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Today was my consultation with Dr. Salama and I...

Today was my consultation with Dr. Salama and I just have to say after talking with him I can't be more excited! I know it's a long way from now but I will be counting down the days!

Dr. Salama took his time explaining everything to me and answered all my questions the staff was very nice. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of my best experiences having plastic surgery this far.

These are some pictures of me of how I look now at 146 pounds ..

My surgery isn't till August of 2016 but I wanted to start my journey with my bbls sisters now so u guys can see everything.. When I mean everything I mean everything lol I hate my body it doesn't show but I work out a lot. It use to show but this past year I have gained 15 pounds and can't seem to get rid of it. It all happened when I decided to get get butt shots Bad decision I got underground gel shots and thank god I only got a little but from that little it made my booty look horrible and thank god I found a surgent that can fix it. Or at least make it look better.

More pics

Ugh I can't wait to see something different.

Hi BBL sisters!

I had a crazy dream last night about my surgery it wasn't crazy it was scary! I had so much anxiety when I woke up from it I had to take a sleeping pill and put on my relaxing music to meditate.. I finally fell asleep but that shit was so scary I don't even want to tell anyone what it was about but I had to let it out. I'm knew to this sight and I'm trying to make friends hopefully if o write more updates and the sooner my surgery date gets closer I cN get more feedback.. One I have a question has anyone had silicone shots or hydrogel shots on there butt and are thinking about doing a BBL? Thanks for listening girls. Talk to you guys soon. Lots of love girls GOOD BLESS!

A picture of me before I gained 18 pounds that I can't stand!

It's almost here!!

August 23rd is my surgery date and I'm so excited.. I have gained weight I'm now 153 but a lot is muscle since I have been working out but not changing how I eat.. I hope that it's ok that I gained... I figured with the shape of my butt he's going to have to put a lot of fat in there. I have been reading a lot of reviews on him and he's been doing such great work.. I'm happy I chose him.

Some wish pics I saw from other profiles and loved..

Hey Lady's !! I'm growing more and more impatient.. Ugh Here are some more before shots of me.. Don't mind my pom Pom and Yorkie

I'm so obsessed with this surgery it can't be healthy.. Im still working out with my trainer I'm at 155 which is perfect cause I want a big booty to fill up this long ass of mine. Salama says there's no way for my ass not to look long because of my long booty crack. lol but he can make it look better. He says I already have a small waist when he puts his hands around it so that's a good thing . I'm looking forward into having a really nice shape I had one once in my life so I know it's there! Lol well I just wanted to keep u lady's updated and let you know that the anxiety is real. I can't wait for the pain already I just hope he gives me a Xanax before my surgery cause I know my anxiety is going to be an all time high. Also I've gone through surgery before and Percs never worked for me I'm thinking about seeing if he can give me something stronger without sounding like a drug attic lol .. I just know my body and what it can and can not deal with.. I'm going to start buying what I need for the surgery after my pre op August 2nd.

I want more projection .

I'm almost 1 month away!!!

I can't stop thinking about my surgery I dream eat and breath this surgery! My goodness please hurry so I can start living my life again. I just wanted to update you guys I spoke to Cynthia today she's so pleasant and kind we spoke about my surgery date on August 23 so excited that's when Dr. Salama is coming back from his well rested vacation. I'm loving the fact that he's coming back relaxed and ready to work on his canvas "me" yassss !! I know he's going to work his art on me! I'm so happy that it's finally getting closer. Well I stop smoking cigs and I don't plan on ever smoking again. That habit is for the birds! Not for me and this just gives me motivation to quit! Well I guys my pre op is August 2nd I'll let you know what he says!! Lots and hugs and love!! ??????????

Crazy day at FastCare!! So upset!

Well my day started really bad. I argued with my 20 year old daughter today because she says I don't need surgery that I'm fine the way I am, but what she doesn't understand is that I'm not happy. I'm a personal trainer so I know more then the average person how I can get my body where I want it but even at my fittest I wasn't happy my butt goes down and it's not cute! I cried so much because I feel like she doesn't have my back. Why can't people especially your family just be happy for you and have your back. Why can't they just sit there and encourage your decision. My daughter is 20 with a drop dead gorgeous body easy to say that when your fit. I don't know I cried so much! Anyways I went to FastCare the doctor that Salama told me to go to so I can get my blood work. Just let me tell you that I didn't eat for 12 hours get there and I was a human pin cushion! After a hour blowing up my vein and making me look like I did it myself nothing they couldn't get my blood no blood I guess I'm not human maybe I don't have blood! 3 lady's tried but I was so upset with my daughter and second guessing myself about the surgery that once this happened I flipped I just started to cry and boy I couldn't stop. I'm better now but I'm just going to get my labs done a quest hopefully it's not too late my surgery is in a month and they need those labs.. Thanks for letting me vent !

