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Hello Dolls I've been wanting to get a BBL done...

Hello Dolls I've been wanting to get a BBL done since 2012 finally financial and emotionally ready :-) not to mention im also very nervous.. I was going to first go with Dr.Fisher after so many great reviews but what lead me to change my mind is the bad reviews of Vanity many things from cancellation of appt dates they do so ofter and their payment process..enough about them though..I have seen great work of Dr.Omulepu and im currently waiting for a response from one of their coordinators..Im so exiting ..I have a pretty face juat need a pretty waist and bubble to go with it lol

Dr.Fisher,Dr.Omulepu. .Dr.Decisions for bbl ..your thoughts?

I literally was up till 6am researching. .looking at doctors, reviews and asses all night! Lmao i first was going to to go with Fisher but i read reviews I n his Staff (Vanity ) and it was horrible! 2nd i choose Dr. OMULEPU then this early AM i was like Dr.Salzheur a.k.a Dr.Miami .He seems to be A1 all around, even his staff. But after reading appointment dates with him on here isn't until Sept i wanted to scream im back to debating Fisher or Dr.O :-( it's so hard to pick

Final decision not turning back !! Dr.Salama

This is my final decision spoke to Nancy a couple mins ago she is such a sweetheart and answered all of my questions !! She was very patient with me and had a great personality !! I'm loving Dr.Salama's bbl results and trust him more with my life seening the horror stories of vanity and spectrum steered me away. I will be putting down my 10% before the end of the month and posting my SX date soon ???????????? im so happy i cant wait..i been up all night researching. .on another note ..i aaked Nancy anout short term disability ans she told me that its coded as "elective surgery" im going to first check if my job would approve me rather then taking vacation days off ..Smh there is the one older lady i work with and she just had a bbl but she claims she had a booty-do (when your stomach sticks out more then your butt do) and she been waist training and thats why her ass is juicy now...i still complimented her even though she was lying because everyone knew she had no volume...its hard to speak to her knowing that shes lying and smiling right in your face. .I guess she is not wantinh to be judged by others..but shot its your body your fat so show it off lol..i want to ask her what did she do to take time off work but she probably going to lie about that well see ill ask he today ..btw i work at a desk job with consists of sitting on my ass all day and i dont want to mess up my new booty lol

A little bit about me

Btw im a blk female never hips a day in my life. I only got a lil piece of ass 26,no kids yet,height 5'7 and weigh 203 i will be losing 20-30 pounds before SX to get my desired waist line look ..i would hate to go in weighing 203 then go in a diet and loss my expensive ass lol. Just my opinion ladies..when i spoke to Nancy she did say Dr.Salama is very aggressive in lipo so i wouldnt really have to lose weight before..she said i should really be 10-20 pounds overweight. Which for my height i think im like 40 pounds lmao..anyways i did a diet and lost close to 1 pound a day .It was 2013 i went from 215 to 170 i lost 45 pounds in 2 months...even 170 was too small for me ..Im going to do that same diet again .if you want to know what diet im doing or where to buy it PM me ladies. Here is my before and after the diet

Another weightloss pic

Another weight loss already cute just need a matching ass lol...

On Amazon now ordering supplies

Is it too early or crazy of me to be ordering supplies for the BBL even though i havent picked a date yet but know for sure in January

Made deposit today Yayyy

So i mase my deposit today..i got a email from Nancy saying January slots are running out. I hurried up and called and paid my deposit. I'm scheduled for January 18th :-) ..No turning back so ready..

Nobody is supportive of me getting a BBL

Am i the only one?it seems like no body is man aint of 3 yrs is not supportive...he knows i dont have an ass but today he was like "wear a dress i want to see that ass" .I was like boy u aint never said none about my ass but now u are because you dont want me to get surgery..he keeps on saying do squats lets go working out etc youll get a butt that way like im going to but that is not going to change my mind about getting the bbl..everyone thinks im not serious even my mother!!Both my mom and man told me to wait until i have 26 w/o children and plan on getting pregnant by 30 or 31...i really want to be settled in life for the BBL im paying it so damn frustrated now cuz everyone is telling me to wait . People fail to realize the bbl is mostly about the ass ..this is stressing me out and no body is supportive. .what should i do??please ladies your feedback would be great! Sorry for the paragraph i needed to vent ;-(

Pre-op pics

Im 5'7 and i weigh 203 now will be measuring my bust,waist ans hips tonight..these photos were taking in May ..really i has to search for these because all is really have is selfies and when i go out with my friends i dont take pics unless its selfies :-( that will change come January lol

To the ladies who already got their BBL done..

