BBL Train - 7 Weeks and LOVING it!

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Hello fellow BBL hopefulls and pro's. I have been...

Hello fellow BBL hopefulls and pro's. I have been wanting this procedure for several years and have just come to means of doing so. I have been following Dr. Salama and his work has motivated me to take this leap. I am very hopeful and trust his art. I look forward to posting my journey as a returned favor for all those women that took the time to post theirs and allowed me to feel more grounded about my decision. I hope my information is as helpful as theirs was to me. I am scheduled to have my surgery 11/26/2012. I was lucky to call in when someone had just canceled theirs. =-) Otherwise I was looking at a couple of months!

Alright so today I received my surgery package in...

Alright so today I received my surgery package in the mail. I'm a little saddened that I did not have the 45 day window to start the iron and vit C. I am starting them 20 days pre-op. BUTT I am a lucky sucker. I called in right after a lady had cancelled her 11/26 surgery date ( I called like on 10/22 or something like that) and viola surgery scheduled within 30 days...lucky lucky star! Okay, so since I barely got my package (coño!) I barely found out about 45 day vitamins....I saw most girls post like 2 weeks pre surgery and 45 days after surgery ....but that looked backwards and well it was! So I hope my 20 day vitamin regimen is still good ...I ordered VitaMedica Surgery Program Kit but NEED approval since I see a couple of B Named vitamins and yet his list of no no vitamins list Vitamin B, but doesnt specify if B12 and so on is the same???? I will email him to ask. The following vitamins are recommended - Vit C, Iron, Bioflavanoid, B100 B Complex Vitamins, Zinc, Arnica Montana, Bromelain. The specific dosages are in your welcome kit but I am sure MOST will have time to adhere to the rules. I was lucky or not??? to call in and catch a cancelled appointment so my ETA was much shorter. I checked out Dr. S license, degree, certifications and they all cleared ...BTW I did that like 1 year ago....I then noticed most were being told to gain weight and so I did it while also putting money away for the surgery and as you can see the rolls equal the bank It was fun so I cant complain, although shopping and looking at my closet got depressing sometimes. I do have a QUESTION for you all POST OP ladies, I work sitting down in an office envirment? How did you guys manage? I will be back at work on 16th day after I am like???? Also it says to RECLINE and not lay flat??? But Reclining requires you to sit on your botton, do they mean to lie stomach down but pillows on your chest area so you are like a snake? PLEASE ANSWER POST OP BBL SISTERS. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

Okay as you can see I also posted pre-op pics that are recent and one year ago (sigh with longing) picture from my skinny but ass-less days. I want my waist back but you see my hand resting on my LOVE handle. Shoot no matter how thin I was that POT handle was ALWAYS there and thanks to the NO BUTT, it would look awfull with a tight dress or jumpsuits....ggggrrr. BUTT im sure Dr. Salama will give me what my mamma didnt give me. =) Oh another note....I discontinued my birth control patch and hope I dont get my period during the surgery week. Based on patch schedule my period was going to be due 11/21....I dunno how much taking off the patch will distort that schedule. I am just PRAYING that I am not on my period then.....I hope wearing a tampon is allowed and that the menstruation wont interfere with my surgery. I havent read anything to inficate otherwise but I am asking along with Vitamin approval.

SO to wrap things up, please advise on 'reclinning position' and working in an SIT down office enviroment. Thank you señoritas

FORGOT to add October 2011 Weight 126lbs.........

FORGOT to add October 2011 Weight 126lbs...... November 2012 Weight 154...So right about the 30lbs normally suggested. I am 5-4...well thats what my DL says but I think Im more like 5'3.... Clothes sizes.... Jeans 11 !!! Shirts Small, those pictures do my zero justice....Im not that big on the top .....sheesh! I was a size 5 or 7 Jeans at 126 weight....Now an 11 at 154....Wowsers... The good thing is that I gained it exactly were I am being lipo'd.....yes! My Face, arms, and legs have hardly changed! Thank Jesus!
I am staring a healthy eating, NO DIET, just better foods, ONLY water and major moisturizing, and recommended vitamins from now 11/04 to 11/25.....11-26 is my surgery!!!

