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Hello all, I'm a 31 year old mother of 2, & I'm...

Hello all, I'm a 31 year old mother of 2, & I'm more than ready for my Bbl. It's traditional to say that I've been stalking rs lol . I love this site... I'm obsessed; it has informed me on a lot. I was dumb founded until u ladies hipped me, ;) thank u. I've came to the conclusion it's time for a change and I was ready yesterday lol. How ever I'm waiting on my settlement to come in which is in July (next month) so I can lock in my date, pay in full, and get prepared for my bbl. I'm going with Doctor Hasan off top no exceptions. I love his work he is a artist at what he does, I've been scoping out all his reviews and I'm amazed at how he sculptors. I have to have the coca cola shape no other option and a big bubble booty....that's right. Do he really leave out hips? Who am I kidding I've seen with my own eye's that he does do hips but some say no he don't. My thighs I love I just want that panty gap in the middle of crouch to give me more fat as well to add. I have no hips at all but I never did, along with no ass, but I always been thick for my size and my clothes fit my body beautifully looking like I had it all. I now have a booty do, where my stomach stick out more then my booty do lol. Me and my bff is going together to get the procedure done so it feels good to have her by my side and fully involved she's just as excited as me; however she's only getting liposuction done. I'm 5 even in height and my weight is 121.4 so far. I want to gain more weight at least 130 if I can but my weight keeps changing, however it goes down not up. I'm very petite and I want the best results for my body type. Actually, I want the biggest booty I can get for my size, so I don't look too crazy but I don't want to be cheated of any of my fat so I want whatever he sucks out injected right back in. I have to have hips it's so important to me as well as it is to be perfectly proportioned out, I'm like everyone else I have to have projection and the crease at the bottom of my butt cheeks. My weight goes up and down when ever it wants I'm never the same size, however, unfortunately I gain it in my stomach and love handles instead of in the right spot. I never had a weight problem all my life my body has been perfect, now after my second baby ( love him to death) he messed my little body up. My stomach would never go down and it finally changed back to it's normal color and he will be 2 in couple months. I got a lot of haters and doubters in my life so I will be keeping this as discrete as possible because nothing will change my mind. My mom was against it but now she's kind of happy for me in her own little way, she just no whatever I set my mind to I'm doing and she can either be with me or against me and she chose team,"ME". I'm tatted up from my head to toe (hypothetically speaking) so I will see how this works with posting pics before and after so you ladies can see my results. As well as posting pics of me while I was 4months preggers with my 2nd baby and didn't no it, but my body was banging pregnant. Cuz y'all have helped me tremendously. I wasent going to make a profile and just sneak search how I've been;), but I can't give my girls the ass end of the stick cuz without y'all I would be lost. I 've learned a lot on here and y'all help build up my courage to open up to my bff and now she's joining the small waist gang lol. Next month I will be preparing for everything, after 4th July in going to start preparing my list and buying what I need to get it out the way. I went to Vegas and our plane trip layover was horrible so me and my bff got vouchers from the airline we used up to $250 so we good on our ticket we only have to add a little to complete that part. But before we can do anything we have to lock in our date. Where going at the beginning of Sept off top so I can be back for my baby bday. I won a go in August but my bff bday is that month and she got lots of things planned for us already. Any who, my booty is so small and I'm starting to be shaped like sponge Bob which my body use to be banging I had even got tired of being looked at as a sex symbol. However, now that I lost my juice I have to get it back by any means necessary. I will post my measurements and before pics once I discover how I'm going to block all my tatts out photo and do both same time. I'm new to this straight up virgin but not new to the site. So work with me on my review for I really don't no what the heck I'm doing. All I no is I want my booty to be bigger than Judy's lol. I was quoted 5,000, but was offered a 4,300 discount but I'm Sure once I lock in date and pay a down payment which she said me and My bff can pay $500 a piece to lock our date in cuz it's 2 of us. The only thing I don't like is that they saying we have to get the recovery house from vanity and our discount includes everything however doing my research I don't want to stay there nor do I want there garments cuz I will save more. But ol girl said whether we take the deal or not we still have to pay that price cuz it's included,but I'm not hearing that. Cuz I've done my research and I no it can happen other wise. So once the doe come rolling in I will not except that and will do my own thing instead. It seems to me that surgery is the new movement lol. Everybody is doing it and now chicks is even posting pics from my city on instagram while they in the process of getting it. But that's not why I want it, I want it for me so I can get my sexy back and boost my confidence through the roof. So any helpful information will be well appreciated. Im Going to post wish pics for now! If I left anything out I will add cuz I want to help anyone I can as for the vets has done for me. Also, I've heard that vanity name changed is that true? I have so many wish pics;)

