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Ok ladies I have been on rs every day all day i...

Ok ladies I have been on rs every day all day i dont even drive half the time i make my boyfriend because im too busy sitting in the passenger seat stalking this site! I have read through hundreds of profiles and was initially going with dr perry because i like the way he contours the body shape but once i reviewed his profileand before n after pic i found it just wasnt what i was looking for ive seen better and more reviews for dr s. So i sent my request for consultation

So im really wishy washy because ive seen in some...

So im really wishy washy because ive seen in some of the girls stories where they posted the "dr thoughts" about the pics they sent in and i noticed it was the exact same thing word for word that cynthia emailed me! So did he really even look at them? Because my belly is jiggly no firmness to it what so ever so am i gonna need a TT or is that his normal response to photos unless he sees something extra

its been a long time

So i just realized i have not updated this thing in over 2 years and ALOT has happened. I have been through school and had a baby. I am finally ready to have surgery! I was beginning to look at Dr. Miami and just love hos work but he is soooo expensive then i started looked at Cabral but when i was telling my husband all about him his work and prior accusations he said absolutely not so i came back to the original doctor that i have always loved. I re-did my consult with salama and have switched from a BBL to a mommy makeover and am scheduled for surgery October 7th. I am very nervous and have no idea what to do from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated! What things do i need to buy? I dont have a PCP so im not sure how it goes to get a clearance for surgery and what that entails. Cynthia told me they have a Doctor above them that does medical clearance for 200 if i wanted to do that

wish pics

help please

Where can i find more mommy makeovers from dr salama. The majority i see are BBL'

places to stay

I was looking at hotels near EPS and they are a bit pricey like 1200 and they have no kitchen. I found weekly rentals on airbnb for apartments and found some really nice 1 bedrooms for less than 900 a week including cleaning fee and deposit. Alot of them also have weekly discounts so if your going to salama check it out.

Before pictures : (

The shameful tire around my waist. I cant wait to have surgery and not worry about wearing my pants so high to hide my love handles
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