Okay so today is 11/12/2012. My surgery is on...

Okay so today is 11/12/2012. My surgery is on 11/26/2012 so I go in for a consult on Sunday 11/25 at 5pm? I was like what? The doctor is going to see me on a Sunday? So I need to know BBL sisters that had their surgeries scheduled for a Monday and had their pre-consult in Sunday, was it with DR. SALAMA or one of his peoples. ????

I am SO excited. I gained weight for this and I am hoping for a very thin matled wasitline that begins from braw line to my hip bones and then a nice tear drop shapped bottom. I am not looking for a major ghetto booty, I just want a sexy bottom. definately not a kim kardashian look alike, thats a no no for me and my height.... I am 5'4 BTW.....

So you guys have my befores and im excited for my afters.... I have been taking my pills (vitamins) as directed.

OH HUGE note, the package saysto get your RX filled right away....uh BAD IDEA. GET them when you arrive in FLORIDA. The RX so you can go potty are anal and need to be regrigerated! Hello! With flight and so on, that is a BAD BAD idea.

I have two questions that I am going to post:
1. Sunday consult?
2. Garments (salama gives you two) but how long do they last? I want to buy more but want to that until after surgery so I know what size would be more appropiate with my after shape to maximize my results.

Thank you señoritas.

11/15/2012 - Labs, EKG, Chest Xray(my doc...

11/15/2012 - Labs, EKG, Chest Xray(my doc suggested) all came black flying colors. =D I have my flight bought and I am staying at an aunts house...yey saving money there! Okay so I am getting very excited. I have been taking all of my vitamins, I am having zero caffeine and I am not eating poor quality foods/fast food. Its not a diet at all, I am just following Salama's orders. I have started doing some push ups so I can make sure my arms will be nice and strong to pull those garments on....jajaja...but really. Ladies we need more updates and please load your pics. I personally want a round projected butt, no major hips. I am liiking to be a thin girl, thin waisted with a surprise in the back!. jaja. Okay not much to say for now...just counting down...11 more days!!! God Bless Everyone. =D

11/19/2012 Monday.... Okay so I just paid my full...

11/19/2012 Monday.... Okay so I just paid my full OP.....wowsers...its so near. I am not nervous at all! I am crazy excited. I did confirm to have nails off (solars), she mentioned just index is fine but i took all of them was time to anyways...I can get pretty new ones when I am better anways....better enought to sit to let them do the I confirmed my pre op consult on Sunday 11/25 at 5pm with Ruben and Dr. Salama. Cynthia said Dr. Salama would be there.... I was like awesome - he is the man I need to see! jajajaja. I do have the first surgery at 7am on Monday 11/26 !!! YEY!!!!

Counting down!!! I work only 3 days this week and then Thursday is Thanksgiving.....Friday will make sure I have enough undershirts, maxi dresses, compression socks etc and all other supplies...I am going to pack my bag and Saturday I just want to chill with my kiddo...Sunday I will arrive at 1.35pm!!! Woop Woop....

Anyone out there with surgeries 11/19-12/04???? I would love to meet and greet! Maybe we can go walk at mall and be invalids together...jajajaja.. Share the butt pain...jajajajaja

11/21/2012 Wednesday. I am super excited and cant...

11/21/2012 Wednesday. I am super excited and cant wait. I went out and bough a colombian faja (garment) that is for post BBL. I will take a picture of it and post it. It is highly threaded and is cotton antibacterial on the inside. I love it! I am going to take it and get Dr. S approval to wear it.

On another note. Part of the reason why I am so excited and not worried about this surgery even though its away from home, is I am going to have in home care by my aunt. She is obviously like my mom and well I dont have to stay at a hotel, I get home cooked meals, close attention, my own room w bathroom and tv. I want you all to know that she is available for any other girls out there that need a stay in room w personal service. She is 20 min away from surgery location. Larry has approved her home for driving distance so the driver is covered by the surgery cost but if you need to go anywhere, she drives so you always have someone to lookout for you.

