31 Year Old Looking for a Round Booty with Some Projection. Miami, FL

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So in my endeavor to find the right surgeon for my...

So in my endeavor to find the right surgeon for my BBL I interviewed with several doctor online and then narrowed it down to two doctors, Dr. Jason Altman and Dr. Moises Salama. Both doctors were amazing and that made the decision very difficult but ultimately I decided to go with Dr Altman. In the initial skype interview (i'm from out of town) he called me personally and discussed at length what to expect, how he performs his procedures, and what outcome I can expect. Honestly he made me feel very confident in his abilities to perform my BBL. Once I arrived his office was very luxurious and not some seedy back office. He spent about an hour going over the surgery and again you could tell he cares a great deal for his patients. Having been a nurse for some time you really look for that in a doctor because with any surgery there are risks and you want your doctor to really care and look out for you. oh and another reason I picked Dr. Altman over Dr. Salama was the revision policy. Dr. Altman doesn't charge a surgeon fee and charges anesthesia fees based on the time you are in the OR. For example if you need a small revision that can be done in the office no fee, if it requires anesthesia he only charges you what the anesthesiologist charges him. So if it took 30 minutes and the anesthesiologist charges 350.00 bucks that's what you pay. Most doctors say all revisions no matter how long the revision takes is a flat fee of say 3,500. The literature says there is roughly a 30% chance of having some irregularities of the skin after liposuction and if I happen to fall in that 30% I want to be able to fix it without spending an arm and a leg. So Dr. Altman it is. I will keep you ladies posted as I get closer to surgery day. Can't wait to have a nice round booty!!!!!!!!! May 5th here I come!


OK finally got my labs done and bought some of the must haves on the list such a antibacterial soap, female urinal, and a few maxi dresses. Anyone have any suggestions on the compression garments? Should I get the kind thathat cover the booty or not? I was thinking I don't want to put any extra pressure on that area but I also don't want a ton of swelling either.
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