To gain weight or not to gain weight...that is the question?????

Hello my rs sisters!!! I found a way to cover all of my tatts to give you all an idea of how I was shaped after my 1st child which I was very petite and kept my frame, while 4months preggers with my2nd child and didn't no it but my body was banging, after my second child and here current in the today. My weight always go up and down and I've had curves just never hips nor a ass. However I was able to cover it up in clothing and it made my body look perfect, but believe me my in the now is horrible please.Don't Let the pics fool u. Also, my measurements is 34,33.5,37.2. So should I gain weight? If so how much? At least 130, right? I just want my money worth and the results of my dreams. Also I got one pic of me playing with the surgery app but I look to small in the waist lol.

A little humor, but wish.Pics the last.wish pics lol

Hey, this little petite chick I love her hip to waist ratio, but i would need more hips. Also I love this booty lol

Changed coordinators

Ok, so much last coordinators was rude! I'm happy I never got her name however I will never 4 get such distinctive deep voice. She quoted me $4,300 for Bbl and my bff $3,500 for Lipo. She also said we had to get recovery house, garment, and massages by encore/vanity. But thanks to my sister @aam2015 shot out to u boo;), appreciate all the help that ur giving me walking me through every little detail...... She told me what I don't use they can't charge me for. But the coordinator was so sure whether I took those things or not my price would still be the same. So I asked for a new coordinator and she quoted me $3500 for 6 areas of Lipo upper stomach, lower, and waist. I may add in lower back/love handles just so I can get great results by me being so petite. But I have to get my own garment, rh, and massages which is what I wanted from jump. And charged my bestie $2800 for 8 areas of Lipo arm, stomach, and waist. Now that sounds more like it:). My new coordinator is Carmen Martin she is so sweet and approachable caring about the clients needs. So she told us that if we make a payment of $500 to $1000 apiece separately then she can lock in our prices which once my bff figure out her new schedule with her new job we can make our first payment and lock date in. Hopefully she will no something by Monday so we can pay a down payment by the end of the week to get this dream closer to a reality. I hate waiting on people and my lawyer full of shit about this settlement so I will be working hard for what I want instead of keep prolonging which is ok cause I will appreciate more then kinda free money. So I may put down $1200 instead of $500. Then going from there! Dr. Hasan is dang near booked with only 2 dates open for Sept and Oct....dang he popular so u can't think on nothing u gotta be about action only for ur space get filled that u want,however Carmen said we can wait until next week but make it snappy. I did manage to gain 1 pound lol I now weigh 122.4 but Carmen did suggest that I gain at least 2 to 3 pounds with my height, but I may try and gain 5 or 10 just so I can get enough and the best results. So for now it's a waiting game on my bestie. Uuuggghhhh, I hate waiting on people and with or without her I'm getting mine done, but we did only plain this together but since her procedure cost less than mine I'm am going to put more down to get closer to her price range. And until that date get locked I'm not paying or preparing for nothing because that's the most important part. I do love how my job I work 3; 16 hour shifts and I'm off for 5 days straight but I got vacation time as well so I'm good just playing the waiting game with my friend:(. But I'm coo cuz it allow me to do more research and save.

I been MIA for a while now, a lot has changed!!!!

