Cancelled. Didn't proceed with this procedure. BBL Scheduled! I Will Finally Have a Girly Figure! - Miami, FL

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I am a very thin and shapeless woman and was...

I am a very thin and shapeless woman and was fearful that I may be too thin, but it seems my goals don't require large amounts of fat. I am so happy!!!!! I have always had a very boyish figure, particularly from the back. Narrow hips, small butt, no curves! OK from the front but since I put on weight in the middle first and loose it last I always seem to carry a little chub right on my flanks and mid-lower back. This gives me a terrible shape. I can't wait to have the flanks and back fat moved to my bum bum! I will finally have a defined waist and hopefully a bit more perk/roundness to my butt. Doc says he can't guarantee a very noticeable change in the butt itself (but some improvement,just nothing large) due to the amount of fat he will have to work with but can improve the overall shape I am currently working with. I am 37 years old and want this done NOW before I put off being happy with my body any longer! I want to feel good in bathing suits and sexy lingerie for a change. I'm so tired of hiding my backside! I am going to try to put a few pounds on if I can manage just to give more tissue to start with.

awesome result, I hope this can be achieved.

These results are all I can hope for!

New pics with better quality. 65 days and counting...

OK, I'm adding a couple more pics of myself that are better quality than the others. I would love to hear from anyone who has a similar body type and is having or has had this procedure. You can clearly see where i carry all of my excess fat.....right on top of where i need it! No waist!!! Especially from behind... I also have loose skin on my butt with stretch marks from having my son. Hoping this slack skin will be filled in so the stretched skin doesn't look so irregular.

Getting anxious and slightly stressed with the travel and arrangements for surgery..

Getting excited but a little stressed out about all the arrangements to be made. Figuring out the least amount of time I can stay and for the least amount of money. This is very daunting since I'm going it alone. I have managed to gain 3.5 lbs, so that is good. I think I will feel so much better once I have told my clients I'm taking time off, setting the travel dates in stone, buying the plane ticket and deciding where I will stay and who will be helping me out the first 24 hours. After that I think I can fend for myself. Planning it all is so stressful...especially with a super tight budget! Found a new wish pic to post. I really love the shape, I so hope something like this is doable for me. Would love to hear from anyone with words of encouragement, advice, thoughts or even recommendations for lodging and care post procedure in Miami. Thanks in advance!!

Flight we go!!!

OK, I am really doing this!!!! I can hardly believe it! There is definitely a part of me struggling with the vanity aspect of things. I keep thinking about how much money I am spending on changing what nature gave me. Ugh..but nonetheless, I still want it so bad!
Life has been difficult at times, I have been a single mom for the last 18 years and now that my son is 18 I feel like it's time to do something for me..I have always gone without. No manicures or pedis, no hair color (occasionally a box dye), rarely even a cheap haircut, no waxing, no clothing shopping, no nice makeup (wet n wild and low end drugstore makeup for this girl), no facials, no massages. I have gone with out those luxuries and the trade off was totally worth it, I have a wonderful, loving, intelligent son and he is my favorite person in the world. In fact, he is the only one that knows I am getting this done. He encouraged me to do it, if it is what I want and it is! My boyfriend doesn't even's going to be tough to hide it from him but I think my results will be quite subtle so I believe it's possible. I never let him really look at me from behind because I hate my backside view so much I think it will be a turn off. I'm hoping I can convince him that I had an accident to explain the swelling and bruising and that I've been doing fitness routines to build up my butt! I am really nervous about this but I can't bring myself to tell him. Does anyone have experience with keeping this from a boyfriend/partner/husband and getting away with it?? Whoa, this is gonna be interesting! Anyone have any thoughts??

Another wish pic

found another pic to add to my wish list.
I love the shape of this one. Hopeful we can get similar fullness and roundness and similar waist contour. I know I will never have the extreme hour glass shape because there just isn't enough width to my bony structures but this seems like it should be doable! I hope!!!


forgot to add pic!


height: 5'1"
weight: 100lbs (started at 98lbs)
current BMI: 18.9 (my goal is 19.5)
chest: 32.5"
waist: 25.5"
hips: 33.5"

OK, well, I have noticed in my searches that I am constantly searching for people with similar measurements and BMI as mine. I suppose I should post my measurements and BMI for others to compare apples for apples. It's so frustrating being this size and having so few to relate to. How do I find a realistic comparison? Hope I help someone else out down the road with my experience. Gaining weight is so difficult for work requires Cardio....I can't eat enough. I have managed to gain 2 lbs so far that I am sure will stick if I just keep up the eating. I only have 30 days to gain more. Hoping to manage a 5 lb gain before surgery. Keeping that 5 lbs on after surgery will be the trick but I'm determined. :-) Hope my journey can help someone! I feel alone in this at the moment.

Feeling stressed...wish docs office would touch base with me.

Well, I need to vent. I have become frustrated with my doctors office. I have called twice now and have yet to receive a return call. I have not been given any info on how to prepare for my procedure, supplements to start, what to bring, what not to take (medication wise)....really have gotten no info from them at all since scheduling. They were really great and quick to correspond when I was in the consultation, scheduling and paying process but since then it has seemingly become more difficult to get my inquiries addressed. Even just to assure me that something is coming soon....ugh. I sent an email to them today basically saying that it leaves me with the impression that I am no longer important now that they have my money. I'm sure the office is just very busy and they have things on their own internal schedule but I would like to know what to expect. I want to shop around for products needed, figure out where I'm staying, start supplements, stop any meds I shouldn't be taking, arrange for my transportation, etc. My procedure is on September 27 and that is really soon!!!! I'm getting nervous and not being prepared is really stressing me out more! I'm putting my life in their hands and don't want to feel like a number. Sheesh! Maybe it's just nerves....

