35 Years Old, 2 Kids and in Need of a Smaller Waist and Fuller Bootay! - Miami, FL

So just as most ladies in this community, I too...

So just as most ladies in this community, I too have been researching and searching tirelessly for the right doctor for a decent price. I am trying to stay realistic in what I expect my results to be. Most women I have seen on his website have phenomal results which really gets me excited. Last year I had a consultation with dr. J that I waited a year for just for me to have to cancel for whatever reason. I think it was nerves really and partially because most patients I've seen of dr. J's have butts too big for my taste. I have no desire what so ever for a stripper booty or even on that closely resembles nicki minaj, deelishis or any other video vixen. I am a mother, wife, and I don't want a butt that takes up too much attention. Although some attention is good.

So here I am stalking all you ladies out there who are post op. Lol I hope you don't mind but I am eager and excited and ready! I welcome the advice, feedback and anything else I can get from anyone who wants to give it. Right now I am considering either dr. Salama or dr. Perry both out of Miami. I will upload a few wish pics

worried about cost.......

I love that this is a blog that I can update about how im feeling when I want. I sitting here stalking rs as usual and thinking to my self is this something that is unreachable for me right now? I mean my husband is a disabled vet and is not working and I work part time as a server at a local restaurant in my town. I kind of feel bad that I am wanting something that cost so much. sigh.... what is a girl to do. I wish that insurance companies would pay for procedures like these but I highly doubt that mine would even if they could.
I am well aware of the many finance options out there for cosmetic procedures but I would hate to be told I can't be approved for my sx. that would be devastating! I know I am not and will not be the last rs diva feeling like is it worth it.....

Also my last update said I was considering dr. salama or dr. perry. I meant I am considering Dr. Salzhaur or dr. perry. I have been looking at both of there websites and although dr. perry has had more patients that have a sh*t ton of problem areas, I wasn't too impressed with their after pictures. Now Dr. Salzhaur from what I see has great results. So I am keeping my fingers crossed. I have a consult with Dr. Salzhaur On Wednesday and I have already emailed my before pics to dr. perry.

just a couple of wish pics....

just a couple of wish pics...once I have a quote locked in from my dr. I will post pictures of myself pre op.

Got my first quote....

In regards to your inquiry the pricing of the surgery is $8,999. That price is all-inclusive for the surgery. Payment for the surgery does not need to be paid in full upfront, rather a 10% deposit to hold your surgery slot. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. You can schedule up to one year from now for your surgery. Just please let me know dates when possible.

The liposuction areas that are included in the Brazilian Butt Lift are: abdomen, flanks and upper & lower back. That is to say the following is included in the surgery package:

· Surgical fee
· Anesthesia Fee
· Facility Fee
· 2 Custom Compression garment
· 2 Post-operative massages

This was a quote I got from dr. Salama. I hear he uses drains which I also hear has a greater chance for infection...this scares me so I don't know what I should do.
Still waiting on quote from dr. Perry because I have already sent my before pics. I have a video consultation with dr. Salzhaur this Wednesday and hope to have a price quote by then.

Decisions decisions decisions.............

So I had video consultation set up with dr. salzhaur last night at 6pm. I took my kids to see mr. Peabody and was hoping to be out of the movies by 6pm. well I ended up leaving 10 minutes prior to the movie ending just in case the doctor called slightly before six. that was not the case at all. I got a phone call from his patient coordinator saying he was running late and would be ready in about 30 minutes.....45 minutes later he called me on my cell instead of video chatting like I had hoped. He was really nice which is a huge relief but after sending him my before pics he informed me that the results in my abdomen would result in loose skin because of my 2 previous cesarean sections. :( sad face for real....lol..that means that he wants me to get a tt to be able to achieve the results of a flat tummy. tt is not even a word that I want to hear right now because I have had 3 previous surgeries (non cosmetic related) and have a scar for each one and am not looking forward to a ugly tt scar. plus I hate the idea of having a new belly button made. sooooo...yea he said I can wait until another time to get it done but nothing not even exercise or losing weight will fix the fact that I have no elasticity in my skin...bummer right? I am waiting to get the email from his patient coordinator with a price quote.