Hello ladies i wabted to know if you used your vacation time off from your your job or FMLA or Short term disability?

Booty Buddy or No?

are you ladies going to buy it?if you did already how do u like it?

Which stomach board are you using?

I waist train so i already have 2 stomach boards. The top small one is hard and is goes in the middle on your stomach. The bottom one is flexible and it covers my whole stomach..which one did you all buy,where did you get it?how many days after the bbl can I start using it under my compression garmet? Thanks in advance bbl sisters !!

So damn nervous ughh

Im so nervous yall .I was up reading last night a horror story by a RS who went to Dr.Y in DR and she was up during her SX and an intern was working on her...she was completely botched...i was like wtf i damm near cried .the thought of waking up during SX or not waking back up at all... i was whining to my man last night ..ughh am i the only one that feels this way???

Bbl sisters heres a great bbl prep list

copy and paste this link

If you hemo is too low for SX

If you hemo is too low for SX

Waistshapers aka fajas we sell

Ladies my man and I sell future post-op fajas aka Waistshapers to keep that hourglass .They are made in Columbia. They are only $50 .the color ones are for short torsos and the black ones are for long Torsos .. the website is follow us on IG @luscious_curvez thanks for the support

Preop pics

Again im 5'7 and weigh 203 ..will lose about 10 -20 pounds. Salama said my frame is excellent and not to lose.. but i dont want to gain and still be in the 200 nor do i want to lose after my bbl and lose my results.. ill put backside pics when the time gets closer.
Bust 38
waist 36
hips 39 i have no damn hips lmaoo ..never had hips ..if my waist was smaller my hips would show more
Thighs 43

Wish Pics

Wish pics? Is this too much ?lol based on my body do u think its attainable ?

Skin elasticity? ??

So ive been reading it also depends on ur skin elasticity. .if your skin can stretch the more fat they can put it...well yall my butg is mostly muscles then fat and im worried he wont be able to get much fat in there...what should i put on there to improve its elasticity? I heard rub cocoa butter with vitamin E or fish oil...has anyone ever tried this?what esles worka ladies??

Email Nancy my wish pics and this was her response

Email Nancy my wish pics and this was her response ,Im so excited .

Does Dr.Salama give Xanax pills??

Does Dr.Salama give Xanax pills roght before sx cuz i know im going to need it lol also does he give prescribe antibiotics to prevent infections and bloodthinners to prevent blood clots?? Thanks in advance ladies

Hcg drops diet started on Saturday

Hello loves my monthly came on yesterday and i weighed 211!!! I was like damn ohh no lol...for 1 i know im bloating ,didnt have a bowel in a couple days and i loading on food for the 2 hcg loading days starting Saturday. so im guessing my real weigh is 205-206 ...Im going to be doing this diet for 30-45 days. Praying and aiming to lose at least 30 pounds and maintaining it until my SX date ..well shoot lol i aint tryna gain it back after SX either.which is why im going to be working on maintaining it..that is my hardest part :-( lol .wish me luck


Even though i wont be going to Dr.Miami because he is booked until 2016-2017 now (damn lol) .I enjoy watching his snapchat videos..matter of fact i didnt even have snapchat i just downloaded it to watch him ao far he has done a BA and a BBL... i enjoy all of his vids...i really fast foward to the BBL clients lol. .his snapchat s/n is Threaldrmiami

Hotel or Recovery house ??

Hey ladies its been a month since i updated but trust me i come on this site everyday lmao ...Soo my question is which do u ladies think is better the Recovery house (Serenity -with Dr.Salama) or am i better off just getting a hotel room and hiring a nurse?If so where did u ladies stay and which nurse did u hire..Thanks in advance ladies ... p.s . As i get closer to my date i feel more and more anxious, excited and nervous to the point i was just like F my deposit and was going to take it as a lost. Any one esle felt or feels this way?

SX date is getting closer and closer

Questions for the BBL did you feel after your SX?how was tour pain level?I keep on reading reviews were ladies say its like they died and slowy came back to life and some have regrets doing the BBL while recovery ..Im like damn is it really worth it?..

