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Hey everyone im a 25 years old 5'5 180lbs. I've...

Hey everyone im a 25 years old 5'5 180lbs. I've been OBSESSING like everyone else to get this procedure and thank god I found this site cause its given me so much more insight and seeing everyone's beautiful results im 1000000 times more excited! I spoke to Nancy and gave my down payment! she said I should get all the information in the mail 45 prior to sx date. But is there anything I should do or get earlier then that? Also if there is anyone that wants to share a room let me no!


This is not normal everyone this surgery is CONSUMING me 24/7!!!! I wish I had the money sooner cause I would take the next available date!!! I think ive seen everyone's profile on here lol and salama definitely has given some life changing results!! I started back to the gym today because im at my highest weight! I LOVE my shape I have curves but I just need the projection and Lipo.


I'm having a BBL done with dr. Salama April 10th or possibly sooner!! Anyone that's interested please inbox me!


Time is getting closer! I still dream about it! wake up and go to sleep thinking about it! I think ive read pretty much everyone's reviews TWICE lmao but some things im scared of is the Fat not staying and MAJOR volume being lost (9,000$) lost yikes! and the burns scare the hell out of me! Im also seeing a lot of girls that had way more then enough fat to transfer that asked for as much as the can get and they come out with very little noticeable results. I'm just hoping Dr. S can achieve my realistic goals and with no complications but like anything in life there's always a possibility for complications! I would like a earlier date end of Feb Early march if anyone would like to switch or no anyone who is giving theres up! it would be greatly appreciated! also if anyone is going around the same time and would like to share a room let no me!!!

OMG it's about to go down time is ticking away FAST

Hey ladies!!!! So I have less then two months away but it's starting to really hit me and I'm scared as shit!!!!! I keep thinking and people are telling me to just work out and do squats...but it still won't give me the projection I need. If I see I have wide hips in my picture and I was around 175lbs there and since working overnights I'm now at 210 and all my weight gain makes me wider in the hips then outwards in my stomach. I used to be a size 11-12 in jeans and I literally cannot fit ANY of my clothes anymore :(.....I'm starting to diet and exercise hard now cause I don't want to have any hip fat grafting and wanna fit into my old clothes but my ass probably won't man is coming with me yesss!!!! Thank god and he's such a sweet heart and will help
Out a lot but my nerves are still shot and I'm thinking about burns mostly or infections or even worse if the fat doesn't stay and I wasted 10,000 nothing (THATS HOUSE MONEY)!!!!!! But I'm still gonna go through with it cause it's something I feel with boost my confidence!!! And all these salamafied beauties are giving me hope! I've got a message therapist lined up and plane tickets are booked but I'm still looking for a good place to stay cheapest thing I found was a nice condo for 1200 for 10 days. Hopefully that's a long enough stay! Any vets that have advice I'll gladly take! MUAH!!!!


26 more days then its going downnnnn!!! Shout out to Goldiloxx for being a good support system! we have surgery on the same day and hopefully can find a room asap!!! anyone have any good websites or condos that are for a good price? I would appreciate the information. or any tips at that!. Lab work is supposed to be getting done today. EPS told me I don't need a EKG since im young enough and in good health so hopefully this is true! Ive been so excited on just getting there and getting it done with. I hope Dr.S is able to give me the results (realistic) im looking for without it being to big or to small so I gotta figure out how to explain this lol!. I am already wide and wear a size 13-14 jeans and I don't want to go any bigger. Trying to lose weight now but that's a whole other story in its own. Its just very hard and esp when we females expect results right away hence the surgery!.


So I I'm trying to lose weight before my soon to be date and the scale hasn't changed but I see a small difference...I've been using the albolene with a waist trimmer on top and work out atleast for an hour a day I even wear it while I'm working and sleeping....that back fat needs to

13 more days....

its coming up fast!!! o lawd!!! Jesus grab the wheel I pray this works out like im hoping for and im making the right decision!!!. shooooot this is house money girls lmao!! so he better put a house back there ;)!!!!

It's about that time....

