Oct 19 2015 is my booty Birthday - Dr Dass Beverly Hills

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Hello Ladies, My name is Amie and this is the...

Hello Ladies,

My name is Amie and this is the very beginning stage of my Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. I'm 26 years old, I have a beautiful one year old girl and happily married to the love of my life. I'm currently looking to basically turn into a sexy vixen ... Before pregnancy my body was on point, and when I say on point.... I mean ON POINT... ( NOT TO BRAG ) booty round toned and high ... and waist was tiny and tight. Now I have never been a thick gal... I just have a nice round bubble butt with toned belly. BUT then I got prego and ... well.... my figure went down the tubes. After the baby my belly is just giggly and not the way I want it to be... My husband wants me to work out and shed pounds that way but how will I shed pounds off my belly and gain pounds in my booty while being a mom and working a full time job... ummmm no it isn't happening... Soooo I need for Dr. Hasan to use his magical hands and sculpt my dream body like I always wanted it to be and maybe even more than I dreamt of before. Don't get me wrong I'm no chopped liver... I still have a round booty which is 40 inches currently but I WANT hips and a curvy silhouette. I want for people to know I got a donk from the front. " ASS SO BIG YOU CAN SEE IT FROM THE FRONT" . I'm NOT trying to go over board and get a planet back there but I want to be super curvy and be able to rock crop tops and open belly shirts with no remorse. My husband is a bit skeptical about the procedure... he insists that my body is super hot and that I don't need anything. But he's only saying this now... Wait till I get it he's not going to take his hands off me. He is a booty guy after all. I do have a booty but not the booty that I envision myself having. The only thing I'm worried about is the travel aspect and how I'm going to care for my child. I live in California so I would need to travel to Miami and I don't know how that is going to be... I hope it all is fine... I spoke to Vanity yesterday to a girl named Ariana... she seemed super nice and gave me all the info I need... I already have a care credit account so I'm good on that I just need to put my $500.00 deposit down and lock in the price and date. Wish me luck ladies... I really need a support group which is why I'm HERE on RS.... I love this site so much I'm on here like a fene... its unhealthy at times... But what can a girl do that's addicted to fat booty... nothing until you get your own back there to twerk off.. hahahah but anyways girls till next update... stay positive and big bootyish... muah ;)


I CAN'T FRIGGIN BELIEVE THIS I actually took my first step and paid my deposit today I'm dying of joy !!! literally I cant breath... yea so my price is locked in I got ...................

$3,900 BBL (10-areas)




(I.E bra line, waist, lower back, love handles, abdomen)









$1,700 Home Away

Recovery House











Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Ariadna Cejas

Surgical Coordinator

Office: (305)262-6070

EXT 220

the journey has officially begun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know I'm not over weight or anything... I just really need hips and a bigger... wayyyyyy bigger booty... I will post my wish pic... I have one ultimate one that I will not change...

Some more current pics for you ladies...

I have a round one but I need a fuller rounder one with HIPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS..... :)




OK... so I already told you ladies I put my deposit down,,, my hubby wants me to get my SX in feb 2016 and that was one of the conditions I had to agree with so that he will go ahead and agree for me to have it don't in the first place.... mainly because he wants my daughter to turn two and not be as clingy as she is now to me.... but .... in my head I've been brewing up a secret plan to try and get this damn BBL sooner... Im not trying to wait a friggin year to get this specially if im on here 24/7 obsessing over such amazing results ..."what shall a girl do when she wants her big booty too ! " well I secretly requested for a credit limit increase with our care credit account and since now there is enough for the whole SX and then some Im thinking of just hinting this as a birthday gift... originally he was going to buy me a LV Bag and Chanel Sun Glasses I been begging for... but I think I will just give all that up and just beg to get this done.... One thing you girls should know about me is that I'm not a patient person !!! at all!! I want what I want ... and if I don't get it I try thinking of way to get it... if my ways don't get it still.... I work around things to make it happen and it always has worked... lets see if this time I can charm my way to my goal of big bootyness. I know what my husband likes... special favors ;) and food. so that's what he will get until he agrees to my proposal.... Also I been on Vanity 24/7 trying to get updates on what doctor thought of my pics... so going back and forth ... I honestly have not had a bad experience thus far... we shall see... till next time !!! stay bootyful

Been doing some recruiting...

