32 Plus Size Future Macadoo Doll!!! - Miami, FL

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I have been on reself for years. I had a tummy...

I have been on reself for years. I had a tummy tuck a while back n used this site for research. Now I'm back researching BBL docs and reviews. My biggest concern was my bmi but Dr. Macadoo in Miami does patients with high bmi's. I think that I have done enough research. Now I just need to prepare myself for surgery and post op recovery. My surgery is scheduled for June 14,2016. I am so excited. I can't wait to go to the next stage of this bbl journey. I really hope that Dr. Mac does his thang on me!!!

30 day count down!!

I'm less than 30 days from my date. I have ordered a few supplies n will be posting before pics soon. Apartment booked as well as flight. As soon as I get the approval from doc and labs done I will be paying the rest of my balance. Oh my booty buddy has arrived as well!!! I'm so excited but I get nervous and scared from time to time. But I have faith that everything will be ok.

Pre-op photos

So I finally got up the courage to post my before pics. I have taken some before but today I was more displease with the back view than ever!! The front n side aren't so bad. I have had a tummy tuck so although I want a much smaller waist the tummy isn't so bad compared to the other problem areas. So here goes n I hope to look back on these photos soon n be wowed by the after photos like I am with so many of the dolls that I have seen. My back rolls are my biggest fear. They are huge! N lap over. I'm now realizing that I more than likely will have hanging skin on my back n may have to later get that skinned removed. I'm sad about that. U don't really want another surgery although I would not mind fat transfer to my beast to make the fuller and lifted being that I had a breast reduction n my early 20s. But I promised my husband that this would be my last one. If I do have to do that I will prob get the fat added to my breast as well. So I guess we will just have to see. I want him to get rid of as much back fat as he can!! I hate it!! So becuz my tummy isn't so bad I hope that will allow him to work harder n spend more time on my back and love handles n sculpting me.

Labs cleared!! 3weeks 4days til sx!!!

So I went Tuesday to do a dry run on labs to see if I needed to take iron. Labs ended up coming back normal so I can use those since they are within 30 days. Still have to go back 2 weeks or less before surgery 4 check up to be cleared by my doc becuz I have high bp. My bp was great Tuesday though so I shouldn't have any problems. The only reason why I didn't get it then was cuz my doc will only do it two weeks prior to survey no more than that. So I will go the week of June 6th. My surgery date is June 14th.

I also got my dr Miami booty buddy in about two weeks ago. Took it out n looked at One time n have not touched it since. I will play with it more n update on It when I update u guys on my supplies. I have almost everything. Seriously considering the curve cure mattress. Oh I will post a pic of the booty buddy too next time.

Paid in Full!!

I have finished paying for my surgery!! I received my invoice today. The my called me Tuesday n said if I paid it off I would get a free garment. Which sas awesome cuz I was gonna pay that day anyway. I really wanted to pay the day before but it was Memorial Day n everything was closed but it worked out great cuz I ended up getting the garment. I also asked them to email me that so I would proof that I was told that cuz it's not on your invoice. So I'm moving right along. Below r a few pics of me with clothes on.

I'm a Macdoll!!!

I'm a Macdoll!!

Hello dolls. Happy to say I made it to the other side. Almost didn't get it done due to my bmi. May be hard to believe that I got it down n like 5 days n had my surgery done on the day that I was originally scheduled to leave. Had to stay 4 extra days but I'm glad I did n got it done because I am so happy!! I will post another update about my bmi n my journey while in Miami n my review on Dr. Macadoo n encore. But right now I just want to post pics so u guys can see I will try to do better with updates n pics. I have really just been trying to recover. Recovery is hell but it does get better day by day but the weeks roll on slow. One thing I do want to share on this post is that if your bmi is not 34 or below please please please!! Get it down before u get there. They WILL NOT do the surgery if not. It's no joke. I went thinking it wasn't a big deal n was sadly mistaken n had to starve myself n work out twice a day to get mines down n time enough to have it done before I left. I don't want anyone to have to go through that if I can help it!! All of these are like within the first 2-3days post op. I'll post more on a new post.

4weeks 4days post op. More pics!!

All these were taken today.
High waist 36
Mid 38
Butt 45 1/2 was 46 bout a week or so ago.

Hope it doesn't go down anymore. I hope my waist n back continue to go down ready to workout cuz he didn't get my upper back like I wanted him too so I have to work that off on My own. Want round 2 with thighs lipoed next time but not sure if I'm gonna do that. It's soooo painful. If it wasn't for that I'd be all for round 2.

Mind Games

This bbl journey will play tricks with your mind!! You get so caught up n your results that u forget where u come from. I look at myself all day everyday n the mirrors. I have started to pick out things that I want to improve on. More butt less stomach smaller thighs etc etc etc. today I was feeling like I loss more volume n I was just starting to get unhappy with my results. So I went back n looked at old pics n was like damnnnnnn!!! I have really come a long way. After looking at those pics a realized how fine I am n walked around thinking well knowing how good I looked. That really helped with how this surgery will mess with your mind. N the attention U get while in public should help confirm that your body is looking good. Let's admit ladies. Women r not just walking around with bodies n butts like we have or bout to get so we stand out like a sore thumb. Lol. That's if u are not n atl or Mia where all the ass is!! Lol. I'm n lil Rudy poo Louisiana n an average size city so there are not a lot of waist to butt ratios like mines. Lol. I said all that to say this. Love yours n my j Cole voice. That is love your results n try working at the rest n if that doesn't do it for u then go back for round 2. Damn I hope I can take heed to my own advice n continue the Positive talk to myself. Lol. Have a great day dolls!!! I'm going to add a pic of me pre op, post op, n a wish pic I showed Doc. He got very close. I'd need a round 2 to get an exact match but I would have to be more snatched than that wish pic if I did round 2. I know that much!! Lmao!!

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