2nd Round BBL with Dr Mcadoo - Miami, FL

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Hi ladies! I'm doing my 2nd bbl next week and I'm...

Hi ladies! I'm doing my 2nd bbl next week and I'm beyond excited and a little nervous. Ok so I had a bbl done last year in December. It was in Houston, TX with Dr. Cortes. My procedure with him was $10,500. A lot right?! So I just knew I'd be looking amazing after all that money spent. Well boy wasn't I wrong! I mean he did do a little bit, but not much. He left fat pockets all over my stomach and my butt not as big as I wanted. He didn't seem to really care when I went to consult an told him what my goal was. He was nice but just seemed he had so many other patients to get to so I was just a check off his busy list. Long story short, his staff, very rude. Didn't care about me after surgery was done. I still to this day don't know how many cc's he injected into my butt. Ladies we spend a lot of money on these type of procedures, we deserve to be treated good and well taken care of before and after procedure. But anyway...I started researching a lot of doctors and came across Mcadoo. I've read so many reviews good and bad but that's with any surgeon. I'm really hoping Mcadoo can work some type of magic on me an fix my problem areas and give me that nice rump I've been looking for. I finished paying off my surgery yesterday an I'll be staying at a recovery house 5 days in Miami. I had my surgery scheduled last week but after labs from my doctor, my iron level was a little low. It was 10.8 and my coordinator from mcadoos office said try to get it up to 11.5. Ladies I've been trying everything under the sun to get this iron level up. Any suggestions? I have Floridex! I have iron pills as well. Also any other advice you ladies can give me? I am so nervous. I've never been on a plane so that's freaking me out as well lol...anything important I need to remember to pack? Any Mcadoo vets? Please let me know! Thanks ladies I'll keep you updated!

Info about me

I'm sorry I left out my story lol. I'm 28 yr old mother of 1 son. I'm 5'10 and weigh 235 lbs. so yea I'm on the tall an big side lol I've heard Mcadoo does his best work on big girls. I'm hoping so because I really need this. I haven't been able to wear my stomach out due to the fact that Cortes messed it up. Love handles still there an butt is droopy. But hey work your magic doctor. I'm patiently waiting.

Labs today

Ok ladies wish me luck! I had my lab work repeated today. My iron level was at a 10.8 last Tuesday. I bought iron supplements pill and liquid form. I drank a bottle of floridex per my coordinator. I ate liver yesterday and I've been taking iron pills twice a day. Also drinking orange juice and water. I really need this test to come back at least 11.5. I'm suppose to have my surgery this Saturday! Flying out to Miami Friday. Fingers crossed ladies, pray for ya girl!

Labs update!

Soooooooo drum roll ladies?!?! I went from 10.8 to 12.1 for hemoglobin in ONE week!! Don't let anyone tell you it can't be done. Thank you all for your prayers and good luck vibes! I can't wait until Friday. Let's get bootified!! I'm ready to be snatched lol Miami here I come!!! Countdown!! I'm so happy ladies... I was scared all week praying I was clear!!

Wide awake!

I can't sleep at all I'm so excited and nervous all over. Flight leaves Houston at 7am tomorrow! Miami, here I come!!


I'm here yaayyyyy! I survived the plane ride. First time ever an I was beyond scared lol


Ladies! Make sure you have extra money on hand! Outside of surgery I have to get 3 lovenox shots, lipo foam an board. I had a faja that fits extremely tight on me from prior surgery but of course they want you to buy theirs. Insurance $280. Urine analysis clearly done but today nowhere to be found in my file so I have to repeat it smh. Ugh! But Mcadoo? Very nice and funny. He ask what I want, I showed him pics! He made me laugh the whole time! I'm sure he'll get me what I want or at least close to. Anyways still here, been here since 2:00pm


I'm ready!

Today is the day!

Time to get bootified ladies!! I couldn't sleep at all..up all night like a little kid lol
Headed to Seduction ????

Here we go! Prayers up!

Made it to Bootyville!

Thanks to all of you ladies for your prayers and support I really appreciate it. I made it thru surgery I am in excruciating pain but soon as I'm able I will update yall on everything an pictures!

