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Hi, I am fairly new to I am 5'5 and...


I am fairly new to I am 5'5 and about 142lbs, I recently started working out consistently I've lost about 12lbs in the past 6 months. My concern is that my weight is based off of muscle mass and not fat and I am worried I won't have enough fat for the procedure.I don't mind gaining some weight but maintaining a healthy regiment is necessary for me. From the reviews I've read and photos I've come across I seem to be most drawn to Dr. Jonathan Fishers final product. I've contacted his office and waiting to hear back. I am hoping they will clear me as a candidate for the procedure, if so I am aiming to have the BBL in January 2017!

Considering butt implants

I've assessed my body and the BBL procedure seems nearly impossible for me to achieve my desired goal. I am now considering butt implants, I have had my reserves due to complications with this procedure and the lack of natural look and feel. I've done some realself investigating and came across Dr. Ryan Stanton. I'm loving his work and overall end product. I am from Canada and sadly BBL and butt implant procedures are not common so traveling to the US is necessary. I'm curious if there are any fellow Canadians who have had a butt implant procedure done with Dr. Ryan Stanton and what your experience was with him as well as your travel and stay. I appreciate any and all feed back :)

Consultation booked!

I spoke with Anna yesterday she gave me info on the process of how to book my consultation. I sent off the email with my current weight, height and photos of myself and my desired goal. She emailed me back the following day with my consultation date! I am so excited for my consultation and to hear what Dr. Ryan Stanton has to say about my desired goal. I am hoping he can give me that full Khloe Kardashian booty! I am currently 139lbs I'd like to get down to 130lbs before my procedure most just for personal preference.


I have my phone consultation with Dr. Ryan Stanton tomorrow! I have been looking forward to hearing what size and shape he believes is right for me. I have written out a couple questions, according to many of the ladies he is very informative. I'll post up tomorrow and let y'all know how the consultation goes :-)

Consultation today!

I had my phone consultation with dr. Stanton, he was very informative and answered all my questions. He said the round 425-450 implant would best fit my body. I was a little disappointed as I was hoping for at least 500 round. I trust him as he said this would be a safe size. I am now aligning my schedule and will be officially booking my surgery date!

Surgery Date booked!

Woohoo! I booked my surgery and paid my deposit today! I am booked in for January 4, 2017 with Dr. Stanton. Now to sort my flight and stay!

16 days until my surgery date!

Alright y'all, I am getting excited about my surgery! I am feeling confident in my choice in Dr.Stanton I am just praying he will give me my desired size. I am aiming for 500cc most likely round but we shall see what he says during our face to face consultation. I now need to start putting together all the items needed for recovery. If any of you have suggestions please feel free to share! I have my AirB&B booked, it's about 15min away from the surgery centre and according to reviews it's in a great area. I was worried about my flight home and sitting for three hours. I was reading online about the BBL pillows I was ready to purchase one but none of the sites ship to Canada. Instead, I purchased two foam yoga blocks that I'm going to glue together to put under my thighs during the flight home. Total cost $14 rather than $100 on a bbl pillow, I shall let you know how it works out. I will be posting before photos soon

7 days until my surgery!

7 days until my official surgery date! I am getting a little anxious. At my family Christmas dinner my mother decided it was something we should discuss. I disclosed I was having this procedure with her and she was very supportive but felt it was necessary to share it with my family. I don't feel I should have to justify myself and so close to my surgery I am already dealing with enough in my own mind. In the end, my family was fairly supportive which I am grateful as I am sure I'll need their moral support. My flight, AirB&B and car rental are booked I now need to start purchasing my last moment items I'll need during my recovery. I feel like I am going to be so restless and bored during my recovery. I believe my biggest obstacle is sleeping on my stomach. I've always slept on my side so I'm hoping I can adjust, I picked up a good travel pillow I'm hoping I can use for sleeping face down. Until I leave I am working hard to maintain my healthy diet and workout regiment which is so tough over the holidays. Okay, I'll update soon with before photos as well as items I decide to pack. Happy New Year y'all! <3

In person consultation

Today I went in and had my consultation, Dr. Stanton is out off the office until tomorrow. I had dr. Stantons assistant i believe her name was jasmine run over the different implants. I was curious of the feel, I find the rounds to be really firm and the Stanton ovals to be perfectly firm/soft. I really want a bubble butt but also enlarge my hips. She wasn't able to choose and say which is best for me as dr. Stanton will have to make the final choice. I wish dr. Stanton was there for the consultation so I could have an idea of what I'll be going in for tomorrow. He will be meeting with me tomorrow before surgery to confirm the size and shape of the implant. I'm fully ready for surgery. I have our place set up and the fridge stocked with soups, veggies and granola so my boyfriend has it easy. Attached are some before photos. Excuse my attempt at blurring my tattoos. My leg looks like a huge bruise but it's not! I'll post up soon and let you all know how recovery is going.