In the meantime I have sent pictures to Dr. Fisher from vanity, Dr. Perry, Dr. Salama and Dr. Salzhaur. I have gotten a quote from dr. salama and dr. fisher. I will be going with dr. fisher for sure. for one because the price and for two the price and for three his results that I have seen are amazing! Dr. fisher has quoted me for $5,000 for my surgery and an additional $2,000 for a 7 day 6 night stay in their recovery house. which will be perfect. I will not have to find a hotel and my husband can stay at the facility with me. that $2000 also includes 4 massages which Anna said will definitely help with draining since the dr. will not use drains.

I just got off the phone with anna and I have locked in my rate of $5,000 and am awaiting approval from united medical for the cost of my surgery. keeping my fingers crossed. also for anyone else considering vanity for their surgery they no longer are working with the help card for financing. they only except care credit and united medical. will be posting my before pics as promised!

my before pics

Update on financing....

Ok so care credit was the only one that would approve me. And only for $1000...Anna said they will contact care credit and get me approved for the total cost of my surgery. I hope she is right because they already took the $1000 in the hopes of me getting approved by united medical. The $1000 doesn't give me a date it only locks in my rate quote of $5000. Also I don't know if I mentioned this before but I can stay in their recovery house for 7 days and 6 nights for an additional $2000.

Ok so I will post more on that recovery house later. Battery on iPad is dying.

financing update continued.....

so yea as I was saying earlier there is a recovery house which I just realized I did mention in the post before the last one. so I apologize if I am repeating myself. I am just so excited and nervous and unsure of me wanting this surgery is even realistic. the last time I spoke with my patient coordinator from dr. fishers office she told me that I could just pay them 6 months no interest.

getting a text from Anna right now and I don't know what nationality she is but it really bugs me that when she texts me her words and sentences don't fit together properly. I mean I get the just of what she is saying but we are back and forth right now cause she said "lets pay them" and then "did you make a payment". I am confused as to what the hell she is talking about but I hope for more clarification soon. to be continued..

a few pics

My current measurements

Height: 5'2
High waist: 29.5
Mid waist: 31
Low waist: 32
Hips: 35.5


hellor dolls! here is a little bit of a clarification from my last post. I have been in constant contact with Anna from vanity (dr. fisher). Even on the weekends she has been texting me and letting me know what is going on. So per my last post I told you all that care credit only approved me for $1,000 which is still leaving me wondering how I will pay for the remaining $4,000 balance for my surgery. So here is how it will work per Anna. I will pay $166 per month interest free for six months. But once I make a payment on time for 2-3 months she will be able to ask for an increase on my credit line with care credit to cover the rest of my surgery. She is pretty confidant that they will give me an increase so long as I make even the minimum payment on time for a few months. I totally understand how credit cards work as this is not my first one, I am just hoping she is right.

Next, she also told me in the event that they still deny my increase request, they will refund all monies back to me and back to care credit.

well I think that is all for now. I have no intentions of getting my surgery done this year in 2014, but I hope to be able to schedule for around spring break (at the end of march) time 2015. that will give me ample enough time to lose about 10 pounds and to quit smoking. will update as needed!

later dolls!

More wish pics

I wish I wish I wish........

preop pics of me

Here are a few pics wot clothes on

more pre op

These are my favorite jeans from express. They are high waist which is a must to cover up my spare tire. I can't wait till my turn to get bootiefied

im wishing...

