BBL July 2016. Miami, FL

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Hi ladies! I'm so excited I just secured my...

Hi ladies! I'm so excited I just secured my surgery date for a BBL . I'll be going to Dr Salama in Miami. First I should introduce myself....I'm 5'9 and 150 lbs. The doctors I contacted consider me a "thinner" patient, their words. So Dr Salama said for best results gain 10-12 lbs. I've researched a lot lately on pre surgery weight gain, should I or shouldn't I? Will the fat transfer last? I'm planning to gain around 15 lbs lol I want a bigger booty! Besides that's what my doctor says to do for the best results. I'll keep you posted as the lbs pack on. Thankfully I usually gain in my torso, right where he'll be doing the lipo. Last year in April I had a BA with 550 UHP silicone implants, I love them! Now I'd like to balance out my frame with nice hips and booty. I'm going to put up a few pics of me with my current shape. Bossbish47 out ;)

Consult w/ Dr Salama

Hi bbl sistas, I had the opportunity to tag along with my husband on a business trip to miami last week. So while in town I was able to visit Dr Salama in Aventura. It was about a 40 minute drive from South Beach. I had previously only had a virtual consult with the doctor with pictures. I am already booked for surgery but wanted him to examine me and advise me on weight gain. His office is in a medical building on the third floor it was very nice and clean. After signing in I only waited around 5 minutes before being called back and changed into a gown. Dr Salama came in roughly 15 min later. He is very personable and professional. He asked me what brought me in and I said that I had questions about the bbl procedure and he replied well I have answers to your yes he was funny. He examined me from the back sort of poking and pinching my booty, stomach, and sides. He said that I have loose skin on my butt which would be good for my results but that I had a short butt cheek so he could only fit so much into that space. I asked how many cc's he thought that he could fit and he said he wouldn't know till surgery but he tries to put at least 1000 per side. He asked what I wanted and I said as big as he could give me and he laughed and said every patient says that. He addressed my tummy only by saying that he wouldn't take all the fat from that area explaining I'm not getting any younger and he wouldn't want loose skin after lipo. Which happens to be my biggest concern. I asked about my weight, he had suggested that I gain 10-12 lbs from my pics but in person he said just 5lbs. He did suggest adding my arms which surprised me because I feel like my arms are fairly muscular. I'm still undecided with that. He spent detailed time talking about recovery period and what to expect. I realize by talking to him and reading on RS that doing the massages, wearing the foams and garments are very important to your end results. The consult went well, I feel comfortable going forward with the surgery. After seeing the doctor my husband and I met Nancy and Cynthia which are both very nice. I'm going to gain around 8 more lbs. I'm currently 152 at 5'9. So I guess I'm tall with a short butt lol. I'd love to hear from ladies my size???
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