McAdoo Doll - from Ldn to Miami

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Hey all, Greetings to the vets the Ogs the newbies...

Hey all,
Greetings to the vets the Ogs the newbies and the real self stalkers. Like many of you this site has aided and abetted my numerous sleepless nights, filled my phone with arse pics (I'm a Brit) and made me even more obsessed and determined to fix my bum.
I had a failed procedure back in 2009, the less said about that the better - all pain no gain - it wasn't in the states and not performed by any surgeon I've seen on this site.

I've come from London England to get my dream bum. And I can't wait.

I do need a buddy though so anyone that's having surgery in Miami (encore/vanity) anytime next week -June 13th onwards please inbox me

I think I'm staying in Kayla's recovery house

I will upload before and after pics after.

I don't want a stripper bum (no offense meant to all the dancing chicks) but I need something plump and neat to fit in with my life and my favourite clothes.
I don't want too much projection but ideally a dull upside down heart shape.
I think I have cheeks but no upper bum and it's def flat.
I've always hated the tapping arse bit in bedroom because it's like hitting a hard table. #cringe.

I hope to have a nice giggle after a few weeks.

Please inbox me any tips or questions etc
I've gained so much from this site sorry I'm not posting pics yet. ( I never look at the non pic ones myself) will do after I promise.

Before pics

I got someone to take some In the worst item for flat bums - leggings!!! I can't wait to fill these out Never knew the side view was so bad (everything is better in jeans) I've changed my mind... I'm going big on Monday! Go hard or go home. Lollll!

Vanity or Encore

Having heard SO much negative things about vanity I finally experience it for myself last Monday. It's a bit like a meat market. Too busy no customer services, rude staff and I just didn't get a good vibe there. As big as it is the post op patients shouldn't walk in and be waiting with patient supporters and newbies and pre-ops. Although it gave me a good chance to stare. Lolll That evening I sent a message to dr macadoo asking if I could see him anywhere but at vanity as I spent the best part of the day being ignored or badgered by a pushy sales woman. I hadn't even seen a dr and she was giving me deadlines about a deposit. Smh I got a text back within 10 mins from his assistant telling me to come in tomorrow. Encore has so far been a much better experience. From the moment I walked in.

Night before

I picked up my prescription today shocked at the price -$361 wtfff My friend is going to give me the blood thinning injection tonight. Why didn't I know about this from all these months stalking rs??? Not looking forward to it But I'm one step closer I guess I went to a dollar store today and picked up this swimming foam thing that seems to work for sitting on the back of the legs. I got home and compared it to the yoga mat and it was firmer - does the job. Result! I really hope my labs are ok and I'm cleared to do the surgery. Spoken to Kayla and she will meet me there after surgery if all things go to plan. Wish me luck!

Recovery house

Is 3 nights in a recovery house enough? Kayla is going on vacay (in sync with dr fisher as she usually takes in his patients) And with my delay in surgery that a day short of help in recovery. Wondering if I should find another for the few extra days. Or just brave it Plan to head back to the uk a week after surgery

It's done

Hey Bbl sisters Can. You believe I'm updating u all before I've even responded to what's app messages Lolll The pain is bad I don't want to stress it more so as not to worry future dolls plus everyone threshold is different I wish I could sleep through it all also it would feel better if I was with someone now Pics etc tomorrow from the follow up appointment Night and thank you for your well wishes All glory to God for seeing me through surgery and I pray he grants me speedy healing.

My time has finally come

Hey!!! Whose up? I'm feeling good ???? I've been wee-ing a lot - only time I feel light headed is seeing the drains get washed down the sink -not great with blood. The stains on the dress I'm usd to seeing from rs I'm on my stomach and stiff and sore Thing is and I don't want to get too upset about it My bum doesn't look that much bigger???? Especially from the side view Please tell me this changes? Maybe the fat hasn't start growing yet? I don't know but I usually see people's results instantly I can't afford for it to be too subtle because I will then inevitably lose some plus I can't financially afford to do this again. Also emotionally it would be tough because remember I did it in 2009 and it didn't work at all. God help me Guys please let me know your honest opinion Please tell me it's too soon to know???

Recovery house ( Keyla )

So far so good I'm not actually at keyla's though as she is going on vacation but her aunt is a retired nurse and looking after me. I call her mummy Lolll It's cool She clearly does this too - everything is set up to suggest her experience and she's confident in her approach and dealings with everything. I still wish I had someone with me but it's cool now as I'm feeling better And no tears! So unlike me to not cry ???? Not sure re posting a pic of the place I will ask mummy tomorrow????

