THIRD BBL and it's not with Salama! - Miami, FL

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Hi ladies! I'm supper excited to come on RealSelf...

Hi ladies!

I'm supper excited to come on RealSelf (again) and start writing my experience on my NEXT BBL. Previously i have done BBL + revision with DR. Salama and let me tell you he's good! Thing is i wasn't updating... So my old account if flying around somewhere ... :p

Now... why another BBL???
Well for starters i had no butt and I'm Colombian!!! (I know crazy latina stuff). Then I got a great butt from dr salama but i feel it its not big enough. A year later, i was entranced by this girl i saw at the mall and went up to her complimenting her on her body... Well she told me she had it done by DR. Cesar from EVOLUTION MD in florida. Guess what? Got obsessed for a new BBL that I asked for a consultation next week.

Now on this journey and super excited!!!

Girls i don't do so well on General anesthesia but you get so hooked!!!
I remember when I came out that first time i promised myself not to do it again. Guess what??? Wrong!!! Going for a 3rd one!!! (If you count revision)

I will be updating a pic after last revision...

Weight gain...

Lately i have been just gaining lbs...
When i went for the consultation they didn't accept me bc i was too thin for the procedure and that i needed to gain 10 lbs.

Starting weight: 128lbs
Measurements: xx-27-38

That was my dedication for the last few weeks. What has help me a lot is to eat protein shake right before i go to sleep.

I've been drinking the Dymatize nutrition super mass gainer that has a lot of calories and carbohydrates... It was less than $40 and i got the gourmet vanilla yum!!!! I've been doing about 2 servings a day.
I was used to eating very little and healthy... it was hard for me to eat burgers and junk, this way i just chug it down and get it over with.

Last sunday i had an appt at the office to see my 10lbs status...
Let me tell you... They couldn't believe that i gain the 10lbs!! I was still too thin for the procedure and that I wasn't a good candidate. I was so shocked! People at my job THAT SEE ME EVERYDAY noticed i got chunky yet she couldn't see it. I started to cry... Understand, it was hard work to change your healthy lifestyle, gain lbs so quick, dedication, hope.... TO GET SHUT DOWN :( . But I'm no person to give up... I scheduled an appt with the doctor himself this Saturday and settle this with him. So for now, i continue to gain more lbs.

Current weight: 141lbs
Measurements: xx-30-39.5

Thanks for reading!! Wish me luck :)


Hi!! Ladies well since last post i had the doctor's appointment... He told me that he can operate on me but I have be realistic that with the fat i have, will only be around 250cc per cheek. He will be aggressive but i am too skinny to have the dramatic results i want. Thing is all my weight gain has been going to my butt...

He suggested to gain 10 more lbs.
He accepted for me to have a date so it's now Jan 27!!!

So for now its...
Jan 27th

Areas: all abdomen, flanks, all back, inner thigh, under chin, face cheeks, arm, armpit. (( I think that's it. ))

Once i got the date i gave my $500 deposit to hold it (FYI: non-refundable!!!). and i had blood drawn out :sssss.

I HATE NEEDLES!!! ( ironic right?)

Current measurements:
Weight: 148
XX- 31- 41.25

Also i had a pre-op exam a week after that which included EKG, lab results, and blood pressure. All came out great. That day i had to also pay the whole balance... :( it hurts to give it all the same time.


Ok i have the money for the surgery but i was told that they accept carecredit, so i applied online (why not?) and it took SECONDS to get accepted. Surprisingly i got $5,500 credit line and so i used it all to pay for my procedure. Who knows what will happen with my current job for being absent so long so it was better for me to keep my money aside in case of emergency.

Now the credit card wont arrive until 7-10 days later so how i was able to pay on time is with the account number given. I 'screen shot' the acceptance page with the credit line amount and account number and all i had to do is give them a copy of the screen shot.The rest i paid in cash.
now carecredit can be used anywhere that accepts it: medical procedure.. NOT to go grocery shopping!
Also they have promotional periods where you wont get any interest. For this office i only got 12 months. for those who are interested DONT pass the promotional period cause once you pass it and let's say you were missing only $100 left to pay, YOU will then also HAVE to pay all interest that you didn't accrue in the promotional period.


I have to plan ahead since I will be taking care of myself. My husband is taking off from work the first three days. He's so sweet... I couldn't ask for more.

'What to buy before your procedure'

(Great list created by Nicole, thank you!)

On top of that i got the SinEcch and vitamin supplements from to help me recuperate quickly.

Heating pad with moist heat for personal massages at night.



For this doctor you will require 10 lympathic massages and they have to be for 10 days straight starting Day 1 Post_Op.

Lympathic massages are horrible, they have to hurt or else they are not doing it right. The closest thing to a lympathic is deep-tissue massage.

Normally they are like $70 per hour so what I did to save money is i bought some through groupon. It was a great deal: like $75 for THREE deep tissue massages. On top of that i also had the 20% off, yay me!

Tip: those pain medications will be your best friend. One hour before your scheduled massage, TAKE IT! you will thank me.


Medication that were prescribed to me:

Vicodin- pain
2 injections for blood clot
2 different antibiotics
And i also asked for nausea cause I don't do well with anesthesia.

Total $87 with coupon at walmart.

Last update Pre_Op :S

Hi RS ladies!
Thank you very much for the support :). You know, even though I'm not new at still scares me... I've been nervous these past few days that I'm starting to get mild cold symptoms. I've been fighting it and it hasn't reproduced which is good. The clinic knows, and since its mild, I can go ahead with the sux. Right now I'm having my last meal. Surgery is going to be at 8:30am.

Again thank you so much for the support and see you all on the other side :)

Ummm yeah...

Hi sorry I've been off but ALOT has happened.

So what happened... i went into surgery, they gave me muscle relaxant and the anesthesia, went to sleep, and then automatically my fever shot up to 102 degrees. They had to stop the surgery all together wake me up and keep me in constant watch all day. I might have malignant hyperthermia. I didn't react very well to a drug and it's very rare to get it. i was lucky that it showed in the beginning cause i could have died. They say it could be from having so many surgeries and very recent.

After that, he gave me all thse options... He could give me the money back, do it with local anesthesia but because I have all these areas I'll have to split the areas into TWO surgeries, or perform surgery with General anesthesia in bigger hospital that has better machines to keep me in better watch, another anesthesiologist, and with drugs that don't trigger hyperthermia.

As i stated before I HATE NEEDLES so could i really withstand local anesthesia TWICE???

Now cause of this problem i cant have as many surgeries as i wanted to: i wanted breast implant (remember, we have to change them every whatever years FUN!) and rhinoplasty.

Idk, idk...

Talking about rhinoplasty, when I was being prep for surgery, i heard one procedure being done cause the room was open for a sounded like an huge electrical saw being pressed on bone... And YEP! It was rhinoplasty.

Ok, Since then I've been taking exams and have been taking care of myself against the cold. Since then, I've been back and forth with the doctor on what to do... My husband says i lost weight (NICE! After I worked so hard) and look very pale.

Other than that...

For those whose sux are coming up. I wish you all the best and good luck!!!
Miami Internist

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