Feeling so much better!!! Dr. Tachmes himself responded to my email last night!

I am so impressed. I was getting all in a tizzy last night feeling unprepared...(the reality of September being here freaked me out) and upset that the staff had not returned my calls yet and Dr. Tachmes sent me a reply last night! On a holiday weekend! Telling me I would be getting a call tomorrow. I have a renewed respect for him now. I feel so relieved and reassured. Like I said before, I know things get busy and they probably have a schedule of when they send out info to patients but I am a little OCD and like to study my instructions! I also prefer to prepare as soon as possible! If I had it my way I would have everything purchased and packed already!

Tachmes office really have reassured me! They are great!

I feel silly for getting so stressed...but it is almost here and I just don't FEEL ready. That is soon to change. Every question I had has been answered! I got a call from Tina first thing this morning. She kindly reassured me that they care very much about each one of their patients and if I ever call again and don't get called back that day that I should send her an email, as she has access to her email much more readily than Belkis (since she is in surgery with the doc) and can often respond more quickly. So sweet, Tina really is fantastic. She has a way of putting a person at ease and I appreciate that. Now I have all the pre-op info, what to stop taking, tests that need to be done, clearance stuff, consent forms and things I need to fill out and send back, some to print out and bring with...OK, got a lot of prep to do in the next few weeks. Knowing is half the battle!!! Time to tackle my task list one by one!

18 days till surgery!!!!

I can't believe it's so soon!!!! I feel like I still have so much to do!
I have already started packing/shopping. So far I have packed:
2 plastic shower liners for hotel bed.
2 large flat sheet (for on top of plastic liner)
benadryl pills and spray
antibacterial wipes
gauze pads
medical tape
chux pad
meal replacement shakes (I expect these to be an easy way to nourish my body when feeling icky first 24-48 hours)
crystal light packets (to encourage fluid intake..when water gets boring!)
face wipes
Waiting on my shipments that include:
Arnica tablets
half round foam roller to sit on in airplane and in cabs
robe (cheapy one that I can afford to bleed on)
Aero-Cel face cushion (for sleeping face down)

Next I need to go print out all the consent forms (loads of them!) and sign them so I can bring them with me on the flight.
Then it's off to the doctor to get my exam and tests for medical clearance.
After that I have to pick up my prescriptions and reserve my hotel.
Can't do any of that till I get paid tomorrow....
Hard to believe this is happening! I keep looking at my body and trying to imagine what I might look like with a little butt...and with a waist! So excited!
Anything I have overlooked? Suggestions??

This is starting to look like a bust...

I went to the walk in clinic to get my medical clearance and labs done today and after 2.5 hours of waiting and getting blood drawn I was sent away with nothing. Right in the middle of the EKG (right after getting the sticky things on me) the doctor came and stopped the test. Said he needed to talk to me. It turns out he did not want to be responsible for clearing me for surgery. I called my old doctors office and was told a similar thing, that the doctor may not be willing to give clearance for a surgery done out of state. I understand but I am so annoyed! I thought this was not a big deal and I was told that lots of the people coming in from out of state just go to walk in clinics for the medical clearance. Particularly when it comes to not having insurance. I had to shop around for a while to find an office that could do it for a price I could afford. I only have two weeks till my scheduled date and now it looks like I may have to cancel. I assume I will be refunded the full amount. This certainly is not something that I have any control over. I am so pissed....frustrated....disappointed...and OUT OF TIME. I will not have time to look around the city for someone that is willing to take the responsibility of clearing me for surgery. UGH!!!!!!!

Cancelled last night/today

Sadly I had to cancel my surgery. After the situation with the walk in clinic yesterday and a conversation with the last doctor I saw for my asthma, giving medical clearance is not something taken lightly in my area. After talking to the doctor that turned me down yesterday I certainly understand his position. It is a big responsibility and he basically told me that he really wants me to have a safe surgery but does not know my medical status well enough to feel confident giving the OK. It makes sense.
I got a call from Dr. Tachmes operating room manager this morning offering to call the office that I went to yesterday but it really won't do any good. I am super upset....months of anticipation and it ends like this. Not to mention the wasted plane ticket and time off I have scheduled....Lots of money down the drain.
I really wish I had been given all the forms and info about what I needed to do on my end much sooner than 10 days ago. Not enough time.
My advise to anyone planning surgery:
Make sure the doc you are scheduled with communicates to you a couple months in advance what you need to do to prepare. Planning and preparing takes time, especially if you have any medical conditions. Laws are different in different states. I have had general anesthesia here in this state and don't recall my well controlled asthma being an issue but in Florida I was told it is state law to treat it as a pre-existing medical condition and require a medical history and medical clearance. This is why my surgery is not going to work least not this time around.
Well, next time I am able to manage some time off (I am the sole worker in my own new business) at least I will know what I need to be prepared. This is so lame and I am so deflated (my buttocks and my mood!)

So far I have been VERY pleased with my experience. Great staff, love Tina the surgery coordinator. Super helpful! They have been great at communicating with me and letting me know what can realistically be accomplished. In fact, Dr Tachmes spoke to me on the phone himself today and was very kind, reassuring and took his time with me. I never felt rushed. I feel like communication is very important to this team and I really appreciate this.

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