BBL Round 2 with Dr.Salama - Miami, FL

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I had my first BBL done in 2012 with Dr.Salama. ...

I had my first BBL done in 2012 with Dr.Salama. He changed my life! He is an absolute artist with his work. I went from 40 inches on my hips to a full 45 inches after surgery and stayed that way. I made sure to eat and maintain the transferred fat. I decided to go for round two after completing nursing school where I gained over 20lb and abnormalities became more prominent. im at a full 47 inches around my hips. Ao i just want to improve the shape and fix the abnormailities. So here I am! Another gift to myself. I have my pre-op pics posted. Soon to come are my post op. Round 2 here we go!

Post op. Day 1

So I've read reviews where girls say the second BBL is not nearly as bad as the 1st BBL... ummm noooo. Lol it's absolute hell. At least for me it is. The pain and stiffness, the drains that were put in again, the getting up every two hours, my bed looks like a mascre happened... it's just as bad, maybe worse because I bled so much. But every hour gets better and that's how I'm taking it right now....

Tips and tricks for newbies:
Get a cup to pee in. A cup that will fit snug around the entire vulva. The pee hole in this suit is really small and if you don't use a cup you might wet yourself. Its easier if you stand up and pee in the cup and then dump the pee in the toilet waaaaay easier.

Bring extra ace bandages and gauze if you're gonna lipo your arms. The leakage of serosangenous fluid is constant and I'm a mess right now.

Extra compression stockings would be great right about now too.

Sponge bath supplies came in handy for down there.

Ask for extra sheets and towels in your hotel room and keep stocked in your room before you get your surgery.

Take your pain meds before they're due. Don't wait for the pain to hit otherwise you'll be in tears.

Make sure your room has a microwave and a fridge. Eat protein rich foods every 2 hours when you get up to walk. Its the protein that will aide on rapid healing. Also healthy carbs. Bananas are great because they have K+ which will aide in blood coagulation and minimize bleeding.

That's all I can think of for now...

Didn't take pics today. Not even worth it or valuable to anyone reading this. Just know that they stuffed me full of foam and gauze and I look 3x the size I really am. No significant bruising and my ass is the size of Texas right now with all the swelling. And I can't bend down cuz they stuffed me so much. Cant wait to change this suit I'm wearing.

Day 2-3 post op

Day 2 was better. Still did nothing but sleep eat and take meds. took my 1st shower after the dressing Change. It wasn't as brutal as I thought it would be. Took some pics. My ass is huge. And Salama did an amazing job at contouring my body and giving me the curves I asked for. Day 3 was so much better. Didn't need percocets or the anti nausea meds today. Mostly ate and slept. My shower was heaven today. Maybe I'll take a walk outside tonight. One thing though I have to mention is the tape that was on my butt. Salama did some lipo on my lower butt cheeks to get rid of some droopiness I had and I had to have the foam taped to that part of my butt. when I went to remove the tape it took my skin off right with it! Very painful and the scar is gonna be ugly. :/ so make sure you guys walk with oil to remove any tape from the skin, which is so fragile after this procedure. My blood drainage isn't as much as it was before. But I'm still thirsty and hungry all the time. so far so good. Besides the tape incident.

Day 4 post op

Was back to normal today. Hardly any pain or nausea. I can walk faster. I was able to sit on my boppy pillow and eat at a restaurant. Sometimes I still get dizzy but if I hydrate and eat I usually feel better right away. I was at the beach all day today. I didnt get in the water though. Imagine if my drains floated away? Lol it was nice amd relaxing though. The most annoying part of this is finding a comfortable position to lay in and these stupid drains, and having to pee all the time. Besides that it hasn't been too bad. The first 3 days were the worst. a small price to pay for a perky pumpkin booty. Lol definitely worth all the suffering. I'll post pics in a week when some of the swelling has gone down.

Week 1 post op

Had my 1st massage with Ivis on day 5. She was amazing and really worked with me. She's also very knowledgable about the aftercare for this procedure. Gave really good advice. The massage was tolerable and not as painful as I thought it would be. It actually felt good getting rid of trapped fluid. Still very stiff and walking like a turtle though. The plane ride home took a toll on me. I stood up for the 2 hour ride and my legs were elephant sized and paining me when we landed. I was feeling sick and weak after the plane ride. This week was a very hard slow looooong week. Being at home though definitely makes it more bearable. Im posting new pics today. My butt has rounded out nice and the swelling has gone down some. I'm very happy with the results so far. Its exactly what I asked for. My next post will be in a month.

4 weeks post op

So its been a pain in the ass this whole process. Sleeping on my stomach. The tenderness and constant discomfort. I'm happy that it's almost over. But it's been worth it. I look amazing. My ass is nice and round and all my muscles are startimg to show through. Dr. Salama sculpted me like a barbie. He even gave me side boobs the way he sculpted the fat along my bra line. I see definition of abs coming in and my back muscles are showing through as well as my triceps. Looks like ive been hitting the gym all year instead of overworking myself at work. Lol

I've been giving myself massages daily. I use coconut oil with firm massage and a rolling pin. Lol it sounds silly but its worked wonders. I do the lyphatic drainage myself and I've had wonderful results. Its painful but Ive made a routine of it. I take a long hot shower, take some pain killers, put on my tv show and massage myself for an hour every day with some stretching afterwards to relieve the stiffness.

I almost have all my strength back and I can't wait to hit the gym to perfect what Salama has done for me. He truly is an artist and I couldn't be happier.

My waist has shrunk to 31 inches. Before surgery it was 35. My hips have stabled out at 49 inches. Prior to surgery they we're 46. My ass no longer looks oversized and swollen as it did at 51 inches after surgery. Lol so happy I don't have that grandma butt anymore. It looks perfect now. swelling continues to go down in the lipo areas. Excited to see how I continue to heal.

I've been eating about 2000 calories or more a day to keep the transferred fat happy. Ill keep that up for another 2 weeks when it's permanently settled then I'll go on a maintenance diet.

What a journey ladies. Ill be back in a month. I'm posting more pics today.
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He's amazing! He takes his time and really knows his work. He's an expert at what he does and has a great sense of humor too. Very professional, and his team members are just as great. Couldn't ask for better.

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