33 year old mom of 2 ready to do something for herself

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Hi Ladies, First off let me say how amazing this...

Hi Ladies,
First off let me say how amazing this site is and that the women on here are so supportive. I have finally gotten the courage to talk to my husband about this surgery and its all because of this site!
I want to get a BBL and wanted to know if it would be possible to get the results I desire. My height is 5 "4" and my weight is approx. 128-132. I am looking for a voluptuous bubble behind and to get fuller hips. Right now I have noticeable hip dents that I want to get rid of. Can anyone tell me if that's possible? Also what surgeons have you gone with for this procedure? I'm looking at Doctors in Miami and would love to have it performed by Dr. Salama as soon as possible but don't know what the wait is like with him. Anyone know ?

It's really happening!!! May 7!

Okay so I was so blessed that when I called to schedule my appointment with Dr. Salama they actually had an opening in May!! From what I hear he was booking pretty far out. But now Its all sinking in. I have to gain 10 lbs by then to so Im doing the best I can to make that happen. Also I am staying in the recovery house which I hear is amazing but I can't imagine going into surgery without seeing my husband first. Plus I won't be able to see my son until I get back 10 days later. Ladies help how did u guys get over all the nerves?? And missing your loved ones?

A little over 2 weeks to go!!!!

Hi Ladies,
I'm so nervous about doing this. Don't get me wrong I've dreamed about this day forever, but its so hard to know I'll be there all by myself. My husband is going to stay with our son and I will stay at the recovery house. Will anybody be there around the same time as me? It would be nice to go into this knowing some of the other women ahead of time. Also I am going to upload a few pics of me at my normal weight of 132. I need to gain a total of 10 lbs. so far I gained 3 1/2 yay!!!

Current pics!

Two weeks!

Hi ladies,
I've been in Canada for over a week and just got back. I made sure to see my doctor weeks before I left so I could get my medical clearance. Unfortunately I received a call from my doctors office while I was in Canada saying they messed up a bunch of the lab work, and that my doc didn't feel all the additional tests they wanted for my thyroid were necessary ( I have hypothyroidism but its well managed). I personally think it just shows how thorough Dr. Salamas office is since they wanted additional bloodwork for my condition. So im in Canada when I get this call and I'm pissed off. Apparently they forgot the HIV test, and pregnancy test!!!!! Plus the additional thyroid test. How does that happen?? Luckily Nomie was a lifesaver she told me I could get the additional test in Canada and that she would get write up a new lab order for the additional test. My doctor didn't want to give me medical clearance since I didn't get the additional test done with her, but Nomie handle it for me!!! Seriously this women is amazing. I was getting so stressed out dealing with the staff at my docs office. Now I'm just collecting my supplies and tying up lose ends. Yay so happy!!!!

Need help finding a message table!!!

Ladies pls help me. I'm two weeks away from having surgey and I decided to start trying to sleep on my stomach so i'd be prepared for after surgery. I had my neck fused last year and turning my head can be difficult and painful. Well last night was horrible I woke up in extreme pain in my neck and the entire left side of my upper body. It's now 7pm and I'm still hurting. I can't imagine being able to sleep on my stomach for 2 months. I saw a few girls used portable massage tables and it worked for them. I think it's the only way this going to work for me. Do any of you have any recommendations for a certain type. One bbl blogger gave great reviews for a table she used several years ago, sadly it is discontinued now. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you everyone:)

OMG I can't believe this!!!!

Okay so Ladies just a heads up this is a super emotional update, that I wasn't going to share but realized you all are about the only ones that might understand how I feel.
Okay so I just took two pregnancy test and they both were positive. I don't understand how this could happen I just had my medical clearance two weeks ago, plus my husband and I have been super careful. My surgery is in 7 days!!!!! I'm freaking the hell out. Tomorrow I will meet with my OBGYN to verify. I have so much guilt right now because my first reaction wasn't happiness, I was actually upset. I want another child but I was planning on waiting. If I'm pregnant I want to be happy over this. right now I'm a basket case, plus I'm spotting really heavy and have bad back pain so I'm just not sure. If I find out I'm pregnant I want to be happy but I'm so freaked out right now. I was just packing to go to Miami and now everything is so unclear. This is all to much right now!! Sigh

I'm Back!!!

So I haven't been on hear for a while, actually the last time I was on here it was to vent. I had been packing for my trip down to Dr. Salamas so I could get my bbl surgery. In the middle of packing I found an old pregnancy test and thought hey why not, it's not like I could be pregnant. Well I was pregnant!!! Fast forward 11 months later and I have a beautiful baby boy who has made our family complete. Now that he is here and things have started to settle down I'm getting ready to go to Salama's and finish what I started!! I will be having my bbl on April 5 and will be staying at the recovery house. I'd love to meet any any of you lovely ladies that will be coming during that time also:)