Meet with Dr.Salama

Hey ladies im back my original date was suppose to be jan 18th for sx but my iton was extremely low ..I had to have it rescheduled so now im looking at June 23rd but im ready to do it sooner in Late March or i finally meet with Dr.Salama, Nancy and Cynthia yesterday..It was a 4.5 hour drive from tampa,fl but it was def worth it..My bestfriebd came with me and she wants to get hers done too on the same day or sooner.Dr.Salama was ver nice and thorough .I already knew what to expect since i had a consultation last year in July..Nancy and Cynthia are sweethearts doubt in mind i made the right decision. ..i got cold feet before but now im ready to get it over


Hey ladies I have a few days over 60 days until my SX date..I was wondrring if anyone who went to Salama was able to get him to fill FMLA OR STD papers for time off..I scheduled my days of (about 10 days )but then that would be my entire vacation time off for the year of 2016..Not to forget to mention I wanted to get atleast 2-4 weeks off since i work in a office..Please ladies let me know

When is it safe to go back to work

Heyy ladies.For bbl how long before did u feel before to go back to work?I was only able to take 10 days off and wondering if that would be enough.

Liquid iron

Hey Vets i wanted to know whats the best liquid iron to putrchase and how often did u take it..I go in May 10th for labs and want to make sure im good..Thanks in advance :-*

Liquid Iron and Vitamin C

So I got my SSS tonic today..I will start taking it tonight along with my vitamin c 1000mg a day and Iron 325mg a day ...Im going to purchase my bromelain tomorrow at the health store ...

Heres a photo

Liquid iron

Final wish pic

Rah Ali..omg

Hips and laterals..NO Shelf please

Hips and laterals both at the same time is what I want. .Salama please deliver #June23rd

Bbl with inner thigh lipo

Hey ladies my date is approaching quickly. .I started having pain last month in my chest on the left side but got a
Ekg and Echo aND everything was clear.Cardiologist said I probably pulled a muscle or stress. Im still going to have an x-ray and stress stress done. .So let's talk yall..How many bbl vets got their inner thigh lipoed?Was it worth it and how was the pain?was it hard to walk?I'm thinking about adding it on because my thighs rub and I have cellulite on my inner thighs..I know the cellulite will stay but at least make it not rub if I got them lipoed..It's only $500 more what do u ladies think?

1month and 2days left and I will be Salamafied

Justhe received my package today with prescriptions and preop /post open information. ..Love how they included Dr.Salama's Resume..Very professional and makes me feel 200% at ease ..I definitely made the right decision in choosing him

A few things I purchased and info on labs

Hey ladies I got my labs in today..Quest took my blood last week and they forgot to send it in for my CBC which is vital to see my hemoglobin levels .I was like damn ..Now I have to do the CBC all over again..Everything else was fine...I got an email about payment saying the 2nd (3 weeks be sx) is my due date to payoff my balance but I'm waiting on my transfer to go through. .Hopefully they won't cancel my SX ..does anyone know?Also I went to a store called BIGLOTS in FL and was able to get underpads (10) $5.50,wipes $2.00,Toothbrush $1,Alcohol and Peroxide about $2.75 some pain neosporin $3.50, Pill organizer $1 ..Would I need more then 10 underpads?

Before photos..ugh 21days left to go

Ugh lol

Which Arnica? 30c,30x 200 or 1M?

Soo many different formulas. .Which one is best?Please help

Amazon shopping

Got a few things on amazon


Found these at walmart..Both great for inflammation and bruises!!!

Oil Funnel vs female Urinal

Maybe this is TMI but for my ladies that PHAT down there this female Urinal ain't gonna do any justice. .definitely returning it or giving it away and got a oil funnel from Family Dollar for $1 !!! And will just cut the bottom of the funnel shorter..They want us to stay hydrated and I just know it will be messy with the female urinal. Ughh

Hemoglobin 11.1 Please help!!!

My labs came in after I had to take it twice and my hemoglobin is 11.1...Omg I'm about to cry I been faithfully taking my 325mg matter of fact I have always been anemic so I was taking 150 mg before and just went up 200mg extra just to find out I'm taking all this and my hemoglobin is still went from 10.2 to 11.1 ...Omg ladies please help..I haven't even booked my room because I don't want them to cancel my sx and have a room for no reason..Today is June 9 my SX date is June 23rd ;.... ( please help any tips I'm begging pleaseee.Thanks in advance

9 more days!!