Soooo after I been raving and ranting about the procedure I'm scheduled to have done.... My sister in law wants to do it too ! that's great news for me ... because I wanted a BBL buddy anyways and I managed to convince her to do it when I do it so we experience it together ... Her and I are constant booty fenes... We Literally check out and comment on any big butt we see.. whether it be online or in person... I know we bad... but hey what can we do when we want booty too... She just had a baby so she got all sorts of fat on her so she really wants to put that to use.... I'm so excited... she will be getting her prices locked in today..... I cant wait .... but we are still deciding whither to go this august 2015 or March 2016 we will see.... I cant wait till the day we both exit the hospital and my husband sees us lol his sis and his wife with big old booties hahah hes gonna die... lol ....


Soooo My sister in law went ahead and put down her deposit for the BBL with Dr. Hasan she got quotes $4000.00 with $1,000.00 deposit ( I got better deal ) ... YAY ! I cant believe I was able to convince her to get it done with me wow I'm so happy.... that way I wont be in pain alone... lol anyway so now all us girls talk about is ass... size... projection.... hips... its becoming unbearable to my husband... he's like " damn first my wife now my sis ... ? what's next... " but what can we do were are excited and anxious... But My OHHHH My I cannot wait until I get this procedure done girls ... its so important to me... I want to look how I feel... inside I feel like an extra thick woman with a huge booty and a huge personality to go with it... and I want to go ahead and feel like the thick girl I dream to become.... So many people are going to need immediate medical attention when they see me with my new found curves... oh man I cant wait to Burn a couple of bitches hearts that really did me wrong... Ima come out looking like a million bucks while their chump change ass still sits at the bottom of a homeless mans empty jar... My blood boiling to stick my ass in dead ass salty bitches faces... Oh and not mentioning my ex... hahaha he's gona need someone to make his ass some funeral arrangements before he drops dead at first glance of my sexy body.... Mind you ladies this man is a looser mommy's boy... his arms are as skinny as the wires INSIDE a damn wire. On top of that he still wants to go on social media to flaunt his ugly ass flat front and back Fiona lookin creature. It may look like I'm jealous or feel some type of way but I'm not even kidding its entertainment for me because it gives me a good laugh or two.... its funny. But ohhhhhhhhhhh hell no watch right when I come out gracefully Hasanafied I will be hearing from his weak wired ass... I am so happy ... God has really set things straight for me... Some ladies may ask why were you with this idiot if he's so ugly and such a looser.... ? well ladies... I learned to settle and see the good in everyone including his dead ass... But enough was enough all those years wasted but now I'm finally happy, married... have my dream life.... minus booty and now I'm getting that soon too. Isn't it amazing and funny how a single rear end can change so many relationships and alter lives? Lastly, never regret anything... for me that's my motto... I don't regret dating the dead ass or being friends with shady females... why? because it has formed me into the confident, self respecting... doubtless woman and wife that I am today... Cant wait for this booty it's more than just getting a Brazilian Butt Lift its like getting a life lift and repair... till next time... love you ladies thank you for reading :)


Hey ladies.... ok so since I'm up here raving and ranting about my life and my journey, I thought some of you ladies might want to see what my life is actually like by adding me on instagram... You guys read about my husband, my kid, my sister in law... now you can see them and put a face to the name... for pleasure purposes...that's if you want... :)


FEELING UGLY .... VANITY is annoying....