!!!!! PM me for her contact information!!!!

You can get lodging, personal care, personal meals, tailored assistance, home enviroment -not a stuffy hotel with God know how many germs. I mean you cant beat being taken care of by an 'mom' style care giver!


Toodle oooo!

Hi all. For those who have my cell for Aunt house...

Hi all. For those who have my cell for Aunt house care...please keep it private.a phone number can be googled and dont want my cell to be googled and have my profile come up. private message me your questions.

thanks dolls,

bbl train

11/26/2012 at 12:46am....I took my measurements...

11/26/2012 at 12:46am....I took my measurements but am confused as hell.....the measurements for my butt I go all aoind or just from side to side and not around?

Anywho, this is breakdown of what I measured:

Under boobs (bra line): 36.5

Waist: 35

Below bellty button (where all my cheddar/pot handles) are: 41

Butt center all around to my vg front: 41

This explains why my love handles/pot handles/building blocks/wisdom butt (all my nicknames for that hideous section) makes my little butt dissapear, they are the same size! So its like im squarepants - litteraly!

I am looking forward to having a lean torso that is from braw area down to my pelvic bones and a round plumpy tush ! Not wide or big hips...just lean torso with aplumpy tush!

My surgery is in 30 hours! I can't friggin' wait ! I am not scared...I am just excited. Dr. Salama has excellent results and I know I will be added to his collection of masterpieces!

I am all packed!.

I arrive at 1.35pm...will fill my pain med RX since my state wouldn't fill it..... I once again HATE that based on package instructions it says to fill your RX locally BEFORE getting to Miami.....Terrible advice....fill it there because one of them requires refrigiration!
I am arriving at airport then must go home leave in fridge (2:20pm)....Then run out to leave RX, get medical supplies, be at docs by 4:45pm...since my visit is at 5pm....then go eat after pre any errands that couldnt get done....go home....prepare my room for post surgery needs....shower again...shave...etc. Prepare surgery bag with relevant things I will need.... Set alarm to 5am...Larry MUST pick me up at 6am.... To ENSURE I am there by 6:40am (gotta leave time for traffic etc). My surgery is at 7am..and I do NOT want to get their AT that time... I NEED to be there before to address any pre-concerns. I am those kind of people that like to be their early rather than on time (which to me is 10 min before appointment)....anything after that is LATE.

Okay so now that you guys no my pet peeve...jajaja. Larry was so nice on the phone...I just gotta make sure with him that he be at my aunts by 5:50am or else! jajajajajaja.

So maybe I am too excited?!?

Okay some more atroseous pictures of me with leggings....sad sad sad...but Salama will fix it !

Keep me in your prayers.... Good luck to all my fellow BBL's that will be gaving surgery tomorrow and these coming weeks!

Good night!

I am doing well. The first day was sleepy due to...

I am doing well. The first day was sleepy due to anesthesia. Ate chicken soup but pureed and drank gatorade like mad. I slept and would wake up every two hours to peed alot and then every 4 hours I ate and had pain killer. No nausea. Not cold...the only aftermath was sleepy and but was sore. Like a million bees stung Today was far better ! Until I went to doc and they removed all the gauzes.....and that hurt....taking off the garment was so painful but I managed. No tears yet. I've been very positive. On top of my pills, drinking and eating...walking. I'm worried about my first shower though.....that garment hurts when removing at butt section ! My tummy looks nasty....wrinkles everywhere but it was because of gauzes. Tomorrow I go back at 2:30 for foam pads.
My first massage is Friday. Will post pics until then....

Haven't gone.potty but haven't taken colace either....
can you really poop and wipe yourself with garment on?

11/30/12.....Okay I am doing this from my cell so...

