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I've been researching the bbl sx faithfully and...

I've been researching the bbl sx faithfully and reading al the reviews. I've had my first consultation with Dr mcadoo in Miami and I was told that I was a good candidate. I was quoted 3500 which was a special in the month of dec. I will be paying my deposit hopefully jan. 2016 but no later than feb But I will update later. Hoping to become a Mcadoll 2016.

Wish pics

I've been trying to eat healthier because I don't want to end up needing a tummy tuck instead of lipo. I actually had a little dispute with my boyfriend the other day because he said I will need a tt if I don't control my eating and I got very defensive. But later I will reveal my realself without the waist trainer. But for now here's my wish pic and I didn't have one up until today.

booty me please

my butt looks ok in this pic but it's all an illusion. I need to be snatched and layed in person.

Wish pics of myself 2014

I definitely want to loose weight but not to much until after the sx because I need to have enough fat to transfer. But I have definitely gained a lot of weight but 2016 I will be getting my sexy on

Feeling intrigued

After looking at some of the snatched curvy waist and voluptuous booties from the Dominican republic, it has really sparked my interest. I've reached out to dr. Manual Diaz in the DR because I really love his work, and I got a response. I sent my consultations pics in and im excited for the next step. They are willing to do the bbl and bl at the same time which Angie at dr mcadoo office stated that they don't do the two procedures on the same day. My quote for the two procedures is amazing.

Recovery houses in DR

I'm looking to get contact info for a recovery house in the DR. I've heard of Yasmin's or Armonia but I have no contact info. I've been quoted a price for a full package deal that includes a recovery stay for ten days, but after reading a review, I heard it was a better deal not to do the package deal. Please let me know any details


Excited about my journey to a new year and new curves but I inquired about bbl and bl with lipo but they mentioned a tummy tuck in the email. Hopefully I won't need a tt, but I will go with what the doctor recommend.

More research

So I'm still trying to find the best surgeon and recovery house to meet all my needs above and beyond. I've reseached Dr. Contreras work after getting a referral and a great quote that was by far the best I've heard this far. I started out wanting a breast lift but I got distracted for all this voluptuous booties I kept seeing on real self, so I decided to put my bl on hold and go with the bbl. I ran across a review on Dr Manuel Diaz and one of his dolls had bbl and a bl with him same day surgery, and her tits was on fleek. It look liked she had implant but she actually had none. I was very impressed. Anyway I called the initial surgeon office which was dr mcadoo to see if he could do both surgeries but they stated it wasn't possible at the same time, so Mcadoo is not my choice anymore. I've been faithfully researching the doctors in the Dominican republic now although I was against traveling there, but it sounds like it will be worth the trip. Ives been comparing results from contreras, Diaz and Duran. I'm really feeling like Diaz trumps all just because of his breast lift. They are on point without implants so over all he wins

Tired of the flip flopping

So I had another consultation with Baez and I absolutely love her results along with dr. Diaz. I've also been searching dr. yiras work but I haven't got an email for her yet. I have decided to have a couple procedures tt, bbl, lipo, and breast lift and I fell dr. Manuel Diaz is the man too accomplish it all. So hopefully my mind is made up, and I don't need to look any further. Dr Diaz it is and the reponse time I got from his office was prompt and amazing.

Daisy recovery house

Daisy answer her what's app number first try and her English is bomb. So I picked out my recovery house too. This was the email she sent.

Next step, deposit

The deposit to secure the surgery date is only $300 which is deducted from your cost of surgery. This is the email that was sent to me.

Breast lift

After viewing countless doctor results on breast lift in the Dominican republic. Dr. Manuel Diaz is the truth. His breast lifts are perfection. I can't wait until he gets his hands on me. This photo is of one of his dolls without implants

Before pics how embarrassing

I've been eating good over the years but I need to bring my sexy back and live a healthy life style and through it all I pray to remain humble for I know I am blessed. I just need my outside to match what's on the inside.

Sagging boobs

The worst part about having large sagging boobs is that they constantly fall out your bra especially when you bend over and then your looking like a weird trying to put them back in place. I have been self conscious about them ever since I had my first child back in 1991. I'm obsessed with looking down at them making sure they are not protruding out from my bra. I am anxious to fix this insecurity. I can't wait to wear a shirt with no bra and a two piece bikini or even a bra with no pads or underwire.

Dr. Diaz is the truth

I think I've read all of dr. Manuel Diaz reviews, and I'm so impressed. I've only seen one bad review which her results are amazing. Sometimes I read reviews, and reading all the post while scrolling through their profile looking for before and after pics but then the updates stop right before the surgery dates which makes you wonder what happen? After me being so eager to see the results especially if we have similar body types. Did the individual change their mind about the cosmetic procedure? or did the unthinkable happen? Inquiring minds want to know. Anyway there is no turning back for me and I promise to keep up with updates. I am mostly doing theses reviews for myself, so I can look back at this journey even years from now. This is so therapeutic to me. Diaz me please

flipped flopped again

I use to read reviews and wonder why girls change ps so often, but now I understand. I started off wanting to go to dr. Macadoo in Miami until I seen all the women going to DR looking like vixen and what not. I knew I had to make that trip to DOminican republic. I was stalking dr Manuel Diaz mainly because his breast lifts are on point. After seeing a before and after pic of a young lady tummy tuck on new life recovery house Facebook page from dr. Luis a. Mejia I was sold. I began to look at all his reviews which are not many but this one patient of his had everything I desired and she's looking fab. I finally paid my deposit to Dr. Luis a mejia and his assistant Lefny has been awesome at communicating and responding to all my questions in a timely manner.