Hello Ladies so lately I have been down on myself because I'm in the dreadful process of gaining 10-20 pounds for this sx...... So far I have gained 8 pounds but I feel huge.... I'm even contemplating not posting my current fat stomach pictures because I'm friggin embarrassed .... im soooooooooooo over this friggin weight on me... I'm basically growing an ass on my stomach which is weird as hell and I would never in a million years think that I will intentionally try to gain weight.... This procedure is coming up within 6-8 months ( havnt got a final date yet) but im thinking is it too soon to put on all this weight... ? should I work out and get it off then last three months try to gain... but then I might get stretch marks.... ugghhh these demons in my head .... im a mess.... I cry myself to sleep because I feel fat and I look at all my old pics from before baby and I get even more depressed.... I'm so insecure its unhealthy I don't even feel like having relations with my hubby because of this future ass on my belly.... I joke with him .... I say well since your an ass guy you we should always "do it" missionary because that's where my ass is residing now... on my stomach..... lol but yea I'm just a mess... I have been in pregnancy tops to cover this bulge .... but my hubby thinks I'm crazy... says nothings really different and that he likes the extra cushion lol ummm no he don't... he's just saying his usual BS to shut my annoying ass up. BUTTTTTT on another note.... so basically I have been confused... vanity says I paid for 10 areas to get lipo... stomach is 4 areas which leaves me with 6 more areas to choose then theres love handles and flanks but I thoughs love handles means flanks so I assumed that those two meant the same area... butttttt NOOOOOOOO vanity says love handles are loves handles and flanks are flanks.... so basically in order to get both love handles and flanks lipo I need to pay extra $600.00 ... umm im pissed because first off another RS sister told me its an extra $500.00 now this bitch telling me $600.00 why she adding that extra hundy for I dunno but its not cool.... they are money vaccumes all those coordinators make up their own damn prices how they please... so many RS girls been posting stories about how the doctors at Vanity don't even know diddly squat about their own pricing and hat them damn coordinators make that up for themselves...... I told my coordinator about this confusion her salty ass says " no hun the doctor is the one who sets the prices week by week...." I straight told her ummmm no Hunty he don't because I hear so much about vanity through RS and so thankful about that..... well any way still in the middle of weight gain and struggles with self acceptance..... attaching a pic of me before baby ... ugh my stomach was so flat.... I still need them hips Hasan....... thanks loves... bye

I have been thinking......

Hello to my sweet and lovely RS ladies !!! I had the weirdest dream last night .... I saw a dream about me being post op with my booty at a REAL SELF reunion with all my RS big booty ladies there ... I got to meet each and everyone of you that I been conversing with and I got to put a face to your name.... I felt so great and actually felt like I made real genuine friend that are secure and loving at the same time... I was having such a great time talking, laughing and taking selfies with all you ladies up until I woke up.... then I was like " damn it that was such a great dream " then I was telling my hubby WHAT IF I ACTUALLY PLANNED a reunion.... it would be so nice .... I love all you girls... but who know ... its a far fetched idea but maybe I thought if there are girls close to each other in each state then it can be possible... maybe great idea to find sx buddies and exchange info... its a starter idea but I don't know... it was such a great dream... love you ladies....


Hey my lovely RS ladies… so lately I have been so down and depressed because how my body is….. So going back to this weekend, I invited my sister in law over for some drinks so we can just spend some time with the kids and just kick back and relax with couple margaritas …. My sister in-law ends up getting buzzed and so does my husband… I didn’t really drink too much because I hate the taste of tequila so I was just sipping… Anyway they get buzzed I’m sober we sitting around watching Kardashians then all of a sudden my sister in-law starts saying how my body looks NOTHING like it used to when my husband and I first started dating and that my ass is flat now and before it used to be so plump… she said it one time in the kitchen then when we sat in our living room she kept going on and on and on… starring at my body making me feel even more insecure than I already am… She kept telling my husband damn her body has literally changed towards the worst… she REALLY needs this BBL and so forth…. Mean while I’m just standing there taking this all in trying not to rip the bitches’ hair out… I mean I understand I don’t look hot anymore but what a way to rub it in …. It was so hurtful specially to actually hear it coming out of someone’s mouth verbally…. I used to thinking it in my head but it’s a whole different story if someone actually rubs it in out loud especially in front of your husband…. It made me feel like I’m no good anymore physically and I just am a plain old ugly thing…. Which I might be but damn girl why you have to burst my bubble like that …..? Any who I’m just a little butt hurt but my husband did say out loud to her tat no he still loves my body and that the BBL was my decision and not his and if it were up to him I should never get it because my body is amazing according to him. But I know his ass is just trying to make me feel better by saying that which is so nice of him but I know the truth no one needs to sugar coat anything for me. But damn don’t come out telling me that straight up in my face when my husband is sitting right there. After this BS is totally so not want to have sex and I just feel ugly…. Sexy is not even a word that will even be put in the same sentence as my name… its sad…. God my body used to be so nice why did you take it away from me? I’m so hopeless….. My mom keep telling e that this life is not about looks and it should be about being a mom and caring for your kids and not anything physical… But damn mom I want to feel like a sexy mom not an old lady who lives in her shoe with her damn kids…. Um no…… I’m sick of hearing that stupid crap…. Its like damn I friggin want this damn surgery and aint no one going to stop me…. I need this ONE thing for me after this I don’t want nothing else, I do a lot for my family… I work a full time job, sometimes even overtime and weekends, after work I take my second job being a mommy and I literally no joke handle everything at home from finances, paying bills, to doctor’s appointments to health care…. EVERYTHING. All my man does is work come home sleep. So all them suckers can shut up because I’m getting my surgery no matter what… My mom is annoying some times but I love her (rolling eyes). Now after this whole incident I don’t really even feel like going to Miami and going through this whole journey with my sister in law…. I secretly hope her fat don’t last and mine does… (That’s the angry in me talking but damn it hurt what she said) Whateverrrrrrrrrrrrr but yea I just needed to vet to my favorite ladies, I swear without yall I would be lost … Thank you God for putting RS in my life…. Till next time… stay bootyful ?