Surgery complete!

I went in this morning and filled out all the paper work after the nurse had me come into the back where I changed into my garmets and did a pregnancy test. The Anaesthesiologist and the the nurse had me sit in the recovery room while we waited for dr. Stanton. Once Stanton arrived we did a quick consultation and chose the shape and size. I believe he chose 450cc round. After I was escorted into the surgery room where the nurse and the Anaesthesiologist talked to me until I passed out. I woke up in the recovery room with a bit of pain to my butt. The nurse came in and chatted with me and gave me more meds. Shortly after my boyfriend arrived and we took an uber back. I laid in bed for a while and napped. Once I ate some miso soup I started feeling a bit better. I just now took half a Percocet and an antihistamine as I tend to get itchy. I'm now relaxing on the couch pain level 4. I'll post a couple after photos.

Day 1 update

So I slept fairly well, I was up every 4 hours walking around. I didn't feel much pain until this afternoon. Again my buns are super tight and my gluteal muscles spasm while I walk or get on and off the couch. I had a bit of a panic moment yesterday evening I was not able to pee, i tried everything and in a panic called Stanton. He called in a prescription to help me along. I guess the anaesthesia can cause the bladder to fall asleep and in women it takes longer to respond. If not treated can be serious. As my boyfriend went to pick the medication up I tried one last option. I stood in the bathtub with water running over my feet and that seemed to do the trick. So I've been doing this rather than sitting on the toilet. I have not had a bowel movement yet if I don't have one tonight I'll probably take a stool softener before bed just to help myself along. Otherwise just relaxing on the couch and periodically walking around the apartment.

48 hours post surgery

Today I was able to shower which was amazing! I removed the gauze and remainder of the surgical tape. I'm super impressed with the placement of the incision and believe it will hardly be noticeable once healed. I also finally had a bowl movement which wasn't very easy but glad the first ones out of the way. I still have loads of tightness in my rear and waddle like a duck but I'm noticing I'm more mobile. Mindy and Jasmine have called to check up on me which is really nice. I'm pretty sure my poor boyfriend is bored out of his mind but I'm so appreciative he's here to support me. Also I bumped my left cheek coming out of the bathroom and damn it HURT! It wasn't a hard bump but still freaked me out. Hopefully nothing to worry about. Still taking a perc every 4-5 hours I tend to fall asleep shortly after which I don't mind as my body needs the rest. Here are some update photos from the 48 hour mark.

Day 3

Today has authentically sucked! I am feeling frustrated being restricted to only laying on my tummy and not being able to be active. I also believe I am not taking well to the percs, they numb the pain but I am getting neousous and sad. I just took a whole one and as of tomorrow I'm going to ween myself off. Anxiety in regards to me sitting and getting home has really set in. I've found a way to brace myself while I use the toilet but I haven't felt comfortable sitting on the couch or a chair (I've tried). I see Dr. Stanton tomorrow for my checkup (a day early) his facility won't have power Monday so I'm glad to get it out of the way. Hopefully he says all is well and they can help ease my nerves in regards to my flight home. I'm loving LA and I'd love to stay just not under these circumstances. I also was able to take two solid bowel movements today. Whoop! Otherwise just praying for tomorrow to be a better day. I can't wait to have my mobility back.

Day 4 checkup

I woke up feeling pretty discouraged but the LA sun was shining so I put on some lipstick and went on my way to meet dr. Stanton for my checkup. It was originally booked for tomorrow but I guess due to construction the block will be without power. My checkup went well Stanton looked over my incision and reassured my implants will eventually settle in 4-6 months. He went over sitting position and how to release pressure every 15min... still nervous as I haven't sat at all. I forgot to pick up the cream to lighten the scar so hopefully they'll be able to ship it to me. I left my appointment feeling great and went to the Hollywood walk of fame for a very short walk and realized I needed to go home and lay down. Still nice to get out and enjoy the sun and sights. I didn't realize the Hollywood golden globes are tonight. I would've loved to peep some celebs. Next year! Just relaxing tonight and enjoying some Netflix. Tomorrow is my last day in LA and I fly home Tuesday.

Day 5

I had the most restless sleep but woke up feeling the least amount of pain so far! It was really reassuring as the past couple days were very tough. Today I was able to get through my day with a total of 4 extra strength Tylenol which is a huge improvement from a perc every 4-5hrs. Dr. Stanton suggested I reserve the percs for bedtime they'll help subside the pain and also help keep me asleep. Tomorrow I fly home which I am excited to get back home im just hoping journey back is a smooth one. Once I'm all healed up I'm definitely visiting LA again!