Ok ladies so 6 more days to
Go and im going through soooo much in life right now! It's like how can something life changing for the better be right around the corner when something also life changing that's bad hit me at this time. I've been trying to keep
Good spirits and it normally wouldn't bother me as much but since there isn't to
Much I can do since I'm leaving for this surgery it's just a little annoying.... Anyways on a better note I've uploaded some pictures lmao of my little baby bump. I gotta little something back there a few handfuls but I need that DONK lol I'm obsessing!!! I just pray everything works out for the better for me an goldiloxx who is traveling with me and has surgery the same day! she's been everything and then some and a real good support system/friend so this website has done

Can't sleep

We'll had my surgery today wasn't as bad as I thought. I'll write more later but this shit is HUGE 1300cc I hope it stays this way. I'm having a hard time sleeping and pee a lot! Ladies one thing for certain make sure Ur eating drinking and walking every two hours!!!! I've also been draining my
Drains like every 1 1/2 hours there's a lot of it!!! I think he gave me to
Much hips but I'm still
Swollen but will see! Any questions inbox me cause I no I loved when all u vets answerd me!!! And oooo yea to all ladies that stalked this site like me pictures do NO justice for what it looks like in person!! I mean when it looks flat or not big times that pictures ass size by like 3-4 and that's what it really looks like!

About to be 4 weeks PO

While salama def did a 360 on my body shape and I love the fact he got rid of my unwanted back and belly fat my butt isn't as big as I wanted it but that's because my body didn't allow anymore but it's still bigger then before so I'm happy....unfortunately I had two blisters that caused a lot of issues and no I have a seroma/cyst that will not go away and caused a huge bulge on my cheek and drains like crazy everyday even sometimes through my clothes in public...embarrassing.....


Hey ladys it's been a while! I'm around 8 weeks post op and I had GREAT results but unfortunately I got a bad seroma that was HUGE and recently it became worse causing 10 blisters all over that became painful!! I finally made it back down here to florida for salama to fix it. It was so bad that he put me back under anesthesia so he could drain them. He thought it was an infection but turned out to be fat that did not survive and was trying to come out on it's own. So today I went at 3pm and I was provided with Irene a GREAT caregiver who has been nothing but helpful. In all honesty I really don't need a caregiver I have no pain I'm able to walk it was just a minor surgery but dr salama being the best he is wouldn't allow me to be alone god forbid anything happend! But if anyone needs a caregiver she is available and has worked at the recover house and taken care of hundreds of his patients. She cooks cleans and will drive you wherever you need to go! She's such a sweetheart! Please inbox me or let me no if u are interest she charges from 100-150 a day 24hrs she will stay with u or whatever u want. She said I can give out her number so please let me no if u want it! Having her is cutting the costs in half of staying at the recovery house!

Irene the care taker

Her number is 954-648-8110!!! She's awesome and is good with pricing she does provide transportation in the ft lauderdale area...good luck!


Omg this big hole in my ass cheek is absolutely ridiculous even tho it's been 3 days the other holes are healing very nicely and closing quickly but this one just won't stop draining! In the end this was a life changing experience but I have to say I've gained weight back it comes back quickly! And my ass is by far the size I wanted it to be but that's because my body obviously couldn't take anymore not the drs fault! But 10,000 for a lesson learned in life!

Revision in a year?!

So it's been a few months and ive gone through 2 surgeries! This review is not to bash salama in ANY way I no it's not his fault nor is it mine I guess just how my body has reacted to it. I have multiple flat spots and a lot of sagging I guess from the weight(salama said). I do need a revision and spoke with nancy who made me out a deposit down but I got a phone call today saying salama is not going to charge me thank god and I'm grateful but I have to wait a full year from now to do it. This is going to be a long year I'm embarrassed to show anyone and have a lot of scars from draining the abscess I won't even have sex because of it!!! So yes it's gonna be a loooong year lmao! But I'm thinking of getting a tattoo to cover the one cheek so h can't see the scars as much. Also I have multiple hard spots (fat necrosis) that hurts so bad I can sit but not on hard surfaces without it being painful. I have large golf size balls and as hard as them to all over. Idk why me but this has been such a mentally draining healing process and I've also gained so much weight since then! I would love to hear from any ladies who might have been through this before!

Hardened fat?

I was wondering if there are any other females that have had this done but have hard spots and or lumps that feel hard and smaller then a golf ball?? I have these all over one cheek. The dr told me to get massages which ive been doing every week (costing me tooooo much money) and the hard spots are softening and some of the lumps are breaking down to smaller ones but some are just staying the same....I have no clue what to do i have two indented ass cheeks its embarassing!!! people stare all the time its very noticeable unless i wear jeans. Dr salam said if i cannot get cheeks to soften he cannot do a revision which im supposed to have in a few months? HELP!!!????
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