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I am 5"1 weigh 140 (it doesn't look as...

I am 5"1 weigh 140 (it doesn't look as bad as it sounds) lol I have always been fairly curvy but I would like to excentuate my curves a LOT more. I have tried the gym and every ab/butt work out known to man kind but nothing has given me the curves that I desire. So I have decided to see a PS.

Today I saw Dr. Perry to determine the best way to get the look that I want ( I thought in would have to get a tummy tuck) thankfully Dr Perry said a TT is unnecessary and a bit extreme for some one my age (25yrs) and size. I showed him my "wish pics" and he told me that a BBL would achieve the look I have in my mind. On the down side I would like a LOT of junk in my trunk lol however Dr perry says I may not have much fat to transfer bc of my size (I would like 900cc but he says that is highly unlikely) he thinks I will be more along 600cc each cheek hopefully!

I was quoted around $5700 idknif anesthesia is included but I'm waiting on a call from his assistant Norma to get all the details.

I plan to see dr Moises salma on feb 8 to get a 2nd opinion and I will make my decision from there. I have never had any type of surgery befor so any tips/advice are greatly appreciated :)

:( having such a delima... I am literally stalking...

:( having such a delima... I am literally stalking this and dr perry's website lol. I am 100% in love with the silhouette dr perry provides! He Sinchs the waist of his patients and gives a perfect hour glass which is exactly what I want! But I also want volume which I don't see much of... Idk which is more important to me :/ i want Both!

Please excuse me real self family I guess I'm just anxious and rambling lol

Now I'm a little annoyed I saw dr perry...

Now I'm a little annoyed I saw dr perry (consultation) a week ago and I've called his office the last 2days to get a Final quote but his assistant tells me she will call back then I never receive a call!
She says they need to come up with " office fees"... I didnt realize office fees varied with each patient ;( ... I'm really getting turned off with a week waiting & 2days calling. Maybe I'm just anxious but this is on my nerves.

On a high not mybconsultation with dr salama is next week and I'm really looking forward to it since this thing with perry has not come together at all.

Anyway I will try to update more before pics since I plan on my bbl being in march which will be here in no time.
I would really appreciate if any of you could provide a list ofnitems you purchased to prepare for surgery. Thanks in advance!

Ok SO excited! Just got off of the phone with dr...

Ok SO excited! Just got off of the phone with dr perry (not his assistant but the Dr himself) I already had my face to face consultation with him, and I had a few more questions so he called me directly to address my concerns. I think it's Amazing when the dr finds time to speak with his patient directly

Anyway he says we will be able to get around 900cc per cheek. He also says that he prefers not to do drains, he leaves the wound partially open to allow a natural drainage. He feels that drains leave you open for infection and causes more scaring, and he prefers not to use them. Also his method encourages a speedy healing however the massages are a must specifically in the first 2weeks post op. Meaning if you can only afford to do 8 massages it's best to concentrate those massages in the 2 weeks post op as appose to spreading them out over a month.

My final quote is $5600 includes anesthesia, office/clinic fees, one garment, and follow up appointments. I'm scheduled for march 1st which is only a month away (aaaaaahhhhh!) lol I'm literally jumping with joy right now lol :D

I will keep you all posted... Ttyl

In preparation for my bbl I went to slender bodies...

In preparation for my bbl I went to slender bodies boutique tomget my garment. I saw another member Danielle01 here on real self with this garment and the plates to go with it & her results are amazing! I will post pics of the garment

Other things that I plan to buy for surgery are

-electric heating pad ( for lipo areas mainly for back discomfort)
-Large sweat pants
-Large tights/leggings (to fit over the new big booty) lol
-Swiss kriss laxatives
-Iron pills
-Water pills (for excess fluid/bloating)
-Hand held massager
-Bath robe
-Baby wipes (when doing #2)
-Slender bodies garment & plates (can purchase online at
-Funnel & large restaurant cup poke hole in bottom (this is to keep urine off of garment in case funnel doesn't work)
-Maderma scar cream & neurosporn
-Dermoplast (antibacterial pain relieving spray)
-Tank tops tomwear under garment (prevent skin irritation)
-Pre schedule 10 deep tissue massages (4 firstweek, 4 second week, 2 third week)
-Bottled water

