lumpy cellulite dents underneath my cheeks that Im not loving. Also my left thigh was not barely liposuctioned and so the inside very top of my left thigh looks exactly the same as preop. Other than that I am happy. My hubby loves it and in my jeans and tighter dresses I draw alot of attention so actually the size is probably good for me just wanting more roundness. I still feel some numbness tingling and some burning sensations on my flanks . lower back. Really hard to find jeans that fit my waist but are big enough to fit my thighs and butt. Got some PZI jeans that are cool but tad bit of back gap. I found good pair of jeggings at Ross that fit great, will post pics. I am also waist training with orchard corset that I feel like is making a difference after just 2 weeks . Where did my other BBLers that I been following go. come back ladies. Oh and I been using mederma on my incision scars, scar away discs that have helped keep my scars from being raised up and a silicon stick I got from amazon its called circa. I am obsessed with treating these little brown dots. Hopefully they will get lighter soon or I will add a bleaching cream to my regimen soon. I will update you again soon. I also take a pic when I get in my corset again since I just took it off. Hope you guys are having a positive journey, stay strong divas

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