9 more days till my date pre op 22nd sx is the 23 .Prayi g my iron goes.Ive been looking for pur absorb everywhere o have to buy it online and pray it works in 6 days since i will be getting it in on Thursday..i cant find it in any stores :-( Walgreens doesnt carry it anymore

2 more days..its getting real

I want to firrst thank God for waking me up this am..Im not even nervous Thank God for that..Praying every day I have a healthy SX with no complications..My preop is tomorrow. I'm 90% packed ,I still need to get my robe,washcloths and sundressses which i will do today.Im currently at the nail shop getting my nails removed and toes painted.My parents knew I wanted to get this SX done but they declined ..I want to tell them that im having it done Thursday but they would try to have me change my mind.Ughh Im their youngest they are so protective of me ..I still don't knoe what to tell them after it's done.

On my way to Dr.Salama for Preop 3.5 hr drive

Omw my nerves starting to kick in..I'm starting to get knots in my stomach now lol

Last PreOp pics.My sx is at 12pm today.

Sx with Dr.Salama Today at 12pm Height:5'7 Weight :201 Waist : 37 Hips: 38 Butt: 43 PLEASE PRAY FOR ME LADIES

Made it to the other side dolls

Ill update tomorrow sx was pushed to 1:30 got out around 7:45 ..Im in pain a little but its more of a sore pain stomach and ass ..I used the bathroom to go pee and my ears started ringing is this normal?

Thank u for all ur prayers and wishes

Thank u dolls

Post op day 1,alot of swelling,liquid and fever

Ladies i have alot pf liquids and my fecer is ranging from 99.0 to 102 is this normal?my stomach is 5 times bigger because of fluids...its hard to walk my back drain isnt draining much..Thank God for Dr.Salama and his Brother Ruben they were only 1 call away..They told me to deep breath and walk mpre..ive been doing that and also taking my antibiotics and 1000mg of tyneol extra strength.will take more hotos on Monday,(massage day)..took my first shower today :-) with the help of my best friend

No pain just sore ...stomach is full of fluids

Heys ladies hope all is temp has gone down a little bit..not it much pain..havent took any stomach pics cuz i hate how it looks because of all the fluids.. Kinda sad cuz alot of ladies stomach looked snatched right after SX..mine blew up 5x bigger..They put me in a 3X garment which i feel is too big because i can easily breath and im on the 2nd latch..Tomo Ill be going in for my massage hopefully everything improves.Dr.Salama is great he texted me today to check to see how I was feeling..That man blew my mind A++++++ in my books all around

Shortness of breath and etc

I was having shortness of breath 2 nights in a row and it was only while i was laying down..I know Dr.Salama was prob getting tried of me LMAO..I texted him early today at 2:30AM and do you know he texted and called me ..Amazing..Come to find out i was positioning my self incorrectly..i had my pillows at my head but also placed some pillows under my stomach..Which is a big No-No ..Your head is always supposed to be elevated higher then ur body .He told me to come in b4 my 1st massage (I missed it yesterday;running late by the time i got there they called me and told me to come today instead)..He checked my lungs to make sure there wasn't any fluids and also for anybdigns of infection..Doc said everything looked great so im straight..Sometimes I be tripping and thinking of every complications in the damn book ,trying to diagnose my self esp because my sis is an RN she be having me spooked LMAO..Anyhew im patiently waiting for the massage therapist now..Already took my pain meds,Hopefully its not as painfull as they all say it is is post op Day 5 BTW..

How long does sore pain last?

Hey dolls just when I think im feeling 100% I lay back down and BOOM ,the soreness and aches kick back in .Walking every 2 hrs relieves this a little but my question is when will it subside?



Stomach is hard and lumpy

Improves a little with garment but then i swell back up ..example:taking my garment off to shower .I had 3 massages so far ..How can i make this uneveness lumpy hard stomach go away?

Front drain removed..My sis the MVP

Lol man Thank God I don't know what I would do without my sis..She's an RN and had the JP drain removal kit,sterile microderm ,skin prep,iodine,and that see thru skin protect thing to be able to shower without myndressing getting wet ..I mean my sis had everything lol Oh I love her..It hurt a little bit more like a burning sensation .You will feel a tiny little tug because the tissue where the JP drain is placed is trying to heal..Im happy its ouy..I was tried of wearing these dresses with the sweater like someone grandma..I look like I came back 5x bigger .I knew my coworkers like WTF lmaoo..anyhew swelling has gone down..Just got my heating pad today at walgreens,we'll see how that goes.I purchased a rolling pin the other day for massages..My midsection is still tight A.F I found a lady in Tampa Dr Salama recommended for my post op massage..Funny she literally works 2 mins away from my job ,Im meeting up with her tomorrow..She speaks mostly spanish..We'll see how that goes..I should be fine though with google translator.On another note ,I went back to work yesterday and have been sitting on my booty pillow shifting between standing up..Its been really hard ,I literally touch my ass every time I stand up to make sure it's still there..I know my coworkers like " WTF she got going on" lol ..Man SX is the easiest part recovery is hardest..Lol we just want to wake up with an ass and faunt .My man's been helping me alot running errands ,I feel helpless..Make sure u pay all bills ahead of time and do all house and vehicle maintenance ahead ,trust me it will be one less thing you wont have to stress about.Ouuu this is a long update lmao checking out my loves ttyl

