I Have Decided to Be a Ghurani Doll. Yeaaaaaaa Boiiiiii Lol - Miami, FL

Well I spoke to Emily from Spectrum and she was...

Well I spoke to Emily from Spectrum and she was extremely pleasant and patient. She let me talk and answered everything I asked. She made me feel comfortable and also told me about other options in That center. I am 203 lbs and 5'7". He said that I need to get down to 185 for the best results. I am cool with that. My BMI was at 32. Something. Not sure where he wasn't a me to be but hey.
He also stated that I should have my tummy tuck later. Maybe Bc I am asthmatic (controlled) idk but I don't want to take any chances. I am excited about this process.

Things that make you go hmmmmm

Ok I really love Ghuranis work but, I am so annoyed by the standard answer that he wives to every question. It's the same answer. It's a dr medina who seems very personable and her answers are always different. Like maybe it's me. I look for everything in the Drs. Responses, reviews, ratings.
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