32 Years Old, 7 Kids Body Needs Work - Miami, FL

Hello RS Family I'm new to this & need all the...

Hello RS Family I'm new to this & need all the help I can get from opinions to suggestions. I need a bbl & a breast lift & a stomach procedure. I wanted Mcadoo but he is no longer with Vanity so I chose Fisher who is t available until January. They said they can't do my breast & my bbl in the same day so it's going to be 2 trips. Please help!!!

Deposit Paid... What's next???

I paid my deposit & will be signing my contract tomorrow. I initially wanted to stay in a recovery house but it's so many bad reviews on RH's I think I will stay at the hotel & bring someone with me to help care for me. I wish I had a surgery bff. Uuuggghhh. I will hopefully have my new boobies & bbl by Christmas. I'm starting my extreme diet today to help lose weight for better results. I want the body of Deelishis. Do y'all think that's too extreme?

Spectrum Cosmetics Dr. Michael Rodriguez

I'm going to Spectrum in Miami. I need someone to give me a list of things I need to bring with me. Is there a website to get surgical fajas & surgical bra from? What's a good hotel?

Pictures of my hound dog titties... This is what happens when you breast feed 7 babies!

These are my breast! I know they are horrid. But that's why I'm paying for a new set. I really hate my breast & I will be so happy when I no longer have to look at them. And yes I will be getting a Rihanna style tattoo afterwards.

Hound Dog Ear titties....

Here's a pic of my breast that I hate with a passion. I'm getting a lift & implants & my wish pic is really exactly how I want my breast. I've also been playing around with the surgery app & I want my body like this. What do y'all think?


I like all of these man made bodies. Can y'all help me choose? Please?

Is my Surgeon lying?!?!

So I have paid most of my balance. I'm excited yet a little nervous. My dr & I agreed I would be getting both procedures at once. Which is a fat transfer to butt & a breast lift with implants. Now I'm being told by every other cosmetic surgery place in Florida that both procedures at once aren't possible. I almost feel like I should get it in writing that he can & will do both at once. Uuuggghhh the frustrations!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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