If I'm forgetting anything please let me know


Do NOTuse a heating pad of any kind after bbl
I heard from another bbl patient that bit relaxed her however I spoke to my ps and he advised against it. I also posted this question on real self for doctors response and they confirmed that heating pad is not amgood idea on any part of the body bc some parts of the body may be numb so you won't feel if the pad is too hot and you could burn yourself.

Sorry for the confusion ladies. Again Do Not Use Heating Pad

Well I have made up my mind and i am 100% going...

well I have made up my mind and i am 100% going with Dr. Wendell Perry! lol it took forever but my hubby and i both felt very comfortable with dr. perry and im sure that i will be in good hands

today i took the time to look up Dr. Perry (credentials/certifications) to be sure that he is who he says he is lmbo and everything checked out! I would advise EVERYONE considering surgery to check your doctors certifications (your life is in their hands)
if you live in florida here is a link to the site i used to check my doc

also a lot of doctors claim to be "board certified" and from what i've gathered the primary certification that you should look for is The American Board Of Plastic Surgery (this is a MUST HAVE) no matter what state you are in the following web site should work for you it's
well thats all for now Real salf family Happy Healing

by the way 22 days until my BBL :)

Just I'd put my pre op measurements: 36 31 40

Just I'd put my pre op measurements: 36 31 40

Bad news! I may have to switch my surgery date to...

Bad news! I may have to switch my surgery date to march 16 bc I won't have anyone to help me during recovery for march 1
:"(. This freaking sucks! I'm already anxious and having to push the date back is making feel worse. I'm concerned that the longer in wait I may just talk myself out of surgery all together.

My dreams of having the surgery are falling apart...

My dreams of having the surgery are falling apart at the seams!!! First of all I assumed that incould get squeezed in for the march 16 since I can't do march 1 well they're booked the entire month of march bc I waited to long to get back to confirm my date (had to wait on my job to approve time off) now can't get it until APRIL!!! I'm sooo sad right now. I have tests that week of April so idk if I can accept the April surgery now.

Does anyone know if it's realistic to try and go to school for 1 hr at 5 days post op?

Ok so I switched up to dr m salama I made my...

Ok so I switched up to dr m salama I made my deposit and set my bbl date to April 16. I'm SO excited. Immade the switch bc dr s just had more reviews and support regarding his reviews and I was really comfortable in salamas facility. I have nothing against perry I just wanted a little more evidence of work (customer reviews)

I was reading my info and noticed typo with my...

I was reading my info and noticed typo with my measurements
34 31 40
Counting down to bbl 9 weeks :)

Just a waiting game right now. I have gained some...

Just a waiting game right now. I have gained some weight not on purpose though.minthink the anticipation of the surgery has me on end and I've gained a lil something

I have 3 weeks until my big day I've decided to re...

I have 3 weeks until my big day I've decided to re instate my jogging routine every morning until my bbl. I figure it's good to get my heart and blood pumpin instead of just sitting around

I've gained about 10 lbs give or take. My bottom measurements have gone from 40 to 42.

One more thing. My goal measurements after BBL are...

One more thing. My goal measurements after BBL are 34-26-46

So I just wrapped up my shopping. Got all my...

So I just wrapped up my shopping. Got all my supplies and about 10 sun dresses. I refuse to run around in nothing but sweat pants especially in this heat lol so I have some cute flare sun dresses that will conceal the garment and still look fierce ;D

Ok 8 days until my bbl and I'm excited and nervous...