Day 6

It's true, it really does get better! Today was a journey, LAX airport is a zoo! I was glad to get through security and lay face down on the floor. Take off was a bit rough as I had not sat at all and I didn't try to fully put my weight on my bottom. I braced myself on the arm rests and kept my butt off the seat, good thing I workout! As soon as we stabilized I stood up and my boyfriend moved seats and gave me our row so I could lay face down. Made a world of a difference! I couldn't imagine standing the entire flight. Nice being home and in my own space. Still waddling like a duck and pain in the booty but nothing compared to the last couple days. Looking forward on gaining my mobility back!

Day 7-8

I'm finding the pain is very minimal, walking is becoming a lot easier but still waddling. I am in the most pain when I wake up and I find my left hip and glute have a shooting pain hopefully in time it will subside. Sleeping on my stomach is fine and have grown accustom to it. I can't wait to be able to walk and bend normally. My incision is healing nicely! I'm a little bummed my booty really isn't as big as I was hoping for, the swelling hasn't subsided so I'm curious how everything will settle. I do not want to go through this surgery again but honestly I'm a little disappointed. Hopefully it will fluff and get a bit bigger... wishful thinking.


So I'm finally able to walk fairly normal but I'm finding I have a lot of pain my left hip/hip flexor and butt cheek. It literally causes me to wake up in severe pain in the middle of the night and I find the only way to ease it is to get up and walk around. I'm really hoping it nothing to be concerned about. Has anyone experienced this? I'm thinking I'll probably call the office tomorrow if it's still bothering me. Otherwise the incision is healing well and I'm liking the way my butt looks. It's still super hard and sitting high.

Almost at four weeks

Wednesday is my four weeks, I've made a lot of progress with gaining my mobility back. I can tie my own shoes wich is nice lol. I've been itching to get back to the gym but I am following Dr. Stantons rules and waiting to hit the four week mark. I don't have any pain, I find if I poke at my butt it's tender and very firm. I find my incision will get irritated so I try and be very mindful of it. The incision and sistches have fully healed and is looking pretty good. The implants are sitting very high and the bottom of my butt is empty. I sure hope this changes and settles over time. I'm honestly not super excited on my turn out at this point. My butt is no where near as big as I was hoping. My boyfriend even said it's not bigger just rounder which SUCKS! I have been going on fairly long walks and find I can really feel the implants when walking up a hill it's like a tight and heavy feeling. Hopefully in time this will subside. Also i contacted Stantons office via email a couple weeks ago asking Mindy to charge me credit card and ship the bioCorneum I was informed the cream was $130 and when I checked my statement I was charged $230 ... there was no recipet attached. I emailed back asking for one as well as some questions and concerns I have and did not hear a word back. I'm honestly super disappointed. I feel and felt the day of surgery like just a body, once they had payment I no longer was relevant. I've had surgeries before and never have I had this sort of treatment. Reflecting back it saddens me the lack of connection between the staff and even Stanton. Sure he's a great Dr. But my consultation was literally five minutes before he was cutting me open on his surgery table and the guy didn't shake my hand. That says a lot about a person. I sound bitter but honestly the process didn't go as I hoped for and the lack of professionalism and empathy was eye opening. On a positive not I'm glad I made it through without any complications and hopefully things will settle into place.

5 weeks

Sorry I haven't been on! Yesterday marked 5 weeks and recovery is going well. I started working out last week and really started to push my body this week. I did four consecutive days at the gym (upper body and core with cardio) I woke up with a very tender bum so I decided to take a rest day. My incision is looking a bit more pink on one side and gets irritated when I sit for periods of time. Feels weird and uncomfortable to lay on my back at this time without pillows. My butt is still sitting fairly high and is super firm.... I can't wait for it to relax. I am fairly content with my results but wish it was a little bigger. Still haven't heard back from stantons office and don't expect to. Will post a photo shortly!

5 weeks

Coming up on 8 weeks post op

This Wednesday marks 8 weeks post op. I am happy with my results at this point again just wish she was a bit bigger. I have returned to my full workouts and almost squatting the same amount of weight prior to my surgery. I have basically all of my mobility back, still need to stretch out my hips a little more. The implants are dropping into place and aren't painful. I find certain days after a solid workout the following day I might be a little tender in the booty but this is to be expected regardless of the surgery. The incision is dark and unsightly so I am hoping in time and with the biocorneum it will lighten up. Otherwise, I am happy at this point with the outcome. My butt is starting to jiggle and look more natural.
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