FROM spongebob to HOURGLASS CUTIE WIT A BOOTY dr salama

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I have a consultation for May 8th with Dr Salamas...

I have a consultation for May 8th with Dr Salamas and I have read alot of reviews on realself this has been the main source for informing myself on this procedure. To make a long story short I am 5'2 130bs mother of two princesess(1 & 2yrs old) I hated my body before them so I will not blame them for it, I blame genetics lol. I have researched for a long time on ways to get a more womanly figuire since i was in high school because Ive always got alot of attention due to a cute face but this awful body made me insecure. I basically have saved up and i'm ready to love my body so i can be a confident woman and that i beleive will make me a better mom. How u ask, well before you judge please remind yourself , ive had body image issues since a young girl now a young mother of two i want to be in the best shape (mind BODY; ) and soul ) to go on my daily errands and be confident this has inhibited me considering i am an outspoken person with a big personality and a little square butt ..awful lol so please join me on this journey and feel free to give any advice thank you.

Took these today , they're a little less graphic...

Took these today , they're a little less graphic lol and they give you a picture of what im dealing with. UGHHHH yeah i love wearing lingerie but hate how i look in it, talked to my boyfriend about this upcoming consultation and when we got into a tiny dispute guess what he said ...yep he said that he doesnt know why im wasting all this money when i need to buy a car and that im going to the look the same after it!! =( yeah and he always calls me spongebob and i love him and he knows i love myself so i try to be "confident" and laugh it off. This makes me want it even more because I am a google freak and I literally have spent months researching this procedure and I KNOW with Dr Salamas before and afters he will be able to get the job done.I think with the right surgeon to sculpt your body PLUS add volume to a flat butt and manly hips you can have gorgeous results! So I cant wait =) next week is my consultation ...from there it will be a COUNTDOWN and then I know my boyfriend will eat his words up lol
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