35 Year Old Mom of 4 Ready to Be a Mcadoo Doll - Miami, FL

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I've been wanting a BBL for years. Last year...

I've been wanting a BBL for years. Last year would've been the perfect time to get one, bc I weighed about 35 lbs more. However, I'm here trying to do it now. Need to get my weight up. Any suggestions other than stop smoking? I'm going to work on that, because I definitely put on weight after I stopped a five years ago. Anyway people tell me I have a big butt, but it's definitely struggling right now. When I lose weight the first place it comes from is my butt smh. McAdoo said I had plenty to work with but I'm going to focus on putting on 15 lbs. However I dance, so I know it's going to be tough. Need hips and booty! SO ready to do this, but I just started a new job, can't miss for 90 days :( Also I'm 6'1 183lbs. I rarely see any tall girls getting a BBL on here. Where my tall girls at? Be blessed dolls

Starting to second guess myself!

I originally wanted Fisher. Now I'm starting to second guess myself with McAdoo. He's great, but Fisher is putting out some banging work! I don't want to lose any of the money I put down. Also, I don't know if he accepts my financing co. I'm just frustrated. I want aggressive lipo, and drastic improvement! I see that with Fisher's bbls.

40 days!!!

I'm so excited! Only 40 days until my surgery. I have to stop smoking! I also need to gain some weight! I feel soooo good about McAdoo now. I think I made a great decision. I love his work. A doll on here just got hers bbl last Friday, and she looks amazing. I don't know where he finds the fat, Bc she was pretty thin, but I'm trusting him. She looks AMAZING! I'll post body pics this weekend. Can't wait! I need to start thinking about supplies and plane tickets, and recovery stay. So much smh! Well tah tah ladies.

34 days until....

Ok, I have a little over a month to go! Anyway not much to say. I just wanted to post a few pics I took today while trying on clothes after work. Lord I can't wait, because this ish right here lol! I used to have a nice body, but this last 10lb baby took me down thru there. Iv'e gained approx 5 lbs so far... shooting for 10 to 15. Hopefully no smoking will do the trick. Sadly when I gain any weight it hits the midsection first. Any good, I'm a stalker on Real Self these days. I'm on here more than fb, ig, sc, or twitter lol! Ttys dolls

Talked to My Coordinator

I'm excited. I got to speak to my coordinator, Claudia, yesterday! She was very nice. She sent me all my lab paperwork, recovery house info, supply list, and do's and don't' before and after surgery. I just moved, so I don't have a PCP here. Where can I get my labs done? I'm sure I can find somewhere. Anyway, I'm getting nervous. I need some money ASAP ???? Well ttyl dolls

Labs and EKG??? Help

I'm like 2 weeks til surgery date. I can't find anywhere to get labs and EKG done. Lab Corp will do bloodwork etc, but EKG? I don't have a PCP as I just moved. Any suggestions?

Labs today!!!!

Think everything went well!

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I just did my labs and EKG! Doctor said my EKG and urine looked great! We'll just wait on the rest! Looks little ke it's really going down. March 10th is coming FAST! Weigh gain coming along. I just bought some body mass powder to mix shakes! Need to pack on a few more in the next two weeks! Wish me luck!

I'm cleared!!!!!

Just got off the phone with Giselle and McAdoo says my hemoglobin is perfect! I'm good to go! Well ok, I gotta get this train in motion as I haven't booked a flight or anything bc I wanted to make sure I was clear. I have no supplies, hotel, flight yikes! I'm so excited! 9 days til I get my booty yay!!!!!! I'm going to get restylane under my eyes the day before surgery! I'm over these bags!

6 days!!!

Omg it's been a whirlwind! My surgery is next Friday! I booked a flight, and put a deposit down at Keyla's! So I suppose everything is set. I'm going by myself, but I have a friend down there. Hopefully things will go smoothly! I still need compression socks, bbl pillow and a urinal. Nerves are getting bad, Bc I haven't been able to put on any weight. I have stopped smoking however. So, I'm sure I'll plump up after the procedure smh!

This is it...

