Future Duran Doll...May 9th, 2016....

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I am ready to do BBL and Lipo and I've been...

I am ready to do BBL and Lipo and I've been stalking Dr. Duran still 2013 and love her work, but she doesn't have any availability the time I am looking to do my surgery. Duran's next available date is October 2016, so I have been researching other Doctor's. My next choice in DR would be Dr. Yily she also does amazing work, and she has dates available in June. I love how she gives small waists... Then I have been looking at Dr's in Miami. I am having a hard time deciding to go to DR or Miami. Has anyone gone to Dr. Mcadoo in Miami? I do not see many reviews or pictures of his work.

I have decided on my first choice Dr. Duran!!! Anyone want to change dates?

I have decided to go with Dr. Duran! I love her work! I spoke to her secretary today and she sent me my quote and instructions. Unfortunately, she could not give me an exact date. I sent a deposit of $250usd plus home delivery service today, but Money gram canceled it because I did not know the sending..... Now I am waiting for my refund and need to figure out how to send a secure payment to Dr. Duran asap! I was so excited this morning and I am feeling a little down now, but keeping my faith. Does anyone want to change dates with me? I am willing to go April /May/June asap!!!!

Future Duran Doll....May 9th, 2016....SO EXCITED!!!!

I finally got my date today...Yay!!! May 9th, 2016 with Dr. Duran. I am so excited!!!!. I sent my deposit to the Princess Recovery House and Dr. Duran today. Now I have to prepare and look for a flight...Anyone travelling to DR May 6th-14th?

Duran Doll May 9th......Flight booked!!!

So I booked my flight today with Delta. It sucks there are no direct flights from Toronto to Santo Domingo! I bought the fastest flight there and back with the shortest layovers, and Delta comfort seats at the front of the plane. I also purchased trip insurance just incase I have to change my flight. All together my flight was just over $1k. Abit expensive but worth the comfort.
I started shopping for supplies today and got some good deals on maxi dresses. I hit up the dollar stores to pick up small things on my list and Walmart to pick up some Ensure to take with me. If anyone would like to share what they needed and didn't need I would really appreciate it. I do not want to over pack.


I have one week away till I land in DR. I am so excited! I posted some wish pics :)

Made it to DR!!!!

I made it to DR today! I'm so relaxed and comfortable now. My journey here was smooth. I flew from Toronto at 6:15 am this morning and had one stop over in Atlanta. I landed in DR just after 1pm. The airport was busy and at first I didn't know what to do or where to go but I for figured it out. I exchange $100 usd to pesos and then got my tourist card that cost $10usd. After I waited in the long line to get through customs. All together it took me about 30 mins. My driver was waiting for me outside with a sign with my name on it. I was happy to see him. The driver took me straight to Cipla. When I reached there another lady greeted me. She works with the Princess RH were I am staying. The young lady brought me to Dr Durans office. Dr Durans office is nice and smells wonderful. I met Dr Durans beautiful secretaries and they took a copy of my passport and some more information. They asked for $220 usd for my labs and gave me a Pee cup lol. I had my blood done and all other tests. There was no wait and I was a guided the whole time by the wonderful lady from Princess RH.

Princess Recovery House day 1....

I made it to the Princess RH. The Recovery House is located 5-10 mins away from Cipla. Everyone here is so nice and helpful. The food is awesome! The rooms are nice and clean. I am in a dbl room for $85/ night. Info for Princess RH to send deposit via Weston Union. Ninoska serrano 829 333 8083 . The amount for us is 100 us. The Recovery House includes the following service. -Flat Screen TV w/ Cable (English channels) -WIFI -Private bathrooms each room - Free internationals calls. -Hot water, elevator -24 Hour Nursing Care -3 Meals, 1 snacks daily -Laundry service for soiled garment ( FREE) -Personalized drinking water. -transportation Free

More info on Princess Recovery House

What to bring:

· If you are going to have a Tummy Tuck patient you must have a Breathing machine. You can buy it here, it cost$20 US.

· Bring security box to save your money,

· You need to bring loose clothes. Example maxi dress, sweats, button down shirt, etc.

· T-Shirt/tank top to wear under your garment.

· Box of baby wipes.

· Kotex (menstrual pads). Thick ones. (To be placed under your garment to provide cushion)

· Compression Socks. If you want you can buy it here, it cost $25 USD extra.
· Everybody needs to have somebody to spend the night the day of surgery, Otherwise you have to pay 50 dollars for a nurse. We can provide it.

· Bring diapers for adult for better conform or you can buy it here for 20 dollars,

· we provide, the other supplies, like tape, alcohol, gauze, soap, gloves.

· Bring Arnica cream, strong pain pills, sleeping pills,

· Bring Small towel and large towel & cover for surgery night.

Extra cost:

• Second garment depends on what types of faja will be 130,140,150 dollars.

• Nurse overnight $ 50 dollars.

• Package of babies wipes $ 10

• Package of Kotex $ 10 dollars

• Massages are available 30 each hour.

Before pics

Adding my before pics.,,,,

Before pics

More wish pics


Just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day! Have a wonderland day!

duran doll may 2016..... with no regrets!!!!

I am finally home from DR and will update my review with my complete experience. I am so happy with my results and thankful. Dra. Duran is the best at what she does! My journey started on May 6th as I travelled from Toronto, Canada to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. There was no direct flights from Toronto, so I choose a flight with the shortest layover. I flew with Delta airlines and upgraded my flight home to Delta Comfort seating (extra leg room). I do suggest booking your flight in advance to save money and if you can afford to fly first class on the way home do so. You want to have a comfortable flight home. My flight from Toronto to Santo Domingo was $871.66 cad with upgrade to Delta Comfort seating.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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