All I Want For My Birthday!! - Soon To Be 27 Year Old Ready For Her Dream Body - Miami, FL

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I've always been overweight as a child to...

I've always been overweight as a child to adulthood. I took my life into my own hands and lost weight when I went to college. However, even with the weight loss I was never happy with my body & where I felt it should be. Thats when I considered the BBL surgery. Im top heavy & tall but I need some more junk in the trunk. With that being said I made the decision this year to take a risk and fulfill my body dream. I just put down the deposit to lock in my price & date for Nov. of this year. I plan to go into 2017 a whole new me. Nervous is not even the word for how I feel. Im currently 5'7 - 185lbs. I plan to get down to 170-175 to maintain enough fat to transfer but not too much that I still look overweight after the liposuction. I want to go BIG enough on the booty to match my thighs but make a difference. I decided that if I am going to do this I might as well go ALL OUT! I will be traveling from New York to Miami for my surgery scheduled for Nov. 16. If anyone is doing their surgery around the same time hit me up. I'll update a month or two before my procedure. I will also upload before and after pics once I complete my surgery. Im doing my surgery with Dr. McAdoo. I LOVE his results. If anyone has any tips or suggestions for this procedure Im open for anything. I can't wait to be a McAdoll & I am praying that everything goes alright. For now -- Im trying to find the PERFECT wish pics :-)

Recovery House Booked

So I FINALLY picked (and booked) a recovery house after weeks of research. I am going with DollsRecoveryHouse ( It is affordable, beautiful pictures, and the owner has been a absolute pleasure to work with. I hope all goes well once I get there.

In regards to McAdoo I have decided to 'Let go & Let god'. There has been a mixture of negative and positive reviews on him. I keep seeing some great post photos and then some negative comments. At the end of the day I am going with my gut to get rid of this gut :-)......

Working with Seduction has been OKAY. I am halfway through payment & beginning the journey to drop 10-15 lbs so I can get this waist snatched upon surgery. If anyone has any tips or advice on what I should be doing in the meantime please comment!

I am extremely nervous. I'll update again in Oct when I am 1 month away. Then with before and after pics once I get the surgery. Till then god bless and good luck to all the other dolls receiving their dream surgery <3

26 Days To Go!

Hello Dolls,
I am a couple weeks pre op & nervous as hell. I paid off my balance in full for the procedure. I am getting my labs done next week. I am procrastinating on buying supplies until my labs are cleared. Now to the issue at hand.. to lose weight to stay as is. Unfortunately I gained weight. Now 187 at 5"7. I am going to desperately do what I can to get to 180 by my surgery. I want to have enough fat to get the booty I want but I don't want too much where I will still have a stomach.

In the meantime, what should I get before surgery? Any prescriptions & garments? Im going to wait to get a faja so it can be sized right however I think I need some board or something. I want to fill as many prescriptions needed at home before I head to Miami so I can have it covered under my insurance.
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