Ok 8 days until my bbl and I'm excited and nervous times 10!!! I just went on e bay and bought an under bust steel wire corset $58. I've done some reading and a corset will apply as much pressure as I choose (by pulling the strings to tighten) and I don't have to keep purchasing garments bc the corset is adjustable & it will give the extreme hour glass shape (I will wear a t shirt beneath it to protect sensitive skin) I will only have to replace it once my waist is smaller than 24inch. Also I plan to have lipo to my thighs and Im going to wrap them in ace bandages to apply pressure since I won't be wearing a full body garment.

If you have insurance find a physical therapist in...

if you have insurance find a physical therapist in your network that does lymphatic massage call your insurance find out if you have a co payments or deductible for physical therapy. if you need a prescription for physical therapy doctor S will give you one. it took me 1 hour to do this and I SAVED $100

Omg 2days until my surgery and I'm so freaking...

Omg 2days until my surgery and I'm so freaking excited i was nervous but I'm so
f-ing over all this extra weight I put on (10 lbs) for this surgery! I'm ready to get rid of the belly and increase this ass to the MAX

Surgery is less than 24 hrs away I'm scheduled for...

Surgery is less than 24 hrs away I'm scheduled for 11 am tomorrow :D... The only thing I'm not looking forward to is not eating or drinking after midnight! I always eat breakfast so this will be hard

Also I decided to add inner thigh lipo for additional $400. I paid in full during pre op on the 12th

Ugh I can't sleep! Too excited! 12 hrs until bbl

Ugh I can't sleep! Too excited! 12 hrs until bbl

So I'm counting down 3 1/2 hrs until my bbl but I...

So I'm counting down 3 1/2 hrs until my bbl but I have to go to school and take a test then I'm off to drive these few hrs to Miami. My fiancé keeps asking me why I'm so excited "their poking you with a stick to suck out fat! That's scary" lmao thats what he said to me (rolling my eyes) I'm tierd of looking and feeling this way so &gym hasn't given me the results I want soooo... This surgery is something I'm doing just for me and my happiness :D



well I had my surgery yesterday it took 4 1/2 hrs. I didn't feel anything during but when I woke up I felt like I'd been hit with a ton of bricks. Dizzy nauseous crying and in shock. Thank god for my fiancé. I will get him to post pics bc I still feel weak. The worst is the back pain. And every time I try to lift myself up off my stomach it feel like something's ripping through my upper abs. Also my but is filled to the brim and hurts as if my skin is being street he'd to the max.

My fiance took the pics earlier and they werent so...

my fiance took the pics earlier and they werent so great lol so here are some without the depends

I got a good look at my butt without the garment...

I got a good look at my butt without the garment and I'm still crying . Its completely fucked up! My ass looks deformed. I asked dr Salama for a round butt with ALL emphasis on projection that man did not Give me what I asked for he put some huge disgusting "shelf " at the top it looks like a hump I'm my butt and then he left everything else flat! He made my ass wide and flat I feel gross. I just had my fiancé to take all the dresses I bought for recovery back to the store and exchange them for sweat pants and t shirts . I'm freaking devastated $6000 and I don't even want to see myself naked

Hay ladies im 5 days I have my drains removed...

hay ladies im 5 days I have my drains removed tomorrow and I will take and post pics then. I'm still very swollen and uncomfortable Iv had 3 massages all of then hurt like hell but I'm pushing through. I have another massage tomorrow ( Iv had one everyday since Wednesday) I plan to do them every other day until I reach 10 then I will go once a week for 3months.

Current measurements: waist 31 bottom 46.5

I had my drains removed today it wasnt painful at...

i had my drains removed today it wasnt painful at all but im so happy to have thoes things out!

im still very swollen i really dont think much swelling has gone down at all except for my butt the "shelf" that caused me to go on a tangent lol has gone down and looks 100% better Dr Salama really does know what hes doing. he saw something in my shape that i didnt and created a beautiful new body for me :D

i am having trouble getting stiff when i walk. please tell me if any of you know how to get rid of or ease thatt stiff feeling in legs and lower back... thanks

Hay ladies! Last night I switched to a smaller...