First off, I like to start by saying I tried creating another review so it would be no confusing, but it would only allow me to update and add on. So to inform you ladies.... I paid a deposit to Hasan in July of $1000, and locked my date in. But they bugged me so much for money it was so annoying and my buddy/bff was having financial issues and never paid hers. However, I was only getting liposuction in my stomach upper and lower, waist, and love handles and bbl for $4300 with Hasan. I'm so petite, that wasent going to give me noticeable results. So, I did more research and decided to be brave and go to DR with Duran. I will be getting liposuction in all areas maybe even including my arms and inner thighs for just $3900. So once I made the decision to switch I contact Meghan (she's the only refund person) on September 16, in the refund department at Vanity. At first they kept giving me the run around, but I filled out the refund form sent it back. And kept calling. I didn't wonna pay a deposit with Duran until I got that back. But to make a long story short. I finally received my deposit 2 days after Christmas when they tell u it takes up to 4 to 8 weeks for a full refund. So Meghan sent me a invoice in a email after blowing her up via email and phone. She told me 2 to 3 days after I get invoice I will receive my check in the mail, which I didn't believe her because she's been promising a direct deposit for about a month. But I did I ended up getting a check in full 3 days later even with Christmas. So now my new journey begins....

Duran is a hard lady to contact

So I tried and tried to reach Duran and was never successful. I tried all emails and put deposit money ready asap in the subject box and I got straight to the fax of what I wanted sending wish pictures and before pictures an still nothing, info@draduran.com that didn't work it was a coordinator who charges $200 for there service including Duran $250 deposit. Then I tried hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com but never no response. So then I tried reaching out through coordinators and they would take forever to reply back but my surgery is going to be in February the 17th so I no I needed to act fast. I even tried all Duran contact numbers some days I would get lucky but they would say call back and when I did still nothing. So next I tried going through recovery homes and see if they could help. So Sprays @ Relax Recovery home is the best. She went to Duran office and talked to her assistant Fania and I got a response within the same day from her at the email hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com. I got a quote instantly thanxs to Soraya. Duran told me to stop smoking but me being hard head I tried but haven't yet (just sad). I tried sending my deposit with Duran through my bank Kentucky Telco but they don't do out of country transfers, I tried going through Walgreens, check place, krogers, and they all only do Western Union and we don't have a bank of America in my city. So I went back to Soraya through her what's app 1(809)856-2002 and she's been responding on point with xmas and new years like a trooper....I love her. And she told me Duran will be back in office Tuesday so I will be making.my deposit then and I will have to pay through Cariebe express or delivery express which I'll probably go with the first one. I have all information for Durans bank to get it deposited I just wonna make sure they open to make sure they get it safe. Soraya sent me photos of er rh nd it's very clean, So I then went to Western Union and paid Soraya $85USD for my deposit for 6days nd western union charged me only $8 to send to DR. She wants $510 USD in full, keep in mind my buff going with me and having surgery as well. $25 for massages and for transportation she will make sure I have a taxi driver that she deals with which I would've rather have a hired personal driver. I've tried gaining weight and I haven't been so successful since I stop smoking until today for New Year, now I no I may have to have surgery beginning of March Duran said within 2 months before no smoking, and I did quit for a week so I no I can and don't no why I did today but I did:(. I will attach emails from Duran, and texts from me and Soraya and pictures of rh. So now all I need to do is figure out this express payment method because Tuesday I'm sending my $250 deposit to Duran. And I will pay the rest for surgery and recovery home when I get to DR instead of a week or 2 before surgery. I have a $250 voucher for Southwest airlines,but I don't see it going to DR. So I will have to pay in full which I searched for round trip tickets that's Duran suggested it runs @ $580USD the least. And I still have to get supplies which is nothing. And I have to get my passport which is $230 from Post office and Walgreen will take my photo for $13. I will be paying my deposit next $250, then passport, then ticket or the other way around ticket than passport. I work better under pressure and this is now crunch time for me to get these things in order before I go. I weigh 124 I haven't took measurements in a while. I need pointers on gaining weight I no it's so close but still. I will not post anymore wish pictures or before pictures of me the next picture of me will be post op.

Relax Recovery

It looks small, but I like....Also pics is on Facebook, but this is what Soraya sent me....

