Soon to Be a Dr.Mcadoll! - Miami, FL

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Been very torn between D.R and miami. My first...

Been very torn between D.R and miami. My first choice is miami and i feel its the best for me. While in miami I'll be celebrating my anniversary with my wife. So it's a vacation also. Any ladies with feedback on Dr mcadoo please reply. I've see his work and it's breath taking. So I think I'll be in good hands. Happy healing ladies

Wish pics

Beginning my journey.

Deposit paid...yayyyyy I'm on my way to a NEW ME!

Feels good starting this journey with my wife beside me. Seems like since I mention it other family members it's been a lot of distance. I feel there is sasalt cause there not in a good financial situation to afford the procedure. I'm paying Cash the money I work hard for as a nurse. So I'm gonna enjoy my results with or without fron friends support......TeamUS

Wish pic!

This is what I want exactly. ..

Merry Christmas!

Hey my rs sistas. .i wonder if I'm the only that gets overwhelmed. Bills car insurance rent and procedure payments It's a lot. Yes hunny I do make payments I'm no baller I'm just on top of my stuff. Thank god vanity ain't money hungry cause some places won't let u make payments. Thank god I guess when u want something so bad it's all worth it!

Starting my Ballerina tea diet!

Hey my rs sistas, I've decided yo go back on my tea diet. I love it and it gives me such great results. I don't lose much just 10 to 15 pounds. I want the best results I can't get. But don't wanna lose too much lol then won't have enough fat for my booty and hips. But just enough! The tea is all NaturAL and controls appetite. I got off it 3 tears ago before I got married cause my weight was perfect. Big damn mistake I feel like I gained a midget. I gained 25 pounds since then and it has to go my excited

I wish I wish I wish!

Relax and take it slow!

Hey my sistas I've been over working myself and I need t I fall back before my ulcer comes back. Something I don't need trust me. It's hard when u know u got so much to do in so little time. But I'm good if I gotta take it slow for a while I will. When your a working bee it's hard to slowdown but my wife stated if my health goes left so does my procedure. I can't have it done so that was a wake up call. I'm relaxing when I'm off work as much as possible. Hey can't be mad at her for caring.


Happy birthday to me Rs!

I'm 31 today and don't feel no different. Still a Mcadoll yes hunny love his work and counting down the days. Hey ladies

All these mcadolls looking good!

Hey sistas...enjoyed my bday and just been working and focusing on my health making sure things are still good. I've lowered my stress level well. Yall know the wife been on me about it. So all I'm doing is waiting and making my payments. I plan to have things paid off by March so I'll be good till June and I can just shop lol. Happy healing to my new Mcadoll sistas looking good :)
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

Customer service has been great my pc Ana Fernandez is very understanding and listened to what I wanted and the d.r gave me a great quote. Can't wait to meet him

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