Exactly 27 more days before surgery!

The closer it gets the more I feel the people around me are loosing there minds lol.. My boyfriend is paying for it and every time I ask him for money he shakes his head I mean he's always been cheap but come on. If you tell me no problem I got you and then after treat me like shit because you realize that I was actually going through with it why take it out on me. I swear I'm bitting my lip but after the surgery and when I'm all healed because I'm the type I hold things and when u least expect it and I'm done with you, oh believe me you will hear all the reasons why I remember, I don't forget. Yes I am very grateful for him paying my surgery this way I can get my daughter a new car since the one she had broke down. But that doesn't give u the right to think u have the upper hand on me and treat me the way you want because at the end when the surgery is all paid for and I'm all healed then what .. Now can you see why I can't wait to be done with this so my life can begin.. Err men. I 1200 left to pay for the surgery which I will on the second.

I went to quest to get my blood work done and their were so great she got my vein first shot. I can't stress enough to you guys how bad I just want this surgery to be over with so My boyfriend can kiss my ass and I can tell him how horrible he was to me that giving me money for the surgery is nice but treating me like a piece of shit wasn't. Then I'm going to give him a kiss goodbye. I'm so done with him. PLEASE SURGERY RECOVERY AND MY LIFE HURRY!

I got my pre ops today!!

Well I got a call from Dr. salama' office today my pre-ops came in my labs are good but my ekg came back abnormal I know why I have a heart murmur since I was a baby it's very small but still there. They said I need to go get cleared by a cardiologist I'm so sad :( now I have to pay another 300 plus to sit with a cardiologist and hope he clears me for surgery. I will be so so so sad if I don't get cleared I've waited 10 months for this and if I don't get cleared I don't know what I'm going to do. I have been reading and googling about heart murmur's and surgery and supposedly a lot of women have heart murmurs and they get cleared almost all the time but of course my mind starts to wonder and I start think how about if it's something else how about if it's something more serious and I can't get cleared ughhhh I hate this feeling of not knowing. I called a cardiologist and made an appointment for August 1st then I will know if I can get cleared or not! All this waiting is driving me insane... Ugh so sad .... :'(

I'm cleared!!!

I went to see the cardiologist today and he says I'm in perfect health! I can't be any healthier he says it doesn't get any better.. U damn snippy it don't! Lol I'm so excited count down begins!! 22 days left! And counting .. Oh boy I need to start getting supplies.. Well tomorrow I see Dr. Salama for the second time to talk about the surgery. I'll let u guys know what he said. :)

I went to Dr. Salama's office today

I didn't see Dr. Salama like I thought I was going to do but I signed my life away today and spoke to Nomie about surgery and what I need to wear and not do on, before and after surgery. They don't have boppy pillows which it's ok I'll just go to target and get one. It's not a problem I'm just so happy I'm cleared and I don't have to worry about the surgery till the day I go. I'm so exited I can't say that enough. I can't sleep I keep thinking about how I'm going to feel the day after surgery. I'm scared that the perks are going to not be enough for the pain that's like my worse fear. I don't want to feel pain but I guess pain is beauty and this sure better be worth it. It will I know with exercise after there's no way that it's not all going to come together nicely! How wouldn't! I paid 10,000 boy either I better have a small waist or a big booty lol I'll be so happy with both! Uuuuuughhhhh so nervous!

I'm a week away from surgery!!!

Omg it's almost here I'm so excited I'm so nervous this week is going to be the longest week ever! I haven't even put my prescriptions into the pharmacy yet don't ask me what I'm waiting for I have no clue. I haven't bought I single thing for this surgery! Well I guess I should start huh! I guess tonight I might just go to Walmart with my boyfriend and buy some stuff.. Here are some wish pics! I'm praying and hopefully I can come close to looking like this!

