Talked with yania from new life plastic surgery ...

Talked with yania from new life plastic surgery got the quote all inclusive plus the recovery home for 7 days and lymphatic massages for 5 days, just scared a little been under the knife had 4 c-section just thinking if I should get my own hotel and have family come to help. Heard bad things about the recovery home. Or just pay 4400.00 for everything else except recovery home even thought it may come out cheaper but I don't want to get neglected. Either way it goes I would be paying that much or a little over if I did it myself with buying food and paying for family to help.

Thinking of switch to DR doctor

Dominican Republic

Ortega Dollar in the making

Going with Dr. Ortega

My time coming soon

Can't wait to be Alvarez doll in the making from what I've seen he does incredible work anxious and nervous but I know it will be all worth it in the end.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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