11/30/12.....Okay I am doing this from my cell so it gets a little irritating...but here it goes. I arrived to surgery center..met nurse and she had me change into surgery robe and surgery panties...compression socks and anti slip socks on top.
I then met w Dr Salama..who asked me a series of Medical questions....told me risks...his method and what I wanted. I told him I trust specific ccs but was looking to be thin torso and back with a cute slope bottom....I mentioned enjoyself...who he knows well. i love her results. He proceeded to touching my fat zones and guided me through what his plan was. I trust him so much . He and then I met anestheologist. Very nice, he too asked a series of med questions...signed docs and off I went into operation room. He put IV on me and i felt the anesthesia kicking in. I thanked everyone and gave in.....woke up face down...nurse was telling me i was done. I felt normal just sleepy. I got up..she put dress on and sat me on a boppy...talked with me and since I was normql..Larry came to pick me up and he dropped me off at home. I felt uncomfortable..pain but mostly uncomfortable. Slept next 2 days...just woke up to walk 20 min every 2 hours.would peed then. Also ate every 4 hours to have pain meds.

When they put foams in on day 3...I could barely breathe but it got better as day progressed. I went number 2 on day four today. Took off garment..went potty, cleaned up...which was a task but did it gracefully and with wet wipes. I broke into heavy sweat putting garment on but made ut through. Just ate and now I have my first massage at noon.

Will check in later w pictures...

12/04/2012 - I am 9 days post op....I feel so much...

12/04/2012 - I am 9 days post op....I feel so much better now! Well as of yesterday really, they took out my back drain and I had my third massage with Eyleen (she's the best!). I was put in a size L garment but I might be put in a M garment tomorrow. I was originally put in XXL after surgery so 7 days post op, they put me in a size L but we were able to fasten on tighest tab so now they told me might put a M on me on my last consult, which is tomorrow. I get my fourth massage and Dr. Salama will make the decision about wether or not to take my front drain out. I was unable to locate a doc in TX that would remove it so I am a little nervous. I dont want a seroma but what am I supposed to do? I will talk with Dr.Salama and se what he recommends... I mentioned I got my period like 2 days after was really light and was more like spotting so it was easier to handle. Cant use tampons so had to get long pads that would be longer than garment slit!!! Terrible, truly terrible. I had not worn a pad since I was 16! I am so so happy with the results, I havent measured because I am swollen and results are not final so I dont see the point in measuring all the time. I have a wonderful hourglass shape. I have zero rolls or dents on my back and tummy! My butt looks round and plump. I am swollen and I am looking forward to trimming down...My butt is going to go down and I am happy about that cuz right now its too big! jaja. I havent posted pictures because I only brought my work laptop and refuse to load any personal pics on it. I will try and post pics this weekend when I am back home. I am more flexible, I can bend - I can stand for about 4 hours and then my butt starts getting sore. I actually worked standing today from my aunts house on my laptop so I am pretty happy. I have experienced tingling and shooting pain (very minor) on my butt, which tells me....Its ALIVE!!! jajaja. This was a tremendous procedure and I am just looking forward to seeing the end result. I will continue to post relevant data and pictures. Many blessings to all my fellow BBL sisters.

Oh....SPECIAL THANKS to Enjoyself - I got to personally meet her and she was very cordial, humble and a true woman! Thank you for everything!

12/06/2012 - Hi everyone. Well - I feel so much...

12/06/2012 - Hi everyone. Well - I feel so much all kinda started on day 9....I felt more flexible and kist better overall. Nothing hurts exceopt but is sore...but no actual pain pain. Just discomfort. I will post some pics tonight...sorry fo rthe delay but I just got back home and now I have my own pc - not the work one so I can load pics. I met with Dr. Salama yesterday. He was very attentive. Well back up....First I had my massage with Celia....It was my first time with her. I had had Eyleen....which is who taught Celia how to do the massages many years back. While I got attached to Eyleen, Celia did a wonderfull job. I did drain a bit from the back but I drained hardly anything from the front and the massage didnt hurt at all. It was the first time I manage the entire massage with out squirming. I have never cired btw..... They then put me in a medium and also gave me a board...that I cannot use until Tuesday....Then I had my appointment with Dr.S. He checked me all over....nudged in different places...was ver pleased with my results. Noticed no fluid draining so decided to go ahead and take my front drain out. Keep in mind this is at day 10.... I asked him how I could help prevent a seroma....he said...its simple.... follow the rules. Wear your foams, your garment and if the garment starts feeling loose or too easy to put on...get a smaller one.. you must be compressed to make sure water doesnt build. Pay attention to your body...look for water...unevenesess etc and always communicate with us. He changed my back foam and showed me how he wanted me to place each foam....showed me how to take care of my wounds....he also told me that once the board goes in to place a cotton ball on my belly button so it will hold its shape...he said board is not like the foam so I must help my belly button stay round with the cotton ball. My knees and ankles used to look like trees, but that went away on day yeah! He said i was progessing quite quickly. I went from XXL on day of an L on day 7 and to a M on day 10....I dont need to wear compression socks anymore and all is good. Like I said earlier, I will post pics tonight...I just wanted to update you all on my status. Much love to everyone!

