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I need a travel partner anyone thought of trying...

I need a travel partner anyone thought of trying dr Hasan miami I would like to get the bbl procedure within the next year. I'm a recent college grad and they have financing options but I'm strongly considering cash. I mentioned the procedure to my family and friends everyone is saying no but I know what I want. I don't want to feel alone in this really glad to find real self.

Wish pics

These are all Hasan dolls I wish to be a future Hasan doll. Hasan has great results and they look realistic I bet these gals never thought they would be someone's wish pic

Recovery homes

So come to find out you can't split the cost of a recovery home so I guess every man is for themselves lol these people are greedy messages are high fajas are high they are really tryin to break pockets
I have a website to a recovery home that includes messages in the package


Got a squad ..... :)

So somehow I have racked up a squad over the past month. In Total it will be four of us including myself traveling to Miami for bbl. We will have different doctors which will make it somewhat easier. I chose Hasan who's work is the glory of God. I haven't really picked a date because the date and month will have to work for all four of us. They are in the preliminary phase of this so I have to fill them in on everything as I continue to do research daily. I will keep you guys posted.

Fisher is a must

Okay I will be switching to dr fisher apparently hasan has vanished I'm switching to December I won't have the money for this summer or I may do it in the middle of my semester


So I Will be switching back to spectrum aesthetics and there is one particular doc I'm interested in his work is beautiful there is a couple of his patients in this post you can follow spectrum aesthetics on Instagram just type in spectrum and their logo should come up in the fall through about February spectrum has good promo last fall I got a quote for 3500 with a deposit of 300 and lock in the price. I think you can lock in the date with an additional 500 but my plan is to just lock the price in first then pick my doc and date.

The Doc I will be switching to is DR RAMI GHURANI I have posted some pics of his work you guys tell me what you think. Originally It was Doctor llorente at spectrum then I fell in love with HASAN at vanity but he is no longer practicing there.

The TEA on recovery homes!!! I will be traveling from out of state but as a pre med student I don't think a whole week in a Miami recovery home is necessary for every patient. My plan is to pay for about three days in a recovery home When I get to to point in which I feel that I can move around I will get a regular hotel for the remainder of the 7 days if I feel great I will be on the next flight out and back home I'm trying not to spend any unnecessary money.
Again this is just my opinion don't take it for face value I just feel they are overpriced and understaffed. I will try to get a friend to come with me just so I won't be in a hotel alone if I nod up getting one.

About recovery homes /my plan

So recovery homes seem a bit much and overtly expensive I don't think I will be staying at one they are over priced I'm reading too many bad reviews about recovery and their prices and their lack of assistance

I'm thinking of staying in a regular hotel and bring a hot plate with groceries a day or two prior to surgery and do meal prep for five days after surgery possibly bring a family member with me just to monitor me and drive me around and run errands


So I paid my deposit today at seduction cosmetics in miami. Their desposit is a lot cheaper than the others. My surgery total is 5515.00 this includes

liposuction + fat transfer w Platelet Rich Plasma
4days/3nights at their recovery home
3 lymphatic massages
1 garment
and 3yr guarantee of 2nd procedure if I'm not happy with results
they allow up to 18 months to pay off the total balance 1yr 1/2
I'm excited I have everything in a package and don't have to hunt for a place to stay. All I have to do is pick a date and find travel.

No support

I'm just going to stop surgery talk I have no support from anyone that I've mentioned surgery to. The females have the worst comments and guys claim you don't need it just hit the gym but will be the main one leaving thirst comments on another girls photo on ig that clearly had a procedure done so it's me and my Rs sisters cause this process can have such a huge emotional toll
Miami Physician


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