Shit just got real

I got all my pre op/ post op instructions for my procedures. I still have a lot to accomplish which is why I schedule everything June 8th. I am going to follow the instructions 100% because my hemoglobin has to be over 13 to have multiple procedures. I want breast lift no implants, liposculpture with waist couture, tummy tuck with tightening of tummy musels, and bbl fat graft to butt and hips. Dr Luis a mejia prides himself on natural looks but I'm hoping to be his first vixen. I want my look more exaggerated with aggressive lipo.

Changing my surgery date to July 2016

I have to confirm my new surgery date with dr. Mejia because I need more time to save money. I just moved to the east coast a few weeks ago and the cost of living here is ridiculously expensive. Anyway, I plan to make payment every month until it's paid. So much to do with so little time. I am in love with my new apartment but I cant decorate like I want until after my surgery. Sacrificing

It's official

There is one spot open for July 27th 2016 and I'm taking it. This date has been confirmed with my surgeon. It's been a real challenge trying to save money because I like to help my kids and grand kids out financially so they don't have to struggle. Anyway I am requesting off at work today since my manager hasn't got back to me on when it would be a good time to take off work. I can't wait to get this done and I pray my healing process is rapid and tolerable.

Happy Mother's Day too me

Felling blessed

Clock is ticking

Two months, two week, and five days left before my make over. I'm so ready. I've been reading all dr. Mejia's reviews 98% great and about 2% bad but I am confident. I still have so much to do like order my birth certificate which I will do this week. Change my ID over to the new state I live in so I won't have trouble with my passport. Get my passport expedited. Purchase my vitamins. Find a plan ticket, and get the rest of my supplies needed plus save money. My boyfriend will be paying for half of my surgery and I'm blessed to have him in my life. I don't want to change the surgery date anymore so I will be doing everything rapidly before my surgery date not to mention I still need a complete blood count and a mammogram smdh.

Getting ready to be snatched

Got most of my supplies out the way. Trying to stick with the things on the list my surgeon provided because I don't want to over pack. Plus the recovery house which came with the VIP package should include most of my supplies.


Got a blender today to make beet fruit smoothies. I got a few recipes to try. I'm not playing with this hemoglobin. I will be going grocery shopping next week to help get me where I need to be for surgery. After reading some tips on plastic surgery in the DR it was recommended to have a plan B, C, and D if the surgeon you are planning to go to does not plan to deliver your vision, so I have a back up plan just in case. I'm praying that everything goes smooth in the name of Jesus.

Rocio Ortega recovery house

I've been reading reviews on rocio Ortega recovery spa and all have been great thus far. I hope to meet some great women there. I heard the food and staff was the bomb.com.

Still shopping for this trip

My list of things to buy for this trip is about 90% complete. Every time I go grocery shopping with my boyfriend, I put something in the shopping cart for my trip that he ends up paying for and he still has no clue that he has financed most of my supplies. Funniest shit ever. I was shopping for underware today and found a 4 for $10 deal on panties. I also came across panties with a pocket in the front that you can zip to close. The owner of the store said these are idea when you travel to third world countries. I was so excited I bought 2 pair. I was skeptical to have all the cash for surgery in my fanny pack. I thought about paying off the entire balance before arriving to the clinic, but I didn't want any problems getting a full refund if things didn't go as planned. So I got my pocket panties and I feel like this will work out for the best.


Besides having plastic surgery, another one of my obsessions is accessories. I love shoes which is why I manage a shoe store, hats, sunglasses, hair accessories, jewelry and purses. I read that when visiting DR, you should not bring or wear any jewelry which is sad because I never leave home without jewelry especially when I go out of town, but I will be leaving it at home for my safety. Picture of my other obsession.

Pre surgery instructions

I've already started taking all the vitamins needed before surgery so my next step is my plane ticket and to expedite my passport, and complete blood count 2 weeks prior to surgery.

There's been a change

So I'm looking at the calendar and calculating be my finances and I'm cutting it pretty close as far as having the total cost for the procedures I want including spending money. I just sent dr. Mejia an email to see if I could move the date another week out. I get paid weekly so this will help me tremendously. I hope I acquire some vacation time before my surgery date if not I will borrow vacation time. I am trying to be positive but this is a stressful time for me and my family. My youngest son who is 19 got into some legal trouble and I had to get a lawyer, and the retainer fee is 20,000 but he's kind enough to cut it down to 10,000. I've been so overwhelmed but I want to get this done and over with so I can start the next chapter in my life which is planning my wedding. I shall keep my faith in God


I just got the email back that my new date is August 5 instead of July 27th. They only give you 3 times to change the date and I think I've used them all up. Now I have to change those dates at work tomorrow. This is the busiest time to take off in retail because of back to school but I will say it's mandatory plus my boss knows I'm having surgery but I'm sure he doesn't know it's cosmetic.

First beet smoothie

I tried my first beet smoothie to help build my blood and hemoglobin as I have always had a problem with low blood. I put beets in the smoothie and boy are they dirty and gritty, I added blueberries which helps with hemoglobin, bananas, and almond milk plus a couple ice cubes. First taste and I almost threw up. It taste like dirt. I couldn't get the taste out my mind I thought I was going to be forever scarred by this. My boyfriend agreed to help me with this task so the next day we went to the grocery store to get more ingredients for this smoothie. So we added to the mix strawberries, more ice cubes than I put in before, more bananas, honey, and yogurt which was the magical ingredient. It was so good that I will have another one tonight.

