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Hi guys!! I was wondering if any of you guys had a...

Hi guys!! I was wondering if any of you guys had a BBL procedure with either of these doctors? I have done extensive research and decided these are my two favorites. I know Dr. Salama has a long waiting list but that is not an issue for me at all. I need a couple more months to finish saving the money to pay for the procedure and if he is the best, then waiting is not an issue at all. I am 26 yrs old. I am a personal trainer, and I am in great shape, unfortunately when I am at peak shape I loose my butt. I am aware that I would have to gain about 15 lbs for the procedure and I am 100% ok with that as long as the results are worth it! I have done long distance consultation with both doctors, Dr, Pazmino was AMAZING, talked with me over the phone for an hour. Showed me what he could do with my pics and I was impressed to say the least. DR Salama, just sent me a quick email with barely any specifics and wasnt very detailed at all. The thing with Dr. Salama is his works speaks for himself. His before and after pictures are very impressive. Unfortuntely Dr. Pazmino only has like five before and after pics to look at online. And the fact that Dr. Salama barely had time for a over the phone consultation and is booked for like a year might even be a good sign, right? Please let me know what your experiences have been. Thanks for your help!!!

I actually decided to go with TEAM SALAMA! I put...

I actually decided to go with TEAM SALAMA! I put down my 10%deposit to secure my date. My surgery will be August 15th.

I Know I have a long ways to go but I think about...

I Know I have a long ways to go but I think about it everyday. Here are some pics from before. I am a personal trainer and have always known I have a great fiqure but I want just a little bit more of projection, ad hips. I have an hourglass shape but there is a part were my hips could be a lot more round and instead it looks kind of straight. Well, ttys ladies.

Hi Ladies! Hope you are all doing well and had a...

Hi Ladies! Hope you are all doing well and had a great christmas and new years! 2013, here we come! Its the year of my surgery but still got a looong way to go, August 15th. Right now I have being kinda struggling with what weight to focus on. I am normally 123-125 lbs. Since I decided to do the surgery, and I am actually back to school to become a Paralegal (so I am not doing the personal training thing anymore) I have gained about ten lbs. It still looks ok on me. I can carry it well, and I know 135 lbs on a 5-3' girl sounds like a lot, but a lot of it is muscle. But I am at that point I know if gain any more weight it will start to show on parts I don't really want it to. This is the heaviest I have being on my entire life! It's just different being at this weight, nothing bad, just not used to it. I think I might loose 5 lbs or so and just gain the remaining 10 or 15 lbs when Im closer to the date. Well ladies, Ttys! Love, Lala85.

A little disappointed...

Hello Ladies!!! Well, just wanted to update you. My surgery is on August 15th and yesterday was the first day I actually met Doctor Salama. I live about a four hour drive away from Aventura Florida, so my first consultation had been online. When I had sent him my before picture about 8 months ago Dr. salama had advised me to gain about 10-15 lbs. Since that picture until today I have gained about 7 to 8 lbs, but yesterday when he actually met me in person he advised I still have to gain at least 10 lbs preferably 15lbs. That was a big blow! I thought I was almost done with the weight gain and I found out Im not even close. Another thing that was somewhat disappointing yesterday was that I asked him if he believes the results you can see after two to three months post op are pretty much permanent, and his answer was somewhat disappointing. He wanswered that this surgery hasn't been around for too long so its hard to really answer yes or no. Although I appreciate his honesty it was REALLLLLLLLY hard to hear that. It made me question if this whole process is worth it: the money $$$, the pain, the weight gain, the time off, the post op etc. Don't get me wrong, I want the results I am just scared my results will fade over time and all this effort wasn't worth it. I would Love to hear from some post op ladies who are 9 months or more post op. Thank you girls!!!

Just sharing another pre-op

I have been eating like crazyyyyy and finally see some weight gain, some has actually gone to my butt. I love what I have already just want more of a bubble butt

Some pre op pics and my wish pic.

As the date approaches I get more and more excited and think about the procedure what feels like 24 hours a day. Here I posted another pre-op and my wish pic! I am eating everything I have ever wanted to eat and still have a good ten lbs to go, can't deny it has been fun! Happy Healing ladies.

Another wish pic, and counting down the days!!!!!