I'm weeing so much

Like 3 /4 times an hour It's driving me mad wish I had an adult nappy on Lmao!!!!! I've not had much sleep at all Roll on 4am for my next pain relief

First massage at Encore

It wasn't so bad wasn't fun but wasn't as painful as I expected I didn't feel too good after though - had a faint dizzy turn And promptly insisted the driver stop at mc d's on the way back Something that caused world war 3 I will go into this later Esp if it's not remedied. Honest reviews are the reason I didn't pick the other recovery house so at the end of my exp I will note down the pros and cons so any of my Bbl sisters can make an informed choice. Stopping for food because I'd just passed out and then refusing to stop at a pharmacist hmmmm I didn't read that on the website. Any back to my butt I saw it bare will post pics It's still not big enough but they said they took all the fat they could So it's kind of subtle They said when my waist goes down it will look better Let's see Oh shout out to the Bbl sister from Virginia that I met at Encore ironically she had just been reading my review Lolll

Can't sleep

So I may as well post another picture

2nd massage and saw dr mcadoo today

Hey guys I had my second 'free' massage at encore today it was ok. No what am I saying. It hurt. I preferred her hands to the machine. They also gave me my shot (haven't had for days) and checked my drain which apparently has been hanging incorrectly (can't really explain it but it was easily rectified) I told dr mcadoo it's not big enough and he said we put in all we could Hmmmm I'm wondering if he should have told me to go out on more weight in order to achieve the desired outcome. I really hope it doesn't all vanish. All this pain can't be for nothing. Apparently my waist isn't going to shrink much either he said he got to the muscle - I know I don't naturally have a small waist so I expected that. So I'm not feeling too great right now and it's too soon to think of topping up. More recovery house woes but that really needs a post of its own when I'm 1. Actually recovered 2. Out of so called recovery house Lolll Mummy is a nice lady but it's fair I give my feedback and others can make informed choices based on that and not the things on websites. No point loading pics :(

How do I change my not sure to not worth it?

Or is it too hasty 3 days po

Cut the garment around the butt

Or am I supposed to cut it completely to leave the bum cheeks hanging out?

Recovery fridge raid?

Hey bbls sisters It's 8.30am I've been up since about 6 am I'm supposed to take my meds at 8am but my recovery mummy is still sleeping She took meds last night too. Not sure she's ok with me helping myself to something so I can take the meds. What's the vote?

Tried to have my first poo

Didn't work
I feel so faint having the garment off even for minutes
Luckily mummy has woken up before I'm a heap on the bathroom floor (shame won't let me pass out this way so I was crawling back to the bedroom anyway)
I'm waiting for breakfast

Last day - Breakfast

I feel so weak

Trying to poo part 2

I never knew how much I'd miss sleep and poo-ing
To basic things in life and they're free. Now I'm sitting here day dreaming about both
I'm going back to X1 oxycodone

Did anyone cut their faja to poo?

Please show me if you did or is it best I take it off everytime?
It's hard getting it back on now the foam boards are here.

All I want for my bday is a bowel movement!

....And a shower and a goodnights sleep! The stool softeners are taking ages to work... I drank prune juice and threw it up straight away.... I hope this time next year I won't be sitting on the toilet constipated and out enjoying my 1 year old booty Drink to that! ???? Xxx

This is what I got

A card a tape measure for my butt an enema and a LOT of giggles from my friend.
Cheers love

The good news is it worked!!!!
It was a first I must say and not something I want to repeat but the relief was immense
Poo tick (finally)
Sleep I'm coming for you!

Worst bday ever but in a funny way! Things can only get better

Today's bum shots

My friend and her mum can't tell the difference but I can and I feel it I just hope the subtle change lasts - it will look nicer in fitted skirts and jeans It means a lot to me so I guess only I need to be happy with it in it? I measured it - 45 Formerly 43 A lot of pain for 2 inches lolllllll But means a lot ey

Home sweet home

Shame the drain came with me ????
Can't wait to get it off

It was an uncomfortable 9 hour flight even with the great seats and all the space - just never comfortable and I did the cardinal sin for all of 15mins and sat on my bum a bit. I was just desperate to try a different position.

It was hilarious seeing the reaction of one of my sisters, my mum and my niece.
Clearly what was small and subtle in the states is humongous here.

I guess in person it's much different to the pictures
I remember a Bbl doll saying that before

Thanks for comments I will keep you all posted for as long as there's interest

I really hope the fat lasts can't wait for it to soften up


No drain! more gain!

I'm happy to say the drain came off today!!!! (Whistles horns lighters)
I got it done at a local clinic - it wasn't so bad and I took a pain killer an hour before.
I felt so much better without carrying that clip on plastic grenade of blood. Finally back in 'normal' clothes.