Still obsessing.....still no money =(

Hello RS ladies, i am back just because i felt the need to write something today. I still want to have this surgery done and it is now 2015 and I am no closer to getting my surgery than i was this time last year. I really feel bummed out when i think about how much all this is going to cost me, and it bumms me even more when i think about the fact that I just don't have the money. frowny face for reals! any who.. i have been working on my credit all last year and am proud to say that I have reached "good" credit status! Praise jesus! I really don't want to have to finance the cost of my surgery but that seems to be the smart choice, plus it also helps with building credit, but i would just rather pay for it all up front with cash. #wishfulthinking I have been getting really antsy looking at the results from all of these beautiful women on RS and on IG. Also i think that I am going to go ahead and have the tt done. I know i said before that I wasn't trying to hear the words tummy tuck, but ultimately I feel that will give me my desired results of a flat tummy along with my small waist. OK I guess that is all for now.. hopefully in the next few months I will be back to announce my surgery date!! fingers crossed!

Still researching.....

I'm baaack!!! It's been forever since I left an update and I figured I would do that. I haven't done anything since my last review except continuing my research until these funds is looking right..

I just graduated a 10 month LPN program..(yayyyy!!) but unfortunately I did not pass my NCLEX-PN exam (boooo)..but I'm hopeful and my next test is scheduled for October of this year so I am so much more ready now then I was then..

Moving on..I can't or rather would not like to work until I pass my exam..and with that being said I won't be ready until end of next year

I have still been reading reviews on RS as well as following docs on Snapchat and IG.. I originally had my heart set on going to see dr. Fisher but like many of my real self sisters, I experienced HORRIBLE customer service with the PT coordinator..and I don't do bad customer service..I mean I don't tolerate it at all!!! Like frfr...he is awesome at what he does but we have to get pass the crap at the front desk before we can even see him..and how many out of hundreds actually do make it past that??

That being said, I follow dr. Miami (to whom I have already had a consultation with) and dr BBL from Minnesota. I also follow dr blinski and he is in Miami. I really had no intentions of going with dr Miami because I can't deal with his shenanigans...like seriously just be a surgeon and leave all that other crap elsewhere...frfr...they be doing to damn much in his office..and I'm OVA it! Thankfully he has trained Dr. BBL in his practice so that I can go and see him..plus he is much closer to my home of IL than Miami is..

So I sent in pics to dr. Blinski and dr. BBL and I did so super late one night and I woke up the next morning and dr blinski had already responded. And we emailed each other back and forth for quite awhile! I love that..anyway he basically role me this:

;Thank you for your interest in our practice. We look forward to meeting you. We can perform the BBL for/on you. Fee for the BBL is $7,900.00. Included in the price is Surgery, anesthesia, garment and 1 lymphatic massage. Not included are labs, medications and BBL pillow ($125.00).
We do all our procedures here in our AAAASF compliant facility, at our office.
We can aid you in obtaining the medications (Rx's), ask Jackie about this service.
Don't forget you have to be in town for unto a week ( 8 nights best!). If you need a recovery house we recommend:
Miami Escapes 754.224.9683. &/or Curvy Angeles 214 405 5496 ...I recommend an 8 night stay!!!!!
The deposit to hold your surgery date in our office is $900.00 (non refundable)).
We do offer financing through CareCredit and Alphaeon.
If you have any questions please email or call me at 305.598.0091.
But I need to see photos!!!! Please send to me or Jackie (jackie.drblinski@gmail.com) or melissa (melissa.drblinski@gmail.com). You are under the misconception that it is the # of areas that are liposuction. NO, IT IS the amount of lipoaspirate allowed by State of Florida office surgery guidelines - which is ONLY 4 liters as the max to be removed!! So just an abdomen could have 3 liters. Thus it depends on your ht & wt and your BMI. Not the # of areas. Also I do not operate on BMIs over 32!! To many risks and complications.
I have open surgery dates in August 2017!!! - NOW!!!!.(only 8 left !!).. If interested I recommend choosing a surgery day and placing a $900 deposit ASAP. Or you can ask to be placed upon the very long waiting list for any cancellations of earlier dates in 2016.

BTW - ONLY use a board certified private practice Plastic Surgeon! Do not use 'clinica' based surgeons whom do not have hospital privileges!!!! The results are based on care and taking surgical time of 3 to 4 hours. NOT doing a rushed fast lipo with even faster fat injections! I have admitted 8 ladies from these clinicas in the last 8 weeks because their surgeons DID NOT CARE!. Be careful out there.