Not playing with this hemoglobin

Current situation

Pillows and more pillows

After reading reviews, I went out and bought a couple different pillows. I got a memory foam pillow for my back, I have a neck pillow because I was told this was a must have when traveling to DR. I also got this big pillow with arms that will help me sit upright and comfortable after surgery. I also found this styrofoam that goes under your leg after bbl which is stiff as heck but it keeps your butt from touching the chair so I think it will work fine. I also want to purshase this body pillow that I seen at Burlington coat factory in the baby section used by pregnant women. I think this would be helpful for me post op. I Also seen tons of Bobby pillows at Burlington for $25 in the baby section, so I took it out the package to try it out but it didn't seem to do the job for me as far as keeping my butt a float. Away maybe I will purshase this item later. My recovery house was included with the VIP package that I requested which is Rocio Ortega. I have a short list of things to bring with me based on all the things other dolls mention you should bring. I am assuming this recovery house and or clinic has most of what you need during recovery which is awesome.

Trying to stay stress free

So at a time when I should be celebrating life because my kids are all alive and grown, and I'm a proud grandma. Anyone that knows me, knows that my family means the world to me. I am recording this journey for me and it is very therapeutic by the way. I just want to look back and read and reflect on everything that is documented. I am excited about my big move to Maryland and my career and boyfriend career is on the right track. My youngest son who is only 19 is fighting a case that could cause him to serve a life sentence and words can't explain how this has changed me forever. I've been praying for a great outcome for him. His lawyer has been keeping me updated and he has some great news to keep our spirits up but this is also very stressful. Me and my boyfriend had to pay the lawyer a significant amount of money which is why I changed my surgery to a later date. The remaining balance of the retainer will be paid this week. And if I budget correctly I should still be able to have this surgery. At first I thought about backing out but I decided to go for it because this is something that I wanted to do for myself. No one at work knows what I'm going through because I'm always smiling and I'm still able to perform to the best of my ability. I will continue to trust God and I know things will work out for my son and my family.

Peri menopause

I think I'm going through peri menopause and no one actually warned me of this stage. I've heard of menopause but this is right before menopause hit. Peri menopause could last a short duration or years. My concern is the irregular and frequent periods that I am having. Some heavy days but mostly light. I am having my menstral cycle almost everyday. I am a very sexual person so this has been an adjustment for me. I am currently taking my pre surgery vitamins to boost my hemoglobin, but is it enough because of the frequent periods. I am going out to buy some liquid chlorophyll 100mg for a whole food store because I read that it will boost your hemo in 4 days I need all the help I can get. I am still trying to remain stress free but boy oh boy it's a challenge.

Liquid chlorophyll hemo boost

After reading ugivemeafever reviews here on real self, she talked about her hemo increased in 4 days tremendously taking liquid chlorophyll 100 mg. I purchased mine today, so I will update when I do my CBC to check my hemoglobin.

Flight booked

Booked my flight today through Priceline.com for $400.67 which doesn't include baggage only carry on item. I will pay for this when I get to the airport. I also declined trip protection. I decided to fly out on August 3rd because I don't want to feel rushed getting off the plan, and trying to make it to the clinic to get my test done. I've also decided to stay at Gianna Colombo rh because it includes 4massages, meals and transportation for only $650. Gianna has a partnership and specials going on with ps Enriquilla clime. If dr mejia can't deliver want I want then he is my backup doctor and his cost and results are great plus he has the same philosophy as dr mejia which is safety first. I will send a $200 deposit to Gianna via western union between today and tomorrow.

Gianna colombo

Sent gianna $200 deposit via western union and it only cost me $10. I don't see a lot of reviews about this rh, but massages are included plus the pictures of the house looks great on Facebook. I've seen some good reviews on her fb and one bad review. Her prices are $65 a night and four massages included, transportation and three meals a day. This is her contact info. I will be doing a full review on this recovery house during my stay. I get to DR August 3rg through the 15th

post op supplies at the dollar tree

Thank God for the dollar tree. Why pay more when you can shop at the dollar store. Got my shower curtain liner
Tooth brush/tooth paste
Band aids
Bug bite relief
Hand sanitizer
Gas relief
A&D ointment
Rolled gauze
Gauze pads
Extension cord
Extra maxi pads
Water proof tape
Bedding underpass
Feminine/baby wipes
Funnel (cheaper than ez pee)
All for $1 each

A few items left to purchase before my trip

I've been checking off my list of things to purchase before my trip to DR. All I have left to buy is arnica tablets, bio oil, multivitamins, lock and yeast infection cream then my list is complete of pre/post surgery items until I return home I will most likely purchase a few more items including a body pillow. My luggage is all packed.

Self massagers

I want to invest in the perfect massager when I save up enough money after I have my mommy make over and bbl. I got a personal rolling massager at the dollar store and a body contour massager by dr scholls that is battery operated from Marshall's. I'm hoping these work until I can find the one I really want and can afford. Only 25 days left let the count down begin

Boppy pillow

So I broke down and got a boppy pillow today although my luggage is completely full I have to fit it in some how. I am returning a blow up rubber donut cushion back to Walmart because the hole is not as big as I thought. I'm glad I opened it. I only paidv24.99 for the poppy

Makings strides and progress

Finally because a Maryland resident today after 4 attempts trying to get a Maryland state ID so that I can get my passport easily since I live in Maryland now. I'm only 30mins from Washington DC, and they have a passport agency where you can get your passport same day for an expedited fee and proof of travel within 2 week. I have to bring a complete application, print my itinerary, us birth certificate certified, color copy of ID front and back printed, 1 passport photo and the money of coarse $195. Last big thing on the list to do besides my complete blood count. Passport appointment July 22nd yeah