Me and Soraya of Relax Recovery

This is what's app convo that me and Soraya have....this shows how involved and consistent she is replying back....She even made sure she wished me a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, warm hearted lady....I like!!!! :-)

Soraya and I on what's app

Sorry texts is out of order, I just wanted you ladies to see how involved and persistent she is with me. Also how she goes up to Cipla when need to for you and how caring she is...I like her.....

Emails from Duran

I cropped out my name for the local people here in my city not u ladies. I'm being discrete. I do wonna help you ladies with every detail that I'm going through that makes this process smooth, how all the vets helped me. This will be my last post before surgery, but I will still be on here lerking and helping;). I have not locked my date in yet but with the help of Soraya I will be doing so on Tuesday when Cipla opens for $250USD. I do wonna try and gain weight.....fingers crossed. I'm sure it won't stick since its so close... And I will tell Duran I relapsed and smoked for the holiday :( just to be on the safe side but I hope she give me a pass, however my safety is more important. I will take off from work once lock my date which will be Tuesday. If you ladies interested, for you.... I will post how it went to lock in my date and process of Cariebe express went considering I never used it before, just in case it's another sister out there who have to go through what I went through, but that's only if you ladies request it. If not my next post will be in DR or on my way ttyl

Since I'm trying to gain weight I was asked to give details

I've already paid Dra. Duran my $250 deposit through xoom.com with no hassle. I took my picture for my passport yesterday @ Walgreens for $12. I made an appointment to get my passport I don't pay until time which is next week for $135. My set back on that is due to me having to order my birth certificate which was only $37 because I rushed it and it took 3 business days. I 've already start takin my pre op vitamins which is vitamin c chewable, iron, folic acid, and vitamin b 12. I been taking 2 ensure plus a day, and it's been helping like crazy for gaining weight. It's kinda making me sick to my stomach due to it being apart of my everyday diet. The only thing is I have to eat 3 times a day and snack through out the day which is a challenge for me. I at first was drinking pedia sure which was a waste for me, because it didn't work but my toddler loves it. I ordered apetamin for gaining weight as well and I got it in the mail yesterday from amazon for only $18. I haven't took it yet due to it suppose to make you sleepy. However, it has vitamins in it but I wanted to talk to my doctor first to make sure it won't collide with the other vitamins I been taking. It suppose to carve your appetite really quickly so you can gain weight. I read a lot of reviews on it and seen before and after pictures as well as videos on it off of amazon and you tube, and people only say it makes them sleepy. The ensure been working because before I took it I was 121.2 then my first night taking ensure I was 126.4. I been drinking it everyday and I just weighed myself and I'm 124.6 I can't seem to keep a steady weight it keeps moving up and down depending on the time of day ( I hate that) it's stressing me out. Because I no Duran is the bomb and will get me right, but I haven't seen any reviews on chicks as small as me. So, you no this got me bugging. My surgery date is Feb 19 and I will be leaving for DR Feb 18th. So I already no I'm going to get inner thighs done and arms even though I love my thighs. I just have to get the best for my frame. At first I was so excited, but I'm now getting nervous due to our sister on rs that's fighting for her life in a coma ( not Duran patient), my prayers go out to her. I no Duran is the best and God will make sure I'm safe, but you can't help but to be paranoid. This gain weight thing alone got me tripping hard.... I've been looking for plane tickets and it alone got my head spinning trying to get the best deals. I do no I'm going to just pay for my trip going and then pay for trip back before I leave, instead of a round trip. Even though the cost is about the same. I work better under pressure and this is crunch time for me, and I love it. It gets my adrenaline going and give me a goal to look forward to. It's nothing but snow in my city so all I've been doing is researching, trying to keep this weight up, tending to my kids, and working. It gives me an ex use to be a slouch so I can keep the weight on me. I hate that I can't smoke,but I been doing good at it and not tempting at all. Smoking helped my appetite it could have been a mind thing. My mom been hearing bad things from co workers about going to Dr for surgery, but I told her I don't want to hear nothing negative it's just too close to my time for that. So she's now going which Soraya is charging her $65 a day for 5 days. Also, my bestie is going but she's having liposuction only including her arms, so it makes me a little happy. I just can't help but think about our sister whose fighting for her life. I haven't yet had doubts and normally always my instincts/gutts lead me correctly, so I'm following through with this off top... Soons the weather clear me and my friend will be going shopping for what we need for our trip, which will be fun but a head ache. I'm hoping this gain weight thing at the last minute will stick, I do no I will be taking vitamin e and fish oil soon after surgery to help my results stick. Also, I made me a doctor appoint for next week to ask about the gaining weight syrup, and to check my blood and etc. If my doctor say it's fine with my other vitamins I will start it right away.

