Finally Making a Long Dream Come True - Miami, FL

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After many years of wishing some junk was in my...

After many years of wishing some junk was in my trunk, I have made the decision to get a Brazilian butt lift. Stalked this site, and found Vanity. Read tons of bad office reviews mostly good dr reviews though. So far my experience has been ok as expected with any dr office. Each time I call they know my name already always ask if I need anything else before I hang up and I get an email survey how the call was.
I grabbed the earliest date that worked for me July 28. Did my labs today since I am now with in that 30 days window. Weird not wanting to tell dr exactly what I wanted them for. Hoping insurance will just cover the bill *fingers crossed*

I have paid most my balance and booked everything else. Miami here I come!!
Surgery 7/28
Booked Keylas for recovery

Any opinions on Mcadoo?

My supply list

I have Neosporin, and figure I can get the chux, snacks and Gatorade there.
Lipofoam 3 pack sheets
Half roller
Arnica pellets and cream
Abdominal Lipo Board
Compression socks
p-ez, but delivery not expected until end of month =/
Iron Supplements
Antibacterial soap
Baby wipes
Gauze pads
Female wipes
Band aids
Tylenol and Tylenol PM
BBL Pillow
Granny panties

Any must haves I'm missing??

Can't stop!!!

Looking up butts:) I really wanted that upside down/ interverted heart ass!


Keylas Recovery house..... Any reviews?? I read a bunch probably 3 negative out of the 20.


Saw this on the forums and it worked- just pay shipping

Use code BOPPY4BBL

Shipping is $14.99

Triangular board?

What's the triangular back piece I keep seeing people talking about??
Is it the pic I attached??

Got my pillow

Seems very soft, not as firm as a usual BOPPY pillow. Good for $15 though.

Pretty excited

I'm paid in full and my labs were cleared by Vanity. 16 more days and I'll have my new booty!! Think I have everything I need, so now just this impatient waiting.

3 days since surgery

Had my surgery on Thursday. I'll give an update on my experience.
Flew into ft. Lauderdale Wednesday afternoon, went straight to encore. The front desk was very welcoming and nice. I was taken back pretty quickly, had to sign a million papers answer questions, bought a faja. Then I was surprised I met with Dr. Mcadoo. You could tell he was busy but def tried to make me feel like all was good and discussed what I wanted. He was really nice. (Man is BUSY, lol only dr in that office I think, he's running from pre-op patients, post-op patients, and doing God knows how many surgeries a day, he truly is working the entire time he's at work.) I was in and out in great time. Walked to get lunch then went to Keylas RH.
Santa greeted me and I met a few awesome roommates in different stages of the process. Keyla and Gabby very nice, got my prescription filled and relaxed for night.
Encore called said be there at 830am for surgery. Got there about 730, anxious and was told traffic was bad in morning but didn't run into any. Then wow the wait, I knew it was going to be brutal and it was. Got called to a second waiting room about 930, then sat there til about 1245, then put in a room got gown and tried to rest. About 2pm dr came in marked me up, anesthesiologist came in shortly after to go over process. then again waiting. 4pm I was so anxious and ready, I was about to cry and boom in walks anesthesiologist saying it's time.
Walked to surgery room and was under quickly woke up FREEZING about 8pm, Pedro was there from Keylas waiting in me. Helped me to truck and to bed. Got my other prescription filled. They feed me soup and I was out until morning.
Pain wasn't that bad, but I have been taking pain pills on dot as directed.
Got 1st massage at Keylas and lady was great. Went to my post-op seriously walked in door directed right to a room looked over told come back Monday all looked good and I was out, under 5 minutes.
Got a second massage at Keylas then a 3rd at medical massages.
Today's day 3, I feel great just bored. Also I hate to say it but my butt don't feel big but pictures seem big. Praying its BIG!!
I'll update more later.
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

Haven't had any contact yet

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