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MY BBL IS IN 8 DAYS!! I CAN'T WAIT!! Coming down...


Coming down from way up North ( out of state) to have my Brazilian Butt Lift.
I am 5"2 -136 pounds ( I put on 15 pounds for my procedure so far) my usually weight is 120lbs. I am going to be having liposuction of my Abdomen, Flanks , Back and possibly my arms and inner thoughts if I need more fat- then the fat is being injected into my buttocks.

I have been wanting this procedure for the past 11 years of my life. I have always been made fun of or teased my whole life for not having a butt or hips. It truly makes me insecure and holds me back from many things in my life as silly as it sounds. I believe this procedure will not only dramatically change my appearance but my confidence as well.

Just to give a little background on myself I have been a plastic surgery nurse for about 6 years now and after knowing the procedure so well. The before and after photos from Dr. salama the girls have posted on real self have really shocked me in a positive way.

I am using and scraping up every penny I Have to be able to fly to Florida, pay for this procedure, pay for hotels, and transportation all because although I could have this procedure done for free at the practice I work for, I would rather spend money and a lot more of it and have it done by a surgeon whose hands and mind it comes naturally for. I really am hoping I am making the right decision and I am not disappointed. I have not met Dr. salama my pre op appointment is on July 17th ( day before surgery) I hope he is attentive and can give me the result I desire.

I can not stop thinking about it.

I will keep everyone posted on my experience an of course with lots of photos along the way!

1 YEAR POST OP BBL! I'm sorry for delay (SALAMA)

Okay so I'm sure some of you are very frustrated with me for taking this long to update my experience with my Bbl . I was going through a very hard time in my life and had a lot of things going on that I felt would have tainted my review.
But I also did a lot of thinking and felt when I was completely healed and have my definite results is the best time to give a honest evaluation about my experience ....

When I decided I wanted this surgery I was a petite 5"2 120 pounds some what muscular but no booty at all and skinny (see pre op photos)
I put on 16 pounds for my surgery I weighed 136 pounds (located in belly and flanks and arms and inner thighs ) never the booty or hips of course . But even at 136 lbs I really didn't have much fat as you can see from my pre op photos. This concerned me I asked Cynthia to make sure he would suction my inner thighs and arms as we'll to help add more volume bc since I'm already lacking fat and I know taking a little bit of fat from my stomach and flanks will be not enough for my desired result because a lot of the fat would be absorbed. Only the fat from my stomach and if I'm paying so much money and losing money from taking off of work and traveling (hotel expenses car rental etc) for a result I'm very unhappy with then what's the point what am I'm paying so much money for !!!? So if the arms and inner thighs weren't in the deal I didn't want to waste my money'.
One thing about Cynthia is she's good at her job she's prompt she answers calls emails quickly but she's a good hustler /sales girl too she know how to get you to sign that dotted line . But overall she was great And my unhappiness with the service is not her fault I blame that on the doctor. Over email and telephone call she assured me that it would be okay and my arms and inner thighs will be suxti

Sorry last review got cut off

So over email and telephone Cynthia assured me that my arms and inner thighs were included. So that's when I really said okay I'm ready to do this.

So when I get to Florida I come in for my pre-op with Dr.Salama . The office is very small there's lots of girls kneeling on chairs bc they can't sit . Lots of people waiting for pre op standing up. But everyone in the waiting area was friendly and had no problem sharing there procedures. First went I'm with Cynthia signed a bunch of paperwork then quickly went in with DR .salama . Dr .salama was nice but didn't really listen much to what I wanted and kinda rushed the consultation. He sounded as if it's like a script he says in every pre op and was tired and wanted to just go on with his next appointment . This disappointed me. I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision even if I had to get buttock implants as well I would have been open to it definitely . But since he didn't take time to listen to what I want he never thought to suggest that. Also they did not give me a boppy pillow . They told me they would give it to me day of surgery so I said okay no problem. So pretty much they told me when and where to arrive collected my cash and sent me on my way .

Day of surgery I go into a small but clean surgery center. Very small waiting room as well. The nurses and staff don't speak much English but the CRNA and surgical assistant and doctor did so that helped .

Dr Salama met with me again we discussed the look I wanted I showed him pictures everything was fine.

Finally I met with a wonderful CRNA it was a nice male who made me very comfortable. We went into the operating room which is small but don't get worried by that . Size and glamour don't mean anything . finally I was awake in the recovery room on my back in ALOT of pain and shivering like crazy. I have a high pain tolerance and that was painful! Then before I could barely open my eyes the nurse is telling me to flip on my stomach oh man did I want to kill her but I get it she didn't want me to lay on my ass and ruin the work. Procedure took four hours. As I'm laying in recovery I'm severe pain dr salama comes to me and is very nice but says "okay we got 700 cc each side. Not as much as I wanted but it looks good !" I said did you do the arms and thighs he said no feel better! " and walks away .

Uummmm first off I worked in plastics for many years in the operating room that 700cc In each side is not pure fat it could be 200cc fat , 300cc local anesthesia which is numbing fluid they pump in to numb you and 200cc blood! So I'm not impressed by I injected 700cc in each side... That means nothing to me.. How much fat did you inject? Of course I was to out of it at the time to be that witty in the moment

The next thing that I'm thinking is why didn't they do my arms and thighs the fat was there ! Especially I'm my thighs! He tells me he didn't get as much fat injected as he would've liked .....then suction out some more ! Like promised ! Then to top it off they had no boppy pillow for me like they said . Well isn't that just lovely. I didn't end up getting one until my 2 nd follow up appointment.

First 3 days were rough very painful hard to move. But by day 4 I looked good just sore to touch and my butt was huge but I know it was mostly swelling And that 30-50% of the fat doesn't survive so I knew no to get to excited but at same time I was loving it.

I went to all of my follow ups they gave me the stage to garment which was a size to small bc of course they didn't put one aside for me .

My advice: bring backup garments and back up boppy
Make sure you have a driver for follow up appointments
Well this is all I can type for now but I posted my 1 year post op photos for you
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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