33 Y/o Married No Kids with a PANCAKE Booty :-( Miami, FL

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So I am a 33 year old married healthcare...

So I am a 33 year old married healthcare professional- no kids- who have devoted my life to my family and getting my education. Well I'm done with all the schooling I plan on getting in this life time (I finally have my PhD) and I have to start living for me and not my family. Like many you I was taught to love who you are and all of your imperfections. I love myself without a doubt. Better yet I love myself so much I want to make some "enhancements" lol. I've been looking into the BBL for a while now and I am soooo obsessed with getting a big ole' juicy boo-ta. Some people don't understand but there is a certain way I want my clothes to fit and this pancake I have is not doing it. I don't know how things will work out when my husband and I decide to have kids in about 2 years but I'll cross that road when I get there. I've reached out to both Vanity and Spectrums in Miami FL but a girl has to get this bmi down before I can make an appointment. My current weight is 222 and I am 5'6" which puts me at a bmi of 35.9. My goal is to loose 20 pounds and get this done before my anniversary, my husband bday and my bday which is all in January. Thank you to all of you who have wrote about the good, bad, and the ugly of your bbl journey. You have encouraged me to start my bbl journey.

BMI and Dra. Yily

I'm a big girl so naturally my bmi is high. Or as the bmi category would call me "obese." I have been on a weight lose journey and as of today I have lost 10 pounds and my bmi is 35.5. Dra. Yily is the only one that I know of who will perform sx on someone with a bmi of 35 or less. I sent my deposit for a possible date of Oct 4, 2016 so I am waiting to get the confirmation that they received it. My goal is to drop a few more pounds before the sx. I decided to get my lab work done tomorrow because I would hate to travel all the way to the DR and end up with the sad face if they refuse to do my surgery. I am soooo excited!

Sx buddy Dra. Yily week of Oct 4, 2016

Anyone going to Dra. Yily the week of Oct 4, 2016? Let's be sx buddies!

Pre sx blood work @ Request a test

My husband and I recently moved out of state so I was unable to see my PCP. I did not want to make a blank trip to Dra. Yily due to low hemoglobin levels etc (must be 12.7 or higher). I did a little research and found this company called Request a test in which majority of the fees for complete blood count, kidney and liver test were $29 per test versus $50+ if going directly through LabCorp or Quest. I was able to find a local facility as well as view my results online about 2 days later. I will be taking them to the DR with me. The count down begins!

Last days with a pancake booty

Spoke with someone from Dra. Yily office today and confirmed my stay at Luxury RH and my arrangements for pickup. I'm so excited and thankful for the support of my husband who lately is full of "pancake booty" jokes. Lol. I know he loves me the way that I am but it's good to have his support on this journey.
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