Confronted Her about how she made me feel...................

Hey ladies so as some of you already read I have been involved in some mild drama that was mainly hurtful and disrespectful. So like I mentioned My "wonderful" sister in law was very vocal about how ugly and disproportionate my body has gotten over the years... and quite frankly her comments her unnecessary and rude to begin with.... (read my previous post for more info). So yesterday she called my hubby and said she is coming over to visit around 6 so I decided I was going to confront her about the things she said last weekend... I got all dolled up put my hair extensions in and looks one hundy lol. Then she walks in at first glance you can tell her eyes got bigger and mind you her ass don't know I was offended about the things she said about my body. So her eyes get all big and she's like why you so dressed up for... ? (with a smirk on her face) I'm like I'm not I just put a little make up on... then she sits down and starts gossiping about her baby daddy and how annoying he is and how she cant stand him.... I just sit there and hear her venting to my hubby about all this and usually I support her and help her out with advice and lend her a shoulder to cry on but yesterday ... nope I was quiet and just playing with the kids... Then my hubby went to use the restroom and we were both sitting in the living room alone and she just was talking about her baby daddy and blah blah blah blah blah and in my head I'm like bitch no wonder his ass don't want you look at your annoying salty ass.... well anyway she finally stops her rant and my hubby I guess had a bad stomach ache so he was in there for quite a while lol TMI but yeahhhh.... so then I look over to her and say can we go out on the balcony so I can talk to you about something that has been bothering me .... she's said what is it ? I'm like lets just go on Balcony ... so she follows me and she goes out.... Then I look her in her face and say " You really hurt me the other night by saying my how my body looks really bad now compared to how it was before and that my ass looked flat" She right away starts laughing.... I'm like ok why u laughing its not funny I really felt hurt... then she's like "girl your too sensitive"... It is what it is... That's why your getting the surgery right ? I'm like yeah it is what it is but Do Not rub it in my face specially in front of my hubby and make me feel insecure and targeted.... and I said you didn't just say it once you kept going on and on about it which made me feel like you were TRYING to piss me off... she's like no I wasn't trying to piss you off but the truth is that your butt is flat and that is why you are going to Miami with me so we can fix our problems... I'm like wow your so mean... she's like stop being a baby I don't want to sugar coat things for you so you get stuck in your bubble of feeling all hot so then when you do get the surgery you will feel like it was for no reason and that your were hot before... She's like I'm doing you a favor by telling you the truth and stop trying to make everything so sugar coated... When she said this I JUST STOPPED TALKING.... I FIGURED OUT THAT SHE WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND HOW I FELT AND THAT WHAT SHES SAYING ISNT THE POINT THE POINT IS THAT IT HURT ME THAT THAT I STILL THINK IM HOT.... but any ways then she's like ok well that's how I feel are we done? I'm like yes and we went inside.... Then she sits in my living room in total silence and waits for my hubby to come out the damn bathroom.... He comes out and guess what she says to him ? ( I'm in the kitchen I can hear everything) She says " Why you not tell me your WIFE was all butt hurt cuz her ass flat?" I'm like ohhh to the fuck no hell no I ran out to living room and I say "See!!!!!! this is what I'm talking about you have no consideration for how you make people feel!! and from now on I will treat you how you treat me " I'm like you clearly know I can hear you and you say I'm butt hurt my ass flat... I said no hunny I'm hurt that you intentionally try to make me feel even more insecure than I already am.... She then says why you over reacting I came over today to spend time with MY BRO and my niece... I'm like girl Your bro is MYYYYYYYY husband and your niece is my daughter so please shut up.... Just cuz I said Shut Up to her she got ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL pissed and got up got her stuff and stormed out with her lil boy... I was so stressed I broke down and cried because I don't want bad family relations... after all he is my husband only sister but why she got to hurt me so bad huh? why she gotta go that low and instead of saying" Amie you know what I'm very sorry if I hurt you in any way I didn't mean to hurt you when I pointed the ass thing out" That's all she needed to say for me to have said ok girl lets put this behind us and move on... But no her ego is way more important than his Brotrher swifes feelings.... My hubby is so sweet he held me all night telling me its ok that things will be ok and that she is just like that... for me not to give her any thought.... I love him so much because he then texted her in front of me without me forcing him sayin..... Listen you really gotta learn to understand that this my Wife and she is the mother of my baby and I love her... get past your ego and call her for an apology... it made me feel like he was always going to be there no matter what.... sooooooo that is all this morning I woke up with a whole new attitude and now I'm a new person because ill NO LONGER let this type of shit phase me because I realized that I have the most loving hubby and baby girl and salty females like her should never get in the way of my happiness. Thank you to my wonderful lovely confident and loyal RS ladies and true friends for boosting my mood and giving me the strength to confront her... Thank you CurvyLatina13 !!! your words really put me straight in confronting her.... Thank you Latina mommy88, Princesskal85, Latinamommy88 all of you really helped me through God bless you ladies ! till next time stay bootyful !