Pretty much what I'm working with. Hope he can make some miracles happen on Friday! Hips, flat stomach (the only place I can put on weight, and a full bottom!

I made it!

Dolls I'm here in MIA. I spent the morning at Dr. McAdoo's office. Its been an adventure for sure. I'm exhausted. I got my Lovenox shot. Told McAdoo what I was looking for as well as showed him some pics. I showed bigger than I wanted, just in case! He said my BMI was perfect at 25! I'll post some videos and pics! Awesome day! Excited about the morning. Having lunch now before I head to the recovery house! Ttyl dolls!

I made it!

Dolls I'm here in MIA. I spent the morning at Dr. McAdoo's office. Its been an adventure for sure. I'm exhausted. I got my Lovenox shot. Told McAdoo what I was looking for as well as showed him some pics. I showed bigger than I wanted, just in case! He said my BMI was perfect at 25! I'll post some videos and pics! Awesome day! Excited about the morning. Having lunch now before I head to the recovery house! Ttyl dolls!

All marked up ready to go

Day of surgery! I'm all marked up and ready to go! McAdoo is awesome. I can't wait to see what he does!

I Made It Ladies!

Everything went well I believe. Woke up in pain seriously lol! I wasn't ready! But I needed some pain mess. Got those and it's tolerable. The girls at the recovery house said it looks good but I can't tell yet. Update with a pic soon.


McAdoo did his thing! That man can work miracles lol! And if I could recommend a recovery house... Keyla's! She is amazing, her husband is great, staff! If I ever come back to Miami for surgery, I'll definitely be staying here. Massages right here at the house. She cooks awesome meals, helped me bathe, potty, just really is taking great care of me. I really think she's great!

I flew home last night

Omg! That was the longest flight, and drive home ever. I got wheelchair service so I didn't have to walk and carry luggage. When I went thru security, they had to take me in a private room to make sure I didn't have a bomb. Bc I had on my faja, triangle, foams, ab board, and binder lol! Fun fun! I sat with a pillow under my thigh to try my best to keep pressure off my butt. It was horrible. McAdoo was upset I hadn't been sleeping on a cot and I didn't have my binder when I went in for my final check and lovenox shot. He kept writing frowny faces on my charts. I'm like wtf lol! Love him. I'm going to take off all the gear and take a shower and a few pics today now that I'm home and have access to my clothes. Fortunately I've been able to shower every day with no problems.

Uneventful day

Showered n laid around, and took care of my 2 year old. My friend brought me a cot and we cut a hole in the butt for me to lay on as McAdoo recommended. Swelling down a lot. I didn't necessarily get the hips I wanted, but over all my body looks better and I'll take that. With a bit of weight gain and working out, I can work this shyyt out!

4 days Post Op


I pooped! It was awesome, I feel great! That is all :)

Oddly shaped

I was scared my faja was squishing my butt, and cut the butt flaps out. However does it need to be contained to be shaped?

Not happy!

I hate how humped it is up top. I asked for some hips, and didn't get much at all. One side has an ok hip and the other side flat. I love McAdoo as a person, but as far as listening to what I was trying to achieve, and rushing thru my consultation I don't like.

BBL Cot!

I got this about 4 days after surgery. But my back was hurting so bad I couldn't stay in it long! I've been lounging all day in it.

Oh No!

2 weeks PO

Feeling a little better. Waiting for my vest to come in the mail. Other than that, been working, been sitting unfortunately, been driving. I just couldn't take the extra time off work. I'm ok with my results, but maybe one day will do round 2. Also, I've gained 10 lbs since surgery! Why couldn't I have gained that before? So now just waiting to hit the gym n tone up! I get a little frustrated looking at RS Bc u ladies have amazing results, and I just feel blah! Xoxo dolls

2 weeks PO


After calling McAdoo's office asking about taking these stitches out, and being informed that they were dissolvable :( I had to have my mother that's a Nurse Practitioner cut them out today smh! They were definitely not dissolvable. They were silk. Anyway now I'll focus on scar treatment.

Getting there....

Aventura Plastic Surgeon

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