Went to try on some stuff on my way home
Looks like I've gone up a size
I was so happy nervous and shocked at the same time
It's definitely changed - come into its own...exhaled if you like
It's definitely forming
Please God let it stay.
It's like I'm nervous to get too excited incase it reduces significantly. Wish I had a rough idea.
It was such a nice experience in the changing room
My first big booty problems
Things not going past my hips/bum, having to wear them through the shoulders where is usually just step into a skirt and pull up.
The changing room staff must have thought we were crazy.
My friend would come in and say "it's massive" ????????????
I was so happy I could have cried
I got home and tried some other things like favourite jeans, cute pencil skirt I wore on my last date (it looked good then even on my old flat arse) dress, joggers play suits
Some stuff would need to be re-categorized from sat afternoon to sexy beach day or for his eyes only or just indoors only like the house shorts that used to be cute on my former bum and now look kinda ho-ey.
But I liked it????????????????
I can't wait to treat myself to new underwear too.
I'm so happy
Thanks for all your reassuring words Esp those that told me to be patient (most of you) when I was panicking at the start.
It's still a roller coaster ride so I can't say panic won't set in again but for now it's all smiles.

Pics follow X

Before and after pics

More before and after

3 weeks PO and I'm sick any advice on if it's linked to Bbl

Hey guys
I seem to be down with the flu
Weak feverish no appetite and I have a rash all over my body which I don't usually get rash is on my face and arms and my bum
Also my bum is harder all over and seems stiffer and warmer than the rest of my body
I finished the antibiotics about a week ago and my incisions seem ok so I wasn't thinking there was infection
But what if it's something in the blood?
I just don't want anything to disrupt my fat cells

Please advise if this has happened to you

I hope it's just the flu but then why is my bum feeling different???

Updated pics

I keep checking it to make sure it's still in tact
Not sure why the pics came out upside down
The swelling us reduced greatly but thankfully the shape is still there and it's perfect for me
Conservative enough that some people won't notice I've had work done
Yet fills out clothes the way it never did before
I pray it lasts????????

Subtle and sweet

So I'm coming up to 2months post op and I still look at my behind every chance I get
Sometimes worried it's gone down
My pillow has travelled far and wide I take it everywhere
I do wish it was bigger though just a bit because I'm not confisent re it absorbing.
I'm also daydreaming about round 2 (covers face)
Problem is having enough fat to do it
Also if there wasn't enough fat to make my behind bigger I don't get why my belly isn't super dooper flat.
I'm not that great with waist training so I guess that plays a part but still
I shouldn't be feeling fat around the bra line

Is it normal to get booty withdrawal ?
I'm not calling is greed Coz as you can see I don't have that much at all so it's not greedy ????

Those celebs need to tell us what else they're putting in there every few months Coz it sure can't just be fat
Maybe in a few years we will be on that too

Also exercise not like I'm a huge fan but please any comments on when to start and what to avoid will help as my behind is just getting soft I don't want it to harden again

Updated pics

About last night

Just thought I'd take some updated pics im still happy with it but I do think I need more

Almost 6 months PO pics

Just thought I'd add some pics
Hope it's of use to someone
I know updates were super important to me and most people go quiet post op
I'm happy with my bum Esp as I've added a couple of lbs so the fat cells have merged and working together I guess lollll!
Shame about my belly but hey I had that before I really should start exercising but no point lying to myself
I can't be bothered to yet
Saying that I really did enjoy the time I was able to wear crop Tshirts and the fitted body suits with high waist jeans without looking 3/4 months pregnant
So eventually I should do something about it to maximize the results
Never been a fan of lipo it's like my belly fat is way too stubborn for it
Tummy tuck for sure when I've had kids etc

6 months PO

Belly isn't wow but I haven't been great with waist training after the 2nd or 3rd month
It was always my problem area so hey ho she's back
I can deal with it
I alsways said I came for the arse anyway
Besides with all the insta chicks baiting it up for the rest of us that have been more private about it -my natural looking belly area helps with my 'I just put on weight' line
It's really come into its own
From month 3 in fact
Looks better in all clothes and I'm still the same size I was pre surgery
All in all no regrets
If I was to do it again I'd change the recovery house experience and not take the oxycodone
That's all for now
Good luck for all those having theirs soon
For those that have just had it and are not happy
Be patient!!! I panicked at first and really was concerned it was too subtle but it really changes
It's not an over night journey.
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

Just as most of the posts I've read about him. He's charming funny down to earth friendly and real (as well as realistic). I've seen him twice so far and Monday will make it 3 times pre op. Not bad at all. He's confident and has the demeanor necessary for an anxious patient. Post op I didn't like my first meeting with him - he could have done better to reassure the nervous wreck that I was but the second was better also I'm happy at how accessible he was post op. I saw others still seeing him 11days after. I would reccomend him and I'm happy with my choice.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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