12/06/12 = 11 days post op. I am posting pics.....

12/06/12 = 11 days post op. I am posting pics...finally and sorry for the wait. Also I got 900 ccs per cheeck. I also had a flat butt shape butt and he advised he would try to round out but that if your shape is just that - the fat will usually follow the skins natural shape. It look way more rounder so I am very happy!!! =D I will not be posting an update until 10 days apart...that way there is differences. I will post surprises if any come along though. Thanks everyone and good luck!!!

HUGE note - my aunt will not be available until further notice. She was taking care of an elderly person 10 hrs a week and that lday lost sight to one of her eyes, had to surrender her license and now my aunt is her sole caregiver full time and until further notice.

Thanks to all of those that supported and those interested. I will keep updated.

12/12/12 ....16 days post op. Hi ladies.....just...

12/12/12 ....16 days post op. Hi ladies.....just a quick check in. I am feeling great and looking great. I am now wearing the board...I am second day and I can say I am loving it. It feels so good ! It is not bothersome and helps w compression.

Notes on massages: !!!!! Locate and book massage with a date soon after your return from your surgery. I called about 6 local surgeons about their massages and if they offered to outside clients since my surgery was performed by another surgeon....some said yes.some said no and some referred me to Lipo experienced masseuse. Getting the right type of lympathic massage is key...someone with liposuction massages is a huge part of shaping a flat even tummy and back. My masseuse is so knowledgeable and feels just like if I were with Eileen or Celia...I miss them ! So girls make this part of your pre op to do list...find and boon a.local Lipo.experienced masseuse...especially in house surgeon masseuse.

I do my own massages in shower. I lather with antibacterial soap to create easier friction and go from top to bottom in circular motion and it helps me look and feel good. Helping break tissue, rid of toxins and any lumps. Supporting your body get back is doing yourself a favor.

Today per Foundumissnewbootys guidance...I am wearing heating pad and I lathered nivea q10 firming lotion. I have 6 more weeks of garmentville so let's see what happens.

I wear tshirt, board, foams in back, sides and front on top.of board and garment. I'm crowded but keeping.compression. at night I have an extra pillow in belly button area to help aleviate back pressure garment pinches otherwise at night.

I take 2 percs a day. 11am and makes my day better and easier to handle.

I stretch every morning and night. It feels delicious and I'm sure skin and body are grateful...even my.muscles are happy. I do this without any of the "armor" lol.

I'm still taking vitamedica make me heal vitamin kit. My skin, nails, hair are radiant ! I have 95% of bruises gone and have had them gone since like day 10...!!!

Ordered medium squeem in cotton rubber mix version...I don't see me using a small garment...the butt thong part makes me feel molested each time...I mean its like should I file a.police report each time I take it off ? So waist compression is my.main interestbsince no other body section was lipoed for me.

Colombian garments, boards, the BEST booty lifting jeans and spanx type shirts....that are trendy and help compress can be found by google....many online stores....mostly in Spanish though. Search.... Jeans levanta cola....camisas Lipo moldeadoras colombianas.....and viola....the jeans regular jeans but the fabric and cuts are so precise. If you prefer a store to visit....find local.Colombian restaurant....ask the waitressses or see if they have a Colombian.newspaper or magazine. That is how I found a local store with amazing garments, boards, jeans and shirts. !!!