Girls, Im sooo freaking excited and a little nervous too. Im just hoping I saved enough for the days I will be off work and I also can not stop thinking about how the procedure will turn out. Im praying all this hard work will be worth it. Well, happy healings ladies, ttys.

Closer and closer!

Hi la

Closer and closer

Hi ladies! I have one month to go and it's starting to sync in that this is really happening. I did my blood work this week but don't get my results till Monday, hopefully everything will b fine. Weight gain is going great, I'm almost at my target weight. Well, ttys girls.

Officially cleared for landing!

So I am cleared for surgery thank god. One less thing to do! Counting down the days and adding on the pounds....CANT WAITTTTT.

Reached my goal weight.

Hi girls! So I have finally reached my goal weight of 150lbs. I have two weeks to go until my surgery and I think about it every minute. I am just hoping and praying that the results will be worth it. I believe in Dr. Salama, and I have done everything in my power to make this work. I have gained about 20-25lbs from my initial weight, and am going to do everything to follow all the post-op instructions. I am So excited, the days are going by sooo slow.

Another wish pic

Here is my all time favorite wish pic that I believe should b very obtainable for my body type.

Two more days!

Well, it is finally here. I have two more days until my surgery. I went shopping today for the robe and the gauzes. I am packing my bags and I drive to Miami tomorrow. I have a pre-op consultation the 14th and then it is the DAY. I am glad it is here for various reasons, 1. NONE of my clothes fit me anymore, lol! 2. well, IM getting a new booty DUH... Well, Ill keep you girls updated with pictures. XOXO

Added inner/outer thighs

So I had my preop appt. today. I decided to go ahead an add inner and outer thigh. He said that by adding that I should be able to get about 1200ccs on each side. ;) I also decided to add them because it doesn't require an extra incision, which is a awesome! Well ladies, thank you for your support... I'll post some pics tomorrow. Xoxo

I'm Post Op now

So I believe he gave my 1100 ccs on each side. So far I am head over heels w my results. I got the tiniest waist, hips for days, and butt is huge. Now let's pray it stays that way! Anyways, as you can tell I'm trying to focus on the positive and not the pain. I do have to say, when you wake up it is hell. The car ride sucked but thankfully I'm only 3 miles away. But since I got home and I took my beloved pain killers I am feeling soooo much better. Also, thanks god I bought the face down pillow, not sure what I would do without it. I'll post pics tomorrow when I'm feeling better. Right now I'm trying to lay down as much as possible. So far, I couldn't be happier thank god. Xoxoxo

Post op


Finally post-op

Day 2

Very painful day

I woke up feeling just as bad as the day before. I had to go see the nurse so she could take off my garment and some gauzes. WOW, that was very painful. I'm supposed to shower today but I'm so scared, idk how im going to put up w the pain of taking the garment completely off and putting it back on. I think I might do it tomorrow instead. Well ladies, ty for your support and prayers.

Post op


Almost a week post op

I can't believe it has already been almost a week. I did my first massage yesterday and I'm doing another tomorrow. My results are amazing, everything I hoped for, thank god. I'm just praying I don't loose much projection in this next couple of weeks. I'll keep you girls updated. Xoxo

Post op pic

Waist is sooooo tiny

Im in love with my buttt, but I wasn't expecting how much change I would see in my body shape. Since I was an hour glass already I didn't think there was going to be much difference, oh boy was I wrong. I love what he did with my hourglass. My garment is a medium but I had to put an XS corset on top of it because it wasn't compressing my waist area, and the XS is already getting too big. I swear Dr. Salama is a god. What a talented man!!!!!

TIPS for people considering this surgery

1. The secret to success with this surgery is two things: the surgeon, and how well you follow post op instructions. Do your research. I know it is not a cheap procedure, but sometimes it is better to go with the best surgeon once, and have the body of your dreams, than have to go for round 2 with a "less experienced" surgeon.
2. The recovery is no joke!! I have had plastic surgery before and consider myself someone who can handle pain relatively well. I truly underestimated how rough this surgery is. I am not saying this to discourage u, I couldn't be happier I did it, but to inform you so you can make your decision. Once the pain is not the issue, the post op care for this procedure is extremely demanding. I am not working because I am in school right now. I truly don't know how people who have jobs that require sitting do it. I had to take this quarter online to ensure I can properly recuperate.
3. Depending if you are local or not, you are going to spend A LOT more than just surgery. Even though I live in Tampa I am lucky enough to have my best friend live literally three miles from Dr. Salamas office. But if not, I would have had to pay for 11 nights of a hotel room. Medication, massages, days you are off work, possibly a garment or corset, face down pillow or massage table, new clothes etc. Keep that in mind when saving for surgery.
4. You need a caring responsible person with you 24/7 for at least the first 4 days.
5. Have realistic expectations. With breast implants you can form a clearer image of your results depending on the size of implant you choose. The thing with this procedure is you simply do not know how your particular body will react and change over time.
After taking this information into consideration, and doing your proper research then I think you are at a better position to make an informed decision. I am only a week post op, but so far I am SOOOOO glad I did it. Dr. Salama is so talented and exceeded my expectations, and trust me.. I had high expectations. Feel free to ask me any questions. Happy healings!


