5'5 150lbs... Salamafied?! Miami, FL

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Hello beautiful dolls...So far I've been...

Hello beautiful dolls...So far I've been corresponding with Nancy at Dr. Salama's office. She's been very responsive and she's very sweet! I went back and forth with many doctors and I have decided on Dr. Salama after seeing all you Salamafied dolls!!! Talk about bootyful ;) lol. At this point, I'm just looking for a date to book my surgery (winter of this year or first couple months next year) since I have to take over a week off of work. I'm about 5'5" to 5'6" and range between 145-155lbs (fluctuates a lot). I work out a lot but have loose skin and stubborn fat on my back and tummy after my pregnancy. I don't know if I want to get a tummy tuck just yet until I've decided on not having anymore kids. After sending many photos to Dr. Salama, he said he can probably give me that sculpted look and did not mention the need for a tummy tuck. I would like a smaller midsection and some hips!! And more projection on my butt... I will be traveling to Miami for this...has anyone else traveled?? I most likely will be going alone so also deciding on the Serenity recovery home...I'm a little scared of going myself... Any comments would be helpful!

Traveling to Miami...

Will be flying in to miami... If you did travel to see Dr. Salama, please let me know where you stayed before the surgery and after...?! Any travel tips?

Gaining weight for surgery?

Hi ladies! So, I'm 5'5 150lbs. This has basically been my steady weight for awhile. Nancy or Dr. Salama didn't mention the need for me to gain any weight after seeing my photos as I'm sure he can find fat in places that I didn't even know I had! I do have some fat in my arms and flanks that I can't lose no matter how hard I try. I'm afraid to gain any more weight because it goes straight to my face! I believe in his work and that he can work with what I got and still give me some hips and a booty with projection. What do you ladies think?

Vaser or regular lipo?

Good morning lovely dolls!!! Question on lipo now: I have some loose skin around my midsection after gaining/losing a ton of weight from pregnancy. I know I will probably need a tummy tuck but not sure if I want to get one just yet unless I'm completely positive I won't have anymore kids in the long future. Lol. I've been reading a lot about Vaser lipo and that it's good for tightening. For the ones who got it, did you opt in for it on your own or did Dr. Salama recommend it? If so, how much extra was it? Also, are there "other places" he can lipo if you have some fat? Lol!! I'm being serious. :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Have been corresponding with Nancy @ the office. So far, I'm very pleased with their responsiveness and reviews!

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