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Hey I am a 23 year old women with one child I'm in...

Hey I am a 23 year old women with one child I'm in the mist of paying foe My bbl. I'll be going to Dr.fisher in January. I've been reading the reviews and I love is results but I see everyone hates vanity work ethnics. I going to pray my way threw and hopefully I want have any bad run ins with them.So far I really like stephany she very helpful.

Changing docs

So I desided to go to dr. Salama I think he'll make it happen for me. I live in Chicago but can't find a reasonable Doctor

Dr. Salama here I come

Ok so I'm going to dr. Salama n I have 13 days left ????????????????????????????????????????I'm so exited I like Nancy she's my coordinator n she's very hands

23 Year Old 1 Cild 135 Pounds

I'm so happy I'm switch my doctor. Dr. Salads I know is the best choice for me. But anyway I'm 13 days away from my date i have to arrive a day early and I've already gained 5 ponds so know I'm 135 I'm going for a slim thick done look. I know dr. Salama is willing to give me the look I'm going for.i want to gain 5 more pounds n my last 13 days I'm looking for a travel buddy also.

Surgery tomorrow

So I have my surgery tomorrow I'm so ready. I have only a couple hours to go. It's a biter sweet moment I'm so excited I'm not even thinking about the pain. I went to the office today for I finally meet niaomi her shape is to die for okay!! But any way everyone was very sweet and professional the office was clean and I also meet other girls who just had there procedure n I loved all of there results there butts was huge. I want my butt pretty big as well. I think he can get the job done.

One More Day Bbl

So I made it to Florida today I have my Surgry tomorrow morning I'm in a cab on my way to meet the doctor and do my pre oops. I'm so excited. I've been wanting this surgery for years. I got a hotel 15 mins away from my the office it's pretty cool. The Bestwestin the ppl are nice and it's clean and affordable at the same time. I've gained 10 pounds I weigh 140 know.

I'm back

So I came to my last appointment n found out I was pregnant n had to come back it was ruff. Well I'm say at lotus hose recovery home I love it the ppl are wonderful here. I highly recommend it. It's so private n relaxing. Its a get away while your recovering. I have surgery tomorrow morning at 7am. I'm readyyy....
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I haven't meet him yet but his staff is awesome.

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