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38 yr. old! Mother of 2 teenagers...Getting into...

38 yr. old! Mother of 2 teenagers...Getting into real planning for a bbl.. my friend and i are going at the same time so we can have support! what supplies are recommended? Must haves? we are waiting to put down our deposit and solidify our date. hotel picked and selecting a caregiver now( nurse perks:) I have to lose 50 lbs to get the best slim waist result. Im about 60lbs overweight according to my standards. can't wait to post real before and definitely afters! My friend is 26.Mother of 3. She wants to have an optimum goal of 150lbs by time of surgery

Wish pics

Wish pics too


My partner in crime and I are officially booked for August 12, 2016. We are going 1&2 in the surgery schedule that day! We began as just coworkers and now Surgery buddies!! I'm so proud of us for doing this! I have to lose 40lbs for the surgery but I think with a year away I'll try to lose 50 or more. The biggest I've ever been in life and this is just unacceptable! I've officially started Atkins today! I'll post these pics so you can see my weight loss journey as well. Here's to you my Salama family?? Can't wait to see you over the next year get bootyful????

30lbs and counting!

Hi dolls! I'm 30lbs down and counting! I'm 10lbs from what Dr. Salama would like and 25lbs from my goal. If you need to lose weight you can do it!! Here are my updated pics. I've had a prior tummy tuck this is why I gain weight on my love handles (no prior lipo there) I also had a hysterectomy in October for large uterine fibroids that's where the new scars on my abdomen are from :( I'll post pretty surgery pics when I get close 135days away!!! I will also be doing a Snapchat and YouTube series about my experience! Lots of love Salamanca dolls?


Please follow me on Snapchat! I'll be Snapping my whole experience in August. I'll be in Miami from August 10-24. I post pics and tips/needs in my Snap! Username: sebreeluv
Enjoy!! May your surgery dreams come true BBL sisters!!

Looking to drop weight?

Any one looking to drop weight fast for your surgery try HCG drops from Biosource. I've dropped 12 pounds in 8 days! It's much cheaper than the injections! Good luck dolls?

Before photos

Pre op photos

Day One

Day one and I feel great! Dr. Salama was very thorough and made me feel at ease. I probably should have lost more weight bc there are limits girls! He told me exactly how much he could take out safely and by law. The anesthesiologist was hilarious I wasn't nervous at all! The nurses are amazing and so cute. I loved them and I felt like I was in good hands. I have a follow up tomorrow so I'll update again!

Day 3 at 5am!

I'm feeling good still, yet I am starting to feel a little soreness. The top of my butt where the thong is feels the most sore. Everytime I wake up I drink a water bottle and a Bolt house protein drink. I'm walking every time too. My friend is having a little harder time with her arms. She says it hurts worse than the BBL. She is not up moving as much either...you have to get up and move. You will wake up a lot but if you use that time wisely you will go back to sleep asap. Hope this info is helpful..oh and that GO GIRL is not useful scratch that! It's not natural for us women to stand so it ends up being messy and very hard ton pee. Just squat on the toilet it's much easier! Good morning/ good night!


Let me tell you that the massages are no joke. Even if you take pain killers before..
The whole thing isn't horrible,it's when they massage a particularly swollen area you definitely want to cry. I have a high pain tolerance too smh. But I can say at Day 6 overall I'm still feeling good. I'm getting up more at night now bc of the tighter garment and bc I constantly have a bottled water that I'm drinking. This really helps! Peeing and pulling off this fluid is a must!! I'll update with pictures later!

Updated pics!

Completed day 6


U got my lips done too dolls...not with Dr. Salama but if I figure how to link the other Dr. I will?


I look like a pregnant person today..idk why? It could be bc I take this garment off every time I get a chance! I wear it all day but I'm like...I gotta poop..take the whole garment off...take a shower...take the garmen off...I need a break...take the garment off. Ugh..now I know why people say this garment is Satan. My legs and feet look like snausages. But I digress...Day 8=mass swelling and no pain pills :(

The princess and the pea

You know that fairytale of the Princess and the pea? Yeah. That's me right now. The garment is uncomfortable to sleep in. It's like a subliminal message always telling to you there's something the matter. Your body fights it at all times. So sleeping right now is up and down all night. I pulled out my front drain bc it was not draining anymore and it was tearing my skin. I'm a Nurse so this type of wound management is not foreign to me. So I get my 3rd massage today. I'm looking forward to it. What does that tell you? These massages are important and the more they drain off the better you feel. My brother has been filling in to this role in between office visits. Thank the heaven above he is so selfless. I love him. I'll update later dolls?

The hills are alive.....

Well 3rd massage completed and I feel much better. Although I went through that massage without painkillers...I didn't know we get 1 refill (doh)
Everything is right again in BBL dreamland. I'm doing well, I'm medicated and I can do this again! See you in the Hourglass Angels Club, dolls?

Day 14

I can start my lipo board today. I'm at work and forgot that so I'll do it when I get home. Alot of swelling in my legs still. I can't seem to pull off that edema there. So I took a Lasix today. Let's see if that helps. Other than that everything gets better everyday. Driving is a little hard to do but I'm doing it. I even caught someone checking my but out today lol. Felt awesome!

24lbs down since leaving Miami

I was in the twilight zone for a minute..really. I was so swollen I weighed 30lbs more then when I started I was sad. But now that the swelling has dropped significantly I am 24lbs down since I left Miami 5 days ago. Don't get discouraged! I look good now. The waist is getting tiny and my booty is softening.

Getting smaller


1 month post

Turned 39 yesterday. I think 39 looks good!

3 months post

My diet has fluctuated but I look amazing still. Back on my fitness regimen. Squatting and training to get into this cute sequin mini dress for NYE!! Good luck and happy healing dolls!

Almost 5 months post

You know...I look good! I'm so glad I did this for me. The recovery is hard...no sugar coating that. But I love my body now. I went from SpongeBob SquarePants to a better me! Thank you, Dr. Salama. Besos!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Great doctor! Listens to your needs and wants and thoroughly explains the procedure. Nice and being in the medical field I've dealt with a lot of doctors and he doesn't have that cocky just listen to me attitude! Definitely recommend him♡

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