Dr Calva Bbl Miami - Miami, FL

Has anyone been to this doctor???? My bbl date is...

Has anyone been to this doctor???? My bbl date is set for January 19th 2017. I'm scared that this doctor might not be able to snatch my waist as small as I want and give me the drastic amount of booty that I'm looking for. I'm receiving a BBL with lipo to the waist, back, full abdomen and arms, might be considering my thighs as well. Please help!

Sorry I meant Dr Calva.

I spelt the doctor's name incorrectly. I meant Dr Daniel Calva

Switch to Dr Valls

Dr. Calva will now be out of town on my scheduled surgery date. So instead of rescheduling for a different date I switched doctors. Dr.Valls was my first choice because his photos look more like the results I want. He also has more experience.

Hotel or Recovery home?????

I was originally going with the option of a recovery home. 7 days and 6 nights for $1500, which includes 4 post opp massage, after surgery medication, my faja as well as my ab board/ lipo foam, and driver to pick me up and drop me off to the airport as well as to all my post opp doctor visits. Unfortunately I was told that meals are not included in this package and would be an extra $500 if I wanted 3 meals a day. But now my coordinator is saying that they want to place me in a hotel because i am traveling with my fiancé and We'll have more privacy. Is a hotel a better option???? Because I don't think I will have the people that work at the recovery home to help me as well. As well as the price difference from booking the hotel myself at the regular hotel rates vs booking it through my Coordinator and paying the $1500. Seems like a lot for 6 nights in a hotel........

Nervous (Dr Valls)

Anyone else know about this doctor?????

Rental car or Uber?

I've researched a lot of rental car companies and the best price I received was $328.36 because I am under the age of 25yrs old.
Would it be better just to use uber for the week?


So it turns out that I had to reschedule my Surgery date until February. I need to get down closer to a 32 bmi. So with that being said I switched back to Dr Calva because of the terrible reviews on Dr Vall.... I'm honestly just ready to get this over with. Happy I switched back to my original doctor tho.


I am finally here in Miami and I have been told that my Hemoglobin is too low. I am starting to really HATE Eres! They want me to drink Floradix for 2 days to see if it will raise my Iron level. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE WITH FLORADIX WORKING IN A COUPLE DAYS!??? PLEASE HELP!!

SX for Sale!

Thinking about selling my SX date. My hemoglobin is too low and I'm reconsidering this whole process... Maybe I'll reconsider having a bbl another time at a later date. So inbox me if you want it.

Have not spoken to the doctor yet, only my coordinator

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