Everything is Good to Go BUT! Need a Recovery House! :( Miami, FL

In search of a recovery house near Spectrum...

In search of a recovery house near Spectrum Aesthetics. I got a few numbers from my consultant but a couple didn't speak English that well, I need like reviews and like a website would help. Keyla recovery house has one, I just sent them a email. But the website was set up like for women only. Beyoncé "Girls run the world" playing as I'm researching. So I wasn't sure if they took male clients. So yea I need some suggestions. Thank you! its right around the corner.

Found my recovery house!!

I will be going to COSMICARE for my post op recovery! It took me awhile to figure between them and the Doll House stay. But COSMICARE was more modern, had more attentive care in packages and other options and right by the beach. Dont get me wrong the Doll house stay did have a nice house per website gallery and certified care, but i just went with my gut. So I'm ready!! One more month! Wish me luck and prayers! ????

My results are dramatic changed! Butt wanted lil...

My results are dramatic changed! Butt wanted lil more bigger, but he was focused on my fat grafts and contouring. Made a hint that I can come back to go bigger. but came out great! The first 2 weeks are like WHOA! Yesssss!!! Then it shrinks! :( I know its dumb that I didnt take before pics but I was that bad of a complex I didnt love to see. So they are sending them. I do have a more feminine figure with hips and a booty but theres always room for more ;) #infatuation! Maybe in 2 years. And to know I can still lose more fat its only been 4 weeks well a lil under. I hope not then ill say it was a waste! but like I said I look nice. Ill post soon xoxo

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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