Jelly belly

This belly has to go. I'm posting more because it's almost that time. Three weeks before I fly out to Dominican Republic. I am a pretty secure individual but I know this make over will boost my confidence even more. I can't wait for the transformation body and working on my mind everyday. Anyway fat be gone in the name of Jesus ready to embrace a healthy life style

Swing low

I am so tired of repositioning my tits back in there bra. I am constantly checking to make sure I don't have a titty bulge. I am looking forward to a lift with no implants. I've been wearing these sagging boobs since 1991 after I gave birth to my first born son almost 25 years. I went to a consultation in the past in the United States but the ps didn't give me much guidance about what he could do to help my situation. I came to his office seeking implants with the money in hand, but he informed me that I first needed a lift and that was the end of the consultation in which I drove to Wisconsin all the way from Michigan to be told I couldn't have the procedure. It was heart breaking. Anyway I'm glad I didn't give up and continued to research and follow my heart.

Grandma booty

I need this thing poking out I want to look awesome when I turn 50+ just in case my boyfriend don't want to put a ring on it. I have to get back out into the dating arena. I've seen some bbl of Dr mejia which are very subtle and natural and most of his patients don't show much of the bbl on their reviews which has me a little worried. I want my butt filled to the maxx with fatt. Yes I want those big booty girl problems that I never had

Complete blood count

During this process when preparing for surgery, I love to share things that I find helpful because there is a lot of work and researching pre surgery. I hope this info will help some one out as it has helped me. I do not have a family doctor or primary care physician at this time because I do not have health insurance, and I can not sign up until November. My plastic surgeon stated that I need a complete blood count 2 weeks prior to surgery. I thought this would be an easy task, but after contacting lab Corp to see how much the fees are for the CBC, lap Corp informed me that I need a physician referral to do testing but I have no physician, and there's no exceptions. I did some research immediately and found an online walk in clinic that would do the referral for you and it only cost me $28 bucks for the referral. The website is walkinlab.com phone number is 800 539 6119. I will print the referral out and take it to lab Corp where they will charge me another $20-30 bucks for the test and it takes about 2 days or so to get the results through walk in lab. You need to create an account with them and your test results goes to this company. Brilliant if I say so myself


My manager informed me that I need to take a leave of absence for this surgery, and stated he need a doctors note before it can be honored. So guess what I reached out to my doctors assistant lefty and she made it happen today. Bless her heart. I informed lefty to only state the date of the surgery and the time needed to recover because I feel my managers were trying to be all up in my business. If they tried to deny my leave, I would be looking for another job when I returned from DR. All this pre surgery stuff has been exciting yet draining. There is a lot to do in order to prepare for surgery. Real self has been a wonderful guide. Couldn't have made it without this site. I would be clueless. Reading all the reviews has been extremely helpful. Three weeks to go before my make over

Blood work

At lab Corp right now about to do my complete blood count. Wish me luck. I've been going hard trying to get my iron and hemo up I just hope it pays off. I just completed my hiv and hepatitis c and b blood work earlier today. I get those results a day before I leave thank God. I've had the hiv and hepatitis done recently in another state but I had to call in for the results, so I don't have that paper work to present to my surgeon but I know those are good. I ordered a doctor referral to lab corp on line at walkinlab.com but this company can't make the referrals in some states and Maryland is one of those state so I had to take the subway to Washington, D.C. Which isn't a big deal. Hopefully I will have the results for my hemo in 2 days.


Getting the passport is the last thing on my list to do. I printed out my tourist paper work yesterday which was exactly 10 bucks. I made sure to print off both pages as I've heard they only require the second page, but better safe than sorry. I might register my trip with the us embassy tonight since it's free. I'm trying to get as much done as possible as I don't have many off days on a week day and most of these companies are closed on the weekend


My results came back for my Cbc. My hemoglobin is 12.7 and I need it at 13 for multiple procedures so I'm about to work hard to make sure it's at 13. I have two weeks left to go. I got this. I got my results back fast because I just took the Cbc test yesterday. The results state my RDW is high 16.1 and I'm not sure what this means? Can anyone shed some lite on this

i salute you

After reading some of the questions here on real self for the plastic surgeons, it seems as if a lot of the ps in the United States have no respect for the ps in other countries especially in the Dominican Republic. The responses from the U.S. Doctors are always trying to contradict what the other DR surgeon states in response to the question. When responding to the questions, the U.S. PS always make it a point to say "make sure you go to someone that is board certified" and some even go as far to talk about the cost being cheaper as if you get what you pay for. Am I the only one who see all the cheap shots being taken? U.S plastic surgeons also perform botched surgeries, and had deaths occurs during or from a cosmetic procedure. The only difference is they charge all that money and I've seen some results not even worth it. I've also looked under some treatments under "not worth it" which are reviews of not so happy patients, and you would be surprised where most of those unhappy over priced surgeries are coming out of. Are they madd or nah? Everybody can't afford to pay $20,000 for a mommy make over and credit may not be good enough for a loan. I appreciate that doors have opened up for medical tourism because the hardworking everyday girl might want to get her body enhanced too. I'm all about equality. I salute all the plastic surgeons working so hard to create our vision of beauty but I especially salute all the DR doctors because you have made our dreams finally come true. Everyone thinks just because you live in the United States, you must be rich but a lot of us have a different reality. #facts