UGH SO PISSED I WAS GOING TO USE MY HUSBANDS CARE CREDIT ACCOUNT !!!! now my coordinator called me said sorry we don't use care credit any more , we use AVANT some bullshit company with jacked up interest rates.. pissed ugh guess I need to come up with cash asap.

i friggin might be prego UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !


NOT PREGNANT ! THANK GOD but feel like a fat lard anyway.... Hasan help...

This past week I checked and I'm PROUD TO ANNOUCE that I am not pregnant ! gosh that was a relief for me because I need this curvy body well on its way beginning of 2016. Yesterday was fathers day we went out to our pool to lay out swim a bit with the kids and might I say that I officially HATE my body more than I have ever hated it before in my whole entire life. I was wearing a one piece looking like SpongeBob from the back and Patrick from the front... I literally have no shape, its horrible .... I look like and upside down triangle gosh darn it ! I gained 12 pounds... I weigh 152 and still gaining for some reason... I don't even try that hard but the pounds keep racking on... Vanity Told me to Gain 15-20 pounds max so far I have gained 12... I need to pace myself because by the time Feb 2016 comes Ima need a gastric Bypass not bbl.... I cant feel sexy like this... how can anyone ? my husband wants to go to Vegas soon... AND I'm like hell no wtf and do what there with this stumpy body... everyone in Vegas is tight and fit to go to pool parties and have the time of their lives... and yea let me go to Vegas with a kid and a fat square body to have such a great time.... ummmmmmmm Yaaaa right isn't happening... I have vowed myself that until I get my BBL I will not go on vacation.... because what's a vacation if your body is bunk as shit and you cant even feel sexy in anything... that's hell to me.... At this point I live in Yoga pants and loose tops... all my sexy outfits are on hold until I get this body right.... I eat so nasty though ugh... I eat like taco bell , del taco, pizza lots and lots of cheese its disgusting how I eat.... but depression leads to eating and looking at myself in the mirror is a depression trigger... So If I even need to gain more weight for surgery it would technically be easy all I would have to do is sit in front of mirror cry and eat.... I'm literally done with my current self... I don't know who I'm my body is not me... like I don't recognize my self when I look in mirror... I used to be so sexy and now I look like Marge Simpsons sister Thelma. ugh god help... But seriously time couldn't be any slower when you wait for something so much ! my hubby is so nice tho he never comment on my weight but lately he been looking on my belly and saying look your future big booty lol its funny how he thinks... :) anyway ladies just thought id update and throw in some humor for all ... love you ladies and I pray for each and everyone of you on a daily basis... God with with us dolls :)