Supplies purchased so far

Okay Ladies so here is what I have so far please let me know if I'm missing anything.
1 house coat (robe)
2x2 gauze ( 2 boxes)
4x4 gauze (2 boxes)
Large gauze sponges (1 boxes) ( these are great for wound care)
Disposable underwear ( I have a ton from when I had my C-section a few months ago and Dr. Salama's office said they're perfect instead of granny panties)
I order a bunch of chux from amazon they should get here today
I got like 6 tank tops from old navy for under the garment ( I was going to wear my husbands wife beaters but they said those can leave lines)
I bought two Maxi dresses ( I don't know if that's enough but its all I could find right now)
I've order the antibacterial soap off the Walmart site just need it to get here that ish was hard to find!
Neosporin ointment not cream
Arnica gel and tablets
one of those pee funnels
a back scratcher ( I read on one of my fellow real selfers pages that it helped, we shall see)
Anti-itch cream
Compression socks ( I believe they supply some but doesn't hurt to have an extra pair, not trying to have any complications)
one big ass pill box to keep track of all the meds and supplements so I can stay on top of pain management and recovery support (seriously this is like the one my grandma used, but hey it works, plus I'll probably be so outta it I wont know what to take and when. LOL
Last but not least one of the most important things that seems to help a lot of the ladies on here with recovery my VitaMedica Recovery Support Program. Its pricey but its worth it.

Pic of supplies

I'm here!!

Hey Ladies!
I just made it to the ft lauderdale airport . I'm at the airport waiting for Justin to pick me up. From what I understand there is another doll here also waiting but I'm not sure who it's is. I've looked around but so far no luck, and I've decided to stop looking cuse I'm pretty sure people are wondering why I'm looking at them lol. I still can't believe I'm here! I know I've been MIA this last week but it's just because i had a bad cause of nerves. I really wasn't sure I was gonna be able to go thru with this surgery. My baby isn't even 4 months yet so it's so hard to be away from him for even a day let alone 10 whole days. But my hubby is so supportive, even this morning when he drove me to the airport he told me I deserved to do this for me, and that I sacrificed a lot for our family. And that now it was time to do something for me????. I thought that was very sweet of him to say and exactly what I needed to hear at the time. So here I am on the first leg of this amazing journey, and I can't wait!!

33 Yrs Old with Two Kids Wanted to Do Something for Me

Hey ladies first off I'm alive. Lol sorry for the late update but I needed to focus all my energy on healing. So I'm 6 days post op and I love my results. Dr. Salama molded my body and gave me exactly what I wanted. My butt and hips have that perfect hour glass shape that I never thought I could have. When I look in the mirror its still hard to believe it's me looking back. As far as CC's I don't know the number but I will ask at the next appointment, all I know is it is definitely ENOUGH! LOL. So I plan on posting a more in depth review when I feel a little better let me just say this, from my arrival up to now the entire staff and the recovery house have been amazing at coordinating my various appointments and keeping me comfortable. They go out of their way to help make your recovery a more relaxing process. 

Their driver Justin picked me up from the airport and its was stress free and easy. I went to our preop appointment then cvs for some snacks for the house and supplies we didn't have. Then Justin brought me back to the house, where I meet Lourdes and got a tour of the recovery house. The next day Justin picked me up at 8 am and brought me to the surgery center, let me say this guys Justin is a great guy he is very social able and is able to keep you calm on the drive over there. He assured all would be well and that I was in good hands. When I met Dr. Salama he introduced himself to me and got right into. Lol I really like that because I'm a newbie to cosmetic surgery so I had no idea what to expect. He was extremely professional and explained what he believed were realistic expectations for my body when he was done he asked what additional questions I had for him (believe me I had a bunch) then he marked me up took pictures and said Alex would be in to speak to me next. A little while later in walks Alex the anesthesiologist he did a great job! It's was the first time ever that I've woken up from surgery not feeling like I was about to be sick. That was a big concern for me and he made sure it didn't happen so Alex get 5 stars in my book for that. When I woke up I was in pain and the gave me pain mess through my IV and I was fine after that Justin was down stairs so they wheeled me down and he helped me into the back of the car. Let me tell you ladies it was so comfortable back there I was worried for nothing. I've actually fallen asleep once back there on the way back from a massage that's how comfortable I was. So we waited because me roomie was actually finished to and was on her way out, once she was with us we went back to the recovery house where Grace cared for us like we're her own daughters. She fed us rubbed our backs empty my drains, helped us with every little thing we couldn't do for ourselves. The next day I saw Nomie at the office to take the garment of and make sure everything looked good. She's so great at making a painful process bearable. She talks you through it and takes her time with taking the garment off and putting it back on. A few days later it was my turn for my massage. I'm not gonna lie it hurts but it's bearable I'll go into more details on everything later. Ceila (sp) was so sweet she talks you through the massage she's gentle with you but also gets the job done the biggest factor for me is compassion and everyone with the exception of one nurse (she wasn't super rude but she wasn't nice and it was during a time when I really could have used a caring person) demonstrated a very high level of professionalism and compassion which I greatly appreciated and recognize as something that is not always the case with some of the surgeons offices where ladies are having this procedure performed.
Alrighty guys that's all for now I will add some additional info in the following weeks with pics.

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama was very professional and made me feel comfortable about opening up and sharing my issues and concerns regarding my body. I will have a follow this Wednesday and I'm looking forward to more of the same attentiveness from the wonderful doctor.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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