Early 20's Duran doll in need of SERIOUS Curves - Dominican Republic

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As someone who's always struggled with weight and...

As someone who's always struggled with weight and body issues I've finally made the decision to go ahead and do something about it. From a young age I remember having to deal with a lot of comments about my body whether it was for being extra tall or starting puberty quite young, as a child I wasn't too bothered but I think as I got older it just built up a lot of negativity within.

I'd consider myself an inverted triangle shape as I have very broad shoulders, no hips & skinny legs, growing up I remember being asked if I was wearing shoulder pads, rugby player and just a whole list of things. I first started really noticing my shape when I started going out to clubs and wearing dresses I just thought something doesn't look right. I then just wore baggy tops and trousers or blazer with whatever I wore. I have been told I look like I lift weights numerous times (insinuating bodybuilder figure) and was told by someone I looked like a man from the back. I also tried modelling but they said I was out of proportion.

Well I'm not really into self pity but that is what i'm dealing with at the moment with my body shape. All I want now is some damn hips to balance out this body

Body type/shape

Just a few ladies with similar body shape (not size) as me. Currently Im about 30-40lbs overweight which I've been told is good for the BBL.
All these ladies and I, have small hips in comparison to their upper body, though it has got me this far I want some waistline and shape!

Dr Fisher, I just want hips please and thank you.

I'm 5'9 the same as Amber and weigh around 180lbs though my fat distribution is a lot different.
I don't want a butt as much as I want hips, luckily I already have a lil su'm going on back there.

I'm really leaning towards Dr Fisher for my surgery. When researching any Drs on this site I always look at the worst reviews first in detail and the amount of bad cases to analyse their flaws and then go back to their praises.


I plucked up the courage to finally pay my deposit with Fisher. Doesn't seem real

Fisher finally on Instagram!

@Fisherplasticsurgery is his ig. Hopefully his upcoming posts will be interesting

Change of plans

I will be going to Dra Duran in the Dominican Republic. Still waiting on a quote I may start a new review page

This feed is irrelevant, going with Duran sept 2016

Will be creating a new feed shortly

Updates.. Duran September 2016?

Soo I never update this page but im mainly on ig @caribenadoll16.

I'm scheduled to go with Dra Duran for September 14th. I'll be staying at the new Serenity 2 Hopefully all goes well as its soo soon and I'm so late when it comes to planning & organising. I don't even have my plane ticket Not to mention being fired from work earlier this week but let me not rant... Anyways its easiest to reach me on ig along with other accounts for info @chiseledlux @chiseledlux2 - company which have great pre surgery &aftercare packages

September 2016 Duran Doll Lipo+BBL Cannot Wait!

Just a redo of my previous review I started almost a year ago. I will be getting a BBL with Dra Duran in about 2 weeks. I will try to update this page just so i have a log and to help other dolls on their journeys. I've read hundreds of reviews and i'm so grateful girls have taken the time out to review post pics etc in order to help.

It almost doesn't feel real but it's actually happening! 

Results pics

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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