Hay ladies! Last night I switched to a smaller garment the one problem I found was that the hole at the bottom does not extend to my va-jay jay so it was a hassle when i try to pee. To resolve this my fiancé took some scissors and cut the front of the garment to expose my va-jay jay (he cut it while my garment was on) he was SO scared LMBO down there talking to my lady parts y'all LMBO "aww man I don't wanna hurt u what is I'm gone do wit out you" lmao he had me crying laughing

On another note a few people asked about the place and price for my massage
It's called massage envy and it's $450 for 10 massages

(8days post) Went shopping for pants for work...

(8days post) Went shopping for pants for work today and had to buy a size 16-18 with elastic waist just to fit over my hips and butt! Yes ladies it's that serious lol my fiancé keeps saying DAYUM what did you do? Smh I must buy elastic band to fit my waist better but it's still too big on my waist bc waist to butt ratio is 31 & 46.5 big difference

My butt is still hard so I know it's going to go down more I can't believe it's still this big lol I'm happy though I hope it doesnt change much

One more thing. You must prepare yourself for the sideways stares... Wearing my garment my waist appears even smaller and butt even bigger so people stare like crazy it's a little uncomfortable :/

(10days post) yesterday was my first day back to...

(10days post) yesterday was my first day back to work and it was hell. I've heard that the first 10 days are the most important innterms of not sitting so I'm finally there! I will continue to try not to sit but I don't know about going 4weeks like some women that a bit much for me.

Does anyone know how long before the permeant bbl result will appear? Like what ever I'm left with at 2weeks is that my final volume/projection? Or is there more shrinking after that?

(12days post) I went to a family outing and my ass...

(12days post) I went to a family outing and my ass was the talk if the town. Im still in shock at how my family and friends reacted. I didn't tell them that I had my butt done I acted surprised that my butt was bigger. I really didn't know what to say to explain my new measurements

What do you ladies who have had your bbl tell people who notice your difference in butt size?

side note: my butt is still big from 46.5 to 46 inch it's starting to get soft in certain spots. My waist has not changed at all I wish my waist was smaller but I guess it will get there in time.
I'm not as sore I'm feeling a lot better still have occasional pain but not as bad as before

(17 days post) not much to tell. im feling better...

(17 days post) not much to tell. im feling better except for the mornings i wake up with my entire body feeling like day one almost everyday and nothing short of two pain pills resolves the issue. but after the 2 pills i go back to sleep and wake up feeling brand new. im still getting my massages once a week now and they help relax my body (i only have a few massages left)

onto more serious matters. for thoes wondering about intamicy after bbl... its not too bad ya cant lay on your back so your very limited in terms of positions lol anyway my fiance was getting crazy with anticipation so i laid down ground rules no laying on my back and no touching my butt i told him if he wants the cookies he cant touch my booty lmbo he understood where i was coming from so we had no problems

ttyl bbl sisters feel free to ask me anything

(4weeks post) i haven't been on here by I wasnt...

(4weeks post) i haven't been on here by I wasnt feeling well. I still don't feel 100% in terms of pain. My skin feels raw on my belly and lower back so i have a constant discomfort (not pain just intense discomfort). Also my belly and back are still very tight so standing up straight is a hassle sometimes.

I'm ok with my shape I am defiantly not 100% happy with ,y body. I went to see dr S and showed him my concerns. I paid to have full lipo in my upper and lower back and stomach and love handles but he did not do my upper stomach or my upper back. Now that swelling has gone down in other areas it's very obvious because my lower area is smaller and flatter than my upper. I have fat that bulges around my upper back (bra hook area) and I'm pissed! Anyway he says he couldn't do those areas bc he reached the max on how much fat he could remove bs I don't know why he didn't tell me that or refund me for the work that he did not perform. Anyway he recommends a "retouch" in 6months to catch what he missed so I will undergo lipo of upper back and abs and have that fat transferred to my lower butt check area bc that area is Totaly flat (he didn't have enough fat to fill it) also one cheek ismbigger than the other so we will try to adjust this as well. so my butt is big and round at the top and flat on the bottom. I will have to pay for anesthesia only so around $1500 for this "retouch".