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

I'm so anxious and nervous thanks to my bbl sister lesj24 for giving me so much advice and picking up my spirits when I needed it. I purchased the Dr. Miami booty pillow it would be coming during the week also got all my prescriptions today. I bought a comfy robe from bed bath and beyond so I'm prepared and ready to get this journey going! My surgery is at 1030 tomorrow morning I will keep you guys updated please pray for me! Thanks to everyone! See you sisters on the other side!!! :)

Wow I was in so much pain

I'm going to make it short and sweet in a lot of pain but in getting better thanks for the praying

More pics coming

Still in pain

More pics

Follow up went well .. Shower today thank god.. Horrible night last night

I feel so bad today like really really bad....

I think I have a fever spoke to the doctor he said that's normal take Tylenol and if it goes over 101 then to call please call him he's very nice and doesn't make me feel like I bothered him. I'm so tired I'm walking eating I just hope this feeling goes away soon! Talk to u guys soon as I'm writing I'm like falling asleep. :(

I woke up so swollen my hands and face

Is this normal I'm laying on my massage table face down is this a problem u think?

Here are some pics ..

I'm feeling a little better then yesterday and yesterday was no fun. Anyways here are some pics I will post more later. I'm up and down about my results. I love it but then I'm like maybe I could of just worked out and got the same I wanted extreme but will see it's still early.

I'm still here.

Hi dolls I'm still here doing the same shit I was doing yesterday praying for a better day each day. Well god finally answered my prayers today cause I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. I mean I been so emotional so depressed so tired everything hurts I stopped the pain pills cause I felt tired on top of the soreness so now I'm taking Tylenol extra strength which is working a little also I'm more alert now and not groggy. I haven't been taking much pics cause it sucks to take of this faja and when I do I just want to enjoy it and lay on the bed. I had to go back to the original faja because the second was making me too swollen my legs and everything. Tomorrow is another massage not looking forward to that let me tell u it's hell pure hell for me. I'm sorry I hope I'm not scaring anyone that hasn't done their surgery yet but I'm just expressing my experience everyone is different I don't do good with pain at all. Well with that said I will update u guys soon and hopefully have nicer pics. Chao

These are my experiences

So I have been going crazy to the point where I have deep cycles under my eyes from not being able to sleep or relax for more then 20 mins at a time. Well I bought the lawn chair I cut a hole in it , I felt as tho my butt was getting flatten from the pillow underneath and it was extremely uncomfortable. I bought the chair cut a hole in it, same very uncomfortable. The only thing that works but still is a bit uncomfortable if u sit on it long enough is the doctor Miami pillow. I decide to order the medical therapy pillow system and the donut float to see if this works. I'm trying anything and everything just for a full night of comfortable sleep. I'm a back sleeper and side so sleeping on my tummy is pure hell.. Especially trying to prop up the pillow. I have a massage table that I can get comfortable on but it hurts after a while so I'm hoping that pillow will work. I got all my drains taken out thank god it didn't hurt like I thought it would Nomie is so sweet and tender I love her. She's the sweetest. I love my results so far Dr. Salama is the best he sculpted my body just like I told him to. I would like to put the stars up on top and write his review but for some reason it's not letting me. I will post soon to share how happy I am with him and his staff. I will also let you dolls know how the donut and the pillow works out for me.. I will be praying believe this. I feel like my knew profile name should be restless in Florida. Lol

Hi dolls

I'm feeling good today the best I've felt in a long time the massages still hurt my inner thighs don't hurt no more thank the lord! Here are some pics looks better in person still swollen! :(

Loving my bootay!!!

It's starting to settle I wish it would stay like this :) a little swollen today on my tummy from yesterday's massage.

Here are some updated pics

My waist is at 27 inches and my hips are at 45 .. when I walk into a room all eyes on me it's nice I don't mind the attention but I'm still insecure with a lot of things on my body. Like I will never wear a skirt or shorts or bathing suit. I started working out this week but I didn't feel good and had my period so I stopped hopefully i feel better next week so it can all come together more. Last night I was so tired when I woke up I was on my back and I swear my butt looks flatter lol.. now it might be all in my head but damn I hate that feeling like I did something wrong. I just wanted to update so u guys know I'm still hear and happier then most days. Up and down. But happy.

Dr. Salma is an excellent Doctor. He gave me what I wanted and I can tell when my results settle in and I start my workouts that I'm going to look even more amazing. He answered my questions and was very informative about the procedure and so was the anesthesiologist. Dr. Salama was kind to the touch and very straight forward about my results. I would definitely Go back to him for more procedures. Everyone loves my results and so do i. All I have to say is thank you Dr. Salama for taking your time with me and sculpting my body to perfection.

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