It's getting REAL!!!!!

I had to reschedule my surgery date due to me not gaining as much weight as I wanted, but drinking 2 ensures a day brung me up to 131, however it fluctuates. I'm coo with that giving for my height which is 5 even the highest weight is 128. I'm just worried it's not enough, but I can't reschedule again I've already took off from work and got my date locked and confirmed through Duran. I heard she now have a new assistant that speaks English she said it on instagram. I posted this latest work from her for us petite ladys to give us hope....My passport arrived within 9 days when I expedited and I was told it would take up to 2 or 3 weeks. The cost was $247... Cheap Oair has great deals on tickets me andmy mom got our round trip for $639.86 and it cost an additional $ 14.95 so we could pick our seats and sit together so in all for one ticket $654.81. Also we only have a 3 hour delay going and coming back 1 hour, our trip Will only take about 6 hours and some minutes going and 5 hours and extra coming back. My date is for May 4 on Friday and I will arrive in DR on May 2 Wednesday and leaving Monday 7. I will be getting 2 messagesa day which is $25 for each. Soraya from Relax Recovery driver and her will greet us when.we arrive he's only charging $50 with to and from hospital is free, but if we want to go anywhere which we will it's additional charges. My mom rides for free to and from doctor's since she's just going. I work best under pressure so I will be ordering a few things only I will order from Amazon pee urinal for women, use my mom yoga Matt to sit on, also order the Lipo foam, ab board, back board, and rest I will be purchasing in local stores....

Travel Clinic check up along with well woman's check up

My paranoid mom made me and her a appointment with our local Travel Clinic to get Hepatitis A vaccine, Hepatitis B, typhoid, and malaria prescription. However, I think I got the hep b and a because I work in the health field, also I seen my primary care provider and had blood dru and they told me I was clear of everything I wasent even anemic because all the iron I've been taking. I think tried to make a appointment with my doctor but her assistant said she's booked until 7th of March and that will be too late because I'm returning home by then. I wish I would've knew I needed this with my well women check up, now it's too late. I'm gonna have my doctor office to fax over all my blood work to see what I need because they said I was clear of hep a and hep b, and the travel clinic said due to Duran prescribing me with antibiotics right after surgery I can't take the malaria. That has to be taken in advance and won't do good with the antibiotics post op. I'm kinda pissed because they won't take my insurance so I'm gonna have to come out of pocket $300 for both hep a and b if I need and and $89 for the typhoid and my mom is serious about these shots before we go and everywhere is booked or need a referral from my doctor, which my mom will pay for it and I pay her back this is just the point of more hidden fees. Also, the Travel Clinic lady told me that we need that army heavy duty bug spray not over the counter because it's too weak, and that's just $9. Me and my mom will share....can any of you vets please help me?????? Is this a must before I go???? In sure it's important, I just won a no if everybody else made sure they had these things before going overseas? Ur flight won't stop, it's just required for u to stay healthy....this made my head hurt, but my appointment again is Thursday for this and she was the only clinic that could fit us both in in such short notice....

it's starting to seem more REAL!!!!!