Well I will keep,you all posted and I've updated my pics. PLEASE don't tell me that I'm crazy for getting the retouch I appreciate everyone's concern but the doctor And I agree that the shape of my butt needs improvement as well as the unlipoed areas. Idk if you'll can see the problem areas in the pics but trust me there are problem areas and it makes me feel self conscious going out in certain clothes.

Im about 2 months post. i have occasional pain...

im about 2 months post. i have occasional pain nothing too bad. i went in to see dr S about a "touch up" and made a down payment to go back in december. im going to have the lower part of my butt filed in and have my upper abs and back lipoed. i dont want my butt to be any bigger i just want to adjust the shape because it looks funny with a "shel" and not enough plum at the bottom.

6 MONTHS POST well i went to see dr S yesterday...


well i went to see dr S yesterday for my follow up and to discuss my upcoming "touch up" procedure. it appears as thought my touch up will actually be another full on BB surgery. the lipo was not effective at all, now that the swelling has gone down we see that he missed a lot, and needs to go beck in to do more lipo. the only area that he did a good job on is my lower back. he did nothing to my upper back so my entire back in general looks bad because only one part was lipoed. my love handles need to be touched up and my upper/lower abs need a touch up as well

NOW FOR THE MOST DISAPPOINTING NEWS OF ALL!!!! my but is FULL of lumps! it does NOT feel natural at all! if anyone touches my butt they will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is not real/ive had surgery done to it. im so freaking pissed. i pointe this out to dr S an =d honestly he acted like it wasnt a big deal. he says he will have to go back inther to remove all the lumps, and fill re fill thoes areas with new fat to fix the problem. which means im going through the same full body surgery again.

in terms of size, over all i have not lost much volume, my butt is huge, but it does NOT look real. it looks like a big fake butt, everyone that sees me asks where i got my butt done, they dont ask IF it is done they ask where because its SO obvious that it is not natural. ladies please be careful what you ask for in terms of size you do not want some giant high sitting butt that everyone can ell you have had surgery. i wanted a nice full curvy natural looking shape not a big fat fake looking ass. my shape does not flow together it looks big and choppy. and overall my butt has no projection it is just REALLY wide. he gives the illusion of a big butt so if you look at me from behind it looks big but if i turn to the side it is clear that there is no projection just a wide ass.

anyway i am very nervous about going under agin im afraid that i will come out looking worse than i do now, but i cant leave my body the way it is now :(. i really with i would have just got lipo and did nothing to my butt in the first place. well i have to go see him again in november to get my scripts and do pre opt. then surgery is on dec 3. WISH ME LUCK. i dont have the time to keep going through this surgery mess so i prey that he gets it right this time.

by the way, the lipo had a really bad effect n the look of my belly button it made my belly button push forward and sag so he has to do an incision and sew things up to make it look normal again

(8 months post) well i am 8 months post on my 1st...

(8 months post) well i am 8 months post on my 1st BBL and i am scheduled to have a "touch up" in a few days. I AM SO NERVOUS! honestly i wish i had not paid to have salma do my re touch i dont feel confident that he will do what i have asked frankly he doesnt listen at all and when i express concerns he brushes it off as if he knows what looks best for me. although he gave me a big butt in my 1st BBL he made it big and miss shaped and people ask me EVERYWHERE i go about my butt and people close to me say it looks big and fake and weird. i am praying that he listens this time i put emphasis on the fact that i hate the shape and size it looks gross. this is what i expect in this surgery:

1) smooth curves/silhouette (he made my body look "choppy" in the 1st bbl
2) fix protruding belly button (he did not do lipo well in first bbl and left area around belly button fat and protruding)
3) remove "shelf" (the top of my butt looks like its sticking up in the air/on my back its awful) a NORMAL butt has a natural downward slope my butt has NO slope it just sticks up like a basketball sitting under my skin
4) lipo middle and upper back and love handls and upper side (he did NOTHING to my middle and upper back and barely did my sides) mind you i was charged for all this during the 1st bbl and i am now paying again!
5)maybe redo my inner thigh.We did not discuss this in detail but i will mention it before surgery he charged me and EXTRA $400 for my thighs and as you can see inall my pics there is NO difference at all


first of all this man did not listen or follow directions. i have spent $600 for this "retouch" because he did an incomplete job the first bbl. well he fucked up again. he only filled one butt cheek he didnt even bother to poke the other cheek with a damn needle to make ie look like he tried, he just straight up did NOT touch the other cheek so now m ass is lop sided one flat bottom one full bottom. im 3 days post so im still swollen im sure i will see the rest of his screw up when swelling goes down. DO NOT GO TO DR SALAMA he does not give a damn what you want he will do what ever he wants to do to your body and you are left to deal with it after the fact. im in pain and PISSED OFF ths entire process was a waist of money

I think knowing a little about ur patient is...

I think knowing a little about ur patient is important to figure out the best way to meet their needs. I told Salama that I'm in a professional setting im getting my masters I'm not a stripper (not that there's anything wrong with strippers that's just not My path). Anyway Salama admitted to giving me and I QUOTE "a baboon booty" he said some people like that look I told him again I do not want that look it's not natural or professional yet Salama still went in to the retouch and did nothing to fix the problem he just made matters worse. A good doctor knows his patients to some extent I dont expect to be BFF but damn know enough about me to understand that a "baboon booty" is tacky as shit and inappropriate for my line of work

So i went to see dr salama today, and honestly i...

so i went to see dr salama today, and honestly i felt a bit remorseful about my little tangent on real self. although i am not happy with the outcome of my surgery i shouldn't have had an outburst on line to express it. anyway, i told dr s exactly what i was displeased about, and he explained that seeing as though i just had sx on monday (now 4 days post) its way too soon to address things bc i am VERY swollen and bruised. sooo long story short after swelling goes down he would like to resolve any issue i have with my results.

he also explained the reason for there being no puncture mark in the expected place at the bottom of my left cheek is because he entered the fat into the cheek through a different opening.

my advice to anyone who isnt happy with results is to WAIT speak to the doctor and then WAIT a least another day or so to give ur self time to calm down lol this is a very emotional process and the thought of living with results that ur not happy with is mentally taxing and its easy to get on line and lash out which really solves nothing in the end. thankfully dr s remained professional despite my less than polite comments on line he was not rude or anything he was polite and explained things to me and went over pics step by step of my procedure.

i appreciate all the feed back from you ladies but im going to give it a least a month before i take pics or update real self. so ttyl

Well I am about 4 days shy of being one month post...

well I am about 4 days shy of being one month post bbl touch up. I am still on the fence about my results certainly not 100% satisfied but I guess Im content with the results. I am very swollen on my left side (hip) also there is a large lump on my left side dr S assures me that it is inflammation so I continue to wear my garment with board at night but in the day time I wear my full body garment with a corset to add pressure to my upper back and stomach. my right side (hip) is fine it is not swollen and its very soft it feels normal to me. over all I am still in a considerable amount of pain, I forgot how long the healing process was after my 1st surgery smh but I am doing well... ive added pics so you all can see the progress there is an improvement since my last pics

3 yrs post op *pics* (34-28-43.5)

Original measurement (36-31-40)
3yrs post op measurement (34-28-43.5 )

If you have questions. Ask and I will do my best to answer.

side by side before and after (as requested)

New pic 3yr post DETAILED REVIEW

This is to give you a REAL idea of the short and long term effects of getting this type of procedure. it's been 3 years since I've had my bbl so I feel that I can give an honest and realistic review at this point.

Also... This is to address what some have called inconsistencies in the previous review of my cosmetic procedure.