Important tip

While taking prenatal vitamins when I was pregnant, Ive learned that iron pills makes me constipated and does something to make your feces dark in color plus it appears to smear easy which makes it harder to wipe clean. I go through a lot of tissues. To help with this issue, I've been purchasing intimate wipes or baby wipes to help keep clean down there. I've gone through so many packs of wipes since I started taking these iron pills. But it's important to keep your areas clean down there to prevent from getting an infection. No infection is good when your trying to prepare for surgery. Got one more week and 2 days before my trip to DR. I go to the passport agency in Washington, D.C. Tomorrow for my same day passport and book for $195 which is the last thing needed for this trip. I have to pick up my results for my hiv and hepatitis b and c a day before I leave so I can give to my surgeon. I'm so ready

Foods to avoid

My boyfriend just texted me an article from a website on how to boost your hemoglobin. It also states foods you should avoid. Which is anything high in calcium and fiber. I am shocked to find this out because I don't remember reading this info in any reviews, and my surgeon did not advice me of this. I've been making beet fruit smoothies daily using yogurt which has actually been working against me. I will have to make sure I go hard with raising my hemoglobin i was at a 12.7 last week and I am bleeding heavy with a week and a half to go smdh. This is some bullshit.

No, I am not pregnant with child

I was at work the other day and this guy asked me if I was expecting. He caught me when I wasn't sucking my stomach in . I would have cursed him out but he was handicapped. I didn't get to offended because I was thinking this belly will be gone soon so hopefully this is the last big belly picture for me.

I'm not pregnant

I just love food

Passport issues

I went to pick up my passport today and it's still being reviewed, so it wasn't ready and my flight was scheduled to leave in the morning. I had to cancel my flight and they only refunded half of the money. I had to lie and say it was because of a medical issue or I wouldn't have been refunded at all. This was so over whelming but I still have faith. I wanted to cry but it wouldn't have done any good. I'm hoping that i can still pick it up this week and book another flight. I don't know understand what's the hold up because I should not have anything on my background to prevent me from getting the passport. It took me 4 times Going to the motor vehicle administration here in Maryland just to get an ID to become a resident. Shit ain't never easy living here in the DMV. It's always something. Everybody else come in and leave with what they need except me and I was in the passport place from 11:20am to 3pm, so now I have to go back for a third time. I paid an extra 60 bucks to have the passport before my flight, so I am requesting that fee back after I get the passport. Please keep me in your prayers and I will keep everyone updated. Please make sure you get your passport early as possible because you don't want to ever be in this situation

Passport still processing

So I've been calling the toll free number to check on my passport daily at least two or three times a day, and the only info they keep giving me is "it's processing. I've reached out to my local us congressional office regarding this issue. After researching my issue concerning the status of my passport, I found a forum that mentioned contacting your congress office. I told them my issue, and he stated I should have called them initially. He emailed me a privacy release form to complete in which I did. I emailed the form back tonight, so hopefully I will hear some good news soon. I thank God for blessing me with patience plus I've been saving up more money since I've been delayed going to DR so now I have more spending money in case of the unexpected.


The congress office called me back, and informed me my passport was denied due to legal issue. I will find out all the details once I get the letter in the mail. I was glad they were on top of it, but I lost money in the process. $200 for passport, $200 for cancel flight, $300 non refundable fee for deposit for surgery, and $200 for recovery house deposit plus all the extra supplies I purchased for the trip and surgery. I've been continuing my research on doctors in the United States just in case this would happen. I'm over being down about the situation. I paid another deposit which was $1000 yesterday to book my new surgery date which is August 18th. I'm going to seduction cosmetics in aventura Florida. After speaking to Stephanie, and asking her what was included and not included with the procedure. Stephanie specifically said labs, ekg, the post surgical garment, and the anesthesia was included. The surgeon will write me a prescription that would be up to me to fill and the massages were an additional cost $425, but I can't remember how many massages are included for that amount. Instead of getting the multiple procedures I wanted which was tt, lipo, breast lift, and bbl, I can't get everything done in the US because of there regulations. I will be doing my bbl which includes 12 areas of lipo, and I was quoted $4000 plus I added their recovery house for an extra 1050 for 5days and 4 nights. I got my contract paper work after paying my deposit, and notice all these individual fee that Stephanie did not inform me of and even stated that they were included. Labs, ekg, garment is not included. On top of that I have to pay for levonox which is mandatory shot for $160-320. I don't have a primary care physian, so I have to pay $145 when I get to Florida to receive medical clearance when I get there and thank God that will cover the ekg, chest X-ray, pregnancy test and urinalysis. I guess the $145 is worth it because seduction will charge individual for each test. I spoke to Sofia who is the surgical coordinator and she emailed me all the labs I would need before surgery. I am still missing some things they are looking for, so I will be going back to lab Corp this tues. and that will cost me $100. I just pray this prescription don't cost me a arm and a leg. I booked my flight today, and I got insurance this time on the trip and I requested wheelchair assistance. I will not be paying $425 for massages or the $265 for the insurance. I found a place that will do the massages for $65 and hour where I live. I will be getting my breast lift on round 2 beginning of 2017. I will be sure to let the surgeon know, and his coordinator that I was misquoted in my initial consultation with Stephanie. One thing I can say about dr. Mejia assistant Lefny, she was always upfront and honest. I pray there are no more hidden cost. I see why so many girls flock to the Dominican Republic because in the United States they will nickel and dime you on every thing. I guess everything happens for a reason. I was stressing about getting lipo with an umbilical hernia until I read reviews about the surgeon having experience with lipo on patients with this issue. Anyway more updates coming soon. Surgery is in five more days. I should be post op right now smh.

All the fees for seduction

This is Everything thing not included in the price for surgery in this email that was sent to me. Stephanie made me believe that most was included in the bbl quote for $4000, but some of it is a separate charge. If you have a primary care physician then the labs, ekg can be charged to your insurance but unfortunately I don't have insurance. There is an extra charge for the garment and because I'm over 40 I need a chest X-ray. A levonox shot is mandatory from $160-$320. Meds are not included in the quote but if you have instance this cost would not be out of pocket.