Thank you,
Jackie/Dr Blinski
Follow me on instagram: DOCTOR_FIXIT
Open dates for surgery in August 2017 !!! ..
personal cellular 305 308 5736
I offer a MOVE UP list, that is for patients whom have scheduled surgery with a $900 deposit. They have first preferences to any cancellations
And a WAITING List, a list of patients whom desire any open slots if there are cancelations.

He also said after reviewing my pics that I have loose skin on my abdomen and MAY need 2 procedures...I think I will just stick with dr BBL in Minnesota..he cost a bit more but he does a skin tightening procedure that may help eliminate my need for a tummy tuck.. *fingers crossed* I have a phone consultation with him September 20...ummmm I think that is it...please inbox me ladies if u are trying to schedule a surgery next fall..we could be buddies!!

and more research and more quotes (DR. BBL)

Hello ladies... im not even sure who is reading this but i guess this forum allows for me to collect my thoughts and be able to come back to them later.

i just got off of the phone with dr. chris balgobin or dr. bbl as he goes by on social media. He reviewed my pics and he also asked if I smoked (i do) and then he recommended that i try chantix to quit. i had a list of questions to ask him and he answered them all! i was so stoked to be talking to him on the phone. i felt like a groupie finally getting a chance to speak with there idol..lol.. moving on.. he told me that i had loose abdominal skin (which i have been told before by other doctors) and a tummy tuck may give me the tightness and firmness i want in my abdomen. but that he would be able to do lipo of my full abdomen and full back for $9000 if i want him to include the skin tightening procedure to my abdomen that would be an additional $1000. The deposit to book your date is also $1000 which will be taken out the total cost of the surgery.
he recommends that you stay in minnesota for 5 days and he says there are hotels near by that range from $69-99 per night, but you would need to bring someone with you as you will not have a nurse or anyone at hotel to help you. there is a recovery house that he is now affiliated with and their website address is www.miami-escape.com/bookmpls/
labs are to be done and faxed to him no later than 2 weeks before surgery. if you don't have them done before your surgery he will not perform the surgery so lets not waste a trip and make sure they are done in plenty enough time.
If i chose to go with the recovery house i can bring a guest but they will charge an additional fee for the additional guest. they have a CNA on duty who i think will drop off and pick up prescriptions as well as pick up from post op appointments and pick up drop off from airport. he also offers massage service for $60 per massage, he recommends 2 both to be done on the two post op day appointments (out of the five total days there)
I also asked him if he had hospital privileges and he does and the hospital is about 5-10 minutes away. he told me that i am to wear a compression garment for 6-8 weeks and they will apply if for after surgery.

overall dr chris was very nice over the phone and he made sure he answered all my questions and concerns. he sent me an invoice for my quote right away and i have until december of this year before the quote expires. i had made the decision to go with him but i have two more consolation reviews that i need to type of before that. my decision to go with him is not final yet.

TO BE CONTINUED..................

Consolation and quote from Dr. Valilia @ Evolution MD

here is what his coordinator sent me.

" Thank you so much for your pictures! our surgeon had the opportunity to review them and (he suggests) to have them in two stages. First stage will be: a lip-sculpture of your upper back, bra-line, love handles, waist, abdomen and sacral. The second stage would be a tubby tuck. Patient should wait between 4 to 6 months between first and second stage

The Lipo-sculpture procedure combines liposuction techniques with laser treatment to effectively and safely melt and remove unwanted body fat. This procedure helps to tighten and firm the skin as well. During the procedure, the laser device is inserted through incisions made in the treatment area. Because the incisions are very small, they will leave little to no visible scarring. The laser while also producing a skin tightening effect for improved contour.

