33 Years Old, No Kids Single- Miami, FL

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Started my journey and research almost a year ago....

Started my journey and research almost a year ago..i was scheduled to have my BBL done in june but couldnt cause of a minor health issue. Thank God im cleared now to have my procedure. I just started a new job and just wanna get my money right and make sure my home will ne tooking care of..I also wanna lose a little weight before so everything will come together beautiful????

May 2016 cant come quicker..

Im seeing alot of good looking results up here..ladies kewp doing what your doing.. my minds made up miami here i come..

Ready for my BBL..

Cant wait my quote has went up but it's all good.. next year is my year and I'm going in. I chose vanity cosmetics the doctors know what there doing. The coordinators ain't all that prompt but I love the doctors work..I feel I made a great choice

Receive my Credit Approval Yaaaayyyy!

Amen, I'm almost ready for my procedure. Im looking at August 2016, just gotta pray my wife can't get the time off. I need her there with me, can't do it without her. Ill keep u dolls posted. And yes I'm still going to become a Mcadoll! ???????? I'm thinking we are gonna drive to florida ,haven't worked out all the kinks. But dolls if your seeking a good credit loan company try United medical credit. They approved me for the whole procedure amount. Winning.

Changed my mind!!

Considering Spectrum Anesthetics...they ate winning me over...great price, great recovery packages... I'm moving it still losing weight.. I wanna be a good size with enough fat left for my BBL..THANK U GOD

Change Drs...

Going with Dr Llorrenta at New Life. It work is amazing and there customer service is well above average..now all I gotta do is psu for my hotel flight and rental. This will be a gift for me and a bday gift for my wife to Miami Florida...

Wow..back to a MCADOLL!!!

OK, so Spectrum wanted me yp lose more weight on top of the Wright I've lost. I'm 5'11 I'm not a stick figure type. I'm thick and love my size..I don't wish to look like everyone else that looks like everyone else. some folks look like duplications, Not me I have the breast thighs and face. All I I want is bigger hips and a decent ass..luckily Dr mcadoo my first choice since 2014 already gave me my quote and feels I'm perfect.. so that's where I'll be having my procedure. Thank God! Vanity customer service sucks but all the Dr.s work speaks volumes.. my procedure will be in September 2016 YAYYYYYYYY. NOW ready to book my room flight rental...PRICE LINE IS THE IS BEST, LADIES TRY IT A MAJOR MONEY SAVER.

Doesnt feel real yet!

Doesn't feel real yet for dome reason, I been rambling in my mind for weeks, what hotel, what flight time? Am I going with the best package? Ughhhh
Plus I'm worried a little, I've seen some scary reviews recently. A lot of people results look no different than what they were before the sx. Some fat didn't survive in there booties..Damn this could me. Over 7000.00 Down the drain I can't deal with at all...I NEED MY ENCOURAGEMENT BACK.


The Hyatt place Miami, Extended stay America or Best Western premier? I'm getting a package deal, Hotel flight rental...Only 1200.00 which will work, I'm only staying 5 nights 6 days that's it..like 3 massages and getting my own labs done, plus buying my own garment boards and etc.. yes I know these chicks want this commission. But my pockets need it more lmao...so get the discounting VANITY...


Very confused, I'm in love with Dr llorente's work..I know this if vanity keeps changing prices everyday I'll be giving them a bug fuck you very soon. New life coordinators are good and considerate. They listen to what you want and not tell u what your gonna get. They have good promotions 20%-40- off and new payment options. You can get your SX and pay after, WOW! I'll gonna get the info and go from there. I'm torn between MCADOO AND LLORENTE HELLLLPPPP ME DOLLS!

Llorente doll in the making..

Yes I've sealed the deal with Dr Llorente. The coordinator is wonderful, made my deposit. So all I have to do is pay for flight and hotel... Yayyyy!! Cant put a price on quality. Vanity can't get a dime from me.

Sad sad sad!


Back searching for another dr. Recently heard dr llorente is not dependable. Omg WTF is going on...i need help i love Dr Mcadoo but hate those chicks at vanity..and they cant be trusted with money..ughhhhh what do i do?


Mind made up deposit made, I've made my choice. Dr Alvarez it is!! Sept 7 the 2016 thank God. His work gives me life. All u Alvarez dolls thank you for helping me make my decision????????????


Wanna know olif dr Alvarez has a specific kind of faja he wants us to wear ? Well since theres nothing included. Which doesnt bother me as long as my results speak volumns.. Any dolls have the answer heeeeellllpppp!


A Blessing!!!

Money don't just come easy , we bust our butts for this money and these Dr's need to realize its a opportunity to work on our bodies and take it more seriously.
3800-10,000 is not easy to get , let alone to waste and not be satisfied with results...I'm just saying for real

Wish pics!


Hey dolls, im seeing your great results God is good. Today we booked our hotel and rental. Not sure on exact flight times yet...but the ball is rolling So excited and ready to do this frfr!!

Follow my IG!!

Created a IG for my journey dolls. Looking for dolls with IG to follow and I'll follow back...@Alvarezdoll_Chyna

Date changes!!

Hey dolls lena from Dr A office just emailed me to see if a sooner date was OK..yup I jumped on it. My date is 9/1 now, I'm mad sooped lol...before u know it'll be my turn . I'm excited but on top of it..I see myself working lots of overtime doll's. Well gotta get it and getting to buy supplies. Got flight insurance so no problem to change date..

