In Need of a Bigger Booty! Canada

Hi, I am fairly new to I am 5'5 and...


I am fairly new to I am 5'5 and about 142lbs, I recently started working out consistently I've lost about 12lbs in the past 6 months. My concern is that my weight is based off of muscle mass and not fat and I am worried I won't have enough fat for the procedure.I don't mind gaining some weight but maintaining a healthy regiment is necessary for me. From the reviews I've read and photos I've come across I seem to be most drawn to Dr. Jonathan Fishers final product. I've contacted his office and waiting to hear back. I am hoping they will clear me as a candidate for the procedure, if so I am aiming to have the BBL in January 2017!

Considering butt implants

I've assessed my body and the BBL procedure seems nearly impossible for me to achieve my desired goal. I am now considering butt implants, I have had my reserves due to complications with this procedure and the lack of natural look and feel. I've done some realself investigating and came across Dr. Ryan Stanton. I'm loving his work and overall end product. I am from Canada and sadly BBL and butt implant procedures are not common so traveling to the US is necessary. I'm curious if there are any fellow Canadians who have had a butt implant procedure done with Dr. Ryan Stanton and what your experience was with him as well as your travel and stay. I appreciate any and all feed back :)

Consultation booked!

I spoke with Anna yesterday she gave me info on the process of how to book my consultation. I sent off the email with my current weight, height and photos of myself and my desired goal. She emailed me back the following day with my consultation date! I am so excited for my consultation and to hear what Dr. Ryan Stanton has to say about my desired goal. I am hoping he can give me that full Khloe Kardashian booty! I am currently 139lbs I'd like to get down to 130lbs before my procedure most just for personal preference.


I have my phone consultation with Dr. Ryan Stanton tomorrow! I have been looking forward to hearing what size and shape he believes is right for me. I have written out a couple questions, according to many of the ladies he is very informative. I'll post up tomorrow and let y'all know how the consultation goes :-)

Consultation today!

I had my phone consultation with dr. Stanton, he was very informative and answered all my questions. He said the round 425-450 implant would best fit my body. I was a little disappointed as I was hoping for at least 500 round. I trust him as he said this would be a safe size. I am now aligning my schedule and will be officially booking my surgery date!

Surgery Date booked!

Woohoo! I booked my surgery and paid my deposit today! I am booked in for January 4, 2017 with Dr. Stanton. Now to sort my flight and stay!
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