Thinking of a mini 2nd bbl

HEY luvs i know its only been 3weeks postop but my booty inflammation went done alot and i just hope and pray that it fluffs ...If not i will be going in for a 2nd mini bbl..My stomach is flat so i dont know were he'll get the fat this time ..lmao

Fluffing gods please come thru

Today at work..not wearing a garment but wearing a waist clincher ..I find it impossible to wear a garment while on my monthly..ughhh...anyways i love my booty with the garment but without it needs more projection..patiently waiting on the fluffing gods lmaoo..I def like it better than my before booty lmao just wish it were a lil bit bigger

Pics didnt upload

Pics to go with last post

5weeks postop

Stomach still hard on the sides and lumpy going for me 12th massage tomorrow

6 week post op

Hey ladies hope all is well..I am 6 weeks post op are some side yall can see swelling on my stomach still even after the Saturday i will be going to some other place that offers lymphatic massage because the lady Dr.S referred me to in Tampa said her massages are considered "deep massages" . Although she use to stay in DR and work for Dr.Cabral..I feel like by 12 massages i shouldn't have these lumps and hardness..I pay $50 2-3 times a week. She's a sweetheart and I am seeing improvement but its little improvement..some one also said the deep massages may be causing even more swelling..Cant wait for it to go down so I can really see my shape :-)


How my Inflammation looks while sitting..2 weeks shy from being 2 months post op ..12th massage i feel like i wasnt my money on massages that arent working..Please any one if u know a Massage therapist in Tampa that does lipo massages like me know

Pic of inflammation..fibrosis?

Forgot the pic to go with the last post

Right butt cheek larger than left butt cheek

Hey yall ill be 9 weeks post op this week and ive notice my right BC is bigger than my LC..Im hoping and praying it will correct ..My right cheeks little shelf sits up higher too and on my left i have no little shelf look :(

3.5 months post op

Hey ladies been a minute. Im still swollen not as bad as before but still butt to me is larger on my right side .I dont know if i want a revision or a r2 now ..i wanted it bigger but it definitely improvement..i just jate i have to wait 1yr to do either he said..Im still getting my massages and ive gained 6 pounds since my sx 209 now i need to lose like 20 pounds but scared i might lose my booty...everytime i lose wait its hard fof me to keep it off stressed and dont know what to do how to lose weight without loosing my little booty..maybe if i lose weight in the right places my butt will look bigger .

get a bbl revision or just a r2? Was ur revision worth ?

hey ladies was about to put my dp today for a revision for June but I would hate to pay and wake up looking the same...For ladies who got a revision was it worth it or was u like damn i should of got a r2?i just want my left cheek to be rounder vut i do want a little fill in in my right butt cheek.My shelf has gone down too.Any feedback whether it was u or someone u knew that got a revision either for Salama or another dr it doesnt matter .I just want some feedback.Thanks Yall ????

deposit paid.revision date set

revision date set to July 17th pratung that I can get in sooner in June though..O wanted to long to pay my deposit.

10months post op pic

10months post op .my left cheek is still small then my right check..sometimes ot looks big sometimes shelf is deeper on my right side .i sent pics to Dr.Salama and he asked whats wrong with the bbl..I hope im not making a wrong decision for a revision ..i did want a little bit more projection ..please ladies let me know what you guys think .I took these pics last week

another pic

forgot to upload

another 1


looking for a SX buddy

Im due for SX for a revison on July 17th but may have to reschedule because my bestfriend is going to her fam reunion during that time ,ugh I dont know what to do,I live in Florida so even if i go bymyself i wont be able to drive back unless if i fly
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Can't say enough about Dr.Salama and his Team..His office is very nice they make you feel like family and feel at ease..He was my 1st choice while researching in 2012 to do my bbl and I see why !!Dr.Salama helped ease my concerns even on his days off he was reachable..5 stars all around I would definitely recommend him to friends and family.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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