40yr Old Mother of 4 & Wife. Miami, FL

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Im currently looking in to Dr's in the Miami area...

Im currently looking in to Dr's in the Miami area to get bbl & lipo or tt. I have my first consultation with Dr Wendell Perry . I'm excited just to get this process started. I would like to get two more Dr consultation before I decide which I should go with. Does anyone have any suggestions for any Miami Dr's thats reasonably priced and work is phenomenal??

Definitely I'm a PerryDoll

Words can't express how pleased i was going into see Dr Wendell Perry today. Ive never met a Dr. Perry that not only makes you feel comfortable. He is also a teacher i left my appointment understand exactly what and how the surgery is done. He is not about ripping you off he is really about educating you so you make yours decision base on all facts to consider. Before going to my appointment i did take the time to view Dr. Perry's videos on YouTube which was just as informative so the appointment for me sealed the deal. I also had my list of questions which he answered .Im definitely going to be working on becoming a PerryDoll. Now my next step will be losing some weight nothing he suggested but what i want to do for me. I plan to do liposuction & possible fat transfer I'll decide as it gets closer to surgery. My goal date is October so I have more then enough time to plan.

Changing to Dr yily

Hey Beauties, I had a great experience when i went to see Dr perry but I noticed not to many explains of his work besides whats on his website. I love RS cuz your able to really see ppls journey good and bad ..So now Im consider Dr Yily I love love love her work .... I have to start my own journey 1st by losing 30-40 lbs I want to have my surgery nxt January so I have more then enough time to lose this weight.

can't decide

can't decide between yily and manon im really considering manon im waiting on a quote from Yily so far no response does anyone have the whatsapp contact for yily

need help

has anyone stayed at the New life recovery home or does anyone have an recovery home they recommend


hey ladies I've gotten my quote from yily and manon. I'm definitely going with Manon my reason is bcuz I requested a quote from both Dr asking for liposuction tummy tuck bbl and Breast lift yily gave me a quote for everything including rh 6100. Manon quoted me 5100 for liposuction tummy tuck and bbl not including Breast lift and rh looking at price why not go with yily one spot shop. what got me was when I asked manon why won't he do Breast lift also and his concern was my bmi being over 35 in order for me to do everything my bmi needed to be at 33 or lower if I can do that he can do it all. That to me spoke volumes my safety came first....I am a Manondoll I'm so excited now


After all of my research with all the different doctors in DR I finally decided I'm definitely going to Yily. now I just have to work on my deposit to confirm my date for March 2017 for the next couple months I'm going to put in some effort to lose at least 20lbs which I know is definitely doable. i'm so excited I also want to start taking the vitamins necessary a head of time before surgery


Does anyone have any preference on certain multivitamins that maybe recommended before surgery? and any recommendations on definite things that are needed for packing for surgery?

I really thought i made up my mind

I really thought I was done looking at Dr for my procedure. Now looking over Robles work Im really considering her just requested a quote can take a couple of days for response so will see if Yily is really gonna be my final option

Need some advice!!!!HELP my Rs sistah!!!

So I've gotten 3quotes Yily, Manon and now Robles . Two of the three will only do bbl tummy tuck.lipo but not breast lift which is Manon and Robles ..But, Yily will do all of what i want im conflicted bcuz i don't know if thats a good thing or bad Help anyone I want to make the right decision

Finally done reviewing Dr's Yily is my final answer!!????????

I'm tired of reviewing what i already know Dr Yily is it can't wait March 2017 ????????????????


Finally got my confirmation Date for 3/2017 im so excited
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