The surgical quote includes all the areas above:
$5,460 procedure under local anesthesia: this procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia, which means that the area to be treated is numb, but the patient remains awake during surgery. Sedatives will (be) given to the patient prior to the surgery. ( i will probably pay for the general because i read from another sister on RS that she payed for local and once she got there he changed his mind and put her under general and she had to pay more money!! better to be over prepared than under prepared)

$6,460 Procedure under general anesthesia: General anesthesia is when the patient goes completely to sleep for surgery.

--- Fat Tranfer (BBL) would be $1,200 more
--- Second Stage : Tummy Tuck $4,500

Additional Fees: 
-Lymphatic Massages $80/per session 
-Cavitations $80/per session 
-Compression Garment $160
-Foams $15/EA - (Patients need 3)
-Board $10 (small) $15 (Big)

Out (of) state patients should arrive at least one or two days before their surgery day for pre-op and consultation with the surgeon. Also, patients should stay at least 5 days after the surgery before traveling back home. All surgeries are out-patient. If you are traveling by yourself we can recommend you a care taker that includes food, transportation, housing and care taking.

Surgeon wants to inform that you need to stop smoking at least 4 weeks before surgery.

To reserve this amazing deal we require a deposit of $500 which will be deducted from the total amount of the surgery. We will guarantee your price for a full year. You can make payments on the remaining balance or finance it as long as everything is paid in full two weeks before your surgery day. The price includes your pre-op, surgery, anesthesia, anesthesiologist, operating room fees and  all your follow up visits. Blood work results and medical clearance form should be sent at least three weeks before your surgery day. 

Regarding a caretaker, we can recommend you one. Her name is Maribel. She offers a private room on her house, 3 meals per day, transportation to come to the clinic for massages, follow ups etc, and the care that the patient needs after the surgery. She charges $200 per day. Her phone number is 786-367-9620

Yes, BBL can be done only on phase 1.

Dr. Velilla and Dr. Zayas have surgeries here at Evolution MD surgery room. They both have procedure under local and general anesthesia. However, Dr. Velilla has procedure under general anesthesia in an hospital too.

For financing please apply online: 


If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be more than happy to assist further. You can email me at any time or call our office at 954-367-7984 Ext 322

So this is what i have come up with in terms of cost for this doctor.
Deposit: $500
Procedure: $7,660
Flight: $650
Meds: $200
Garment: $160
Massage/Cavitations: $320
Recovery house: $1,000

Total: $9,000

I think i am leaning more towards this doctor!! i will keep you guys posted and if you have had surgery done by him please comment below so i can check you guys out! thanks!

Consultation and quote from Dr. Alvarez @ Alvarezplasticsurgery.com

This is what his office manager sent me:
Thank you for contacting us. Our pricing for a BBL is $4,500. It includes liposuction of your abdomen, waist and back. This fee includes the anesthesia, surgical and OR. Your lab works and garment is not included. Please let me know if you have any more questions. Thank you.

Lena Jamon
Office Manager
605 Lincoln RD Suite #430A
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone (305)600-4146
Fax (305)397-8596

So my response to her was How much extra are labs? Also do you recommend a recovery house? Lastly, what kind of deposit do i need to put down to secure a date? Did the doctor get a chance to take a look at my pictures and what was his response?

To which she has replied nothing. Plus this email she sent me was so generic. I felt like no one even looked at my pictures and explained to me what he would recommend. There was not enough from them to me. And that seems as if they don't really care about my business at all! Every other doctor I have had consultations with have either spoke with me themselves or had a damn good coordinator who answered all my questions in a timely manner. and they included most of the information i needed before i even had to ask. This procedure is in high demand right now especially in miami. there are so many awesome doctors there and i don't feel bad eliminating him from my list. ..

carry on.....

current measurments

Hello dolls i am just dropping my current measurements because i have gotten bigger since the last time i recorded my measurements..i am currently on my cycle too so i don't know if that has anything to do with it but here goes...

Weight: 173
Height: 5'2
High waist: 32"
Low waist: 37"
Hips: 39
Bust: 38

to be continued.....
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I am no longer considering doctor fisher, i just don't know how to change my doctors name. please read review to see which doctor i switched to.

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