Update Post op day 1 after surgery

Okay ladies sorry I was in so much pain yesterday I couldn't update yall. So I'll give you the rundown:
Surgery scheduled for 7, got there about 6:30..immediately they took me back and told me to give a urine sample so they can check for test. Did that an it was negative of course. Got dressed then Mcadoo came an got me took me in the next room where he marked my body up and take pictures. Very funny the whole time. Then went back in the other room they check my blood pressure which was fine...anesthesiologist came in gave me a run down on what's going to happen. Sat another 45 minutes then nurse came an got me, took me in the surgery room. Anesthesiologist took my blood pressure again, said it was high an ask if I was nervous. I told her very very nervous. I saw nurses and another doctor but I didn't see McAdoo. I ask Is he the one still doing my surgery but they assured me he was. I couldn't understand why there was another doctor in there getting all suited up. But next thing you know I was out then woke up in so much pain. They had me laying on my butt I immediately ask them can I flip over an so I did. Laying on butt is a no no so idk why they did that. Nurse kept checking my blood pressure it was still high which is so crazy to me, never had blood pressure problems. They gave me medicine thru iv to help it come down. After an hour or so the driver came to pick me up. They put me in wheelchair rolled me out. I fell asleep in van but when I woke up it was blood everywhere an not just little blood. I was terrified. Ladies! It is so important to get your blood count up an iron. I see why now. It was like a pint of blood laying under me coming from everywhere. I thought I was going to bleed to death. Got to recovery house. Had to immediately sit down because I was hot and felt dizzy. Thought I would faint. My roommates are so awesome they have helped me with literally everything. Caregiver fed me soup twice, took meds then laid down. It's been so hard to get up and down an use the bathroom. I was bleeding still like crazy. I have lost so much blood. Sorry if I grossed y'all out I just want you ladies to be prepared. My first bbl I did not bleed nothing like this. So this morning meds are wearing off, hard to get in an out of bed. Stomach is hurting more and I feel so much pressure in my butt. Wasn't able to go get my first massage because they are closed today so I'll be going in the morning. Thanks again ladies for all your support. An I do see a change in my body, I can't wait to heal and see results. I'll post pics today

Right after leaving surgery

Laying down in van yesterday. I see small waist. Big butt. There's some kind of tissue and stuff above my butt thats y it looks that way


Any of you ladies know the difference between an Ab board and Binder? They put the garment on me yesterday but I don't have the ab board or the binder that I also purchased. Hopefully tomorrow I receive both of them but I'm not sure what they even are. Any help ladies? Thanks!


Yesterday after surgery

2 days post op in recovery home

I see a difference. Butt poking lol my massage felt pretty good today. Took some of the pain away. I'm due for 2 massages before my flight tomorrow so we'll see how that goes

Headed home

Headed back home to Texas ladies wish me luck on this flight! I'm scared, hope I don't mess up my butt too much. I have pillow an it seems to be doing the trick so far!

Pics 4 days post op

Day 4. Still very swollen, bruised, an a little bit of pain but I'm better overall. Here's a pic front an back of McAdoo's work.


More pics


Soooo I called seduction yesterday because I need instructions on how to remove my drain. Spoke with someone an she said she has me on the list of "Patients" to call on Saturday for removal of drain. Ok so I'm thinking she's going to call today, no call. I call them an the office is closed. Omg I'm so tired of seduction I do not recommend them to anyone man. The madness I've endured with them over the last two weeks and the recovery home. So now I'm researching how to remove this stupid drain. Can anyone help me out with instructions??

Drain removed

Big thanks to my recovery sis and her friend. They coached me over the phone how to remove my drain and now it's over! I did feel pressure an a pinch of pain but overall it was nothing lol...without them I would've freaked out an went to the hospital! No thanks to Seduction today, didn't even call smh

7 days post op Picture

Dr McAdoo really did a good job on my waist and back, I am impressed so far. I just hope I don't lose too much booty! I'm still eating healthy with a lot of protein. I had pizza today tho lol

Stomach blues

Ok so I found 2 of these lumps on my stomach. At first I was freaking out but my good surgery buddy/friend calmed me down. Massaging and applying pressure to the area will help it go down. I'm relieved! I'm constantly running cocoa butter over my body after showering. Massaging my stomach as well. So hopefully everything is good and my results continue to improve. As well as my friends!! Lol we gone be fine sis!


So I'm back at work. Not sitting on butt although I have once but it hurts! Anyway..Lump still in stomach but going down. I'm still swollen an hurting when I massage my stomach. I sleep most of the time on my stomach at night, an thru the day I lay in lawn chair with butt out. I can see I've lost a little volume in my butt which is expected so I'm not tripping on that. I just want my stomach to continue to go down.

More pics

4days post op vs 17 days post op

Waist slimming down!!

Now I'm able to wear my waist trainer over my garment with ab board. I couldn't breath in it a few days ago now it fits great! Still Ok with my butt..my main focus is my waist! Pics today
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