Hey girls! Long time no update so here it goes.... Well well well ... where do I begin...?
So I was doing some research I foun dout Dr Hasan HAS had deaths in his practice and man does that scare the shit out of m... I want a big butt but I don't want to die!!! I love his results but is that risk even worth me fly down cross country just to die ! I know its like 5% out of all his work but I just cant even take that 5% chance.. I got a baby I need to be a mama to and I rather flat assed than dead. So I contacted a couple of doctors within my area and I came across Dr Dass in Beverly Hills which is the plastic surgery capital ... LA I think im stayin ! So I made an appointment to go check this guy out... he does charge a little over double compared to Dr Hasan.... But I guess to pay for what you get... and if you wana have risks and maybe die then you pay less but if you want legit care then you pay more... in my case I'd rather pay more and be alive to enjoy the body I bought. I know some girls might disagree and I'm not saying Dr Hasan is a bad doctor because I know all doctors have their issues BUT I still cant get past his deaths. Now comes the scary part trying to get a refund... I still haven't called them but I aint looking forward to it. ugh LADIES... why cant I have just been born with this ass! Uggh loool Anyway back to square one I guess but If I go with this doc in Beverly Hills then I might have the procedure sooner depending on availability... Oh and vanity doesn't even accept care credit and that's what I was planning to use for financing... so I guess im done with vanity after all.....

But I will get this ass no matter what I just don't wana die for it... :)

Thanks for listening...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo Dr Dass is the ish ... check him out

Basically I have fallen in love with the new cat (in my mind since I have been looking at Florida doctors for so long, thinking that ONLY FL dr'S can deliver) in town Dr Dass... lOKK AT HIS WEBSITE - BEFORE AND AFTER ARE BOMB.COM !

I'm seeing him on Saturday to set a date...

and for real this time because I'm about to literally go insane thinking about ASS for the past year.... I ready for this... mentally, emotionally, I have done my fair share of begging for this... I have kisses my fair share of asses for this and I sure as hell have gotten into it with several people FOR THIS !! so my time is just about running out before I off ! lol venting a lil much you get my point... My hubby is so annoying he goes back and forth saying oh yeahhhh I cant wait till you get it then when he sees that the baby is acting up and he cant handle her on his own he's like and you think your gona get this SX um hell no... that's why its a constant battle.... I told him ... if you want me to be a miserable reck my whole life then go go right ahead and don't let me get this SX... lol I'm I all out though like I'm crazy... legit... lol jk but yeah I need this ass, lets see what happens this Saturday....

Dr Dass results, you will like it ;)



OK LADIES !!!! this is the highlight of my whole review..... I SET A DATE !!!! SO I'M OFFICIALLY GOING TO BE A DASS DOLL !!! I paid in full to get my sx on Oct 19 2015... only 55 days left for my big reveal.... I cant believe this is real... I cant believe my eyes or ears its too surreal. Basically I went to consultation on Saturday @ 11:00 am and I loved everything I heard and saw... he was so sweet and caring and managed to make me feel sooooo comfortable with his practice and how he does things.... THE BEST PART IS THAT EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED ALL FOR $10,900. This is a great deal in my opinion considering the fact that his work is BOMB !!!! check him out ladies.... also the coordinator is sooooooooooo sexy he did her BBL and let me tell you my husband was starring at he butt the whole time... lol I was like its ok just look at what I will look like in 55 days.... he was happy and so was I. Surprisingly my hubby was so sweet and supportive at the consult and he literally agreed to everything I wanted.... lol I was so relieved.... also the doctors took at glance at my current body and said that my desired results are well achievable... and that I will look very curvy with the fat I have now... he said I do not need to gain any weight and I'm FINE the way I am ... WOW what great news. this made my whole life... lol no but really I have been waiting for this day in forever and to think in about 55 days I will be a sexy vixen... I cant deal... what will I do with myself until the sx date.. ugh cant stop looking at ass.... save my mind... lol ass ass ass everywhere... lol On October 5th I will go in and go final paperwork and then its set for the 19th at 7:00 a/m in Beverly Hills. Such a luxurious location with VIP valet and all white office glass windows everywhere. I will snap pics next time I go.... This has been the best weekend of my life.... Well ladies I will keep you posted... I am on my way to that booty.... ;) love ya guys.... please pray for me....




