44 Years Old 2 Children - Miami, FL

I've NEVER contemplated getting plastic surgery...

I've NEVER contemplated getting plastic surgery because I considered it cheating. After years of going to the gym and eating well for the most part, nothing was working. I had a few injuries sustained from 2 car accidents (within 2 years) that started to limit my activity. I also knew my genes weren't going to get me the small waist I wanted. No matter how much weight I lost, I was an apple shape. I finally hit an all time high of 168 pounds this past January so I got a personal trainer to change my eating habits and revamp my workout routine. In 4 weeks, I was down to 159 lbs. I continued to do my best to continue to drop the weight. I had topped out at 156 lbs at 9 months pregnant with both of my kids years ago so you can imagine why this weight gain was so challenging for me.
I ran into a friend who told me she said she was going to do a Brazilian Butt Lift and a breast Augmentation with gummy bears in April with Dr. James McAdoo in Miami, Fl. I did my research and in March, I finally spoke to Yesenia Ramos the coordinator and she was very helpful. She sent me recent pics of BBL patients who had just been performed. I sent her pics of me and she said I was a perfect candidate. I also wanted my breasts to be augmented (gummy bear implants) but I couldn't do them the same day, too risky so I'd have to wait 6 weeks for next procedure. I'll send pics of the after. Procedure for BBL was performed on 4/30/16 1:00pm. There was a Wait time of 6 hours but I was prepared for that.

My measurements are as follows:
Height 5'1"
Weight 160 lbs
Bust 37"
Waist 34.5"
Hips 37"

One day post op pic

I'm bruised pretty badly but it looks worst than it is. I'm not pain free in any way but it's manageable. The worst part for me is not being able to walk normally (walk like a penguin), sit down or sleep on your back. I'll put more pics up later when masseuse takes off my faja/girdle.

One week post op update

It's been 7 days. I'm still really swollen but feel so much better. I went to see Dr. McAdoo yesterday for my check up. He's really awesome everyone. He's very down to earth and will answer all your questions. The Dr. said my garment wasn't tight enough so I wasn't getting enough drainage to my waist area. He recommended wearing more foam to what I already had and a waist trainer on top of garment to get a smaller waist. I tried smaller garment a few days ago but my legs are so swollen (like double in size) that I can't get it up my legs. My mom stitched it about an inch on each side earlier today. I'm not home yet. Im with family for another week. I'm flying out next Saturday so I'm hoping that my swelling goes down and Dr. McAdoo can remove my drain before I go back to NY. I'm keeping a no salt organic vegetable and fish and chicken diet with approximately 2 gallons of water a day (as recommended by Dr. McAdoo) so hopefully this swelling subsides soon. I found a therapist to continue with the lymphatic drain massages until I go home and then continue them there. I wish I knew that this may have happened so I could've been a bit more prepared. I'm posted some pics taken yesterday and today. I'm still very bruised and swollen.

10 day post op

Still getting massages. Yes, I still have my drain but it's slowing down with fluids. Took my compression stockings off this morning after ten days. I'm wearing a smaller faja (36) since Sunday with foam and boards. Foams are very important for fluid disposal so it doesn't collect. I see that my waist is shrinking and swelling is slowly but surely going down. Swelling in my legs also exists and is a lot slower at doing down. I'm continuing my no salt high protein vegetabl diet with lots of water. I'm also learning to be patient with my body as it heals at its own pace.

Drain is out! 11 days later

Drain was removed today. It didn't hurt like everyone said or maybe I psyched myself out so much that it wasn't so bad. It just felt like the end piece was fluttering before it finally came out. I took pics of it. It took longer than I wanted to come out but everyone heals differently. I'm still swollen. Every day is a better day. I'm continuing my massages and I will keep updating everyone.

Curve cure mattress for sale

So I bought the bbl curve cure recovery system which includes a chair and a mattress. It's really awesome!!! Unfortunately I got the mattress in a medium instead of a large. Since I opened the packaging, they won't take it back. I ordered a large one but if anyone needs a medium one please inbox me. It's originally $347 for mattress alone but I'll give you a much better deal and include shipping as long it's in USA. I haven't used it. Package was opened and like I said I can't return it.

7 weeks!

It's been 50 days and I'm starting to feel normal. I'm still wearing my faja 24 hours a day. I will admit that for several mins a day, I do take it off to breath. I got a new FAJA that's better than the one you get day of surgery. The faja is lighter but stronger. It's lipoexpress.com. You can buy them in the FAJAS Y MAS store in Hialeah on 49th St for 130 (full leg. They'll even tailor it if you need it adjusted for $15.

More pics

Swelling has gone down but I have days that if I'm standing too much, lower legs start swelling.

More pics because not all posted in last update

Sorry but it doesn't look like all pics posted. I wear my full body faja when I get the chance even if I'm 3 months after but it helps. I mostly wear the mid section only even to go to sleep.

Pics of 8 months later... Debating round 2.

I'm not thrilled with my mid section lipo results (I'm debating round 2) but my butt is definitely bigger.

Dr. McAdoo made me feel very comfortable. I met with him a few hours before the procedure but I had a friend who also had several friends who did the procedure a few weeks before so although I was nervous about the risks with having any surgery, I had faith in hm.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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