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Hi, to all of my bbl ladies. It's so weird I that...

Hi, to all of my bbl ladies. It's so weird I that I'm writing on here today. I've known of this page for about a year now but I have been reasearching this procedure for about a 4 years now. I've had one consultation with a doctor named Nedra Dodds. She was so sweet.. She listened to my concerns and explained everything to me. Even her staff was amazing. Wondering why I haven't gotten it done yet? Well at the time I didn't have the money for the price she quoted me. Her price was pretty cheap for everything that I wanted some. .I mean I wanted my inner thighs, full back, arms and chin done. ... and I'd you seen her work it was amazing. .. One downfall for me was the fact that she freezes the fat after your procedure if you want more inserted but you would have to wait a year. .. In my mind I was thinking that if it freezes the good fat would be dead in a year. . And plus I was looking for more of a big nice round shelf booty lol for some of u on here that call it,a ghetto booty.. lol.. She didn't give that.. But she did give you a nice body.. But then I kept searching and found Dr.Jimerson. Omg! I fell in love with his butts..I mean I was singing " I love big butts and I can not lie" his work was gorgeous. .. but here's the sad part. .. He told me he could not get my stomach as flat but could get my rear big. .. I did not like that answer and then he told me the price and I said no thank you. ..I mean he quoted me $4, 000 more than Dr. Nedra and she was doing more work then he was. I continued to look further. .. and that's when I found Dr. Salama. His work is amazing. ..I mean he is Dr. Dodds and Dr. Jimerson all in one..he gets your stomach flat and gets your but the way you would like it. ..I found Dr. Salama when I found this Site...I was looking up doctors in Miami and was shown 3 different doctors (including him)... No one compared to him. .. so after 4 years of research in happy to say that I have found my doctor and ready to take this step into the world of plastic surgery. .. lol I never thought I would be getting it lol... but as of Friday I sent them an email so I am now waiting on a response... Im hoping I can set a date for December. Why u may ask....Only because I want to look like I lost weight instead of going from chunky drawers to a fat ass vixen... im currently working out because I weigh 225lbs... Hopefully by that time I lose about 50lbs and maybe more. .. im standing at 5'2 so I'm obese. . Lol but I love myself but I miss my body. ..I gained so much because I was depressed over losing my child and a bad relationship..Once over that I never took the time to lose the weight so for 3 years my weight has stayed the same... With the exception of losing and gaining 1lbs. So my body needs help lol.. I'm 24 with no kids. ..I want to look like it got dammit lol. .. but that's all for now until we meet again. .. goodnight and Good morning ladies. ...! :)

Hey my bbl sisters...I forgot to mention that I...

Hey my bbl sisters...I forgot to mention that I had an third consultation with a Dr. Named Gregory Wiener in Chicago. He did some great work but they were the first to tell me that I need a tummy tuck and that's only if I don't plan on having kids. To remind you, I don't have kids and I'm only 24yrs old...a TT is not something I'm looking for. I mean I've seen doctors get some women's stomach very small. And Dr. Salama has a patient on here that proves it..She was my size, just I a lil taller but now looks like she didn't even have any fat on her at all..So now once again he is why I decided to go with him. . I need some help. .. Can someone tell me where they have stayed in Miami for Dr. Salama? When I have a set date I want to be able to book something as soon as possible. ....For those that I have confused with the price. . I'm not sure as to what I will be quoted yet but I just gave a guesstimate. .. lol...

Haven't gotten a quote yet. I'm still waiting on...

Haven't gotten a quote yet. I'm still waiting on a response on my pictures. I'm hoping it will be by tomorrow because I've been waiting for a week now. How long did it take for some of you to get a response? I've only gotten a response in regards to something else but not on my pictures and the longer I wait on a resume I wait to set a date. I'm so hoping that they still have some days available for this year. ... lol....I feel so Can someone please respond?

So I got my date, August 15 2013. Nancy and...

So I got my date, August 15 2013. Nancy and Cynthia are trying to work and get me a later date. That is the day they gave me even though they know I need a December date. Is there anyone willing to switch? Please inbox me.

So happy. ..I was able to switch my date from...

So happy. ..I was able to switch my date from august 15 to December 10th.. I'm so happy.. I called yesterday and Nancy told me good thing I called when I did someone must of canceled. ...Now onto my weight lost journe...ta ta ladies!

omg! less than 4 months away

Omg! I'm so nervous scared not ready but ready. I will be posting pre op pics in about another month or so. Been trying to lose the extra weight. But overall in excited. Congratulations to all my bbl ladies on this journey whether it's before or after surgery I wish u all the best. I still have to book my hotel n flight. As far as my hotel goes, I need some assistance from u, my bbl sistas..I need a hotel that will accomodate 3ppl? Any suggestions. I will have my cousin and my male best friend tagging along and ik I can't share beds with anyone and then two deginitely will not share a bed lol which I want asking them to but u hsd to be there when they both said we're not sharing a bed lol too funny. But please anyone I need ur help. And it's been awhile since I been on here and just got to see a message from a bbl sista, Stillcarryingbabyfat, yes girl we definitely will have to keep in touch. Lol. Well hope to talk to u all soon. So nervous but back to the workout...xoxo!

looking into Dr. Duran

So I'm thinking about switching doctors now. Dr. Duran and Dr. Yily has some banging Dolls. I sent them both pics of myself so I'm waiting on responses. Im able to do a little research on them but not aloof of time to really go into depth. Ladies this is where I need some help. Are there any Yily or Duran Dolls that can help me? I would greatly appreciate it. So is been for months since I've been on here and I believe in my last update I said I was going to be working out. Since then I have lost 20lbs and still going so hopefully by December im going to have just enough fat to have my body back. If I don't go with Dr. Salama I'm willing to give up my December 10 2013 date so ladies inbox me and we can discuss this. Pre op pics will b coming soon. Until then XoXo!


I NEED HELP!! I'm trying to get in with Dr. Duran. Is there anyone that's gong in January? I would like to know if I can jump on your bandwagon... we can be buddies ..lbvs... Someone please?! I'm begging at this point...lbvs
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