Yesterday I woke up with a small allergic reaction on my body. I had small red dots on my arms, armpits, and breast. I had been instructed to call Ruben with any complication or issues. And only contact Dr. Salama in case of emergency. I called Ruben and texted soo many times and he didn't get back to me. He finally responded like six hours later asking : who's this? Thankfully I had no real emergency or complication or else I would have been in trouble. Another thing I was not pleased with is I have never seen Dr. Salama again. Not when I woke up for surgery, not the next day for my check up, or any other check up after that. Thankfully the nurses and the rest of the girls have been really great and knowledgable and I have felt comfortable asking them questions about my recovery. Thankfully the allergic reaction went away, and my body and butt look amazing. I have lost almost no volume in my butt thank god! Well ladies, happy healings a to all!


ANother pic

Family Drama

Hello ladies, how are you? So, they removed my drains today and I return to Tampa tomorrow. My friend and her boyfriend are driving me back. Btw, drain removal doesn't hurt AT ALL. I literally didn't feel it. I was like"that's it?". Thank god... one less thing to worry about. However one thing I AM worried about is I am going to see my family soon. Two days ago I sent my mom some pictures and she was very concerned. She says my butt is way too big and that looking that way can affect me negatively in life. I think she is totally over reacting but I know my family is going to give me so much shit for this surgery. I know some of you might just say" whatever, it is your life." But, my family and I are very very close. They are sooo supportive and love me soooo much. If they dislike the results is because they truly mean well and want the best for me. Have any of you girls had this issue? How have you handled it? Thank girls!!!

Before and After

Difference adding hips makes.! Also if you look closely at my before pic you can tell the widest part of my hips was not a smooth transition from waist to hip, but it was lower down my leg. What we did was lipo my outer thigh in order to remove that excess fat on the side of my thigh and inject it higher to give me that perfect coca-cola bottle shape. Btw, that before pic is BEFORE I gained the extra pounds for the surgery. Hope this helps. Xoxo.


Lost a little volume

Im a little sad because I noticed I have lost some volume. I think it is a mixture of loosing a little volume AND getting used to your new booty. At first when you saw your reflection you had to glance twice because you didn't recognize yourself, but after a little while you get used to that new figure and is not surprising anymore. I was aware of the volume lost but it is still discouraging. Anyhow, hope everyone is doing well. TTYS, Lala.

New Pics

First time wearing jeans.

Uncomfortable Subject

Well, I know this is not the most comfortable thing to share but I am semi freaking out and also want to know if this has happened to anyone else. About eight days ago I started getting super bad diarrhea. I mentioned it to the nurse who said that happens sometimes when you take too many antibiotics. Antibiotics kill bacteria, they aslo happen to kill the "good" bacteria needed for proper digestion. She advised me to stop the anitbiotics and start something you can buy over the counter called Pro-biotics. She said that if it persists for too long I had to go see my usual doctor because it can be something else that they have to test for. I didnt really ask her what that something else was because I always tend to expect the best and I thought the isssue would be resolved with the probiotics thing. Well over a week later I STILL have diarrhea. I am soo fraking broke from all the crap I had to buy for the surgery and I am not currently employed becuase I am going to school so I have no health insurance. I researched what are the possibilities of complications with this type of situation and it said that in certain cases some patients develop some weird bacteria called C. difficile. It seems to be somewhat serious and pretty expensive to treat. I AM SOOOO FUCKING MAD AT THE WORLD RIGHT NOW, excuse my language. I don't have the money and I think that it might be what I have since I am still having the same symptoms. Has this happened to anyone else??????? Thanks girls, Ill keep you posted with what happens. Thanks for all the compliments =)

Semi Good News

I was extremely pleasantly surprised at how many sisters responded with advice and support about this issue I am having, Thank You!!. Yesterday I increased the dosage of the probiotics I am taking. I read somewhere that it might help. THankfully I had a relatively normal bowel movement today. Also my father arrives tomorrow from Venezuela. I called my uncle who is a Doctor in Venezuela and he sent me some medication to treat it. My father is bringing it, so if it persists Ill take it. Ill let you guys know how it goes. XOXO, thanks again for your help.