Typhoid was the only shot I need I just left the Travel Clinic. My doctor will give me hepatitis a and b tomorrow and my insurance will cover that much. Malaria we don't need because they don't have those type of mosquitos in DR. I got a female urinal from there 2 different bug repellent s, one for clothes the other is lotion. I leaned a lot there, but I won't retype some how my list and everything got deleted and I won't do it again. I did receive my ab and lower back board from thepinkroom.com and they gave me a free measurement tape paper. I have most of my things on my list. I do have a few more things to get. I will post pics of the things I purchased at travel clinic. Insurance just in case emergency cost for my age range $1.75 a day. Me and my mom will register online tonigt with US embassy. We called DR embassy which we didn't.have to. We had to purchase a phone because boost mobile don't have a tower in DR and when we arrive we will purchase a chip. That sucks because I can't have my phone :(, but I will upload pics from the DR phone me and my mom will be sharing, but they will have to my be rated R lol. I got 5 more days before I will be leaving for DR and 7 before my surgery. I'm going to print out my itinerary, my xoom receipt for my deposit to Duran, my surgery date schedule, and take my receipt deposit for my recovery home so it won't be any problems.....I can't wait!!!!

Info I received from travel clinic on insurance

This is the site along with the price range for your age....I hope it's clear enough, my Travel Clinic gave me a big book on everything I needed to no about DR and going over seas. This is from the book, so I hope it's clear enough and helpful....I got 3 days left before I will be in DR, not including today since it's almost over with :-)

IM now in DR!!!!!

I have had a hectic day, im pissed because my luggage got lost and hopefully I can get it tomorrow. I have my appointment tomorrow morning @6am, surgery is Friday am. Im at Sorayas I like because its not big which means I will be catered to. Its one other girl here she's already had surgery. Me and my mom is in our own room. Soon as I made it to Relax recovery Soraya, nurse, cook, and translator greeted me with a hug, kiss, and a smile. I didn't pay her until she felt I was satisfied and when I bring it up. Im now in bed, just took a shower, and ate a big meal I love how the cook prep meals. It took 45 minutes just to make it to her RH im so tired. The traffic is crazy, my driver is a pro. Im so wore out from leaving work at midnight and went to airport @3am then making it to Soraya at 6pm, so make sure you give your self alot of time the traffic here is terrible. well, I just wanted to keep you ladies updated, now im fina go to bed.....ttyl xoxo

Had surgery @ 2pm, now up @ 2:51 am in pain

I will post more tomorrow. I'm using Genesis whose staying with me at cipla phone because mine don't work here. Even phone chip from orange DR internet doesn't work. I have a question, how long do u sleep on back? My butt hurts so bad and I'm scared I will loose volume. I heard Duran whisper to me before she left I can sleep on stomach once after I eat, but no one will let me, they say I can't.... please help vets!!!!?

Just pics for now post later

Pics as promised since im back in USA... I now have on 2nd faja a size small right after surgery they had me in a meduim which didnt give me much support. I dont no how many ccs duran couldnt give me an amount.????

A few pics

Im happy with my results but i had a hellava experience. Im stuck in Miami for the night due to my santo domingo flight being delayed. However, americans airline gave me and my mom a free room, free ride, free ticket, breakfast, and dinner. I will try and update soons i get home im pooped.....

27days post open today

Sorry I been MIA I been sick I ended up going to work earlier than I should and fell down 13 wooden stairs hitting my butt on each one, it hurted so bad I couldn't help but to cry. I hope it didn't mess up my results. I went to emergency room cuz I felt weak, light headed, shivers, fever and I ended up being diagnose with a UTI from the catheter that was placed after surgery and luekocytosis which is an infection from my white blood cells being lower after surgery. They gave me antibiotics I forgot what they was called ,but I took 3 every 8 hours and they was green caps with powder inside. I now feel a little back to myself. A lot of swelling went down especially in my hips, I been keeping my weight a steady 136.6 so I won't loose any volume. The only thing I don't like is my butt looks flat at the bottom and my stomach is lumpy making my stretch marks stand out more and the extra compression makes it looks worse. I been wearing lipo foam, ab board, lower back board, and a waist wrap I got from Burlington for extra compression. My garment is on the lowest notch and is a small and in the waist it's too big which create more wrinkles. I've had in all 6 massages but the people here don't no what the hell they doing and it's not worth it. When my dude can put more pressure then they do. So I have him do them for me and I do them before shower as well. I only take my garment off when I'm even washing it or taking a shower a day. I feel lost without it and start to swell and hurt. I'm now itching like crazy.it's driving me butts, but benadryl been helping. I can see a difference in my waist and stomach by the day I can barley see my belly button, but when I tried a cotton ball it hurt. I've been having sex doggie style for the most but once on top, I just been doing it to please him, niggas is so selfish.... I actually haven't been in the mood andI'm a nympho lol. I can't wait until I can put on some clothes, instead of bumming it so I can see that it was all worth it. I sit on a yoga matt which is my best friend and if not I don't sit which I've gotten use to it. I got a boppy pillow but it's not comfortable to me at all. I been driving too and it's hard but I sit my thighs on my yoga matt but my legs fall asleep fast.