United medical credit

So I was on seduction jardon cosmetic website the other day, and they have a few loan companies you can apply to for financing. Care credit denied me, but I got an approval from United medical credit. They just emailed me all the info. I only asked for 1,500 because I wanted to start off small and pay it off then ask for more my second procedure which would be my breast lift and possible tummy tuck. I have to read all the details before i sign the contract

Pre op

I had a ruff day last nite. I was early for my flight yesterday, but I missed it because I wasn't paying attention when they announced the time and gate change. I was able to get on another flight which was late so I missed my connection in Charlotte. I had to spend the nite at the airport, and caught the first flight out at eight this morning. I just received my medical clearance, and now I'm at my pre op appointment waiting to meet dr. Mcadoo. The clinic is really nice and the surgery will happen in the same building. I just paid my deposit for my breast lift also. I have 18months to get the procedure done. I found out I need a lift and a reduction smdh.

2days post op

I had a bbl with 12 areas of lipo. I am please with my results so far. I will give it a couple months to see the final picture. My experience overall has been great. I am sore as hell. I don't care too much to be in pain so I've been taking my pain medicine regularly. I am staying at a recovery house through seduction called the mansion the food is delicious and the staff is very helpful I will definitely be staying here when I come back for round two . Dr. Mcadoo.did his thing. It's funny because he was my first choice before considering going to the Dominican republic and I flip-flop surgeons a few times but ended up with Dr. Mcadoo in the end

Before and after

I can't believe my eyes. Make sure after surgery to walk as much as much as you can and drink plenty of fluids like water and juice with vitamin c. The pain is controllable but nothing seems to help the soreness. A great tool to have would be a reacher to grab things off the floor when you drop it. I don't have one but my back scratcher has been helping me out to retrieve things when I drop them. I am currently on my period, so I've been wearing my panties on top of my garment to hold my maxi pad. I've been sleeping on my stomach to prevent sleeping on the fat grafted areas. Dr Mcadoo does your hips as well. I haven't been standing up to pee mainly due to my period, so I've been sitting backwards on the toilet letting my butt hang off. This is how I sit at the dinner table as well. I am going home today with my drain in which I have to remove in 7days. I'm excited my plane ride is only 2hours and 40mins. Will post more when I get home.

The mansion recovery house

The staff was awesome and always in a good mood. My flight left today and the driver dropped me off at the Miami airport instead of the fort Lauder airport where he picked me up when I arrived. my flight left at 8:15am and this was about 7 AM when he dropped me off at the wrong airport so I didn't have much time to get to the other airport I had to catch a cab and it cost me $80 so I was not a happy camper but thank God I made my flight I request that wheelchair service which allowed me to go through security quickly and get to my flight right in time other than that my experience has been Pleasant. Please do not wear the foam padding or the app and backboards when you're going through security because it slows up the process they have to take you into another room and check you thoroughly. Here's a few pictures of the recovery house in Florida for seductions by Jardons cosmetics called the mansion it was the extra thousand dollars to stay there for five days and four nights with transportation and all meals included

Recovery at home

So I've been laying in bed on my tummy for the most part every since I've been home my boyfriend will be going out to purchase me a lawn chair so he can cut out the part where my booty will be so I can relax in the living room with him the Boppy Pillow works OK but it's not the best for keeping your booty from touching the chair. I went home with my drain which I have to remove and seven days and this is only the third day and I also have more levenox shots to take so I had to do that as well. i'm glad I'm off work for two weeks I think I underestimated how sore I would be after lipo suction and BBL

Tired of laying down

Can't wait to get this lawn chair

The lounger

This was God sent. My boyfriend found it at Kmart on sale for $40 originally it was $100. It is very sturdy and comfortable I'd put just the right pillows on it to make it even more comfortable my Boppy pillow my arm rest pillow and a regular pillow for my head and I'm also wearing my neck pillow. This lounger does recline back into a laying position and I use it to sit up and eat it's so comfortable I've even fell asleep in it .

Feminine wipes

Ladies this are you best friend. I can't say it enough how much these come in handy. Presurgery you especially need these when you are taking the iron pills. Every time you have a bowel movement you should wipe yourself with tissue first then use these wipes I can't even begin to tell you how many packages of feminine wipes I went through pre-surgery. The iron pills makes your Bowel movement a pasty texture which is harder to wipe clean and if you don't wipe clean you can get infections. If you develop any type of infections including a UTI your surgeon will not perform any surgeries on you and if you are coming from out of town wide take that chance. After your surgery you will still need to keep clean because you will not be able to take a shower for seven days so make sure you're still using those vaginal wipes to prevent infections. I also purchased a product called AZO and it prevents getting a urinary tract infection if you eat two of the Gummi's a day it's like drinking a glass of cranberry juice. If you are traveling for your plastic surgery please make sure to have your urinalysis and pregnancy test before traveling this will check to make sure you have no infections also. Overall I think I could honestly say that the feminine wipes help me not to have any infections because every time I went to the restroom I always wipe myself really clean especially after a bowel movement. I hope these tips have helped someone out. After reading so many reviews on RealSelf I must say I was overly prepared and grateful

