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Hi ladies, I have been looking in this website...

Hi ladies,

I have been looking in this website for years now. I am here now because I am looking into having a Brazilian Butt Lift, I was very happy with the way my body was before my son. However I went from 110 Lbs to 160 when I delivered him, needless to say gravity took over and I had a lot of excess skin and fat stored in places it shouldn't.

In march of last year I had a mini tummy tuck & Breast Augmentation with Dr. Dean from Baton Rouge Louisiana ( I am from Lafayette LA). Dr. Dean was alright I guess, I had a lot of excess skin which he removed and did some muscle tightening because my son was a 9lb baby and I am 5 ft tall even so he was big and my stomach was bigger. I stretched beyond the capacity of anyone! I was 21 when I had him, I am 23 now and my stomach is a lot better. However it is not what I wanted, Dr. Dean gave me mini TT results with a Full TT scar which I specifically asked him not to. He also completely cut off my tattoos because he thought that I wouldn't want to have any part missing of it, so instead he gave me a big scar! Which I had covered back in August of this year. It camouflages the scar a lot. I think that I needed a Full Tummy Tuck, but Dr. Dean said he thought a Mini would do the trick but I don't believe so, I still have excess skin when I lean over and stretch marks, and my belly button is too low which makes me look even shorter. I know I am my worst critic.

Dr. Dean also did my Breast Augmentation at the same time, I am also not very happy about them either. I asked for a round high profile breast implant and he didn't deliver this either. I asked him several times to please view my wish pics and he never did. The day of the surgery he barely spoke to me and said he knew what I wanted, which he didn't. My breast I have to admit are bigger than before but not what I wanted. Needless to say I will not be going to him ever again, I don't trust him or his staff. It is very important for your plastic surgeon to know exactly what you want and to communicate, that is what I am currently looking for in a plastic surgeon. I am not here to speak ill of Dr. Dean I am here to talk about my BBL and my journey and hope that one day I can help someone along their journey.

I have not gotten my BBL yet, but I think this year is the year for me. If anyone want to contact me and ask questions regarding the other two procedures please feel free to do so. Anywho, back to the Brazilian Butt Lift subject. I am looking to go to Dr. Salama because I have seen the pictures on this website of his work and I really like it. The downside is that I am from Louisiana and he is all the way in Florida, which means I'll have to stay in a hotel through the recovery period away from my 18 month old son ( He'll be 2 in July which I might wait till then so that he is a bit older). I have my great husband who is willing to do whatever I need to be happy with myself, he is very very supportive of everything I do and couldn't ask for a better man.

Dr. Salama's Patient Coordinator Nancy is the absolute best. She has been the greatest at answering all my questions. She quoted me at 8,499 to lipo my Abdomen, Flanks, and back, however I asked her if she could add my thighs and arms which I believe should be $500 extra each. I have read that the arm lipo really isn't worth the pain of getting it done, if anyone has any personal experience on that matter please feel free to comment I would love to hear about it.

I sent Dr. Salama some pictures yesterday and this is what he said:
“Patient is an overall good candidate for the BBL surgery. She has good fat deposits in the areas that I would liposuction which are abdomen, flanks, and back. I’ll aggressively work these areas to create more contour and shape especially the flanks. I’ll use all fat available to create a more projectioned fuller buttock region. The waist size will certainly be reduced due to the aggressive liposuction, so that will be a tremendous change in body structure. The bra line area will get addressed via the liposuction. Tell her that there is not much we can do about the stretch marks on the abdomen but with lipo alone the fullness on the top of her abdomen will reduced. We can do additional areas of lipo if she chooses as that is a very common request. Other than that, I foresee giving her great results."

I explained to Nancy and I believe she passed the word on to Dr. Salama that I wanted as much fat lipo'd ( My own abbreviation) as legally possible lol. What I am looking for is a perky butt, I don't want a huge butt. This is why I am not going to Dr. Jimmerson, his butts are huge and intimidating ( I am so sorry if I insult anyone, truly it isn't my intention but I am 5 ft even I cannot walk around with a big ole butt). I want a high perky butt, and my main concern is the lipo because I have terrible love handles! He will lipo everything he can and add some to my butt. I don't have a date yet like I said before because I have to coordinate my vacation time with work and 10 days is a long time off from work! I also don't have the money just yet, but I will be getting the money sometime this year......I just don't know when lol.

I emailed Nancy today with a bunch of questions and I am hoping to hear back from her soon. I have posted the questions below so that if anyone might have the answer please comment.

1. If I were to put the 10% down to hold a date for my surgery and something was to come up would I be able to reschedule and how many times could I reschedule? The reason I am asking this question is because I have a small child and you know how children are, god forbid he gets sick or something. I just don't want to lose my deposit. Also, I am not 100% sure when I will be able to take my vacation because I have to work around my supervisors' schedule.

2. What are the available date? Do you have anything available as of now for the end of June/ beginning of July of this year?

3. What should I do once I get back to Louisiana about my job? Like I mentioned before I have a desk job and I am terrified that I loose my butt because it requires me to sit. What should I do, is there a way to sit without my bottom being effected.

4. What part of the thighs are liposuctioned? I saw that Dr. Salama said it could be done but I'm wondering what part of it is it, the saddlebags, the section that touches between your legs, the back of the thighs or all over?

5. What part of the abdomen is liposuction? Is it just the top? Because after reading Dr. Salama's opinion on what he wanted to do he mentions lipo at the top but I really want it all over my abdomen.