Relax Recovery was the best!!!!!!

Soraya at Relax Recovery is the best, when I arrived in DR my driver Louise was there with a sign with my picture and name on it. When we arrived at the recovery home the nurse, Soraya, and the cook greeted me and my mom with a hug and kiss on cheeks....very friendly and caring. We ate soons we arrived and they took care of my every need. I didn't have to lift a finger nor ask, it's like they knew exactly what I wanted. If it wasent for Soraya and her team 24/7 nurse, cook I don't think I could have made it through. She was like a second mom, and didn't play when it came to me at the clinic. A lot of times I would've wanted to do things myself, but they so catering they wouldn't let me. If I cough they running to see if everything was ok. She still whats app and check on me more than my doctor hell I haven't even heard from my doctor since I been back. It was 2 other girls there having surgery too, but me and my mom shared a room and the other 2 ladies shared. I like Soraya cuz it was small and she was able to come to me when I needed,plus I'm antisocial and don't need no lot of people in my face. I can't say how much this lady cared for me....when I left she cried....that's how attached she gets, she loves what she do. Not to mention the night of surgery when I stayed at cipla she sent a young lady with me named Genesis who spoke good English, Soraya paid the $50 for me for her to stay the night with me. It would have been hell if she wasent with me making sure things got done. But words can't express how good Soraya was to me and my mom.... I really in Truly felt connect with her like she was a guardian angel. When it came to my blood transfusion you should of seen how she acted a fool because it took all day for them to find a match, and no money no blood. In the states they will treat you first then work out a plan, no not in DR....No money no help. And make sure you take your money with you every single done youneed. It will be stressful if you don't, I no all that cash at hand is scary and risky, but believe me when I say you will get depressed if you don't.

playing dress up....

I tried on some of my old clothes which I was in a small and xs....It was so discouraging. I couldn't fit a thing....some clothes I was busting through the seams.

2months And a few weeks old

I just wrote a while page and it deleted so I'm just gone post pics and update later.

Petite chick considering a 2nd Round with boobs

Hello, it's been a while. I just a had an epiphany (thought) that for my b-day in spring I want a round 2 but with boobs added. I just want really meaty hips and tiny more projection in the butt. Don't get me wrong I'm in love with my results, and the haters is tolol. I just want ro be busty instead of petite cuz the booty greed is reallol. I want my boobs to look natural just a little bigger and perky. I don't want too much of a change to my bbl that I had just to give me bigger hips. So I may just get lipo in upper and lower stomach, waist and that's just to give me more fat to work with. So that means I need to gain weight. I either want to go with my bff to Miami to encore or to DR with Baez the female. I took a trip to MIA and my friend went for a consultation and they charged her more other than making appointment and sending pics by phone. I've had so many people be so jealous of ne since this surgery and it was depressing but now I can cope. It's said how people are so negavtive. He'll I had a bitch appriach my baby dad showing him before and after pics of me conviencing him that I had gotten ass shots. Silly goose... He still loves me lol. But that's just the beginning hate is real. So watch out.... Here's some pics of me currently that will only be temporary posted just cuz of the haters in my city I won't leave for long.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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