Hey ladies,

check out Dr Dass website real quick he just uploaded a video of his patients and let me let you they look yummy ... I'm wayyyy too excited... I'm thinking of adding boobs too.... I already have saline implants thinking of switching it out for Silicone OR gumi bear.. which ever he recommends... I made another appointment on the 3rd of Oct and I will probably schedule that along with BBL... Might as well right he said he will give me a great price if I combine both procedures.... He's such a great doctor God lead me to him... God tried to give me signs that Miami was not my path for this journey....






Hello my ladies,

So today I'm looking for some answers. I was wondering if any of you ladies have gotten pregnant after BBL and if the stomach got big again. I heard from numerous sources that when getting pregnant after BBL you do not build fat in abdominal area because it has scar tissue from lipo so all you get is the actually baby bump and then when you give birth you are flat ... is this true or is this a myth... just wondering. because I am still planning on having at least two more children so I was just looking for answers. Regardless I'm getting the BBL but I just want to see if any ladies experienced this first hand. I would highly appreciate any feedback...

Thank you ! :)


OH MY GOSH ! ladies... if you know me you know how long I have been up in this lurking, commenting supporting and dreaming... Now my time is almost here and I truly have to say I feel blessed to have this site and have you ladies. Even though its an online thing I still feel a relationship with you all with a close bond because if it wasn't for many of you brave beautiful women I wouldn't never have had the guts to move forward with this in the first place. I really have learned so much being on here and looking at so many beautiful results. I learned so much based on the detailed caring reviews you ladies post solely for other women benefit. We all know girls really don't have to post their experience but the fact that you all did and shared your personal life with me I am forever grateful for that. I pray for each and every one of you every day and I respect all your decisions as an adult. Don't let any hater bring you down. So basically my time is about to come in 28 days with Dr Dennis Dass in Beverly Hills am I am more than excited I feel like my ass is on fire I just cant stop lurking and talking about this damn thang lol. Let me tell you my husband is excited too now and I'm so happy I finally gained his support. Support is the biggest thing someone needs before plastic surgery and if you do not have it its truly a mission to get through this journey. That's why I was blessed to have you ladies and my hubby on mu side. I know God chose this journey for me because no matter how many obstacle that were thrown my way I still managed to pick myself up and continue on with this process. Wish me luck and please pray for my health and recovery. I hope I make it through I do love my family dearly and I know god is going to be watching over me.

7 days OMG !!!

Hey ladies so there ONLY 7 mr days left till I get this donk! I can't wait like really I can't ... It's so unreal... Wish me luck boo boos I love you girls so much and without yall I'd be lost in the gutter of no booty land ... Pray for me please those prayers mean everything ... Love u guys I will post once before my SX

Official dASS Doll

Hey my loves I made it !!!! I'm literally in love with my shape my doctor did so good and the pain is like a 4 out of 10... I actually thought it was going to be worse than this but thank God I'm doing pretty good the only annoying part is sleeping on stomach since my arms and neck are stiff.... But other than that it just feels like you did a million squats and your muscle is soar. Take a look at my pics boos... These are 1 day post op ... My ass is leaking blood in photos so please don't mind but my shape is exactly what I asked for ....

Another one for my ladies

Just took this one ...

I'm feelin myself ...;)

Literally in love ....

I'm dying to sit ...

Hey ladies so I ha can't say and I'm dying what are some good solutions to this problem ... Even when I use a pillow to put butt in air I get scared fat is dying so I get up... Also how long will I need to wait to drive ? Do I need to wear triangle foam for a month on my back my do said take it off after a week ...? When does fluffing happen ? Ladies please help me answer these questions meanwhile here are some pics

Kind of depressed

I'm so depressed because after swelling went down its not as big ...I'm in love with my shape by wanted more projection.! My stupid sister in law saw me and said girl you waisted your money it's still no amber rose booty Its nothing... I'm dying inside and can't really do much else!!! Will squats help? After6 weeks ugghhh my life is so annoying I can cry forever ... Ima post some pics ...