4 days post op

Ok I was counting the day of treatment as post op day one but I am actually post op four days my procedure was on Thursday, August 18 I received a call today from seduction by Jardon's cosmetics. They were just checking on me to see how I was coming along. I've been eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and take in my stool softener to help me go to the restroom I had my first bowel movement yesterday which was post op day three. I found that the hole in the crotch area of the garment was big enough for me to have a bowel movement with the garment on but I didn't go as much until I took the garment off. Getting the garment off wasn't as hard as getting the garment back on I was so tired trying to put the garment back on I was literally sweating I could not get the last hook fastened so I had to wait for my boyfriend to do the last hook and zip up the garment. I think it's important to have two garments because while one is washing you could put the clean ones on so that you're not without a garment because you don't want to swell too much. I also have two pair of compression socks as well. I have been getting slight headaches but I make sure I take the Tylenol so it doesn't turn into a migraine and no amount of medication can stop you from being sore but it could make it more tolerable by taking Tylenol or the pain medication the doctor prescribed. I am scheduled to go back to work on September 2 which is two weeks off after my surgery. As much as I want to try on some of my new clothes especially my one piece outfits that shows my curves it's a little difficult with the drain in so I will probably take more pictures when the drain is out in three more days. I've been having a lot of nightmares and it always seems like someone is out to harm me I even had a nightmare about a toy truck trying to harm me that I had to disassemble smdh. When I wake up I sit up for a couple hours on my lounger then I'm ready to go back to sleep. I am very tired during this recovery

3day po

Can't wait till I'm fully recovered

Post op day six

It's almost 2am, and I'm feeling pretty good. I have the itches in a few spots but nothing unbearable thus far. Yesterday I went to the Dominican hair salon and got my natural hair done for a change. I will never wear a weave for more than two months in my life. My hair was so matted. I wanted to cry when it was being combed out. I was in that hair salon all day because I kept taking breaks because it was very uncomfortable sitting on my ass and that Bobby pillow just don't do it for me when I'm using it to sit in a chair. I was so exhausted when I got home. I took off my garment to take a crap and it was the best one so far, but I didn't have the strength to put the clean one back on, so I called my boyfriend and he came home shortly to help me. I will be switching garments soon. I will order the new one the dr recommended this week along with arnica pills and bra padding for my straps because right now I'm wearing home made one. I'm ordering everything from chilsedlux.com. They have all your surgical needs pre/post and fast delivery. I started a new review for dr Mcadoo cause this one is mainly for my own personal journey. I just pray everyday gets better and better, and I'm excited for my next round. I will give it time to see my full results because I love my results but I still see areas of revision. I declined the insurance that covers revision 100% and without the insurance the patient is responsible for anesthesia but we will see what the future holds

Mcadoll Went from Flat Ass Too Fat Ass.

Stared out wanting my bbl procedure with dr. James Mcadoo then I got side tracked after seeing women flocking to the Dominican Republic to get multiple procedures with great results and half the cost. So I wanted in. After paying my deposit for a surgeon, recovery house, airline ticket and passport plus all my supplies and things needed pre/post surgery my passport was denied. I lost about $1,000 non refundable. I think it would make since to get the passport first before paying and deposits. I will definitely look further into my passport issue in the near future and I'm sure it can be resolved. I was too anxious to wait for my procedure, so I found dr Mcadoo who was with vanity cosmetic when I initially sent in my consultation pics, but since he's no longer there vanity tried to hook me up with dr. Valls. I didn't see enough good reviews on his bbl although the price was right. I found dr Mcadoo at seduction by jardon cosmetic in aventura Florida and paid my deposit of $1,000 couple days later. I flew out to Florida August 16th all my labs and urinalysis was done, but I got my medical clearance out there in Florida. I had to have an EKG and chest x Ray because I'm over 40. Day of treatment was Thursday August 18th

Follow up appt

Seduction called today about my follow up appt which I can't make because I'm back at home, but I will email in pics for the dr. To look at to make sure everything is ok. I can take my drain out tomorrow wish me luck. And my first shower since surgery

Drain out

It's such a relief to finally have the drain out. I was scarred as shit, but my boyfriend did a great job taking it out. I am feeling so bless to have him in my life he has been amazing through this journey. I took Benadryl for the first time to stop the itching and it worked pretty good for me plus I slept like a baby. I've been sleeping really great after surgery but I always wake up at least once due to back pain but I take a Percocet go potty then go back to sleep with no problem. I took a few pics yesterday before I took the drain out. After surgery it seems I am less interested in real self but I made a promise to update with my results and I will keep my promise for future dolls

Seduction by jardons cosmectics

They have been really great checking up on me after surgery and answering all my questions in a timely manner and they even return phone calls post op. The staff has been great even providing me with their cell numbers.

Itching like crazy

Ladies don't forget to take Benadryl to stop from itching because one of the side effects of the pain meds is itching. Because Benadryl make you sleepy along with your prescription pain meds please do not drive on do anything that may cause harm to yourself while taking these drugs because they will make you very sleepy especially when taken together. I purchased a hand held massager from five below, and it's been worth every penny. You can put the arnica gel in it and you can roll it over all your lipo areas which helps smooth out your skin it rolls over your skin easy and smooth. It feels amazing. I massage myself and I have my boyfriend do it once a day. Best investment ever. I found it by the excercise stuff in five below. It doesn't make your hands tired easily