6. I mentioned on my previous emails that I was also thinking about having lipo done in my arms as well, but I am worried that the discomfort is greater the the benefits. I was wondering if you had mentioned to him and showed him the pictures of my arms and asked if he thought I should also have this done?

7. One of my main concerns in regards to my BBL is that I have recently started exercising and dieting again with my training, which I hadn't done since I had my son. He is really good at getting me in shape, so my concern is that if I exercise hard after surgery won't I lose the results I obtained from the surgery? If so what exercise should I avoid? Cardio? Weights? How can I lower the chances of loosing the new butt but still staying in shape everywhere else?

8. Should I stay this weight 120? or can I afford to loose some Lbs because I have started to exercise again with my trainer and I am afraid that if I loose weight I wont have the fat needed for the surgery?

9. I really want Dr. Salama to see a picture of the butts that I would like, where or who can I send this to? I really dont want a hige butt just round and perky and higher. Children make gravity take over faster than everyone else.

10. I have read a few reviews about a back scoop done with a BBL and I am not sure what it is or what it does. I saw some pictures and the results are really great. Would you be able to explain to me what it is and if Dr. Salama also does this with the BBL?

11. I have read on realself the patients talking about compression garments, is this included in the price? If so how many because I have heard them talking about changing the sizes while recovering and that y'all provide it?

12. How many massages are included in the prices? I also read that they also have to be done once you make it back home, for how long or how many times a month?

13. Also, on realself I have read the girls talk about some sort of board that the place under their compression garment on their abdomen and dont understand why? Do y'all provide this?

14. As I mentioned before I am terrified of the drains, I had one placed above me vagina when I had my MTT and it sucked. I had seen some of the girls drains and it seems like they are placed inside of their butt cheeks and its terrifying. Are there any other options for the placement of the drains?

15. If Dr. Salama thinks it's beneficial for me to have lipo done in my arms is a drain also placed there?

16. I tend to swell a lot, I know that drains are made to aid the swelling and I know they are necessary what would you suggest to help with the swelling and fluid retention?

17. I have also seen on realself that the Dr. can show the patient how to remove the drain at home if the patient can't stay for the whole time, would this be something that can be done in my case? I want to be able to plan everything out perfectly, and need to be home as soon as possible with my son. Also I don't want to make hotel arrangement and flights and have to change them later.

18. I had a C-section back in 2011 and I got a Mini TT & Breast Augmentation at the same time in 2012 and I don't think the pain/discomfort was that bad. My question is how would you compare the BBL to having those other 2 procedures? I want an idea of the discomfort I am walking into just to mentally prepare my self. I think my C-section was more painful then the other 2 combined.

19. What is the absolute shortest amount of time required for my stay?

20. How big are the scars left behind from the lipo and does Dr. Salama work with you and try to place them in places where they aren't seen?

21. Is this process really painful? I have seen the pictures of the girls and their garmentts are always full of blood. I must say that is a little intimidating, why is it so bloody?

22. My last question is if you could send me the total that I would have to put as down payment to hold my dates. With the thighs being added to the lipo and if Dr. Salama thinks its beneficial for my arms as well then please also add the arms.

Nancy is so great that I have no doubt she won't want to kill me after seeing all those questions. I am very afraid of not getting the results I desire because I don't explain myself well enough or leave out anything, so I tend to freak and over plan everything. Okay so if y'all are still with me I hope that I can get all of this done so that I can share my experience and hopefully help someone with their journey. I will add more tomorrow about Nancy's answers and my other million questions and concerns.

Hello ladies! So it's 9 pm in Louisiana and...

Hello ladies!
So it's 9 pm in Louisiana and Nancy has answered the email I sent her earlier today about my questions. She's a freaking angel! I am completely 100% percent sure that Dr. Salama is the man for me! I will most definitely let him know that Nancy has been amazing! His work is amazing, but if he had a rude/unhelpful staff he wouldn't have as many patients such as other doctors.
On another note, I am kinda new to the site so I don't really understand it. How come when I write a post/review I can't see it? Does it go somewhere for a review first? An if so how long until it become public? I can't even see the before pics I posted! Ahh

Also, have any of you beautiful ladies had your arms lipo'd? I'm thinking about doing them but I hear its really painful and often times not even noticeable which to me wouldn't be worth the pain. Nancy said that they are currently scheduling for October it's kinda far but I need the time. I need to schedule my vacation and waiting on that money that I have coming in this year to finally happen. Nancy said that if anything was to happen rescheduling wouldn't be a problem which is great!

I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but I am 5ft even and I am at 120 right now. Normally I'm 110-113 but I eat like a horse for thanksgiving and Xmas so I'm 120 which will change soon. Nancy did mention not to loose any weight which sucks because I started working out with a trainer so idk wtf to do!! I will need the fat I have now for my butt. Now I am terrified of looking big after my surgery because I am so short, I know a lot of you ladies have gotten fat transfer to your hips but I don't think I want that. What are y'all's opinion? I want to look really tiny with a perky butt that sticks far out but I don't want saddlebags or big hips because ill look too big! Please I don't mean this as an insult to anyone I think if you are taller then it's a great idea!

It sucks that I can't see my pictures!! I really want y'all's opinion on wether I should get my arms lipo'd or not!!

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I heard from Dr. Salama from Realself.com

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