Bff is coming yayyyy!

So my bff decided she's going to come to miami with me...I just told her today about me have a procedure. I'm private and Ive kept it to myself for a while. So she's gonna have her consultation also. She's coming with me cause I need support and gonna need help after surgery. My wife suppose to come but she doesn't wanna help out she just wants to party. So my bff said there was no way shed allow me to go thru this alone...17 years and still going I love her. But I'm thinking about filing for divorcé cause if I pay for this trip and my do called wife shows her ass there will be hell to pay...I'm not a talker I do actions..

Bad reviews...

Saw a couple of bad reviews on Alvarez and there recent...oh no should be nervous? But am gonna consider other Dr's cause I don't feel like wasting my money...and my ass dropping after 3 weeks ..no thanks but I'll you doll know what I decide...

Last damn time...

Switched Drs dolls, this is it! I chose the the person that'll give me the best result...I don't need to 5 min ass and hips.,I want long term projections... My money is no joke..

Ortega doll!!!

Yes I chose Dr Ortega... Got my deposit back and put it down yesterday... This is my final decision . for my body type it either would've been McAdoo or Ortega...I didn't go with vanity because the customers service suck and thru tried to charge me 1000.00 interest cause Im using financing..plus nothing is included in my procedure. Spectrum doesn't ! I'm satisfied the work I've seen from Dr Ortega has been great.. 3 months left ladies

McAdoo Won!

Better price, better work...I switched deposit and still was able to keep my date...he was MY first choice an I should've stuck with him. Regardless it don't matter where u go or how good or bad the customer service is. Its about the quality of the work your receiving. I only wanna do this once no twice or three times. .my decision is based on my opinion not realself...


I understand everyone's bodies are different but lately I've seen the same outcome and less projections on a lot of woman..different bodies should have different looks...plus size or not! I think he still does his best on smaller woman and that's my opinion y'all don't have to like it. Mcadoo does different work per person and each body gets a different look according to the person. I need that cause this is not a factory assembly line of the same product...


So are they serious about no nails? See I have my own nails with acrylic and I'm not taking it off. I'll cut then down but no take off.and no polish WTH I'll be in Miami and not confined to a room the whole time!..whats true dolls? cause i hear its bullshit...

So Sad ...please do your research dolls


My God is good!


I'm BACK!!

So ladies it's been a while, haven't had my sx yet.. Had to deal with something bigger. I'm divorced now!! I fell back to start focusing on being single again.. Which makes me want this even more..
Now I can get it with no hassles, with my money. My ex was not supportive at all and so I got tired.. I filed and signed and honestly it was the best decision I made... I'm currently dating and working on getting my sx the end of 2018 or the summer. ..I be looking at u ladies progress I'm sure y'all look amazing ????????

Mcadoll in process!

Mcadoo is still my choice.. I'm aiming for may 2017..the deal was too good to pass up. I get snatch by the best plus size snatcher and not go in debt doing it.. Plus the package includes lots of goods.. My bestie and few will be accompaning myself, so I'm all smiles.. So for now I'm on work mode from January till end of April.. For those who decided to finace united medical credit is bomb... Try it

Getting Ready!

Sorry been on my game, just working and putting this trip together... May will be here in no time and I'm ready! Norhubgs gonna hold me back this time. I have my new love and bestie coming.. Yes new love, she's so freaking great.. She paid for the hotel flights and rental for us.While I'm paying for my SX, she's so supportive. Shes had cosmetic surgery before so she knows how u-t goes... She says whatever I wanna do, she's behind me 1000%...im so blessed,
still can't believe she chose me..
Can't wait...

Greatest decision

Still going with Mcadoo, deposit and making payments weekly. Stephanie and do great and informative. When I started this journey again I contacted Eres and they were money hungry and didn't give any info I asked for. So fuck em I said. I'm very happy with my decision and can't wait to prepare for my next wedding, She wants to marry me but I'm gonna wait and see what the next year brings... If she can handle me with my flaws then shes a keeper.. I see u dolls looking real SNATCHED and sexy up here.. I'm glad your healing we and please keep updating us, we definitely especially me need the support of my dolls... Later

Wish pics


Does this work like they say? IDC I'm a try it ..cause I'm doing good with my cleanser, but the last month before my sx I wanna be at my goal weight.. I can't lose to much the Dr said because I won't have enough fat.... So I'm slowing down dolls, cause I been on a ramp since I paid my deposit...

Need help dolls!

Ughhh dolls in need of your help, I need a diet plan forreal... Something that is satisfying but not over the hills..


The fuckery!

So dolls I ended my relationship recently because I found out something's I should have known from the beginning.. So my ex made one payment to seduction for 100.00. Yesterday she contacted them lying to get her money back. So when my coordinator called me and I told them to return the payment of 100.00 dollars back cause it's never that serious.. I've been and will continue laying for my procedure. She also contacted my cell phone provider. Omfg what happened to just breaking up? Now folks like to fuck with your lively hood. So word of advice be mindful of who u allow in your circle, especially during this time if your on a road to have sx. I trusted this bitch with my secrets my goals and life and this is how she acts... The show must go on dolls..BUT I kept and engagement ring and sold and sent every dime to seduction and it was more than 100.00 baby... Ayyye god don't like ugly

Post op Nurse???

Wish pics...

Doral Plastic Surgeon

Dr Mcadoo will be doing my procedure

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