Two weeks post op

Seduction called me again this morning to check on me and I am doing fine. I start back to work tomorrow. I talked to Stephanie at seduction cosmetics yesterday regarding a retouch or revision that will cost me only $2000 because I declined the insurance which was about $267 that would have had to be purchased before the surgery to have any revisions completely paid for I declined that insurance so now I basically have to pay for the anesthesia. I will be pay my deposit tomorrow and hopefully pay my daughters deposit because she wants a breast augmentation and I'm hoping we can go at the same time in March 2017. I've already paid the deposit for my breast lift and reduction but I want to wait until after my revision BBL to get my breast done. Dr. Macadoo made some great improvements but honestly it takes some of us 2 rounds of surgery to get the fullness and desired look you want to achieve. I am about 75% happy with my BBL because of what he had to work with which was a flat Odd shape grandma booty. I did not have a wish pic at the time of surgery because I had realistic goals in mind and it's almost like when you take a picture to your beautician thinking you could get your hair done exactly like the person in the picture and it always comes out Different. I'm not stressing over my round two I'm just going to do it but I am focus on my recovery at this time but round two will be epic stay tuned


Recovery is going well I am three weeks and two days post op. seduction has been great at call Lane and checking on me every week to see how I am doing. I still see some things after surgery that I would like to improve but I am waiting to see what it looks like after three months. Here are some updates pics for everyone. I switched over to the vest garment after two weeks to keep the compression off my butt . My butt is not as full as I want it and I still have unwanted fat on my back so hopefully the revision can fix that or maybe it will be gone at the three-month mark ?

Clothes on

My ass looks bomb with clothes on but I want to be 100% happy with my butt and stomach when I take my clothes off


I went to the gym the other day and worked out. I tried to take it easy because I am still recovering, but I am not as athletic as I want to be. I've been eating healthier and drinking less soda trying to maintain my weight . I don't want to give up on working out but boy does it suck . I am going to stick to the treadmill for now hopefully I could do that at least three days a week starting next week . My birthday is in two more days and I will be 43 years old I won't be doing much but I have the day off . I got a promotion and a pay raise last week so I started the new position this week so I am celebrating that am my birthday . My butt doesn't seem as big as it was and I am looking for it to my revision next year mainly because I don't like the shape and it's not Full enough, but I sure have been getting a lot of attention .

It's my birthday

I'm changing outfits three times today. I don't have any birthday plans everything will be spontaneous but I will be looking flawless happy 43rd birthday to me


Hey now

Happy healing

Just chilling nothing major

Front view

Can't wait to lift these boobs tho

Almost got a burn

I notice some spots on my tummy and sides were getting discolored, dry and flaky so I started to put shea butter on the areas and I've been wearing the garment less. I thinks it's because I have not been wearing my camisole and tank tops under the garment because my skin seemed perfectly fine except being somewhat sensitive from the lipo. I will post pics on how the area looks now. Shea butter is the truth


My skin is healing well. It's important to pay close attention to your lipo suction areas especially when your wearing a garment because this can do damage if your not careful. I'm glad I caught the problem early before this turned into a major burn.

Natural hair

I've been without a perm over a year and my hair is getting so healthy. Lately I've been contemplating on getting a perm tho cause them edges be looking ruff

Revision coming

March 2017 I will be getting a little more lipo done to my inner thighs and arms plus a revision bbl by mcadoo. I still have to email Stephanie my recent pics. I will keep you guys updated.

Go vote

I pray everyone gets out to cast your vote tomorrow if you haven't already. Team Hilary over here


Finally sent my recent pics to Stephanie at seduction to schedule my retouch plus more lipo in March just waiting on the doctors response. Wish me luck. Here's the recent pics I sent in for evaluation

Regarding my revision

So I got the email today from Stephanie at seduction regarding Mcadoo doing my revisions in which he declined, but stated it would be a second round bbl for 4000. Which is what I paid initially. I am beginning to think this revision is all a hoax amongst these plastic surgeons it's like pulling teeth from all the reviews I've read about patients seeking a revision. It's all just a ploy to get your money. That's exactly why I declined getting the insurance because I knew I was going to be out of a extra couple hundred dollars with no revision. I've reached out to Amy Caballero today at eres in Miami (use to be called vanity) and I'm waiting on there quote. I sent them my pics today plus dr. Valls has a bbl special right now for 3500. I am planning on going with a couple ladies including my two daughters to get some cosmetic work done as well, and hoping to get some great quotes for multiple people coming along with me. I rather spend my money with a company that stands behind there work 100%. Although I'm pleased with the results, seduction statement says that if your not 100% happy then you could get a retouch which is why I reached out to them again. Anyway you live and you learn

Round 2

My second bbl will be epic. I'm hoping to get rid of all this back fat. I will be making my deposit next Thursday at eres cosmetic with dr calva instead of valls. I already have a small deposit with seduction that I might loose smdh because I don't think I'm going back, but I'm not 100%sure because I really do love Mcadoo work, and my butt looks way better after the first bbl. here's some up to date pics. I still have some numbness in my lower back and I don't wear my garment everyday but I still wear it (the vest garment)

new review

I will be starting a new review soon for my round 2bbl stay tuned


Just me

Dr calva

I've decided on dr calva for my round 2 for 3500. I will pay the $500 deposit after Christmas. I've been looking at his reviews and I like what I see. I am hoping my two daughters go with me this time around. One wants a bbl and my other daughter wants a Breast augmentation. I will most likely rent a house which is more affordable than the recovery house and my boyfriend will be there to cook for us


Love my new butt but the greed has taken over. I've stared my new review already for round to so this my be my last post on this review. I was glad I went to Mcadoo for my first round and I was always realist with my body goals round 1,but I know round 2 bbl with calva will get me to my ultimate body goal. See ya on the flip side


Paid that deposit today. Set for May 2017 with Mcadoo again. He's a beast see my round 2 review

Update pic pre round 2

Haven't posted an updated pic in a while. I am still loving my results but I'm excited about round 2
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

I was very excited to me dr. Mcadoo he was very professional and listened to what I had to say. He definitely has a sense of humor. Before the surgery, he marked my body up like a true artist

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