Can I just get the BBL done already? - Miami, FL

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For years, I've been interested in BBL and have...

For years, I've been interested in BBL and have been reading reviews here and on MMH to get an idea of what I wanted. So my list of doctors that I was interested in performing this procedure goes in the order of who I wanted first: Dr. Mendieta, Dr. Markmann, Dr. Salzhauer, Dr. Salama, Dr. Fisher, Dr. Olempu, Dr. Ghurani, and Dr. Ortega. I also have to factor in money and the level of skill that the doctor can perform BBL without botching up my body with burns or having ripples on my stomach. Right now, I am considering Dr. Ortega and have yet to book a schedule with him.

Pics of my self right now

So I'm looking for to getting the BBL with either Ortega or Ghurani. Just waiting for them to call me back already!!

Wish pic

I want that kind of butt!

Dream butts

Called Dr. Del Vecchio's office --No one picked up...WTH
Called Dr. Moises Salama's office--Put on hold forever...WTH

Going to have to call back another time I guess... Any one else have other BBL recommendations?

Decided to go with Dr. Del Vecchio

Had a consult with Dr. Markmann and found him to be really articulate about his method and approach to BBL. He's one of the first doctors to have created this procedure. He's a little bit different from the surgeons in Miami because he puts the lipo machine in the lowest setting for gentle vacuuming of fat cells in order for them to survive during injection. Then he spins the vacuumed stuff and collects only the fat and the stem cells that got sucked out and injects into all the layers of the butt including muscle. His BBL method is suppose to have the best fat survival but it is also very expensive. I was quoted around a total of $18,570 for lipo'ing arms, back, dorsal roll, stomach, flank, inner thighs, bbl procedure, hospital fees/anesthesia, and 1 day hospital stay. He said the drains have to stay for 7 days. No bending at the hips, squatting, or sitting for 3 months. Despite the amazing technique, the price tag was too hard to love. So, unfortunately, I decided not to go for it. But, should I ever need help or revision, I will go to him. I like how he cares for his patients. Also, in most of his patient post-op pictures, I could see BBL scars are a little bit larger... but I really do like his Lipo'ing method. The low setting reduces scar tissue build up as well where as the high volume setting can injure your body more.

Moving on to...Dr. Del Vecchio now.

Phone Consult

His staff wasn't that responsive to my emails. They're automated messages seemed real quick with a reply but other than that, I have to wait 3 days to hear back from them. Anyway today, Dr. Delvecchio called me. He's a bit weird for me ever since the early morning phone greeting exchange. So he asked me if I had any questions and so my first question to him was about what his technique/method is since he doesn't use drains. I thought my question was typical/normal but he got really annoyed at me. He emphasized that's an industry secret and how he doesn't compare his results to other plastic surgeons...even going so far to give me examples like how he doesn't ask his lawyer questions about lawyer things. Lol, I was like all right. Then I tried to move on from that question, since all I wanted to know was the benefits of his technique versus others usual techniques, because it boils down to fat cell survival. He wouldn't shut up about my first question. He was so disdainful about it. So anyway, since we did not hit off well, he wrapped up the conversation and told me to do more research and to pick another surgeon. F him.

Booked for Dr. Markmann on April 29th

I decided to go with Dr. Markmann since he is closer to home and the procedure is done in a hospital setting. I'm actually getting pretty nervous since it's exactly a month from now. Any advice on how to stay calm? It's a 6.5 hour procedure which seems like a really long time for Lipo + BBL.
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