I haven't measured and don't plan to until I am 6 weeks post op. I will post pictures next week at day 20-22 .... I figure showing pics with enough days apart to show noticeable difference is more productive.

If any thing else comes up...I will let you all know !!! Thank you and well wishes to everyone !

Another note...ive noticed from surfing so many...

Another note...ive noticed from surfing so many Salama butts for one year and my own.....your end result is a blow up version of you current butt shape.....if you had a tear drop but lil will be a blow up of that....if you had a square will be a blow up of that....if you had flat skin part will still be there butt a much better butt... It will be a blow up and slightly rounder version of that.....your butt shape is made by muscles and skin. Dr. Salama can only inject fat and try to place as much as he can strategically butt he can't control the fat...he cant tell it what to shift...or where to find blood almost seems like your butt refinds this old butt you had in a bigger rounder version... The results are amazing....but keep in mind its not perfection.....I'm in love with my results and u am posting this as something I noticed.....I've seen some unnecessary bashing....and I just want to put out there that Dr. Salama is the BEST and fat can't be told how to behave....nor tissues or skin....he is almost perfect but no one is perfect.



12/14/12 - 18 days post op. Hello everyone. I...

12/14/12 - 18 days post op. Hello everyone. I went ahead and took 15 new pictures - wrote a beautifull update and rs went into error status 3 times on me! gggggrrrrrr. I want to let everyone know that Dr. Salama did not meet my expectations, HE EXCEEDED THEM =D I am very very very happy! I will be uoloading the pictures as soon as RS allows me too! Maybe I have to many? I will email them if that is so.... You can see in pictures that deep marks that the foam, board and garment mark on my skin! It is very marked and also please know and dont judge my past my twenties skin and I am a mommy and have loose skin and stretch marks under belly button to vaginal mound. I have an amazing silhoutte and gorgeous round plump booty! I feel completely blessed and I am ecstatic with my results so far. I will post some new pics before new years and will try to take them 1 hour after being OFF garment so my skin can be seen without the markings from the armor. I think the final results are at 8 weeks and at least 48 hours after taking garment OFF. The garment creates a lot of pressure and seing the results is better justified after its been off for a reasonable time. I read that garments can help shape a body when worn for more than 28 days...8 weeks is 56 days so that is 2 times the 28 days...hopefully the end result will be much like it when the garment has only been off for 10 minutes....I would think so and plus I have more swelling to loose! We have seen other girls post past 8 weeks and they look the same...thin and bootylicious. We just have to wait it out and see to it that we follow the guidelines to help the skin, swellling and fat to the best it can. Thank you ladies. There is 15 new pics.....yes I got photo happy....which is a 360 for me since body pictures were a punishment after gaining all that it was so exhilirating to see my beautiful body....thank you Dr. S!!!! May god bless all of you and I will keep posting.

12/22...26 days.....bbl is doing update...

12/22...26 days.....bbl is doing update today is on boob pain.....they feeaking hurt....there is little ingrown bumpies since lay on them....and I squeezed both nipples and cloudy fluid came out...non sticky...just cloudy water. I'm due for my period in ten days.....I'm irregular o periodss though....I'm single....dunno if its upcoming period or me laying on damn much? Any of you have boob pain ? Mine are natural D cups. ?

Thanks everyone.

Oh butt juggles but still harder than softer....but area around garment cutout is soft so it let's it jiggle...its the center that's still firm....all else is peachy.

Its just boobs pain !

12/24 day 28 . All is good. My butt has softened...

12/24 day 28 . All is good. My butt has softened like 50%, it looks rounder....measures 43.5, and has dropped but not all the way. My waist is still 30 and looks great ! I just mainly came in to say Merry Christmas to all of you ! May you enjoy the holiday with your loved ones. I will post pics after new years !

Ciao! Bbl train.

I just had a rant on GueraBooty's page....I...

