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Hello everyone! My surgery date is in 2 weeks...

Hello everyone! My surgery date is in 2 weeks with Dr. Salama in Miami - Elite Plastic Surgery. I thought it'll be a good time to write a review and document my journey to help anyone else out there in the same boat. It took me 3 months to decide on a surgeon and it was between Dr. Mendieta and also Dr. Aslani in Spain. But ended up going with Dr. Salama as he sounded the most confident with my results even though the other doctors said I did not have enough fat for a bbl procedure. Dr. Salama's staff members are also very friendly and helpful which was a big deal for me because you have to contact them so often.

I will be flying into Miami a few days before the surgery just to enjoy the beach for a couple of days. I will post some pics up after the surgery. I am thinking of getting lipo on my underarms but I am scared it might be too much for my body to handle and I'm not certain about the results. Has anyone also heard of cell saver? The concept is recycling the loss blood during surgery cleansing it and putting it back into your body for a more speedy recovery. I am currently researching more on it but it definitely sounds like something I'll consider.

Surgery Tomorrow..

Hey Girls! So I am super nervous right now as my surgery is at 10Am tomorrow morning. I went to Dr. Salama's clinic today and finally got to meet all the staff! They were super friendly and really nice. For all of you girls with surgery coming up, you need to make sure you start taking Vitamin C (500mg, twice a day) and iron tablets (once a day 325mg Ferrous Sulfate)! The vitamin C helps with healing during post op and the absorption of iron. Iron is super important for blood repair and preventing nausea after surgery so get on that sh*t asap!

I was advised to wear a robe into surgery so make sure you bring your robe along too! I wasn't told this on time and I had to rush to Target today to buy one. You would also need fitted tank tops or singlets as us Aussies likes to call it.

Also I decided to purchase the Cell Saver for a piece of mind. This allows Dr. Salama to aggressively lipo the areas properly especially for thinner patients. With the cell saver in place, he doesn't need to hold back and will go all in to get all that fat out! I think it's really worth getting and Nomie from his office told me that he really advises this on all his patients!

I stocked up today on Coconut water as it is the best hydration ever with 4 times more Potassium (electrolyte) than Gatorade and quarter of the sugar!

Anyways I better go to sleep before I eat something! Your not meant to eat or drink anything after midnight. Goodnight girls and I'll post after the surgery tomorrow! :)

3 Days Post Op plus Massage

Hey Girls,

Can't believe I'm 3 days post op! The surgery went pretty well I think even though I haven't had the chance to see Dr. Salama again. I am booked in to see him next week to find out how many cc's he managed to put in each butt and to see how well I'm healing.

Recovery has been very uncomfortable which is no surprise. My arms especially the elbow joint are hurting from the way I am sleeping and it's a nightmare to be on your belly all the time. Does anyone know a more comfortable position or how I can place my arms where my neck doesn't start hurting also?
I have just been setting my alarm to wake up every 2 hrs and go for a little walk. This will prevent blood clots and help with circulation. I didn't shower the first day as I had no energy and was pretty much in bed all day after I got back from surgery.

It was so scary taking the faja off for the shower though! Every time anything touches my butt, I think fats just going to die. Lol! But it did feel really good to finally be clean.

I had my first massage today and it went really well. Make sure you take your pain meds before you go as it will be painful! But you definitely feel a difference afterwards. Good difference :) Anyways happy healing ladies!

Ps. Is it normal to start itching now? I feel really itchy in my buttocks.
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