Almost four weeks P.O.

Well, ladies...I can not believe I am almost four weeks p.o. I have lost very little volume and still adore my results. I ended up taking the medication my dad brought me, in fact..Im still taking it. Im not sure if it was that or the probiotics but thank god my stomach is back to normal. I haven't sat at all yet. I was thinking once I hit the five week mark Ill start sitting a for short periods of time on the boppy pillow. Ill keep posting pics. TTYS, xoxo.

Four weeks post op

Loving my results!!

I feel like a princess

I know it sounds childish... But I swear I feel like the fairest of them all lol... I loveee my body and results. They have held up amazingly... In fact, the get better as time goes by. I feel veryyy fortunate. ;)

Five weeks

I'm finally feeling like my life is back to normal. I'm driving, going to the gym, and finally leading a normal life. The only thing not "normal" is my body, cuz it's out if this world, lol ;)


Well, just wanted to update you on what's happening. My results look pretty much the same, THANK GOD I haven't lost volume. Im driving and sitting occasionally on my cushion. I sometimes sit at the very edge of a chair putting the weight on my upper hamstrings and not on my glutes, but I don't do this often. I am still sleeping on my stomach, honestly....Im pretty much 100% used to it by now so it doesn't bother me one bit. Im going to the gym but taking it easy and I have only done upper body weight training. As you know I go to school online, I am looking for a job at a law firm but in the mean time I was going to start bartending some weekends. I was a little worried about being at a place with second hand cigarette smoke for so many hours, but I think I should be fine, Im already six weeks po. have any of you girls had this issue? Well, ttys ladies.

New pic

Hi ladies! I'm already seven weeks p.o. I hope this reflect my final results or at least pretty close to it. Btw I did a bikini contest last week and won $1000 , surgery is already paying itself ;). The contest was at a night club... So it was dark enough you couldn't see the discoloration, because its still pretty obvious when you see me in the light.

Another pic

Two months

Two months post op and loving my results more than ever.


Ten weeks

Ten weeks and loving it ladies. So happy I went through with it ;)

Do u see my pics off centered?

For some reason the pics look fine in the thumbnail but when I click on it it is completely cut off???

Before and After

Two and 1/2 months

I'm so excited I'm almost at that three month mark. By three months I hope to have all the surviving fat, can't wait. Here's a new pic.

12 weeks p.o.

Three months po

I made it!!! The fat that I have now is for good! I'm loving my results, I swear I fluffed and i think in slightly bigger, could not b happier. Love u sisters, sry for the late responses to your messages, I don't check this too often.

Learning to move on

I feel very blessed that I chose Dr. Salama and that my results were everything I ever dreamed of. One thing I do believe is important, is to move on after your procedure is complete. I completely respect and understand girls who go for round two, three, or four, but if my advise is worth anything at all...becoming too obsessed with this is not healthy. If you sincerely think you need it, by all means go for it, but do internalize if you believe the decision is coming from a healthy place, or from unrealistic obsessive expectations. ANyways, I am three and a half months po and no fat loss really, my results are holding up wonderfully and I am feeling great, back to working out and leading a normal life.

Four months po

Thank you for all your kind words ladies. I just got home from the supermarket, and I had to call the manager because some of the employees were literally following me all through the stores. Beware, that will happen! Love u all!

9 Months PO

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Here it is. Love you girls!

10 Months

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama is extremely talented. I could not have wished for better results. My only complain is I never saw him again after surgery. I did not see him when woke up, or the next day or the next. It would have been nice to see him for like 30 seconds after surgery just to be told "everything came out ok". Besides that, I can not complain. The results speak for themselves and I would recommend him to anyone who wants some serious booty and an hour glass shape.

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5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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