I just had a rant on GueraBooty's page....I understand her and I am going to post some more here. But first off please know I am giving Dr. Salama a 5 star, A+, 100% grade because this man made the best that he could with me and with many of us out there. This place has become a place where women are getting greedy, they are becoming illusionist and are not comprehending that Dr.S is not a MATTEL factory. Because, guess what, we are made of skin, tissues, fat, water, oils, blood, muscles, etc etc. All of this thinsg behave individually and differently per person. He takes out the max, he is one of the view surgeons in America that performs aggresive lipo and does it like a master! I will vouch for him because since 2011 I was tracking him and 4 other surgeons...and I saw little differences in shaping....all I kept seeing was the same shape but smaller....he marks waistlines like no ther, he sucks flanks dry! and the back fat is the most fiberous due to the ribs and muscles there! And ladies, he will work on everhything else and that is last and sometimes he has reahced his legal can go into shock if too much fat is taken out! Some swear up and down...well so and so looked fatter than me and she looks better and so and so is heavier in weight....weight is BS by the way....,muscle, height and one own's density is different and pictures may make people look bigger than they really are! I looked HUGE and you know what....everyone around me - including myself and the many men that chased me did not think I was fat...they knew I was out of shape but not as horrid as the pics show me to be. I can go on and on.....but stay realistic, stop being greedy and pay attention to before and afters...put them side by side. I went through profiles...copied their pics and saw them side by side and I saw dramatic changes which led me to travel to see this doctor. Two years of work paid off! This man gave me the body of my dreams...yes its not perfect perfect but it was perfect perfect before and I look a million times better now! Please go into thi ssurgery understanding you are not plastic, clay or stone and trust this educated more than qualified artist! He did wonders! Just look at my pics! I will be posting more pics at 8 weeks! I see Dr. S next Wednesday for my 8 week follow up. Also ladies - want the BEST results, he gave you the BEST surgery, now you do the BEST post op care.... the liquids, the vitamins, the diet, the massages, the stretching, no sitting, the garment 23hrs a day, no nookie and then maybe you can comment on some imperefctions but start the surgery expecting some! We are humans people!

As far as myself....i know measure 29' waist and 43' booty! I wear that garment like its my skin! I havent sat! I itch sometimes and yes my flanks and back can burn at times. My boobs get sore sometimes from me laying on them but i have survived. I eat right, I dont drink alcohol or smoke....I moisturize daily....I had a total of 13 massages! 3 with Eyleen and 10 at local surgeons...same masseuse for the 10 massages. Lymphatic and lipo experienced (cosmetic surgeons office just like Salama). I stretch as often as I remember too, i drink water and gatorade, i take vitamis...yes still! I am trying to keep my garment on until Feb 1st which will mean almost 10 weeks! I see Dr. S this coming Wednesday and we will see what he says....I am taking garment off the morning I see him and I see him until 1pm....I want his verdict garmentless for a couple of hours so I show as naturally as possible! I will post pics at 8 weeks...maybe until I am 10 weeks...I dunno. I look the same really...Just maybe 1 inch thinner which on camera hardly shows im sure! I love my little waist and flanks...i have a arched trimmed back and a round plump booty that jiggles! I would say im 70% soft and have 30% to go,,,the inner center I beleive! Thank you all and good luck to everyone on their journeys!


UHHHH. I just measured and I am slightly under...

UHHHH. I just measured and I am slightly under 29' waist and my butt is slightly under 44 ! So HA! I hadn't measured and got curious so before I jumped in shower...checked and viola!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama did an amazing job on me. He really changed my shape dramatically. He countoured my back, trimmed my waist and got RID of my flanks. And my butt is huge! and Its beautifull! It is has great projections, it is round and soft! I am delighter with my results....I asked him to make me one of his masterpieces and that's just what he did! I was very realistic the whole time and he exceeded my expectations. The recovery is hard and can feel eternal but it has been well worth it! This is one of the surgeries that the post op care is as important as the surgery itself and aslong as you can have the discipline you will keep your best results! Good luck everyone and thank you Dr. Salama for making my lifelong wish, come true! Thank you to all the great staff as well, Alex, Ruben, Cynthia, Nomie, Nancy, Eyleen, Celia and more!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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