1) Receiving cosmetic surgery is a very emotional process. it takes some of us six months to a year to save up enough money to afford a procedure that we feel will improve our body. My previous review reflects what was a very emotional process for me
--- first I was excited because I had made this investment in myself
--- then I went through a phase of buyers remorse feeling guilty that I had spent so much money on something that most would consider frivolous.
--- I felt anxious because after spending so much money I wanted to see the results immediately... I wanted to look in the mirror and see what I had envisioned from the girls in magazines and on TV.
--- I felt annoyed and disappointed because I didn't believe that I looked as good as I had anticipated. I didn't feel that I looked like my "wish pics"
--- then I looked at my before pictures and after pictures and really analyzed the difference between the two. I came to the conclusion that although I did not look like the girls in my "wish pics" my body had still changed tremendously, and there was a significant improvement on my silhouette and my surgeon did deliver exactly what he promised.

------ this is where I tell everyone to be realistic! the chances of you looking like a person in your wish pic is slim to none. first of all we are in the age of technology there is a very good chance the pictures could have been altered which means that the image is not realistic it is not feasible through surgery or anything other than Photoshop. On the flip side if your wish pic person was not photoshopped, you must still consider that her body and your body is not the same. even if she has had cosmetic surgery her body responded in a way that yielded those results your body may not respond to surgery in the same way which means your results will not match hers because your body is different from hers. Ultimately I'm saying be realistic or you will be disappointed.

2) consider the aftermath of your surgery decision. The average woman has a difference of 10 inches between her waist and hips now after my surgery I have a 16.5 difference between my waist and hips (hips 45.5 - waist 29= 16.5). And if you gain weight your measurements will increase your waist will always be smaller than your hips however your butt will get bigger and bigger and frankly that shit just isn't cute, so you must watch your weight very carefully or else your body will get out of hand and that is what I'm going through at the moment in terms of my weight gain. ( please note my weight gain has nothing to do with my surgery I have simply gained weight not on purpose it's just that life happens and now I'm dealing with trying to lose weight).
---- I made this point because you must understand that after surgery your body will be nothing like the average woman, it will be above average and that may sound cool in theory until you are walking down the street with your children/your mother/your friends/your boyfriend and people are stopping and pointing at you making rude or sexual comments about your body in front of your family and friends.
---- your new appearance may also make your spouse very insecure. Your new appearance will bring much more attention than you or your spouse are accustom to, and heaven only knows how you will react to having all of this extra attention. However you react your spouse will not like the fact that so many men will be coming on to you your spouse may not like that every time you all go somewhere people stop and stare or when you get up to walk to the bathroom people take pictures of you behind your back I promise I am NOT making any of these things up everything that I'm saying to you has happened to me.

3) think about your long term goals right now having a banging body with extraordinary measurements may seem fun but what happens when you walk into a job interview? It's very difficult to cover a 46 inch hip/butt. You can dress as conservative as you would like but your measurements are visible no matter what you do and when people see a certain body type first off it makes a lot of women feel intimidated and uncomfortable second it makes men think of something sexual which makes it very difficult for men or women to take you seriously because they all cannot see past your ass.

4) on another note many of you ladies have asked how does my body feel... it feels 100% natural. My body is soft and jiggles and does everything that it did before surgery nothing feels different there are absolutely no lumps or hard spots on my body. The downside is that my body is so soft that I have much more cellulite on my butt than I did before surgery. Also occasionally I have a sharp pain in my left butt cheek ????. I do not get this pain often and when it does happen it does not last long usually just a few seconds I'll feel a sharp pain and it happens randomly for no reason at all.

5) with all things said and done Dr Salama did give me what I paid for. I wanted to have a big butt and a small waist and he gave me exactly that. I will say that I do not regret having the procedure itself however I do regret requesting to have so much fat transferred. I would have liked more natural curves instead of the Niki minaj/k. Michelle body because let's be real they are celebrities they don't have to deal with the day-to-day things that us regular people have to deal with when looking this way.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

3 yrs post op. Dr. S did an exceptional job. My body looks very exotic and feels absolutely natural

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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