33 Year Old BBL (McAdoo) - Miami, FL

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I've been stalking realself for a while now. I...

I've been stalking realself for a while now. I finally scheduled my date for my BBL with Dr. McAdoo for March 17, 2016. I'm excited, nervous, and anxious at the same time. I can't find very many before and after pictures of his work, so I hope I'm making the right decision. Is anyone else scheduled close to this date? I'm trying to decide if I want to go to a RH or get a hotel and a nurse.


I'm going to get my labs done today. Hopefully everything goes well. I've heard horror stories about people not getting cleared after their labs. I'm still not decided on a RH yet. I'm leaning towards Miami Escape.

Nervous about my labs

Hey dolls. I received my labs and had protein in my urine. I'm so nervous that this will cause me not to be cleared. I emailed yesterday to see what's up and vanity hasn't to me I'm cleared yet. McAdoo was in surgery. I've already paid for plane tickets, supplies & RH, so hopefully everything is ok. I'm a nervous wreck!!!

Stressed and worried

I'm so stressed and worried. I've been taking my antibiotics for my UTI but what if it doesn't clear? I've already paid for everything and requested 2 weeks off from work (which is VERY hard to do where I work). If I don't get cleared for surgery I will be so upset.


I'm so pissed they told me I still have a UTI and it's been 6days. She was like we will take another test before surgery. WTF If I fly all the way there and can't have surgery I will be pissed!!!! IDK what to do :( I've been drinking water and cranberry juice and even taking antibiotics. I REALLY just want to cancel and ask for a refund.

Here's the deal

I called Vanity and spoke with pre-op and she said as long as I'm taking the antibiotics to treat the UTI I will be okay and they will still be able to do the surgery just might have to use a different anesthesia. So I guess I should be good to go. I'm so up in the air. I was tempted to just ask for a refund.

Flying out tomorrow

Ish is getting real. They said I'm clear and good to go. I'm flying out in the morning! I have preop at Encore. Do they have supplies there? My ab board didn't come in.


Man the pain the 1st day is NO joke. I'm feeling better today and walked a little bit, but this is horrible!

1 week post op..not too excited

Can you only upload photos as you take them? I have some in my phone I wanted to upload but it won't allow me. I really hope the fat drops in my butt. Now it is all up at the top and flat in the middle and bottom. I also wanted more projection but hopefully it will get better. I see girls post 1 week post op and look good. Not in my case.
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