Questions questions ...

Hello ladies wondering if I need to be on a diet after SX I don't want to loose the fat if I diet but what's the right thing to do ? Also do you guys wear waist trainer over garnmet Iam and I hope it's ok .... Here's some updated pics for my loves...

Trying on thongs

Hey sexy thickums !!! Here's couple pics of me in a thong lol trying on clothes is fun now before I felt so annoyed ... ????

taking butt-fies is my hobbie

I love taking butt pics lol so addicted ... What y'all thinking ... Too small round 2 ???

I friggin need round 2

Ladies I secretly put a down payment for Hasan locked in slot for sx for round 2 but they said I need to wait 6 months ... Till at least May 2016 I got the booty greed it's so contagious and addicting ..... My husband don't know and if he find out he's Gona whoop my ass flat ... Am I crazy ? Am I ungrateful that I just spend almost 11,000 dollars and still not satisfied ... Feeling all types of ways I'm going crazy in my head and that me to call vanity one and for all and get me that Hasan biggggggggggg booty ... But where they Gona pull fat from ...!??? I need to gain but my belly is not Gona be option ... This is really the hardest experience whyyyyy whyyyyyy couldn't it be bigger God ?!?!? Ladies what do you think ?!? Do I need round two ?

I'm getting more satisfied with my shape ......

Well ladies so I guess when they see fluffing is real then it is true because lately I've been noticing my way shrink and my butt look bigger as I go and I went ahead and ordered a small fire ha I guess when they see fluffing is real then it is true because lately I've been noticing my way shrink and my butt look bigger as I go and I went ahead and ordered a small faha waist con her which works wonders and everyone has been noticing my new shape left and right it's kind of annoying because my husband sees guys checking me out and he feels very uncomfortable but other that I am very happy and I'm still going to keep my deposit with vanity but for now no round two until further decided who knows maybe later on prices at vanity go up and my deposit is still good to go for lower then what everyone is paying. I'm going to attach a couple of pics that I took of myself for you ladies to judge my results thank you again for all the continuous support and love each and everyone of you have provided me throughout this crazy journey . But aint leaving just yet I'll be here every other week to post my results and to discuss my recovery. This website is not only a point of research but it's developed a community of love support and well-being for my mental state as a woman who chose to have the Brazilian butt lift ... Don't mind my ashy flaky peeling back as the surgery has caused my skin to be extra dry and Peele almost every time I take off my garment .

Update !!!

Hey ladies so here's what I look like now I love the snap though I wish it was bigger love my snatched waist ... I'm sitting now after 7 weeks of waiting and no cheating ... Only problem is I need to watch what I eat more ... Hope you like my pics

Update : 9 weeks (2 months) post op

Hey lovely ladies I'm 9 weeks post op feeling great I still can't feel my sides still numb but my butt giggles now and fluffing fairy visited me suddenly! all I can say is I hate taking off waist trainee I have the faja solame one its Colombian brand actually one of the best ones I have tried I wear it all day everyday even to sleep only time I take it off is to shower ... I'm addicted ... after surgery I started wearing cinched after 3 weeks post op over garment ... At first I had size large ... A week later I ordered medium then I just ordered small my inches are flying off I'm officially 24 waist and hips 41 ... I wish I was 43 but round two here I come next year April ... ???? I absolutely love my shape my husband is obsessed with it and always asks for naughty pics while he's at work lol ... Buttfies all day boo boo ! Also my daughter she's 2 years old she told me mommy you have Big big booty lol she even noticed ... It's hilarious ! But I wish it was bigger I'm telling you booty greed exists it's so contagious ... Before surgery if I saw an add like what I have now I would say if I have this if be satisfied Ill be happy but now nooooo I want more and nor and moorreeeee I love ass... I love ass more than a man would I'm crazy ! All I notice is ass ... Is that scary or what ???? ... I'm attaching some recent pics for my ladies I swear without my dolls I'd be flat assed still you gave me courage and strength to move forward in my journey! Love you ladies !

More pics

More pics 9 weeks Post OP

New pic

Love this leotard

More pics for you ladies

Taking pics is fun when you see results ... Selfie stick is my best friend now days ????

More pics

I'm hoping I fluff more


Stupid website messing up here they are now
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